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HighLights for 1890

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January 2 1890

New Year!

Mr. H. A. May of Sartinsville, was in town last Monday.

This is the strangest weather we ever saw for this time of the year.

Dr. Mitchell of Brookhaven was a visitor to our town last Saturday.

We learn there were three socials in town last week.  Certainly Monticello boometh!

It is said the town was pretty lively Christmas, but it now seems lie some banquet hall deserted.

Misses Mary Lomax and India Jones spent Christmas in Hazlehurst, and reported having had a delightful time.

Mr. Watts burned his hand quite severly on the night of the 20th by the premature explosion of a cannon cracker.

Miss Bessie Butler, the accomplished music teacher of Lawrence County High School, spent Christmas home.

Prof. R. S. Foster, of Silver Creek, was in town last Sunday on his return from the State Teachers' Association at Jackson.

The flat boat that is used for carrying gravel at the iron bridge sank in about fifteen foot water last Tuesday with about twenty tons of gravel on board.

Messrs. Victor Smith and A. Cooper, two of our brightest young men, who are attending Lexington Normal Institute, spent X-Max at home.

Miss Susie Powell, an accomplished young lady who is teaching school three miles south of this place, and Mrs. Dr. Bishop of this city, spent Xmas in Brookhaven.

We haven't got a complete list of locals this week, as we were absent last week and we have been enabled only to pick up what few we have got simply from heresay.

Mrs. R. A. Bullock and Mr. J. Q. Martin have opened up a neat little store in the house formerly occupied by Mr. E. T. Sorsby as a drug store, next door to this office. We gladly welcome them in our midst.

Ye publisher returned last Sunday from an exceedingly pleasant visit to Dallas and Waxahachie, Tex. Our space does not permit a description of our trip this week; hence it will not appear until next week.  Look out for something good.

Christmas and new Year has passed, and the Holidays, as it were are over.

Once more the laborer has to return to his work; the short lived pleasure of a few days I indelibly impressed upon his memory, but as his thoughts recur to them there is a feeling akin to despondency that reaches out and seems to take firm hold upon everything that before seemed beautiful and lovely and pleasant to dweel upon, as he realizes that another long year will have to be passed before those pleasant dreams can be re-enacted in a form that bespeaks realization.


At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. M. D. L. Crawford, on Dec 18th, 1889 by Rev. J. W. Wellborn, Mr. T. Monroe Beal and Miss Lucie Crawford, both of Lawrence county. Attendants: Mr. A. E. Weathersby and Miss Fannie Hennington.

It was the good fortune of the publisher to have a "bid" to this happy union, but owing to an unusal press of business we were deterred from putting in an appearance.  Both of the contracting parties are quite well known in this county, and everybody wishes for them a long happy and prosperous life.  Monroe, here's our, and we hope it won't be very long before we will also be called a Benedict.

There was given an elegant New Year's supper to a few invited guests at the residence of Dr. B. D. Bishop last night, at which the editor of this paper had the good fortune to be present.  Long life to the kind host and hostess, and may they give many more such suppers.


Blackman R. Buckley, wit: Moses Stringer, W. C. Dale, O. Gl Jolly, H. M. Batton, all of Hooker.

Armstead Jordan, wit: A. H. McGuffee, W. D. Wilson, J. F. Hedgepeth, J. H. Allen, all of Monticello

Thomas M. Watts, wit: D. Hl Bennett, W. M. Waller, W. O. Butler, H. T. Langston, all of Silver Creek.

Josiah A. Jackson, wit: B. S. Sullivan, H. W. Bridges, Jarrot Weathersby, P. W. Cox, all of Hebron

Isaac Goler, wit: Baker Sullivan, Allen Myers, of Hebron, Buck Hall, Henry White, of Silver Creek.

January 9, 1890

Col. A. E. Weathersby is in Jackson this week.

Mrs. D. N. Ballew was in town Friday and gave us a plesant visit.

Hon Archy Faily, our representative, passed through town last Monday enroute to Jackson.

Last Saturday was teachers day in town, and we must say that it was a good looking crowd, taken altogether.

Mrs. J. J. Grice and Miss Gray, were in town last Tuesday and honored us with a call.  Call again, ladies.

