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HighLights for 1892

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December 15, 1892


On account of being burned out in the recent disastrous conflagation that visited Monticello, and the unavoidable delay occasioned in getting in new material, a regular edition will not appear until Thursday, January 5th, 1893.  The Press feels duly grateful for all the kind expressions of sympathy offered in its misfortune, and promises to send forth in the future as good, if not a better paper than it has ever issued.  We wish you, on and all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Board of Supervisors,

December term, 1892

At a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the following members and officers were present to wit: Z. P. Jones, S. C. Buckley, J. C. Lambert, T. H. Brinson, A. W. Stringer, D. M. Lee, Sheriff, and Will C. Cannon, Clerk.

Silas Upton was allowed $28.60 for building a bridge across Green's creek on Midway road.

S. J. Sills to Austin Sullivan.  J. W. Miller to Samuel Hickman.

James Hathorn, a prisoner in the county jail, was discharged from custody, more than three months having elapsed since the date of his confinement.

The Board adjourned until Tuesday morning, 8 o'clock.

Second day - Board met pursuant to adjournment; present same as yesterday.

The flowing claims against the county were allowed: Joseph Dale, T. C. Maxwell, Rueben Fields, Geo D. Barnard, Parkman and Speights, S. Hickman for burial expenses of Lucy Jones, a pauper.

The following returning officers of election were allowed $3.00 each. J. B. Smith, J. H. Johnston, I. L. Lambert, Joesph Price, J. B. Cothern, A. M. Griffith, R. B. Dale, O. W. Burkett, S. E. Parkman, F. J. Leonard.

The following managers and returning officers of election were allowed $2.00 each: D. W. Garrett, W. W. Walden, W. M. Waller, J. J. Hutchins.

The following managers, clerk and bailiffs of election were allowed $1.00 each.  J. L. Gray, P. P. Garrett, Thomas Mullins, A. H. McGuiffee, P. Z. Jones, John Steen, J. E. Stephens, H. I. Bird, M. D. L. Crawford, J. J. Grice, J. B. Moore, Anderson Fortenberry, F. P. Bonner, C. H. Moore, J. H. Knight, M. Stringer, G. A. Smith, W. C. Dale, A. C. Buckley, L. E. Sills, J. D. May, John Bridges, J. W. Ballard, B. Mixon, J. Q. Hall, F. F. Roberts, Calvin Carney, E. M. Collins, J. M. Roberts, Jacob W. Willoughby, I. G. Lawrence, W. B. Foreman, T. J. Collins, W. D. Boyd, J. H. Summers, J. S. Neal, C. N. Wilson, W. W. Williams, J. M. Armstrong, W. C. Hutchins, J. P. Weathersby, W. W. Brinson, A. H. Dale, H. M. Smith, W. S. Boyanton, J. M. Payne, F. M. Mitchell, S. T. Sutton, A. Hartzog, L. W. Buckley, C. W. Nichos, J. R. Parkman, J. M. Polk, Jeff Burrow, J. H. Polk, B. B. Stringer, N. S. Buckley, Chas G. Ellzey, L. L. Polk, R. A. Daniel, Wm Lewis, F. M. Garrett, B. F. Turner.

The following claims were allowed:  Jasper A. Russell, J. M. Ford, T. H. Butler, M. D, J. W. Bourn, A. W. Stringer, T. M. Walker M. D., D. M. Lee, B. D. Bishop, T. J. Andres, J. D. Carlisle.

December 8, 1892

Warm weather

The Board of Supervisors were in session this week.

Of course, our folks will have a Christmas tree.

Mr. J. M. Ford of Columbia was in town this week on business.

The teachers were in town last Saturday to draw their first month's salary.

Messrs. J. L. Griffith and - Mallard of Wesson were in town last Monday.

Mrs. Dr. Bishop and daughter Maud visited relatives at Brookhaven this week.

Mr. G. W. Garrett is having some much needed repairs made on his residence.

Mr. Jasper Lee of near Hebron visited his brother, Sheriff Lee , in town this week.

We call special attention to the change in the advertisement of mess. Lampton Bros and Rawls Co.

Mr. Z. Martin of near Martinsville is visiting his brother, Mr. John Martin, in out town this week.

