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List of Injured or Killed - April 1883

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Alphabetical List of Persons Killed and Injured In Copiah County, MS in the Storm of April 22, 1883
Location Last Name First Name Injuries Comments
Georgetown Allen Elmore Scalp wound, internal injuries  
Wesson Allen Edward, Mr. (2 sons of) died ages 7 and 2
Wesson Allen Edward, Mrs. Scalp wound, fractured arm  
Wesson Allen Mrs. Lacerated wound of abdomen, fractured thigh, six months pregnant.  
  Allen   Scalp wound, lacerations  
Beauregard Bahr Albert E., Mr. General bruising, injury to elbow.  
Beauregard Bahr Albert, Mr. (Daughter of) Incised scalp wound, fractured thigh, recovered without shortening.  
Beauregard Bahr Earnest Extensive lacerated wound, contusion, fractured leg, general bruising, died second day. Son of Mr. Albert Bahr, about 3 years old.
Beauregard Bahr Mattie, Mrs. Contusions  
Beauregard Bailey Erwin Incised wound, bruising.  
Beauregard Bailey Marshall Incised wound, contusion. Nephew of Erwin Bailey
Wesson Beard (Daughter) Incised wound.  
Wesson Beard Mrs. Contusions, lacerated scalp, concussion brain, died.  
Georgetown Beasley Mary  Fracture of skull and neck, died Daughter of John Beasley
Georgetown Beasly John Contused and lacerated wound, Skull broken, died. All children were killed; number unknown. (5 listed in 1880 census)
Beauregard Belcher Mr. Sprained ankle  
Beauregard Benton J. M., Dr. Contusion and scalp wound.  
Beauregard Benton Mrs. Three persons received incised and lacerated wounds, scalp, one died later of internal injuries (Miss Eula Benton).  
Wesson Binion (Daughter) Lacerated ear.  
Wesson Binion (Daughter) Contusions, fractured thigh, hyperasthesia  
Wesson Binion Ella J., Mrs. Contusion, fractured leg.  
Wesson Binion Sam died aged 14
Wesson Blackburn Lemuel Lacerated wound, leg. aged 13; Son of Wm. G. Blackburn
Wesson Blackburn William G., Mr.  Twelve inch lacerated wound, fractured frontal bone, 22 sutures to close wound, erysipelas, died.  
Beauregard Bloom Ike Lacerated wound of face, fractured arm. Step son of Alonzo Westerfield
Wesson Bloom Samuel P. Unspecified injuries, died. Step son of Alonzo Westerfield
Wesson Boyd Sirena Bruises Wife of Hillary Boyd
Wesson Brown Hattie Bruising  
Beauregard Bush Melissa (Child of) Died.  
  Campbell Mrs. Bruises.  
Beauregard Carter H. Foote Two received incised wounds, shoulder, and face, little baby blown away, arm severed, found 2nd day dead.  
Wesson Causey Bertie died  
Wesson Causey N, Miss Contusion, fractured arm, splint dressing  
Wesson Causey Emily, Miss Contusion, injuries to back.  
Wesson Causey Delia, Miss Scalp and ear wound, lacerated leg and scalp, no erysipelas  
Wesson Causey Mrs. William died  
Wesson Causey William Contusion, forefinger, dislocated; internal injuries  
Beauregard Claussen Anna, Miss died Nursing in home of Morris Daniel
Georgetown Crawford John N., Mrs. (Celia A.) Leg and arm mangled, head blown off. Died.  
Georgetown Crawford John N. (Home of) Twelve persons with lacerated and contused wounds, three fractures, 8 killed  
Georgetown Crawford John N., Mr. Back and both legs broken, died  
Georgetown Crawford Jim Leg broken Son of John N. Crawford
Wesson Crider James Bruised  
Wesson Crider Mrs. James Unspecified injuries.  
Rockport Cunningham Thomas L.R[48]C, Dr. Four persons with contused wounds  
Beauregard Daniel Morris, (Son of) Lacerated wound of leg.  