Mr. Fred J. Sage, the President of the Columbus Bridge Co., of Columbus, Ohio, returned home last Tuesday.  He will be absent about two weeks.

The wooden bridge below town is in need of repairs.  This matter should be attended to at once, as it is no telling when the bridge wil have to be brought into use.

W. C. Weathersby, of New Society, who has been quite ill at his step father' s residence in this county, was in town last Friday and gave us a pleasant call.  We are glad to see him looking so well after his last attack.

Miss Sallie Hickman, who has been visiting friends in Brookhaven in the Mississippi Delta for the month, returned to her home this place last Saturday, much to the delight of her host of admirers in this county.


On the 25th day of December, 1899, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. R. W. Hall, Mr. J. E. Thomas, of Wesson, to Miss Mollie Hartzog, of this county, only remaining single child of Mr. and Mrs. Hartzog.

The Board of Supervisors met alst Monday and was in session until Tuesday afternoon.  Messrs. Brinson and Jones, two worthy and efficient new members, being on hand to meet Mess. Stringer and Roberts, the two faithful old members who were returned.  Mr. Guyton of Beat 2, has moved out of the county, and consequently another election for that Beat was ordered to be held on Friday, the 24th day of January.


Isaac E. Butler. Wit: F. M. Cliburn, W. J. Robison, L. E. Sills, H. N. Loftin William Grinstead. Wit: R. F. Rester, Josiah Foster, John Bryant, Geo. A. Smith. Lafayette Lucas. Wit: Alex Tyrone, H. H. Harris, Levy Holloway, R. O. Byrne all of Silver Creek.

Edward B. Parkman.  Wit. D. M. Loftin, J. M. Polk, John Watts, B. F. Broom, all of Blountville.

Henry T. Langston. Wit: T. M. Watts, L. W. Buckley, W. O. Butler, D. B. Bennett George N. Pulliam. Wit: J. A. Fox, William Cooper, T. J. Cox, A. A. Russell, all of Monticello.

Joshua Butler. Wit: Benjamin Longino, Daniel Forest, Burt Hall, Isaac Gholer, all of Silver Creek.

George A. Smith.  Wit: John Bryant, G. W. Johston, J. E. Daughdrill, William Grinstead, all of Hooker.

Edmond V. Barnett, wit: William Tullas, Joseph Price, D. W. Sistrunk, all of Sartinsville.  J. W. Sistrunk, of Monticello.

Dred Stanfield, wit: Ben Moore, John A. Rogers, Willis Rogers, Louis Price, all of Silvercreek.

January 16, 1890

Mr. A. T. Longino of Grange, was in town yesterday.

Rather than be in the fashion than out of the world our people are having the "grippe"

J. B. Walton, representing A. Baldwin & Co., of New Orleans, was in town last Friday.

There are four Dale's on the railroad committe. It is needless to say that this means times.

Mr. B. F. Bullock visited New Orleans last week, where he went to lay in a new supply of goods.

Mr. F. J. Larkin and wife, of Brookhaven, visited their daughter, Mrs. Dr. Bishop, in town, last Tuesday.

Mr. S. C. Dale and wife of Crooked Creek, were visitors to our town last Saturday, being the guest of Mr. C. R. Dale

We ask forbearance for the limited amount of reading matter on this page, but the advertisements must appear.  We are not running this paper exactly for glory, anyway.

Mr. Alex McNair, of Brookhaven, was in town this and last week to and from Williamsburg, where he went to attend Court.  He was dissapointed, however, as there was no Court in Covington - time changed.

Married - At the residence of the bride's mother in Holmesville, Miss., on Thursday night, the 9th inst., by Rev. Andrew F. Davis, Mr. Willie C. Thornhill and Miss Fannie Ferguson, both of Holmesville.  Attendants; Rev.W. G. Woodward and Miss Annie A. Combe.  For want of space we are not permitted to give an extended notice, but we desire in thsi limited space, however, to extend our most hearty congratulations.

Those who have the prohibition petitions we sent them, asking the Legislature to pass an act prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in the entire State, will please send them to the editor of this paper by the 20th.  Women can sign as well as men.  So let every mand woman to whom the petition is presented sign, and those that don't have one presented to them can most certainly have an opportunity of registering themselves against the "speret's" by calling at this office.  If you are a friend to prohibition you'll sign it.

