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Thad Watson Cemetery

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Mrs. John B. (Mary Watson) Mayes of Greenville, Miss., a daughter of Thad Watson, has submitted the following additional information about this old cemetery:

This place was first settled by Judge Seth Granberry, who is buried therein,with 2 or 3 of his wives.  There were no markers to their graves.  My father's first wife, Jane Granberry Watson, was buried there and when we left the place a white marble marker was at her grave.

Her brother, Ben Granberry is buried along by the grave of his first wife, who was a Rembert, but no markers were ever erected form them.  His second wife, Serena Mullins (sister of "Uncle Billy" Mullins) was buried by B. F. Granberry's side also.

Other graves in the cemetery at which markers were placed were: John M. Watson ; Susan Granberry Millsaps, w/o T. E. Millsaps; and Sidney Millsaps.  The Millsaps graves have been moved into Hazlehurst."  letter 30 Jan, 1955

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