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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

The following  was documented by my aunt in the mid 1960's from a source in Copiah County.  The source is not known but the way the notes were taken it appears to be from a book or reference type publication. The notes are organized by a CSA name. It is provided here only as family notes and must be validated by other sources.  Rob Crawford.

Bahala Rifles

5 - W.M. Crawford

12 - B.A. Crawford

66 - H. Maxwell

Crystal Springs Southern Rights

38 - D. B. Hennington

63 - David Sistrunk

66 - D. W. Sistrunk

Seven Star Artillery

32 - H. J. Crawford

33 - J. L. Crawford

34 - M. D. Crawford

Steele Blades

16 - J. A. Crawford

17 - H.H. Crawford

18 - H. C. Crawford

87 - J. W. Crawford  d. July 2-1862 Corinth MS

90 - J. B. Sistrunk

Mc (?) Willie Blues

54 - Fayette Crawford

Zolli Cofer Avengers

20 - J. A. Sistrunk

21 - G.W. Sistrunk

Hazelhurst Fencibles

61 - T. B. Crawford  (Note: First Initial is a guess)

71 - M. Crawford

Captain L. M. Graves Co

9 - J. no (?) Crawford

10 Robert Crawford

State Militia

30 J. Lee Crawford

05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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