Board of Supervisors.  January term, 1890

The board having fully organized proceeded to business.

The following allowances were made to the following named paupers for the quarter ending 31st day of December 1889, to wit:

Wm Montigomery ,Mattie Williams, Peggy Kelly, Mrs. E. Donahoe, Fannie Hooker, Freeman Jones, Sank Hathorn, Shade Parkman, Dallas Smith, Bill Laird, J. W. Wolf, Clemantine Wolf, Sam Mikell, Ike Polk, Mose Wylie, Nancy Cameron, Lucy Jones, Charles Keen, Allen Hathorn, Starling Spurlock, Camp Hampton, Jam James.


John W. Fuller. Wit: J. P. Sauls of Saulsbury, M. C. Smith, J. B. Lewis, L. B. Pevy all of Monticello

Abram P. Smith. Wit: G. B. Cooper, Z. P. Jones, L. Bardwell, B. Mixon, all of Monticello

William A. Calhoun. Wit: Daniel Alexander, W. H. Burnett of Sartinsville, J. D. May, or Monticello

Frances Woodward, wit: George A. Smith, John Bryant, G. W. Johnson, J. E. Daughdrill, all of Hooker.

Warren Lucas, wit: Henry Armstrong, Ambrose Hall, D. B. Bennett, Peter Price, all of Silver Creek.

January 23, 1890

The Railroad

As will be seen elsewhere in this paper, there was a mighty railroad meeting at this place last Monday, which was participated in by the citizens of this and Lincoln counties.

The object of the meeting was to get a full and free expression from the people of this county as to whether or not they were in favor of voting a certain sum of money as an inducement for road to be run to this place.

Able addresses were made by Hon. R. H. Thompson,  Captains Lambert and Hoskins, and in them they plainly set for the proposition which must be acted upon by our people, and that proposition is as follows:

Lawrence County will be asked to vote $50,000 in bonds, or any sum which may be determined upon here after the 2000 been the maximum which ought to run 20 years, drawling interest at the rate of 6%, and in conjunction with a like amount from Lincoln County and hundred thousand from some capitalist or capitalists, a short time railroad is to be built from the old Hamilton and Hoskins Road, 7 mi. east of Brookhaven, to this place.  Immediately upon the completion of the short line, which will be the first-ever taken, operations will at once began on the main line, which is to be run from Natchez to Meriden and which will connect itself with this short line proposed to be built first by are united efforts.

That the road from Natchez to Meridian will be built, and that it will split our county wide open by coming by way of this place, there is no question of a doubt.  As other indications that the road for a run from Natchez to read in, we'll ask why does Captain Lambert, of Natchez take so much interest in the project; why will the Board of Trade of meridian meet with our citizens in Brookhaven on the seventh the next month, and why are we to urge citizens of Covington, Simpson, Smith and Jasper to attend the same meeting if the main line is not to be built? There seems to be some doubt in the minds of some of our people as to whether or not the main line will be built, and we made the above remarks for the purpose of condensing those doubting Thomases.  The road will be built, anyway, if large cat doesn't contribute a dime, but where will it go? It will go through the northeast corner of our county, and Miss Monticello about 12 mi.! It will scarcely touched the county! It therefore behooves us to secure the short line from Brookhaven to Monticello, which is now within our grasp, and which will eventually put us on the main line.  Do we want the road?

It might be well to state now as for all, that the 50,000 we will be asked to deal will be as a bonus, and that Lawrence County will not own any interest in the road unless she desires to take that much stock.  We are asked to give that much simply for the incalculable good the road will do the county.  Furthermore, not a dime the money will be ask for until the road is completed and in running order.  Those who are afraid the tax will hurt them will be convinced they're wrong by taking time to figure out.  The tax wouldn't absolutely be felt; then we would have their road, together with all the tenfold wealth and taxable property it's coming would bring.


Teachers and others having business with me will find me in my office on the first and fourth Saturdays in peach moth, as the law directs.  That must not expect me to be ready at all times to wait on them, as the salary is too small to give my whole time to the office.  I have other interests that require my attention.  However, I will try to be a Monticello every Saturday and of all days of public gatherings, and will, of course, attend to them at any time I may be found in town, but to be certain of having their wants attended to they will come as above noted.   B.  D.  Bishop County Superintendent of Education


Jerry Smith, witness: Stephen Bridges,George Brewer, Clayton Moss, Abram Brewer, all of Tilton Mississippi.

