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George W. Mathews - 1838

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                                        Sheriff’s Sale


Muir, Moore, & Co.


George W. Mathews, et al.


Duke B. Powers


George W. Mathews


John Terry


George W. Mathews, et al.


On the 7th day of May, 1838, will be exposed to public sale, for cash, at the Courthouse door of Copiah County, the following tract of land, vis: The Northeast corner of the Northwest ½ of Section 26, Township number 9, Range 7 East, containing a tract of land one hundred yards square, the same conveyed by Joseph Scott to George W. Mathews, and the buildings, thereon.


Also the East ½ of the Northwest ¼ of Section number 26, Township number 9, Range 6 East, containing 80 acres, lying on the Hommechitto, near Seth Applewhite’s, levied on as the property of George W. Mathews; and will be sold to pay plaintiff’s claims in the above stated cases.


                                                                                                Thomas Holliday, Sheriff


March 31, 1838


Published in the March 31, 1838 Southern Star in Copiah County, MS.


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