The tax collecting season is well on, and our popular Sheriff is kept quite busy.  He is ably assisted by Mrs. Lee.

Miss Minnette Mikell, one of Brookhaven's most fascinating young ladies, visited relatives in our county this week.

Rev. George Butler preached two interesting sermons in the Baptist church last Saturday and Sunday.  His sermon on Sunday on "Christmas" was timely, and seemed to produce much effect.

Mr. E. C. Gwin of Panther Burn, Washington County, son of the late auditor and a former resident of this place, is visiting relatives and a host of friends in our county this week.  Ed is the same big hearted handsome fellow that he always was.

Misses Marion Hathorn of Beat 5 and Maggie Griffith of Whitesand were welcome visitors to our town last Tuesday.  In company with Mrs. A. W. Cooper they padi us a very pleasant call Tuesday afternoon.

It is only two weeks from next Sunday till Christmas, and yet our people have made no progress towards having a tree for the young folks.  It is customary to have a Christmas tree here, and if it is intended to have one this year, there is not much time to spare.  It is to be hoped our people will take hold of this matter at once and get up something good.

To boys and girls desiring a first class weekly juvenile publication we would recommend Golden Days, published at Philadelphia, Pa.  Its literature is of the very highest order, being indorsed by leading ministers everywhere, and its pages will not fail to interest both young and old.  It is especially adaptd for boys and firls, however, and wherever Golden Days is once taken in a family it will never be given up.  The leading authors of the age are engaged to contribute to its pages, and the serials that greet the young every week are unsurpassed jems of juvenile literature.  Write for sample copy to James Elverson, Publisher, Golden Days, Philadelphia, PA.


The pupils of Hebron High School have been breathing easier this week.  The regular term examinations are now over, and the record of the pupils for the first term is made.

Where is that boy who preferred his cigarretts to staying in school?  We have no cigarette department in our school at present.  Cigarette smokers will not be admitted until further notice is given.

Mrs. J. E. Thomas left town this morning to visit her mother, who is quite ill.

Mrs. Laura Rowan of Wesson is visiting her parents, Rev. R. W. Hall and wife, this week.

Mr. J. L. Griffith, photographer of Crystal Springs, stopped in our town an hour or tow Tuesday while en route to the railroad and struck off several "shadows".

The building boom which struck our town four years and has been kept up almost incessantly since that time, was continued during the last week by the Brinson Bros., who have made quite an addition to their store.  These enlargements bespeak progress and show that our citizens are doing well.

Several pupils have entered school since our last "dots" appeared.  In fact, the new pupils are already too numerous to mention, and still they come.

Mrs. Dr. Aills of Steen's Creek, accompanied by her son, visited her daughter, Miss Estella, who is first assistant in our school.

Mr. Woodbury of the Keystone Lumber Company of bogue Chitto was in town this week on business connected with the firm.

Estray Notice

I will on Monday, the 2nd day of January, 1893, proceed to sell in the town of Monticello, to the highest bidder for cash, the following described estray property, to wit:  One dark bay mare, about 10 years old, with blaze face and branded with an unknown mar, and about 11 hands high; appraised at $20.00.  This Dec. 5th, 1892.  M. W. Nix, Coroner & Ranger.

Homestead Notice

William McGuggle, wit: W. Hl Cameron, Jasper A. Russell, P. A. Russell, B. W. Waldrop, all of Monticello.

William T. Deen, wit: J. M. Bryant, I. N. Newsom, J. G. Langston, Arch Pittman, all of Oakvale.

Champ B Terry, wit: R. Douglass, Joseph Smith, E. Carlisle, J. B. Douglas, all of Tryne.

January 7, 1892

Monday was a pretty lively day in town.

Mr. Lee Bird has moved into the Dale residence.

Mr. C. R. Dale of Wesson is in town on business.

As we go to pres there is some indication of snow.

See program of teacher's Institue notice in another column.

Mr. I. A. Hickman is in Brookhaven this week on business.

Drs Dickerson and Penn of Silver Creek were in town last Monday and favored us with a visit.

Mr. G. H. Fox has now got things fixed up in his new home, and is ready to receive the traveling public.  See his card in another column.