Daniel Forest, Witness: Levi Robertson, Wiley Speights, Joshua Butler, Benjamin Longino, all of Silver Creek

Abram P. Smith, witness: G. B. Cooper,  Z. P. Jones, L. Bardwell, B. Mixon, all of Monticello

William Cox, wit: W. J. Robinson, W. J. Hamilton, J. W. Daughrill, J. L. Carter, all of Hooker.

Jeremiah R. Butler, wit: W. J. Robinson, F. M. Cliburn, Wad Blackman, L. E. Sills, all of Hooker.

Sarah H. Avery, wit: J. A. Jackson, J. N. Sutton, S. R. Thompson, of Hebron. Lafayette Lucas, wit: Alex Tyrone, H. H. Harris, Levy Holloway, R. O. Byrne, all of Silver Creek.

Edward Parkman, wit: D. M. Loftin, J. M. Polk, John Watts, B. F. Broom, all of Blountville.

Henry T. Langston, wit: T. M. Watts, L. W. Buckley, of Monticello, W. O. Butler, D. B. Bennett, of Silver Creek.

George N. Pulliam, wit: J. A. Fox, William Cooper, T. J. Cox, A. A. Russell, all of Monticello

Joshua Butler, wit: Benjamin Longino, Daniel Forest, Burt Hall, Isaac Gholer, all of Silver Creek.

Dred Standeid, wit: Ben Moore, John A. Rogers, Willis Rogers, Louis Price, all of Silver Creek

Savina Stephens, wit: W. J. Hamilton, of Hooker, W. J. Robinson, I. E. Butler, of Grange, J. L. Carter, of Silver Creek.

Isaac E. Butler, wit: F. M. Cliburn of Hooker, W. J. Robison, E Sills, H. N. Loftin, of Grange

Williams A. Calhoun, wit: Daniel Alexander, W. H. Burnett, of Sartinsville, J. D. May, of Monticello, A. J. Powell, of Saulsbury.

Warren Lucas, wit: Henry Armstrong, Ambrose Hall, D. B. Bennett, Peter Price, all of Silver Creek

February 6 1890


In observance of a beautiful custom of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of marriage the golden wedding the friends of Captain William Carroll and Ms. Francis Maxwell met at their residence and sat down to a bountiful repast in honor of the occasion.

Mr. Maxwell or uncle Carroll as he is familiarly called is well-known and highly esteemed by all who know him and his amiable wife, who yet bears the personal evidence of that high order of beauty which won the youthful heart of her husband.

50 years of unalloyed connubial felicity, fifty years of happy wedded life had made this a fitting remembrance of the momentous occasion that made their two hearts beat as one.  They were married January the 11th 1840.

Their first daughter Miss Abigail Thornhill, was a pattern of virtue amiable and Christian faith.  She died three years ago.

Dickerson, their first son, was killed in trenches at Jackson Mississippi when that place was besieged by Grant.  He was a son for the of his parentage, and died in the triumph of Christian faith.

Jesse their second son also gave his young life for his country's defense and died in a far away hospital.

"Senth David" died at the age of 14, and A. W. (Winston) their hope and pride died last year.

Of this interesting family, three remains to support and cheer the decling days of their parents - William C., Thomas C., and Mrs. Cynthia Bush.

Uncle Carroll and Thompson Wallace were, in a Providence of God, the founders of Bethel church with Uncle Tom Maxwell, who lives just across the creek to join later.

We extend our congratulations having known and loved them many years we remember their aid, council, and encouragement to us, and hear testimony of their generous hospitality, and to that fervent charity, which is the bond of peace and the perfection of every virtue.  May the blessed Lord spare them to see the children's children and firmly established. January 17th 1890.

Pleas has turned out his mustache.  Have you noticed it?

Some people are staying seriously about a planting corn.

When cold weather comes again the people will know it.

When the cow horns bloom again is now sung by a certain young fellow.

Mr. A. H. Dale Hebron was in town last Saturday and gave us a pleasant call.

Miss Blanche Cannon of Silver Creek is visiting her brother, Mr. Will C. Cannon, in town.

