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Brown Marriages 1880 to 1890 ?

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All data is Copiah County, Ms.

Brown, Eli         Mahala Smith   Book 4, p. 471

Brown, Daniel      Louvenia Brown   Book 4, p. 588

Brown, Lizzie      Simon Bonner   Book 4, p. 581

Brown, John         M. A. Turner   Book 4, p. 627

Brown, O. H.      M. O. Ashley   Book 5, p.  31

Brown, J. R.      S. E. Keithley   Book 5, p.  50

Bronw, Willis      Laura Hodges   Book 5, p. 247

Brown, Jesse      Sallie Garrett   Book 5, p. 330

Brown, B. F.      Josephine Perrett   Book 5, p. 426

Brown, Clay         Emma Shackleford   Book 6, p.  50

Brown, Felix      Venus Cooper   Book 6, p.  76

Brown, John         Esther Morris   Book 6, p.  94

Brown, J. M.      L. E. Young      Book 6, p. 134

Brown, Jerry      Isabell Brown   Book 6, p. 140

Brown, Jim         Lena Willaims   Book 6, p. 290

Brown, Alfred      Sallie Priest   Book 6, p. 308

Brown, David S.      Eliza Wilson   Book 6, p. 346

Brown, Jane         Samuel Banks   Book 6, p. 468

Brown, Geo.         Selina Weathersby   Book 6, p. 568

Brown, Tom         Henritta Watson   Book 7, p. 235

Brown, Hardy      Carolina Newell   Book 7, p. 244

Brown, Westley      Ruthey Ann Welch   Book 7, p. 312 & 536

Brown, Mat         Nannie Nix      Book 7, p. 496

Brown, W. B.      Pernisy Smith   Book 7, p. 557

Brown, Robert      Lula White      Book 7, p. 583

Brown, Mrs. Patience   Frank Brady      Book 7, p. 494

Brown, John         Penina Smith   Book 8, p.  34

Brown, James      Julia Moore      Book 8, p.  88

Brown, John         Celishus Barnes   Book 8, p. 100

Brown, Wm. G.      Lizzie Sanders   Book 8, p. 105

Brown, H. P.      L. E. Hogan      Book 8, p. 146

Brown, Jim         Lizzie Wash      Book 8, p. 218

Brown, Willie      Nora Bell Jackson   Book 8, p. 371

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