Mr. D. M. Lee left last Monday to attend the bedside of his sick brother, ho is reported to be dangerously ill.  Mrs. Lee accompanied him.

Dr. G. A. Teunisson, Senator from the district compsed of the counties of Lincoln andLawrence, left last Sunday for Jackson to attend the sitting of the Legislature.


The Board of Supervisors were in session this week, Messrs C. Buckley, and J. C. Lambert, from Beats 2 and 3, respectively, appearing as new members. The proceedings will appear in out next.

Mrs. M. L. Wylie, widow of the late lamented J. M. Wylie, who have been residing in our town since her husband's death, left yesterday with her children and household effects for Columbia, where she will conduct a millinery shop.


Russell - Blackwell, At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Aaron Blackwell, by Supervisor Z. P. Jones, Mr. L. E. Russell of La., to Miss Elizabeth Blackwell, of Lawrence county.

In the words of another, May their darkest moments be lighted by love, their happiest moments be sweetened by love, their life be spent in love and their final home in Heaven be gained through love.

Homestead Notice:

James Mikell, wit: Archy Farley, G. W. Hartzog, H. T. Griffith, David Hartzog, all of Whitesand.

Spencer Neal, wit: Lewis Mikell, Joseph Mikell, all of Silver Creek.

William T. Boyd, wit: D. C. Boyd, Cornelius Boyd, W. D. Boyd, William Cothern, all of Boyd.

January 14, 1892

Mr. I. A. Hickman visited Brookhaven last week on business.

The river is booming this week, having now about a 20 foot rise.

Mr. A. Cohn of Brookhaven is a welcome visitor to our town this week.

Mr. Lawrence, the calendar clock man, who has been sick for some time, is able to be out again.

Mr. C. O. Nelson of near Tryus has been a pleasant visitor to our town two or three days this week.

Mr. Will C. Cannon, our effiecent Circuit & Chancery Clerk, left last Sunday to visit his brother, D. J. Cannon, in Claiborne county.

On account of the inclement weather the county Alliance did not meet last Tuesday.  We suppose the President will call a meeting soon.

We have a communication to the farmers which will appear in our next issue. It deals with the hard times question in a practical manner, and it will pay every farmer to read it.

The weather has been excessively cold this week, and everybody has been compelled to stay indoors.  The thermometer has been away below the freezing point since yesterday morning.

The editor took a jaunt over east last week, and is indebted to Messrs. C. R. Dale of Wesson, D. C. and Dale Griffith, Rev. R. W. Hall, Dr. L. D. Dickerson and Mr. And Mrs. Speights of Silver Creek for courtesies.

We must offer an apology for the bad print this week.  Our roller partly melted in a being armed, and we had to order another from new Orleans, which we have not yet received.  As soon as it arrives, and we can get our office into more comfortable quarters, we promise our readers a clearer print.  As it is now, we are laboring under great disadvantage to get out any sort of a paper.

Our distinguished young friend of Silver Creek, Mr. J. L. Hall of the firm of Griffith & Hall, passed through town last Saturday on his return from New York and other Northern markets, where he has been to purchase goods.  Mr. Hall states to us that hs is ready to supply his customers with goods at prices which cannot be beaten in this country.  He declares his patron shall have goods correspondent with these hard times.  See advertisement in another column in this paper.


By Jinks.

Silver Creek, Jan 11th '92

It seems that the sun has gone back on us as the boys say, and does not intend to shine any more.

Prof. Bird visited his home at Tryus last week.

There was preaching in the Baptist church yesterday by Rev. R. W. Hall, but owing to the inclement weather very few attended.

Mrs. Maggie Griffith and her charming daughter, Miss Annie, visited Mount Carmel last week.

Mr. J. L. Hall, one of our most energetic little merchants, returned last week froma business trip to New York.

Mr. Julius Griffith of Whitesand is a pleasant visitor in our town today.

Mr. L. C. Gibson and family have removed to our town; also Mr. William Polk of Whitesand, and Mr. D. C. Griffith of hebronis to move in the latter part of this week.  That of course, indicates a bright prospect for our school.