Beauregard Daniel Morris, Mr. General contusion, bruising of neck and arm.  
Beauregard Daniel Morris, Mrs. (Paulina) General contusion, injury to arm.  
Beauregard Daniel Gus General contusions Spelled Daniels by Red Cross
Beauregard Daniel Zollie (little) Bruising, fracturing three ribs. Spelled Daniels by Red Cross
  Daniels Bernard Lacerated scalp, facial erysipelas ten days  
  Daniels Bernard, Mrs. Lacerated scalp, erysipelas  
Wesson Day Tom Unspecified injuries.  
Wesson Day Tom, Mrs. Bruises, injuries to spine.  
  Dean Hannah (Col.) Lacerated wound, bruises.  
  Dean Tom (Col.) Lacerated wound, contusion.  
Wesson Delaney Ida Shoulder injury  
Georgetown Dickson Arch Internal injuries, died Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery
Georgetown Dickson Bettie Hair blown off, top of skull fractured, died Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery
Beauregard Dunbar Buck Two lacerated and contused wounds.  
Wesson Duncan Minerva Scalp wound, six inches  
Wesson Duncan Parmelia, Mrs. General bruises, fractured arm, abortion, recovery  
Wesson Duncan N. L. (Child of) died  
Wesson Duncan Winnie Lacerated scalp, seven inches  
Wesson Duncan Lucy  Lacerated scalp and shoulder, dislocated shoulder, pyaemia and fever 20 days recovery  
Beauregard Dunn Lemarian Bruised and contused, injuries to spine.  
Beauregard Dunn Lemarian., Mrs. Lacerated head wound, fractured leg, picket driven through leg.  
Wesson Dupre Josie, Miss Scalp wound  
Wesson Eads Margaret, Mrs. Lacerated scalp wound  
Beauregard Easterling Freeman (Col.) Three lacerated wounds. Youngest child died.
Beauregard Ellis Caleb (Col.) "Skull split open. Died.  
Beauregard Ferguson Polk Five persons received lacerated wounds.  
Beauregard Ferguson A. J. Seven received lacerated and incised wounds.  
Beauregard Finch Emily, Mrs. Contusion and internal injuries, fractured thigh, concussion of brain, injuries to mouth by false teeth, died. Mother in Law of John Turner Gibson
Georgetown Foles Mrs. Four persons received internal injuries, all died Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery
Georgetown Foles Tom  Internal injuries, died Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery
Wesson Ford Hattie Contusions, dislocated shoulder.  
Wesson Ford Mary, Mrs. Bruises and contusions.  
Wesson Ford Sallie, Miss Internal injuries, died Age 20
  Funches (Baby) Contusion, fractured arm.  
  Funches Mrs. Scalp wound, contusion, erysipelas.  
Wesson Gibson Annie, Miss Leg dislocated  
Wesson Gibson John Turner Bruises, spinal injuries.  
Wesson Gibson John Turner Jr. Lacerated wounds, gangrene, death. Stick stuck through arm
Wesson Gibson Martha Jane Fractured arm, lacerated wound to face, erysipelas. Wife of John Turner Gibson
Wesson Gibson Woodson Lacerated wounds, gangrene, death.  
Georgetown Gnash W. C. One contusion side and leg, one scalp wound  
Wesson Gray (Son) Scalp wounds.  
Wesson Gray Emma, Miss Two fingers mashed, facial and hip injuries  
Wesson Gray Mrs. Scalp wounds.  
Beauregard Green Theophilus., Reverend Bruised head, internal injuries, died.  
  Green Lucy (Col.) Bruising and contusion.  
  Green Phil (Col.) Contusion  
  Hale Mr. Bruises, fractured clavicle.  
  Hale Mrs. (Daughter of) Lacerated wound, slight.  
Georgetown Hamilton M. Ankle contused  
Georgetown Hamilton Tom (Col.) Lacerated and contused wound  
Martinsville Hamilton Roxy, Miss Bruises  
Wesson Hartline Mrs. Lacerated wound of scalp, hemorrhage, died.  
