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Marie Lynn Alford  - .

Charles Aurelius Roper Sr

 20 Nov. 1917  Gallman , MS

Mable Owens Traweek 

 Charles Aurelius Roper Jr. 

16 April 1942  Hazlehurst , MS.

Melba Monique Sanderson -

 Mosby Miller Alford

 01 May 1938  Hazlehurst , MS.

Katherine Mae "Kate" Brittain

 William Blair Alford Sr.

 09 Sept. 1893 Hazlehurst , MS.

Florence "Flo" Marshall Baker

 William Blair Alford Sr.

16 July 1930 Hazlehurst , MS.

Mary Blair Traweek

 William Warren Alford 

09 Jan. 1866 Georgetown , MS.

Mary Jane Cammack

 Julius Caesar Alford

May 1834 Crystal Springs , MS.

Martha Katraine Alford

 James Bridges 

27 Oct. 1853 Crystal Springs , MS.

Martha Eliza Traweek

 Doctor MD James Thomas Alford

29 June 1914 Georgetown , MS.

Frances Marion Saunders

 Doctor John Franklin Alford

07 March 1878 Hazlehurst , MS.

Alice Saphronia McTyre Alford

 Eugene A. Ray

13 Feb. 1876 Crystal Springs , MS.

Cynthia Cammack

 Elias Alford

 27 June 1839 Crystal Springs , MS.

Miranda Loretta Alford

 William Summerfield Wilson

 12 Oct. 1834  Copiah Co., MS.

Nancy Howell

 James Madison Wilson

04 Jan. 1855 Copiah Co., MS.

Cynthia Camella Wilson

 William S. Newman

03 May 1857 Copiah Co., MS.

Margaret Elizabeth McNeill.

 Edwin Elisha Wilson

20 Dec. 1866 Copiah Co., MS

Elizabeth Barker

 John Polk Wilson

 05 May 1866 Copiah Co., MS.

Mary Jane "Mamie" Alford.

 John Lee Miller Sr.

15 July 1888 Gallman , MS

Archie Elizabeth Catching

 JohnCarlislew "Gougie" Miller

16 Nov. 1916 Hazlehurst , MS.

Mary Martha Miller

 William Elby Matthews

26 Dec. 1938 Hazlehurst , MS.

Dicey E. Miller.

 Luke Lee Brittain

19 Nov. 1866 Gallman , MS

Anna Florence Brittain

 Joseph Davis Mayes Sr.

 08 July 1880 Hazlehurst , MS.

Laura Annie Miller

 Wesley T. McDade

18 Dec. 1860 Copiah Co., MS.

Cecil Bell Miller

 James T. Parker Sr.

25 Sept. 1866 Copiah Co., MS

Vitties S. Garrett

 Jefferson Davis Miller Sr.

03 Dec. 1876 Copiah Co., MS.

Mary Frances "Mattie" Corley

 Jefferson Davis Miller Sr.

25 July 1883 Gallman , MS.

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