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Murder of Chas. Bass 1890

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Sheriff Lee and his Posse Bring in Ten of the Parties Suspected of the Murder of Chas. Bass.

It is quite well know that on Sunday morning, the 6th of April, at about 1 o 'clock, an armed mob went to the house of Jerry Bass, an old colored man living about six miles from this place on the east side of the river, and after firing his barn, and dwelling, killed his boy, Charley, and seriously wounded him as they came to the door.

Governor Stone offered a reward of $200, and in additon to the satuery reward of $100 by the county, we understand the citizens on the east side of the river offered a reward of $50 for the capture and conviction of the murderers.  This was some incentive, for somebody to take hold of it, and accordingly, Mr. Silas Steen, one of leading young men of our county, quietly and secretly went to work at the case.

He worked faithfully and earnestly on the points in his possession, and on last Monday brought Jerry Bass in town and in conjunction with him swore out warrants against Messrs Eli Autry, Jeff Autry, Bill Bass, Sam Roberts, John Robbins, Rasberry Honea, Jesse Hedgepeth, Steve Hedgepeth, Ed Hedgepeth, John L. Carter, A. J. Herrington, jr., and Warren Patterson for the murder.  Sheriff Lee summoned a posse, consisting of Messrs. Silas Steen, N. A. Garrett, J. R. Jolly, Z. P. Jones, and set out last Tuesday morning to effect their capture, and succeeded in lodging ten of the suspects I jail that night.

Messrs. Eli Autry and Warren Patterson have not yet been captured but a party left here yesterday morning for that purpose.The preliminary examination will be before Justice H. Slater at Silver Creek tomorrow, and District Attorney McLaurin is expected to be present to prosecute - at least he has been notified.  What positive proof there is against the accused parties, we have been unable to find out, and the investigation alone will disclose that but Mr. Steen says he has a strong chain of circumstantial evidence against them.

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