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Deaton Cemetery

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William Brown



Born in N.Y. This is William Nathan Brown, father of John Madison Brown who married Lovina Deaton (daughter of John O. Deaton)

Infant Son of H. and M. J. Barker


Sept __,



This is the son of Horace Greely Barker who married Mary Jane Deaton (daughter of Pinkney Deaton)

Charles B. Harrison 



Apr 8, 1875

Age 75 years

Son of Henry Harrison and Margaret (Brown?)  Father of my William B. Harrison who married Mary Elizabeth Deaton (daughter of John O. Deaton and Susan Rogers)

Susanna Harrison


Mar 1, 1887

Age 84 years

Susannah (Malone?) Wife of Chales B. Harrison

E.V. Wife of L.J. Tillman


Feb 12 1874

Mar 22, 1905

This is Emma Victoria Deaton, Wife of Luther J. Tillman. Emma is the daughter of William Pinkey Deaton and Hulda Ann Crawford.


Carl Morgan.

Jan. 25 1930,

Feb 8, 1931

"Our Baby".  Have not identified this baby.

Benjamin Barnes


Have not identified him. There are no dates and a relative who lives in Crystal Springs told me there was a lady that put markers on each grave several years back but she is dead now.  I saw some of the markers, which were the little metal things that come from a funeral home.  There was paper in them but the print was gone. Probably Benjamin had something to do with her family.

Some images of Deaton:

05/31/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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