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Co. F - Crystal Springs Guards

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Company F - Crystal Springs Guards

Organized in Copiah County; mustered into State service at Crystal Springs on August, 17, 1861.

Mustered into Confederate Service at Grenada on August 24, 1861.


Allen, E., Private

 Allen, S., Private

 Apple, G. H., Private

 Atwell, George W., Private

 Atwell, R. N., Private

 Baber, Baily G., Private

 Barnes, William, Private

 Barron, A. D., Private

 Barron, A. H., Private

 Barron, E. V., 5th, 4th and 2nd Sergeant

 Barron, F., Private

 Barron, H. D., Private

 Beasley, Joseph T., 3rd and 2nd Lieutenant

 Beeman, B. M., Private

 Bell, James, Private

 Bell, John, Private

 Bell, William, Private

 Bennett, J. W., Private

 Bridges, James, Private

 Burt, J. F., Private

 Camack, T. J., Private

 Campbell, Isaac L., Private

 Clark, Thomas T., Private

 Clark, W. B., Private

 Clement, D. 5th, 2nd and 1st Sergeant

 Clement, Wash, Sergeant

 Clifton, Isaac R., Private

 Coalson, T. F., Private

 Cook, W. B., Private

 Corley, Seth A., Private

 Davis, J. H., Private

 Edwards, Asa W., Private

 Evans, Alphonso B., 4th Corporal; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant

 Evans, David, Private

 Evans, R. A., Private

 Fanning, Dempsey C., Private

 Fanning, H., Private

 Fanning, Thurmon W., Private

 Ferguson, Joe, Private

 Ford, Benjamin R., Private

 Ford, Thomas A., Private

 Ford, Thomas G., Private

 Ford, William, Private; 3rd Corporal

 Gale, James G., Private

 Gale, T., Private

 Goodson, Alexander A., Private

 Gray, W. T., Private

 Guynes, J. F., Private

 Haley, A. J., Private

 Haley, James M., Private

 Haley, R., Private

 Hall, H., Private

 Hall, James, Private

 Hall, John, Private; 4th and 3rd Corporal

 Hannah, James, Private

 Harper, R. B., Private

 Haygood, B. F., Private

 Hennington, G. W., Private

 Holliday, Eugene C., Private

 Holliday, R. E., Private

 Hollingsworth, L. K., Private

 Holmes, E. H., Private

 Holmes, J. S., Private

 Howell, George Urie, Private

 Hudson, William, Private

 Hughes, H., Private

 Hughes, James M., Private

 Hughes, Joseph, Private

 Hughes, P. D., Private

 Johnson, C., Private

 Johnson, E., Private

 Johnston, W. E., Private

 Jones, J. A., Private

 Jones, L. W., Private

 Jones, Thomas, Private

 Jones, William, Private

 Kennedy, T. H., Private

 Knight, John B., Private

 Lamb, A. G., Private

 Land, George W., Private

 Landers, W. H., Private

 Law, William H., Private

 Lewis, A. A., Private

 Lewis, T., Private

 Lichtenstein, H., Private

 Lind, George W., Private

 Lindsey, A. E., Private

 Lindsey, John S. T., Private; 1st corporal; 4th Sergeant

 Lindsey, Toliver, 1st Lieutenant; Captain

 Locke, GeorgePrivate

 Lockwood, Theodore P., Private; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant

 Lowe, Aaron B., Private; Captain

Mahon, Wade, Private

Martin, James, Private; 4th, 3rd and 2nd Corporal

Mathews, A., Private

Mayfield, George, Private

McIntosh, Francis M., Private

McIntosh, J. H., Private

McIntosh, J. S., Private

Minter, J. E., Private

Moore, John P., Private

Moore, John T., Private

Morris, Calvin, Private

Newman, William, Private

Nilson, J., Private

Osteen, T. B., Private

Person, M. H. H., Private

Pierce, W. P., Private

Purser, Charles, Private

Purser, John, Private; 2nd Corporal

Purser, John, Private

Rawls, D. L., Private

Reno, S., Private

Rhymes, E. F., Private

Rhymes, Jesse J., Private

Roberts, Jr., Henry, Private

Roberts, J. M., Private

Roberts, T., Private

Roberts, W. J., Private

Robinson, W., Private

Rogers, James, Private

Rumph, Jacob, Private

Scarborough, Jesse A., Private; 1st Corporal

Sexton, J. F., Private

Shirley, Joseph, Private; 5th Sergeant

Siebe, J. H., Private

Sistrunk, J. B., Private

Slay, C., Private; 3rd Corporal; Musician

Slay, Nathan, Private; 2nd Sergeant

Smith, A. R., Private

Smith, Charles, Private

Smith, Ira F., Private

Smith, Isasc L., Private

Smith, J. T., Private

Smith, Jabez A., Private

Smith, James M., Private; 3rd Sergeant

Smith, William F., Private

Smith, William R., Private; 1st Sergeant

Stephenson, J. A., Private

Stephenson, J. E., Private

Stone, Archibald B., Private

Stone, Henry, Private

Street, J. A., Private

Sumrall, Eliphalet F., Private

Tarver, N., Private

Taylor, J. S., Private

Taylor, William, Private

Templeton, Madison, Private

Templeton, Seaborn, Private

Terry, F. R. J., Private

Terry, John, Private

Terry, R. G., Private

Terry, W. M., Private

Thomas, Jesse R., Private

Thompson, D. M., Private

Thompson, G. M., Private

Thompson, J. R., Private

Thompson, R. M., Private

Thompson, William B., Private

Tillman, George, Private; 2nd Sergeant

Tillman, H. D., Private

Tillman, James R., Private

Tillman, John F., Private; Corporal

Tillman, Thomas B., Private; 3rd Sergeant

Ward, N. B., Private

Ware, S., Private

Warren, Joseph, Private

Wash, Richard L., Private

Watson, John, Private

Weaver, L., Private

Weaver, Simeon B., Private

White, Harper J., Private

Whittington, Franklin, Private

Whittington, Seaborn, Private

Willis, Thomas H., 3rd and 2nd Lieutenant

Wilson, E. E., Private

Wilson, J. L., Private

Wilson, J. M., Private

Wilson, J. P., Private

Wilson, James; Private; 4th and 1st Sergeant; 3rd and 2nd Lieutenant

Wood, J. M., Private

Woolfolk, Richard O., 1st Lieutenant

Yates, James, Private

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