  Hay Miss Scalp Wound.  
Wesson Hemphill Mrs. (Daughter of) Scalp wound.  
Georgetown Henington Fred  Lacerated wound of thigh, 5 splinters removed from region of heart.  Died  
Beauregard Higdon Jno. (Daughter of) Contusion, fractured tibia and fibula, (plaster of paris).  
Beauregard Higdon Ruth, Miss Bruising, fractured leg (plaster of paris) recovery.  
Beauregard Holloway Mr. Lacerated wound of leg, bruising and contusions, 150 splinters extracted from Mr. Holloway.  
Beauregard Holloway Mrs. Contusions about face, fractured fibula.  
Beauregard Hoover Mrs. Incised wounds, fractured legs, died from shock.  
  Howard Bartlett (Col.) Bruising and contusion.  
Beauregard Huber Mrs. Unspecified injuries. Died  
Beauregard Hudnall William P. Three persons received lacerated and incised wounds, and one dislocated shoulder.  
Beauregard Hudnall Baker Face badly cut. Son of Wm. P. Hudnall
Beauregard Hudnall Clinton Back of head badly bruised. Son of Wm. P. Hudnall
Beauregard Hudnall Sarah Seriously bruised. Dau. of Wm. P. Hudnall
  Hughes Mrs. Contusion, scalp and face, fractured thumb.  
  Hughes Mrs. (Daughter of) Contusions, fractured arm, (board splints)  
Beauregard Hunt Joel (Col.) Died  
Wesson Hurst W. H. Bruised, sprained knee, incontinence of urine.  
Georgetown Johnson Shed Two scalp wounds, 9 inches long, internal injuries  
Georgetown Johnson Will Contusions, skull and shoulder fractured, died  
Beauregard Jones Luther, Dr. Seven wounded and four killed, fractured skulls, five internal injuries. Dentist
Beauregard Jones Luther, Mrs. died  
Beauregard Jones Willie Died Son of Dr. Luther Jones
Beauregard Jones Woodford Died.  Body found 2 days later. Son of Dr. Luther Jones
Beauregard Jones Ben J., Mrs. (Dorothy) Contusion and scalp wound, green leaf removed from scalp wound 1 month after the cyclone.  
Beauregard Jones Lee Unspecified injuries. Son of Ben J. Jones
Beauregard Jones Johnnie Incised scalp wound.  Died? Son of Dr. Luther Jones
Beauregard Keating Mr. Internal injuries, skull crushed, shock, died. Lived in Wesson
Beauregard Keating Mrs. Bruising and contusion.  About 70 years old.  
Beauregard King Joe Bruising, injuries to shoulders  
  King Celian (Col.) Lacerated wound, bruising   
  Knight Claiborn (Col.) Incised wound.  
Beauregard Lamkin James F., Capt. Lacerated wound, injury to eye.  
Beauregard Lamkin Henry Lacerated wounds, bruising. Nephew of Capt. Lamkin
Beauregard Lamkin Mrs. (Angeline) Lacerated wounds, injury to arm.  
Beauregard Lane Charles Lacerated wounds, concussion of brain, fractured leg, died 20 days later.  
Wesson Lee T. J., Mr. Contusions, dislocated hip.  
Wesson Lee T. J., Mrs. Contusions, sprained ankle.  
Wesson Leech Mrs. Lacerated wound of leg, general contusions  
Georgetown Lewis H. P. Bruising and contusions, fractured arm, recovery  
Georgetown Lewis H. P., Mrs. Scalp wound  
  Lewis Mrs. Bruising, fractured clavicle, dislocated hip, 60 years old, recovery.  
  Lieberman George Several bruises  
Wesson Loftin Zelmer Internal injuries, died Son of Nathan Loftin
Beauregard Loving William (Son of) Scalp wound.  
Beauregard Lusk A. J. Slight wounds  
Beauregard Marshall Victoria (Col.) Two lacerated wounds, skull fractured, recovered segment of bone, died.  