Dr. Willie Penn of Brookhaven is again in our midst.  The doctor seems to find some charm about our town which we cannot understand.  He is quite a jolly fellow and we would be glad to number him with our own boys.

We must say we had quite a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  We had the pleasure of greeting many old friends, pleasant boys and girls, and none seemed to be affected by heart troubles.


Thursday afternoon, January 7th, 1892, at three o'clock, Mr. E. M. Riley, Jr. and Miss Maggie Dale were united in the holy bonds of wedlock at the residence of Mr. D. C. Griffith near Hebron, Rev. R. W. Hall performing the ceremony in his usual impressive style.  It was a quiet affair, and only a few witnessed the holy rites which made two hearts beat as one.  A sumptuous wedding dinner was then served by Mrs. Griffith, sister to the bride, which was partaken of by the bride and groom and those assembled to do honor to the occasion.  We were informed that this elegant repst had been hurriedly prepared, but we failed to see where an extensions of time would have given the edibles a more delightful flavor, or where the palate would have experienced a keener relish for seserts.  It was regal and full justice was administered.

It is needless to remark upon the characters, thus happily joined, as their circle of acquaintanceship is large, and their good qualities are well known.  Each has a large host of ardent admirers, and there is not a couple that will be wished a heartier God from their friends as they emerge from youth's banquet hall to face Life's vicissitudes and Life's realities than the subjects of this brief ssketch.  May their pilgrimage o'er this dark and stormy sea be the very essence of earthly happiness, and when the journey is ended, may their little barque anchor safely in the harbor of the Celestial City, where they can experience joys that are subline, happiness that is complete, and with the angels sing praises to a glorified Father.

January 21, 1892

This is fine weather for ducks.

Messrs. H. Slater of Hebron and John Slater of Gwinville were callers last Monday.

Mr. Richard Scherck, of the firm of A. Scherk & Son of Brookhaven was in town yesterday.

Our readers will pardon the scarcity of local matter this week.  Cause: Nothing to report.

The river had fallen but very little up to last Monday, and the rain this week put it back to its former mark - and still rising.

Mrs. M. S. Huffman, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mary L. Cannon, in this place for several months, returned to her home in Summit last Monday.

Married - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. D. S. Sutton, by Eld. E. P. Douglass, on Sunday, January 3rd, Mr. Joe Smith to Miss Mattie Sutton, both of Lawrence county.

Another cold wave struck these regions last Tuesday, which was even colder than last week's weather, the thermometer being two degrees lower. Yesterday morning the mercury registered at 18 degrees.

Notice to Delinquent Tax-Payers.

I will in a few days advertise all lands upon which the tax is not paid. Then 10 per cent and printer's fee will be added. Respectfully D. M. Lee, T. C.

One night last week at a dance given at the residence of Mr. Dick Collins in Pike county, a young Mr. Burdon was shot and killed by Marshall Sauls. Several shots were exchanged, but up to this time we have been unable to get the particulars.

The following is a list of the petit jurors for the March term of the Circuit court of this county, to_wit:  J. T. Berry, J. T. Laird, C. C. Boyd, W. W. Slater, J. M. Bryant, W. W. Walden, J. F. Hutchins, J. H. Lambert, J. H. Wallace, J. W. Sistrunk, R. B. Dale, Thomas H. Smith, Bony Pendleton, C. H. Dotson, W. R. Beal, D. R. Longino, J. L. Berry, S. T. Lambert, J. M. Tyler, W. C. Ballard, E. W. Scarborough, J. H. Williams, Simeon Carney, J. M. T. Lambert, W. W. Mikell, R. M. Wellborn, J. R. Jolly, W. M. Ross, A. M. Cliburn, W. J. Weathersby.

We will commence sending outstatements to our delinquent subscribers in a few days.  We know money is scarcer now than it has been for years - we can speak from experience - but if the people have money at all they have it just now and as the amount due us by each person is small, we want it.  The greater majority of those owing us have settled up or made some satisfactory arrangement with their merchants, but to us, to whom they owe equally as just a debt, they say not a word.  We are not grumbling at this treatment at all, because people are aliable to forget; therefore, we are going to send out these statement as reminders.  Don't get mad at it, for remember that we must have money to carry on this business.  It is rarely ever we ask for money, but when we do we need it!


