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Units by County (selected)

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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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Mississippi Units by County of Origin



Copiah County

12th Reg. Inf., Co. D - Pettus Rifles

16th Reg. Inf., Co. C -Crystal Springs Southern Rights

3rd Reg. Inf., Co. K - McWillie Blues

6th Reg. Inf., Co. F - Crystal Springs Guard

10th Reg. Inf., Co. H - Bahala Rifles

36th Reg. Inf., Co. A - Mount Zion Guards

36th Reg. Inf., Co. B - Zollicoffer Avengers

36th Reg. Inf., Co. E - Hazlehurst Fencibles

36th Reg. Inf., Co. G - Copiah Rebels

36th Reg. Inf., Co. K - Dixie Guards

4th Reg. Cav., Co. B - Copiah Horse Guards

Powers Cavalry Regiment

Seven Stars Artillery, (Robert's Company)

1st Reg. Inf., State Troops, Co. B - Minute Men

 Hinds County

12th Reg. Inf., Co. C - Raymond Fencibles

18th Reg. Inf., Co. E - Mississippi College Rifles

18th Reg. Inf., Co. H - Brown Rebels

18th Reg. Inf., Co. K - Burt Rifles

3rd Reg. Inf., Co. C - Dowing Rifles

3rd Battalion  Inf., Co. K - Raymond Minute Men

22nd Reg. Infantry, Co. B - Hinds Right Guards

39th Reg. Inf., Co. I - Burt Avengers

Powers Regiment Cavalry - Owens Scouts

1st MS Light Artillery, Company A

3rd State Reg. Cavalry, Company C

Lawrence County

12th Reg. Inf., Co. K - Lawrence Rifles

7th Battalion Inf., Co. G - Goode Rifles

22nd Reg. Inf., Co. A - Mississippi Greys

33rd Reg. Inf., Co. C - Johnson Guards

14th Batt. Artillery, Brookhaven Lt. Atry

Lincoln County

12th Reg. Inf., Co. K - Lawrence Rifles

27th Reg. Inf., Co. C - Caledonia Guards

27th Reg. Inf., Co. D - Rayburn Rifles

27th Reg. Inf., Co.  I - Harris Rebels

27th Reg. Inf., Co. C - Stevens Rifles

14th Batt. Artillery, Brookhaven Light Artillery

Lowndes County

10th Reg. Inf., Co. D - Lowndes Southrons

10th Reg. Inf., Co. E - Southron Avengers

11th Reg. Inf., Co. E - Prarie Guards

14th Reg. Inf.,  Co. K - Columbus Riflemen

24th Reg. Inf., Co. D - Caledonia Rifles

35th Reg. Inf., Co. C - Capt. Jordan

35th Reg. Inf., Co. F - Capt. Gregory

35th Reg. Inf.,  Co. H - Confederate Volunteers

35th Reg. Inf., Co. K - Invincible Warriors

43rd Reg. Inf., Co. B - Capt. J.M. Billups

43rd Reg. Inf., Co. F - Capt. Hampton

43rd Reg. Inf.,  Co. I - Capt. J.O. Banks

44th Reg. Inf., Co. A - Tombigbee Rangers

48th Reg. Inf., Co. C - Blewett's Company

6th Reg. Cav., Company H

6th Reg. Cav., Company I

6th Reg. Cav., Company K

8th Reg/ 19th Batt. Cav., Company E

8th Reg/ 19th Batt. Cav., Co. F - Capt. Field

8th Reg/ 19th Batt. Cav., Co. G - Capt. Matthews

4th Battalion Cavalry, Capt. Abert's Company

11th Reg. Cav., Co. H - Capt. Battle Fort

10th Reg. Cav/ 12th Batt. Cav.,  Co. C

12th MS Cav/ 16th Confederate, Co. F

3rd Batt. Inf., Co. A - Lowndes Co. Minute Men

1st Reg. Inf., Co. G - of Artesia, Capt. Hardy

Simpson County

16th Reg. Inf., Co. B - Westville Guards

6th Reg. Inf., Co. H - Simpson Fencibles

39th Reg. Inf., Co. A - Simpson Greys

39th Reg. Inf., Co. F - Pearl River Guards

1st Batt. Inf., Co. E - Minute Men

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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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