Wesson McCanns Mrs. (Mother of) Lacerated leg.  
Wesson McMahon Frank, Mrs. Bruising, fractured lower jaw, facial erysipelas. Listed by Red Cross as McManus
Wesson McMillan Miss Scalp wound, fractured leg and thigh  
Wesson McMillan Mrs. Scalp wound, concussion brain.  
Beauregard McRainey Mr. Sprained knee, contusions, 5 children contusions  
  Meyer Jake Contusion of leg, erysipelas 12 days  
Beauregard Mikell Mary, Miss Internal injuries, died Sister-in-law of Frank White
Georgetown Miller Dave Two persons received lacerated and contused wounds.  
Georgetown Miller Mrs. Celeaty Lacerated wound, skull fractured, died Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery
Beauregard Mitchell Georgia, Miss General bruising and wounding, died from internal injuries.  
Beauregard Moody Hamilton Lacerated wounds to three of his family, fractured ulna and concussion, removed fragments of bone. Mr. and Mrs. Moody died later.
Georgetown Moore Marian Internal injuries, fractured leg  
Georgetown Moore William Lacerated bowels, fractured spine, died  
Wesson Nixon Henry Bruises, dislocated hip Son in Law of John Turner Gibson
Wesson Nixon   Bruises  
Wesson Palmer (Daughter) Bruising.  
Wesson Palmer Mrs. Bruising.  
Beauregard Parker Mrs. Lacerated and mangled hand, amputation forearm, recovery  
Beauregard Parker William Ten wounded and four killed, fractured skulls and internal injuries Wm. And Lewis Parker were killed.
  Penn Phil. (Col.) Contusion.  
Beauregard Pierce A. G., Dr. & Mrs. Contusions.  
  Price W. F. (Son of) Burned arm of 3rd degree, convalescence slow.  
Wesson Raiford J. H. (Baby of) (May) Fractured Tibia.  
Wesson Raiford Jane Slightly injured  
Georgetown Ratliff William Lacerated wound  
Wesson Rawls Mr. W. E. Scalp wound Spelled Raules by Red Cross
Wesson Rawls Rebecca Chest injuries  
Georgetown Reed Mrs. Internal injuries.  Died  
Wesson Reed (Little girl) Eight inch scalp wound Daughter of Mrs. M. E. Reed
Wesson Reed M. E., Mrs. Contusions, fractured arm Sister-in-law of John T. Gibson
Beauregard Rembert John, Mrs. Contusion and internal injuries.  
Rockport Rials Eugene Four with lacerated wounds, skull and leg fractured.  Died. Age 10
Beauregard Ross John Contusions and bruising, internal injuries, two children, lacerated wounds, one died fractured leg. Thomas Ross (child) was killed
Beauregard Ross Mrs. J. W. Contusion and cut on head  
Beauregard Ross Miss Cora Bruises and fractures.  
Georgetown Ryan Mrs. (Children of) All killed; number unknown.  
Wesson Sanders Henry Lacerated scalp wound, Contusion, fractured leg, resection, died. Spelled Saunders by Red Cross
Wesson Sanders Tarsey S. Lacerated scalp, ankle sprain, died. Sister of John Turner Gibson
Wesson Sanders Tilman Lacerated scalp wound, erysipelas, died.  
Wesson Sanders Turner Crushed by chimney, leg amputated, died  
Beauregard Sandifer William Unspecified injuries. Died  
  Sandifer James Bruises.  
Georgetown Savage Zack Contused wound, fractured neck, died  
Beauregard Shields Mary, Miss Lacerated wound of leg, erysipelas, gangrene, pyaemia, died 10th day.  
Beauregard Shields Miss Lacerated wounds of legs, speedy recovery  
Beauregard Shields Miss Lacerated wounds of legs, speedy recovery  
Beauregard Shoafe H.  Lacerated and incised wounds, injuries to arm and shoulder.  