From the Sunday School at the white school house on January 10th, Mr. W. A. Maxwell and Miss Fannie Sutton, the grom from Lincoln and the bride from Lawrence, made their escape and were joined in matrimony by Eld. J. M. Parneli at his residence.

"Under whose roof she was tenderly readed Till Love for home was lost For she to another her love had shared And swapped her parents off.

She have her parents away, we know, And other hearts were hurt; Deceit did strike the mighty blow, Twas the verdict of the court.

Adieu! Adieu! My little bird. Practice no more deceit; Seek forgiveness of the Lord, That we in Heaven meet."

Mr. Walton representing the hardware house of A. Baldwin & co., of New Orleans, was in town last week.

Prof. Ross now occupies the residence vacated by mrs. Wylie.  We welcome Prof Ross and fmily to our midst.

Homestead Notice

Harriet Stringer, wit: Warren Lucas, John Speights, Richard Barnes, all of Silver Creek, I. A. Bourn, of Bournham.

William T. Byrd, wit: D. C. Boyd, Cornelius Boyd, W. D. Boyd, William Cothern, all of Boyd.

February 11, 1892

What kind of weather is this?

Read the delinquent tax sale else where in this paper.

Mr. Louis Cohn paid a flying visit to Brookhaven this week.

Miss Bessie Butler visiting Mrs. Dr. Bishop in our city here.

Mr. J. H. Carlisle of Wesson was a visitor to our town last week.

Mr. H. A. May and Dr. Walter Weathersby of Bismarck were passengers on the Poitevent Tuesday.

Mr. John Hurt of Marion County was a passenger on the Poitevent last Tuesday. He was in route to Holmes county.

Mrs. D. B. Carlisle, who has been visiting relatives in Jackson for the past several months, returned home last week.

Mr. Doykin, representing the reliable dry goods house of Marks, Rothenburg & Co. of Meridian, was in our town this week.

The steamers S. R. Poitevent landed at our wharf last Tuesdya night with a very good freight for merchants at Silver Creek and some supplies for Mr. S. Hickman.  This was the first boat to pass through the draw of our bridge, and the feat was accomplished without incident.

In our last issue of the 28th ult., we stated that two Negroes had been killed in Marion county who had been sent by Mr. I. E. Bass to close out one of his customers.  We have since learned the report is untrue.  A Negro was shot in the neighborhood of Mr. Bass's some time ago, but the shooting ws the result of no business relation between the Negro and Mr. Bass.  We make the above correction with pleasure, and are glad to know it is untrue.  When a man contracts a legitimate debt with a merchant, he should pay it, as honestly in everything is the best policy, but when a fellow buys a merchant's good and then deliberately tries to beat him out of the pay, that man is unworthy of the least respect and the penitentiary should be his abiding place.  We are glad to know Mr. Bass has no such customers.

Mr. Thomas A. Butler passed through town last Tuesday in route to New Orleans. He had been over East to attend the obsequies of his mother.

We are pained to chronicle the death of Miss Rebecca Butler, which sad and untimely event occurred at to residents of her son Thomas in New Orleans on the sixth. Her death was entirely unexpected and the result of the sad intelligence of the death of her grandson, Mr. Will Hartzog, at Hebron. She was in remarkable remarkably good health when she received the tidings of his death, but the shot was so great that within twelve hours she was a corpse. Her remains were brought to this county and interred in the family cemetery near Mr. D. R. Longino 's last Monday.

How sad, but how true is a Bible verse: In the midst of life we are in death. But sweet consolation will be found in the words of Christ as found in the 27 and 26 vs of the 11th chapter of Saint John: I am the resurrection and the life; he that believed in me though he were dead yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believed in me shall never die. It is sad to part with the deceased, but we know that her soul has taken on immortality, the existence of which is in a life of pure delight were joys immortal flow.


James Mikell, witness: Archy Fairly, G. W. Hartzog, H. T. Griffith, David Hartzog, all of Whitesand, Lawrence Co., MS.

Spencer Neal, witness: Isaac Longino, Lewis Mikell, Joseph Mikell, Daniel Forest, all of Silver Creek, Lawrence County, MS

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God Bless America

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