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God Bless America

12th Mississipi Regiment

Company D Pettus Rifles OR Pettus Relief


William P. Anderson Hugh Anderson, Jr.

James L. Ard ?? Baliss

James A. Barlow James R. Barlow

Charles H. Barry George Bass

Hugh S. Beacham ?? Berry

S.A. Bird William H. Bondurant

Peter Boran F.M. Bowie

Thomas M. Bowie M. Braden

M. Braden Marion Breeden

Daniel H. Brown William A. Brown

Henry D. Burton Daniel T. Bush

W. Green Bush William G. Bush

Levi T. Butler Allen M. Chastain

A.M. Chastie Allen M. Chastine

A.M. Christian Jesse F. Clower

Henry B. Cochran Charles P. Cook

E.P. Cook L.P. Danals

Lumpkin J. Daniels Robert Davis

Edmund B. Deason E.B. Dicon

Samuel H. Dillard Samuel Dunn

G.W. Ellis George W. Ellis

John J. Ellis Thomas B. Ellis

Jules Engelhorn J.J. Englehorn

Julius Englehorn Robert C. Evans

R.C. Evins Daniel Farmer

Samuel Farmer William Fletcher

George Fugle Ezekiel P. Garrett

E.H. Goffin Richard H. Goffin

Sterling Green William P. Groyness

Walker Guess W.P. Guines

William P. Guynes James L. Haley

Warren L. Haley William M. Haley

William G. Hall Bright R. Ham

M.N. Hamilton Matthew H. Hamilton

Z.H. Hardee Zachariah Hardy

James M. Harris Merry B. Harris

Robert W. Harris William R. Hasting

A.M. Hawkin W.L. Hester

W.P. Hester William T. Hester

Noel K. Hill Andrew J. Hodges

Daniel J. Hood Mathew Hood

A. G. Horton A. P. Horton

Jackson J. Johnson Joseph G. Johnson

Joseph J. Johnson S.B. Johnson

J. J. Johnston James M. Johnston

Spencer B. Johnston Francis M. Jones

Hugh N. Jones James M. Jones

George W. Jones, Jr. George W. Jones, Sr.

David E. Lane David E. Layne

William H. Layne William S. Leach

Joseph M. Lee J. T. Lewis

Jacob A. T. Lewis John T. Lewis

William E. Lewis Thomas R. Lloyd

John M. Lowe Thomas R. Loyd

George W. Lyles Henry Magin

Aaron M. Martin James C. Martin

James T. Martin Seth S. Martin

William V. Martin Josiah W. Massie

William S. McDaniel ??? McGinn

Daniel W. McRae D.W. McRea

James H. Meek W.W.C. Meredith

William W. C. Meredith John A. Mickey

William F. Mickey Green Millsaps

Rueben A. Millsaps James P. Moore

John P. Moore Andrew J. Morgan

Daniel Morrison George Morrison

M. Neal T. M. Neal

Thomas L. Neal Thomas W. Neal

William W. Neal Thomas W. Neil

W. M. Neil Andrew J. Norton

Joel H. Norton Robert Norwood

John W. Owens William L. Owen

James T. Parker E. G. Payton

M. H. Payton James K. Perkins

Ephraim G. Peyton W. W. Pitts

David S. Price John B. Price

Thomas J. Price W. E. Price

William H. H. Purser John T. Ramsey

Simeon D. Ramsey Thomas M. Rea

William J. Rea Leonard H. Redus

W. J. Rice Elias A. Rowan

Allen J. Russell John B. Rutherford

N. S. Sabb Nicholas S. Sabell

Robert M. Scott Emsley A. Shamburger

Burrell L. Shaw Richard A. Shook

William H. Short Jesse Spear

Moses T. Spivey J. E. Steadman

David W. Stephens David W. Stevens

Nelson L. Strong Frank Sturges

Charles A. Taliaferro Henry Taliaferro

Richard H. Taliaferro H. F. Taylor

H. J. Taylor Hanson B. Taylor

Hanson G. Taylor Craft H. Thomas

Hosea B. Thompson John W. Thompson

Jesse Thompson, Jr. John E. Touchstone

John G. Touchstone S. C. Touchstone

Samuel T. Vaughn Marshall West

Matthew M. West Phillip F. West

A. S. Wheeler Thomas J. White

W. W. White William H. White

Roswell B. Willard Robert P. Willing

James M. Wilson John G. Witherspoon

Daniel C. Woods Solomon Woods

W. H. Wright

The following served in Company D and another company

Tho. B. Johnston Company D, C

T. B. Johnston Company D, C

Jacob Cheek Company D, K



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