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General Hiram Granbury

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General Hiram Granbury, Confederate Army


      Hiram Bronson Granbury, in civilian dress for this 1862 portrait, was born on March 1, 1831, in Copiah City, Mississippi. He moved to Waco, Texas soon after 1850 and was later a lawyer and government official. When the Civil War started he was named Captain of the 7th Texas and in November 1861 he was promoted to Major.

He was captured at Fort Donelson and was later exchanged. Promoted to Colonel, 7th Texas, on August 29, 1862, his regiment fought in General John Greg's brigade in northern Mississippi until Vicksburg fell. He commanded the 7th Texas at Raymond, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge, where he succeeded to General James A. Smith's brigade. Granbury was appointed Brig. Gen. on February 29, 1864 and commanded the  Texas Brigade throughout the Atlanta campaign.

He led the fierce nighttime charge of the Texas Brigade that ended the Battle of Pickett's Mill. "It needed but the brilliancy of this night attack," Confederate commander Patrick Cleburne wrote, "to add lustre to the achievements of      Granbury and his brigade." He was killed in the Confederate charge at Franklin on November 30, 1864, shot only a few yards from the Federal works. Granbury's remains and tombstone were moved from Columbia, Tennessee, around 1893 to the town some 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth named for him.

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Photo used with permission from Lawrence T. Jones, III collection, Austin, Texas

05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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