Mr. S. E. Parkman and W. R. Bourne of beat 5 passed through town yesterday in route to Brookhaven.

Both the white and colored teachers Institutes for this county were held in town last Saturday.

Messrs S. E. Parkman and W. R. Bourn of Beat 5 passed through town yesterday en route to Brookhaven.

Rev. George G. Woodbridge preached in the Presbyterian church last Saturday night, Sunday at 11 and at night to attentive congregations.

The ladies Aid Society will meet in the Baptist Church on Saturday evening before the 3rd Sunday in this month.  A full attendance is requested.

Rev. Mr. Howze, the Methodist circuit rider for the Topisow circuit, will preach in the Baptist church next Sunday.  Everybody should turn out.

Mr. Fred J. Sager, the gentlemanly president of the Columbus Bridge Co., returned from Columbus last Saturday, where he has been visiting his family.

The fixed span of the iron bridge is now completed, with the exception of putting down the flooring.  The work is surely being pressed forward with a vim.

We are indeed proud to learn that the patrons of  Monticello school recognizing Miss Mary Lomax's superior qualifications as a teacher, have engaged her to teach the private term of four months, which commences on the first Monday of April.

We got our patent side mixed up this and last week.  We printed by mistake last week the side intended for this week, and as a matter of course, we had to use the side intended for last week, this week and this issue is consequently dated a week behind time, but we are on time just the same.


A E. Randall

W. F. Russell

Ed Frothingham

Gordon Hubbard

C. A. Carney

J. T. Lenoir

Mrs. P. Weathersby


William A. Calhoun, witness: W. H. Burnett, Daniel Alexander, of Sartinsville, J. D. May of Monticello

Jerry Smith, witness: Stephen Bridges, George Brewer, Clayton Moss, Abram, all of Tilton.

Joshua Butler, wit: Benjamin Longino, Daniel Forest, Burt Hall, Isaac Gholer, all of Silver Creek.

Abram P. Smith, wit: G. B. Cooper, Z. P. Jones, L Bardwell, B Mixon, all of Monticello

William A. Calhoun, wit: Daniel Alexander, W. H. Burnett, of Sartinsville, J. D. May, of Monticello, A. J. Powell of Saulsbury.

 December 4, 1890

Mr. H. S. Schereck went to New Orleans this week.

The Teachers Institute of this county was held here last Saturday.

Mr. G. W. Rankin, of Marion County, was in town yesterday and gave us a pleasant call.

Remember that Rev. J. H. Gambrel will lecture in the court house tomorrow (Friday) night.

Rev. Geo. G. Woodbridge will fill his regular appointment in the Presbyterian church next Sunday.

The Board of Supervisor was in session three days this week.  Their proceedings will appear in our next issue.

Presto! Change!  Gray and faded beards made to assume their original color by applying Buchingham's Dye for Whiskers.  It never fails to satisfy.

Mr. E. L. H. Bird removed to our town this week for the purpose of practicing law.  Mr. Bird is a valuable addition to Monticello society and we welcome him in our midst.

The charge of shortness in the county funds was fully investigated by the Board of Supervisors this week, and a full statement will appear in their proceedings next week.

Work is progressing more rapidly on the iron bridge since the foundation has been put in and it won't be long now before all the piers will be completed. Then the balance of the work will be pushed through in a short time.

Mr. Isaiah Smith, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of this county, died at his residence in Beat 3 last week.  Mr. Smith was a noble man, and none knew him but to love him.  We extend sympathies to his bereaved family.

The following boarding pupils entered Monticello Academy this week, viz: Mr. Burkett, Silver Creek, Miss Rosabella Blackwell, Miss Florence Sauls, Clarence Thornhill, Mat Allen, Monticello.  There are now 83 enrolled, and still more are expected soon.

I used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral freely in my practice, and recommend it in cases of Whooping Cough among children, having found ti more certain to cure that troublesome disease than any other medicine I know of.  So says Dr. Bartnett of Concord, Mass.

Tryus Notes

Our town is growing.  We have two stores, a postoffice, a mill, two churches, one school and a doctor.  If somebody will name our streets, we will be ready to move on.

Rehoboth church will soon have a house just west of Mr. Newton's residence. Rev. Scarborough still preaches for them.

Mrs Monroe Beal has been visiting her parents, Mr. And Mrs. M. D. L. Crawford.