Beauregard Smith Jerry (Col.) Died  
  Smith Amelia (Col.) Lacerated wound, bruises.  
Beauregard Smith Americus (Col.) Lacerated wound, arm broken  
  Smith Mariah (Col.) Contusions, injuries to wrist and eye.  
Beauregard Storey Milton, Mr. Contused and lacerated wound, one, head crushed and internal injuries, died. Son of Sirlenus A. Story
  Strain Emma, Miss Contusions, fractured thigh, recovered without shortening  
Beauregard Swett Mrs. Died.  
Beauregard Swett Child of Mrs. Died.  
Beauregard Swett Essie, Miss Died Died at Summit, MS.
  Tabor (Boy) Lacerated wound, scalp  
  Tabor Mrs. Contusions  
Beauregard Terrell John S. Mortally wounded, two others killed from fractured skull and internal injuries  
Beauregard Terrell John S., Mrs. Died.  
Beauregard Terrell John S., (Child of) Died.  
Beauregard Terrell Irma Unspecified injuries. Died Daughter of J. S. Terrell
Beauregard Thomas Frank M. Five had incised and lacerated wounds, one died from injuries after several months of suffering. Mayor of Beauregard
Beauregard Thomas Mr. Bruises.  
Gallman Thompson Caleb (Col.) Lacerated wound, bruising, four children lacerated wounds, contusions  
Beauregard Tillman Henry (Col.) Two cuts and bruises.  
Beauregard Turnbough Isaac, Mr. Lacerated wound hip, extensive fracture of pelvis, operation removing the crest of the ileum, died. Lived in Brookhaven.
Wesson Walker Annie, Miss Eight inch scalp wound  
Wesson Wallace Mrs. John Scalp wound.  
Wesson Wallace Lucy Slightly crippled  
Wesson Ware S. H. Injuries to breast and lungs  
  Washington (Col.) Lacerated wound and fractured are, recovery  
  Washington John (Col) Lacerated wound, bruising and contusion  
Beauregard Weathersby   Incised wound, fractured clavicle  
Beauregard Weathersby James T. Lacerated wound of face.  
Beauregard Weathersby Mrs. Contusions, dislocated thumb  
Beauregard Westerfield Alonzo General Bruising.  
Beauregard Westerfield Alonzo, Mrs. (Sibbey) Lacerated wounds, head and face, concussion of brain, died.  
Wesson Wheeler Mattie, Miss Contusions and fever.  
Beauregard White (Boy) Lacerated scalp  
Beauregard White (Boy) Lacerated scalp  
Beauregard White J. Frank (Capt.?) Seven received lacerated and incised wounds, two dislocated shoulders, one killed from internal injuries and bruising, two died from injuries afterwards. Mrs. White and son George died.
Beauregard White Dudley W. Six inch cut on left side of head, hip badly bruised. Son of J. Frank White
Beauregard White Louis Scalp and face wounds, two attacks of erysipelas  
Beauregard White Louis (Son of) Lacerated scalp.  
Beauregard White Louis (Son of) Lacerated scalp.  
Beauregard White Mrs. S. Unspecified injuries. Wife of Capt. White?
Beauregard White Luther Lacerated scalp, fractured femur (plaster paris)  
Beauregard Wilcox Mr. Wounds, both arms fractured Telegraph operator
Wesson Wilkinson Mrs. Unspecified injuries.  
Wesson Wilkinson Mrs. (Son of) Unspecified injuries.  
Beauregard Williams James A. Contusions, broken leg, head crushed, died. Son in Law of W. C. Loving
Beauregard Williams James, Mrs. Contusion and face wounds.  
Beauregard Williams Joe Contusions, ten days unconscious, concussion of brain. Died?
  Williams Pink, Mrs. Contusion, scalp wounds, 4th month of gestation.  
  Williamson Mrs. (Child of) Fractured skull, died  
Beauregard Wimberly Victoria (Col.) Incised wound  
Georgetown Windom Mrs. Abortion from fright, hemorrhage, died  
  Woodward Mr. Bruises  

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