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Notes on the 1850 census

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05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

The actual 1850 Census can be found by following this link:

The 1850 Copiah County Census

A year ago, I was able to volunteer to transcribe the 1850 Copiah County Census, I had no idea what it would consist of and realizing it was the very first census to have the complete information for all families, Head of household, their age, gender occupation, net worth, and where they were born, this also allowed  the entire families to be located. It was the first census to do this. And now they are beginning to get things together to do the census in the year 2000.

So with the help of the printed census from S&K Publishing company,(at no charge to me)  I started, it took me almost 8 months, and at the end, there were the following:  1148 dwellings, that consisted of  6413 people. It started on August  5, 1850 and was completed on  November 21, 1850. The name of the census taker was a John McDonald. The census was taken with a black pen, which was dipped in ink, and remember the census taker, had to go by horseback to each house in the entire county. The townships were to be listed, but the only one listed here was the very last one he did, and it was Galitin. My proof reader for the census was Larry Cooley.

The goal is to provide on-line resources to assist researchers in the quest for their family heritage. This is a  project made up by volunteer researchers, just like you  and I, who donate their spare time to help others trace  their roots.

The oldest resident was  Henry Hughes  who was 90, his occupation is listed as a farmer, and his net worth was $500, and he was born in SC. The next oldest was Elijah Bailey who was 87 also a farmer and came from Virginia.

There were 4 people from Prussia, Casper Wolff a peddler, who was 40, another, Aaron Asher  a merchant, who was 26, Otto  Myers  25 who was a clerk, Lewis Feldtz  20 who was a student, Thomas Carmmack 64 , James Patrick McCann, John Snyder Hester, Thomas W Burke,28, John Gibbons 54 John Smith, 38, Michael Duncan 23 Martin Burke, 20, Robert Underwood 46, Dennis Dunn, 35, William Miles 32,John Myers 50, Jane Perry 52, William Hugs 30,Patrick Nally 25, John Jenning 35, along with several more were from Ireland.

Cyrus Bradbury, 32 was a sailor from Maine. There were 13 school teachers. The teachers usually lived with other families in the community. There were 8 Ministers, 7 Methodist and one Baptist. There were 20 sets of twins, and the largest family was William & Mary Renfrow which had 10 children. Most of the boys were in school, the girls were not. There were also 23 Physicians.

Since I grew up in Copiah county, I hope to be able to do other census also. I will be happy to check for anyone who might be looking for family members, the local library does have access to this, through the Internet.

Since I grew up in Copiah County, it was a fun thing to this, and I will continue to do some other years, or counties. The census is free to anyone who might be doing genealogy, and this was one reason I became a volunteer.

Lynda Lindsey

Montgomery, AL

05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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