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These three family groups are closely linked and in some cases intermarried:
Keller (of Wilkinson Co., MS), Scott (earlier of West and also earlier of East Feliciana Parish, LA), and Rose (earlier of St. Tammany Parish,  LA).  A good many of the surviving families migrated to the Republic of  Texas to what later became Harrison Co., TX.  They earlier may have been in  Shelby Co., TX.
Preparer:  E. W. Wallace
May 1995
Rev May 2003

Revised slightly 1/09

     MARTHA KELLER. (2 Feb 1799-d. after  1850)
Martha Keller's birthdate is found in the George Keller Bible Record as  published  by the Mississippi Genealogical Society., in Cemetery and Bible  Records, George Keller Bible Record (Jackson:  MS Genealogical Society, V  II).
      What little is known of the George Keller  family is found mainly in a transcribed "George Keller Bible Record," published  by the Mississippi Genealogical Society in CEMETERY AND BIBLE RECORDS, V. II  (Jackson:  Nov 1955).   The interpretation is that the Bible had  long been held by Nancy or Ann Keller, who was married 2nd) to Ephraim  Carnes.  The vital statistics of her family are included in the  Bible.  Then the Bible seemed to pass to a daughter who married a  Wade.  At the time of transcription, the Bible was held by a woman in or  near Copiah Co., MS, the last known home of the widow Carnes.
     This Bible record gives the names, birthdates,  some marriage dates, and death dates of children of George Keller and his wife  Jane [Moore?], but does not give places of these events.  Copies of  transcribed pages of the Bible, as they appear in the above publication, are in  writer's possession.

 Martha Keller married William A. Alexander 16 Sep 1817, Wilkinson  Co., MS. ret. 19 Sep 1817 by N. Waddell, J. P.
Martha Keller Alexander had at least two children, one of whom is named in  this deed of gift of Jane Keller, widow of George Keller, Sr. and mother of  Martha, to Martha's child:
Jane Keller's Deed - Mother of Martha Alexander
From Wilkinson Co., MS DB D-265, made 18 May  1824; rec. 24 May 1824:
     Jane Keller of Wilkinson Co., MS, for a valuable  consideration to me .... convey ... a certain Negro woman Rose aged about 18 to  the lawful heirs [not named] of the body of my daughter Martha Alexander ... (s)  Jane  [her X mark] Keller.
 (Abstracted from film FHL 876,533, Wilkinson Co. MS deeds)
This newspaper item refers to the marriage of the daughter of William  Alexander and Martha Keller:
This notice appears in The Southern Star (newspaper of Gallatin, MS):
     January 26, 1839  "Married in this county, on  Thursday evening last, by Geo. Rea., Esq., Mr. Asa Potter to Miss Matilda,  daughter of Wm. Alexander, Esq., all of this county."
     (Betty Couch Wiltshire, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS FROM  MISSISSIPPI NEWSPAPERS, V. 3, 1813-1850, Bowie, MD:   1989)   
(An e-mail message Jan 2003 gives information about George Rea, who was  married to Sarah Simpson, a daughter of one of the Keller daughters who married  Samuel Simpson.  Refer to Rea's biography.)
In the 1850 census, Copiah Co., MS, one Martha Alexander, age 59, born in  South Carolina, appears in the household of her son-in-law, Asa L. Potter and  his wife Melinda L. Potter, the latter the former Melinda Alexander.
Dwelling 198, 1850 census, Copiah Co., MS.  The census needs to be  reviewed more thoroughly for further details.
Asa L. Potter, age 35, b Alabama
Melinda L Potter, age 30, b  Louisiana
Peninah, age 11, b MS
Charles W., age 9, b MS
Martha E., age  4, b MS
Martha Alexander, age 60, b SC
However, the 1860 census, Copiah Co., MS for the household of A. L. Potter  gives Martha's age as 59, born South Carolina. 
Page 795 & following page [handwritten], 1860 census, Copiah Co.,  MS
Line 34, Family 143
A. L. Potter, age 45, M-Meth.Ministry-$5,000;  $2,000, b. SC
Melinda        age 40, F b  Miss
Peninah        age  18         "
Wesley         age  15         "
Martha          age  10       "   )
Sarah            age  8        "  )   [these  attended  school
Mary              age 6         "  )
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Dora Potter    age  3          "
Elizabeth        age  1        "
Martha Alexander age  59    born SC

     A confusing entry is found under  deaths in the Keller Bible record, as transcribed:
     "Martha A. M. Keller departed this life March 21,  1814."  This is believed to refer to the daughter of Thomas Keller and his  wife Sarah M. Keller, who died as a young child.  It cannot refer to the  woman who married in 1817.  As stated, the item is confusing.
      There is at least one error in the  transcription of the Bible record by the Mississippi Genealogical Society:   it named Martha "Margaret" whereas the Wilkinson Co. marriage bonds show Martha  as the one who married William M. Alexander.  Other records bear out that  the name was Martha.
     Margaret Keller, Martha's sister, on the other  hand, was the wife of Thomas Keller to whom she was married 18 July 1816  (Marriage bonds), who probably is her cousin.  There were other Kellers in  early Wilkinson Co., but their relationship to each other, if any, to date  has not been revealed in records of Wilkinson Co., MS.  This Thomas Keller  is NOT the same Thomas Keller, early probate judge of Copiah Co.  That  Thomas Keller is the brother of Martha Keller Alexander.  There may be  other errors in the transcription of the George Keller Bible, but which have not  been detected by this writer.
Alexander and his estranged wife and his son and daughter [were there other  children?] appear in Copiah Co., MS records. 
     We believe some of the Alexander children migrated  to Harrison Co., TX as a number of Alexanders appear in the 1850 census, the  first US census taken in Texas after it joined the Union.  The children may  have been of a previous marriage of Alexander's however, as they seem to have  been born in TN and not in LA or MS.
     Additionally, there were some early Texas  marriages of Alexander grooms in Harrison Co. and Jefferson Co., TX; i.e.,  Esquire T. C. [sic] Alexander, 1850, Harrison Co., TX; Thomas K. Alexander,  1850, Jefferson Co., TX.  More research is needed.


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