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Hazlehurst HS 1948 Class list

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God Bless America
Newman William Forrest Jo Ann Wolverton row 5 L-R 5 Smyrna Cemetery 05 Nov. 2003
Catchings Dorothy Louise Wenzel George A. Wenzel row 1 L-R 5 Haden Lake , Idaho 8-Jul-01
Raggio Charles Edward row 3 L-R 12 Pine Bluff Cemetery 11 Jan. 1973
Blackmon Joyce Biggs George M. Biggs row 3 L-R 11 Hazlehurst Cemetery 15 Jan. 2001
White Loyce Irene Allen row 1 L-R 13 Bethel Cemetery 16-Jul-60
Thompson Sarah Jean Brown James B. Brown row 1 L-R 10 New Site Bapt.Cemetery 18 Aug. 2005
Little Peggy Stainback row 1 L-R 6 Hazlehurst Cemetery 18-Jun-93
Spitchley James Reagan Ann Martinez row 6 L-R 13 Jackson, MS. cemetery 1984
Beach Wallace Lillian Warren row 2 L-R 1 1985
Beasley Martha Jean Bauer row 1 L-R 3 Pearl, MS. 20 Mar.2004
Davis Harold Lee Jack" Billie Jane Shotts row 2 L-R 11 Antioch Cemetery 24-May-04
Barlow Thelma McNair McNair row 5 L-R 8 Lakewood S. Cemetery 29-Jun-02
Bates  Wyley not pictured not  pictured deceased
Cliburn Eugene Probably row 4 L-R 7 Old Crys.Spgs.Cemetery 30 Aug. 1984
Marx Norma Elizabeth Bailey Bailey row 4 L-R 12 deceased
McCardle Janet  Bush McCardle row 2 L-R 13 deceased
Nations John Burt row 4 L-R 6 deceased
Owens Vera Jean Ford Ray Ellis Ford row 3 L-R 8 deceased
Warren Lillian L. h1/o Wallace Beach Floyd J. Johnson row 2 L-R 10 Starkville , MS. Deceased
Alford Carolyn Theresa Salmon Billy Salmon row 1 L-R 12 Clarksdale , MS.
Armstrong Rachel Fay Curtis L.F. Curtis row 4 L-R 2 Tucker, GA.
Arrington Myron Lamar Bessie Morgan2005 row 5 L-R 11 Jackson , MS.
Ashley Bobby Joe Nita Lowden row 4 L-R 8 Madison , GA.
Ashley Lewis Jiggs" row 5 L-R 1 Hazlehurst, MS.
Bardwell Bobbie Lee Holland Claude A. Holland row 5 L-R 7 Clinton , MS.
Barlow Lorraine Stringer W.n. "Bill" Stringer row 5 L-R 9 Hermanville , MS.
Barnett Dorothy Veasley Robert L.Veasley row 3 L-R 9 Carthage, MS.
Beall Ruby Lynn Myers Sammy Don Myers row 2 L-R 5 Clinton , MS.
Bishop Mary Jane Ewing James T. Ewing row 3 L-R 3 Tupelo, MS.
Cagle Ruth Russell Bruce Russell row 2 L-R 4 Pass Christian , MS.
Cannon Helen Elaine Anding row 2 L-R 7 Jackson , MS.
Carlisle Margaret Laverne Myers C.L.Myers row 3 L-R 4 Metarie , LA.
Carraway Blanch Elizabeth Waltman Wilfred Waltman row 2 L-R 8 Wesson, MS.
Catching Carol Anne Denney Dr. Sam J. Denney row 5 L_R 2 Southhaven , MS.
Ford Ray Ellis h1/o Vera Owens Louise Whitworth row 2 L-R 2 Corinth , MS.
Gandy Linnie Mae Shirley ZemThomas Shirley row 2 L_R 12 Jackson, MS.
Gandy Nancy Tilley" Ashley Winford Ashley row 4 L-R 5 Hazlehurst , MS.
Hartfield Grady Leighel row 6 L-R 8 Coco Beach , FL.
Hisaw Thelma Louise Park Roy W. Park row 1 L-R 9 Brandon, MS.
Hughes Betty Korndoffer W. E. Korndoffer row 2 L-R 6 Dickinson , Texas
Huntington Mary Frances McKey row 1 L-R 11 Clinton, MS.
Hutchison Eleanor Whitmire Don Whitmire Sr. row 5 L-R 3 McCool , MS.
Hydrick Annie Elizabeth Thompson row 4 L-R 10 Jackson, MS.
Jenkins Edmund row 3 L-R 1 Slidell , LA.
Kendrick John Jr. Roberta Meadors row 6 L-R 3 Valrico, FL.
Keys Samuel Wayne Doctor DVM Kathleen Ivy row4 L-R 11
Lupo Joyce Erlene White James Earl White row 4 L-R 3 Hazlehurst , MS.
Massa Carol L. Lynn Weathersby row 2 L-R 9 Hazlehurst , MS.
Massey Dewitt Owen row 4 L-R 4 Cartersville , GA.
Massey Malcolm R. "Mack" Reverend Georgia Polk row 6 L-R 5 Brookhaven , MS.
Matthews Darline Anderson Donald D. Anderson row 4 L-R 1 Jackson, MS.
McKee Howard Lea Anna Biggs row 3 L-R 5 Lake Charles , LA.
Norton Julia Foster Charles Foster row 1 L-R 4 Mobile , Alabama
Pickering Bonnie Gillis J.V."Pete" Gillis row 1 L-R 2 Dallas , Texas
Reynolds Ramona Tipton Don Tipton row 3 L-R 2 Houma , LA.
Roper Patrick Edward Patricia W.O'Kelley row 3 L-R 7 Jackson, MS.
Shelton Thomas Edwin Mary E. Coznick row 5 L-R 10 Great Falls, VA.
Simmons Donald Bryan Joyce Slay row 6 L-R 1 Pearl , MS.
Simon Joyce Rials row 1 L-R 7
Slay Rose Elizabeth Mason Merle F.Mason1994 row 5 L-R 6 Jackson , MS.
Smith Helen Oline B erry Carl Langston Berry row 2 L-R 3 Hazlehurst , MS.
Smith Russell Earl Betty Jo Davis row 3 L-R 10 Crystal Springs, MS.
Terry Billie Joe Moore Virgil Vance Moore row 4 L-R 9 Arab , AL.
White Annie Marie McCain row 1 L-R 1 York, Alabama
White Annie Marie Perkins W. C. Perkins row 6 L-R 10 Memphis , TN.
White Wilbur Preston Margie Collins row 3 L-R 6 Hazlehurst, MS.
Wilkerson Jonnie Lee Beall Ralph Beall row 1 L-R 8 Hazlehurst, MS.
Yates Jack Talbot Mary Ann Miller row 6 L-R 12 Hazlehurst , MS.
row 5 L-R 4

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