We have a nice little school conducted by Miss Mattie Furr from near Wesson.

Capt. Bird has moved his family in Hazlehurst and will follow them when he winds up his business.  He has been contemplating his move some time.

Dr. Hennington is a great patron of art since the election.  He has been seen several times admiring the roosters in the papers, and is still trying to impress on his neighbors the bigness of their spurs.

Rev. J. B. Gambreil, of Meridian, preached a very fine sermon in the Baptist church last night to a large and attentive congregation.

We will have about 25 copies of the Constitution on hand after sending out the regular number to our subscribers.

We are very much indebted to Mrs. Z. . Jones for a fine sweet potato, weighing 8  pounds, and for a bottle of delicious home made molasses, which is the finest we have seen this year.  We return many thanks to Mrs. Jones, and as the presentation was made last Monday, it must have been for our birthday.

The weather has been lovely for the past two or three weeks, but the indications are that it will not remain so long.  Mark our prediction: It will rain somewhere in the Southern States within the next sixty days.  It may not rain much but it will rain some.  It might be interesting to know that we are now running a branch signal service office, having procured a 10 cent thermometer and a pocket compass; hence prediction is but the natural outcome of scientific observations.

Homestead Notice

Jemims Wilson, wit: J. L Lambert, B. F. King all of Saulsbury

Louis Cox, wit: G. W. Wilson, J. M. Pine, Charles Collins, Henry Mason, all of Monticello

James Hill, wit: J. J. Denson, Alex Tyrone, L. L Lucas, Levi Holloway all of Silver Creek

George Robertson, wit: Andy Martin, Robert Warner, Thomas White, Archie Williams, all of Silver Creek

John Fortinberry, wit: S. E. Parkman, J. L. Parkman, T. J. Speights, I. N. Speights, all of Oakvale.

Money to Loan

Money to loan on improved farm lands on long tenure at 10 per cent interest in sums from $300 upward.  Apply to Ramsey, willing and Bird, Monticello, Miss.  Office up stairs in court house.

December 18, 1890

The school will take a week off for Xmas.  That's right.

A great deal of local matter is necessarily crowded out this week.

Mr. A. C. McNair of Brookhaven was here this week on legal business.

The editor of this paper leaves today for Memphis, Tenn., on business.

The finest stock of fancy candies in town will be found at H. S. Scherck's store.

During the absence of the editor next week all moneys for him will be left with Mr. Will C. Cannon.

Did you ever buy a horse and not have some misgivings as to his points till they were tested?  Not so with Ayer's Sarasaparilla:  you may be sure of it at the start.  It never disappoints those who give it a fair and persistent trial.

Tryus Notes

The Doctore has christened one of our streets.  Anyone wishing the name should enclose a stamp to him.

Mr. J. J. Grice, one of our most prominent citizens, is getting around lively this week.  He is evidently getting ready for Xmas.

Mr. Luther Knight, a young man universally liked wherever he is know, is studying medicine.

Everybody is getting on Christmas smiles.  Even Mr. Walden is happy.  He was here this week, smiling on everybody.

The Bear creekers' are hustlers.  One of their schools, Spring Hill, numbers over forty this week.  They need a larger hosue, and will build one soon.


Simon Armstrong, wit: Fred Daniel, Randall Daniel, Thomas White, J. M. Smith, all of Silver Creek.

John Butler, wit: Nelson Buckley, Joe Mikell, jr, David Waller, Ben Longino, all of Silver Creek.

John Reid, wit: D. L. Howell, J. D. Wallace, J. H. Wallace, F. D. Dunaway,

all of Saulsbury.

Nelson Buckley, wit: John Butler, Joe Mikell, jr., David Warner, Ben Longino, all of Silver Creek.

George B. Cooper, wit: A. P. Smith, I. B. Smith, George Reed, Lafayette Bardwell, all of Monticello

Evans McLaurin, wit: Randall Sutton, Perry Buckhaker, Thomas Price, Gabriel Price, all of Hebron

Allen Myers, wit: Jerry Armstrong, John Newsom, Bark Hall, Salem Powerll, all of Hebron.

Robert Warner, wit: Geroge Robertson, Simon Butler, Archie Fairley, Clabe Martin, all of Silver Creek.

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God Bless America

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