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Hilliard Marriages

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The following table has been submitted by Lynn King Adams and all data refelects her research.She can be reached at

Hilliard, Alexander

Leatha Culbert

December 23, 1869


Hilliard, Augustus

Velma Carney

June 4, 1938

Son of Dan Hilliard

Hilliard, Antamilia

Clifton Hanks

November 24, 1928


Hilliard , Amizone

John Moore

January 7, 1927


Hilliard , Artie

Willie Slan

October 16, 1920


Hilliard, Butler

Pearlie Morgan

February 13, 1909


Hilliard, Clifton

Nora Stovall

February 27, 1937

son of Virsie Hilliard

Hilliard, Clifton

Emma Brint

September 27, 1941

son of Versie Hilliard

Hilliard, Charles Ray

Patsy Ruth Miller

January 2, 1954

son of Dan Hilliard

Hilliard, Calvin

Marilyn Thames

March 24, 1967

son of Ruth Hilliard

Hilliard, Dan

Calina Rogers

August 2, 1918


Hilliard, Enoch

Susie Byrd

June 9, 1896


Hilliard, Eva May

Ellis Coleman, Jr.

March 20, 1920


Hilliard, Estell

Earl Dougalass

November 1, 1919


Hilliard, Floyd

Emma Louise Showers

April 17, 1964


Hilliard, Grover

Emma Lee Brown

December 24, 1929


Hilliard, G.H.

Florence Gray

October 7, 1938

son of Versie

Hilliard, Gustavus

Haney Terry

September 14, 1922


Hilliard, Holly

Mary Bulah Allen

August 9, 1919


Hilliard, John

Melissa Rogers

March 20, 1901


Hilliard, James

Marie Taylor

June 25, 1921


Hilliard, James

Ella May Knox

November 29, 1938

son of John & Luvanna Hilliard

Hilliard, Joe Robert

Albertine Sutton

December 30, 1970

son of Rudell Hilliard

Hilliard, Julia

Joe Abney

November 9 1929


Hilliard, Jenett

Ezell Johnson

May 3, 1930


Hilliard, Luther

Alice Yoe

October 11, 1930


Hilliard, Larry

Cora Jean Sandifer

September 16, 1971

son of Ernestine Hilliard

Hilliard, Luther

Allie Adams

October 23, 1908


Hilliard, Mary V.

John V. Allen

May 24, 1925


Hilliard, Ontee

Jim Amos

December 18, 1934

daughter of John & Luvanna Hilliard

Hilliard, Paulette

Thelma Anita Barlow

June 4, 1965

son of Dan Hilliard

Hilliard, Rudell

Mabel Fairley

August 25, 1926


Hilliard, Rudell Jr.

Charlene Jefferson

December 19, 1960

son of Rudell Hilliard

Hilliard, Rosetta

Wardell Brown

October 15, 1926


Hilliard, Sim

Eliza Hart

March 30, 1910


Hilliard, Sam Jr.

Missouri McMillan

July 23, 1921


Hilliard, Sam

Sallie Johnson

September 4, 1922


Hilliard, Samuel Porter

Mae Helen Norwood

June 13, 1972

son of Rudell Hilliard

Hilliard, Sophronia

Carroll Tanner

February 12, 1927


Hilliard, Will

Thelma Sanders

March 30, 1921


Hilliard, Willie

Lilly Belle Ratliff

January 22, 1913



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