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Communities in Copiah

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Centerpoint - Located near Bayou Pierre, at the forks of Union Church and Barlow roads, was settled early in Copiah's history by the Hall, Bufkin, Holliday, Wade, Miller and Brown families. By the early 1900's it was a progressive country village, boasting a cotton-gin, several stores, a church, a blacksmith shop, and a school.

Conn - A post village located twenty miles northwest of Hazelhurst, was settled by the Conns, Millers, and Heaths.

Union School - located in the southeastern part of the county, was an early settlement on the Chopped Way.  It is said that General Carroll, on his way to New Orleans in 1812, had a skirmish with the Choctaws at the present site of the Union School building.  This bit of history was told to W.H. Walker who came to Copiah in 1880 and by Jack Cranford, William Cliburn, and Alex Murray.  Sam Nichols and Thomas Ramsey were also early settlers.

Georgetown - One of the first settlements in the county. It was founded by a Mr. George Washington Briley from South Carolina, who operated a ferryboat on the Pearl River.  Georgetown was noted in its early days as a stopping place for the overland packs. It had, during its thriving era, about 500 inhabitants, a number of stores and shops, a tavern and saloon, and was famed for its boat-racing, target shoots, and gambling dens.  Mr. Briley was killed in an affair of honor at Georgetown in 1836. During the civil war, the town was burned down but was rebuilt somewhat during reconstruction. Present Georgetown is located about 1 mile west of the old site.

Many of Copiah's most distinguished and prominent families were early settlers in or near Georgetown and established large plantations on the fertile Pearl River bottomlands. Among these were the Catchings, Allen, Harper, Briley, Brent, Chandler, and Harris families.

Packing shed in Copiah near Hazlehurst ~1937

Other communities or areas:

05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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