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Probate of Webster Gilbert

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Final Account of Probate of Webster Gilbert


Copiah Co., MS, Final Book L, p. 77 (Film: 876,473)


The State of Mississippi }

Copiah County } To the sheriff of Copiah County, Greetings. You are hereby commanded to Cite Jane Davis & Nancy Ann Watson if to be found in your county to be and appear before the Probate Court of Copiah Couty at a Court to be open at the Court House thereof, on the first Monday in January next, and on the 1st day of the term, then and there to show cause if any they can why the final account of Hannah Gilbert Administratix, with the last Will & Testament of Webster Gilbert Decd, annexed, now on file in said Court should not be allowed according to law, and have you there this writ.

Witness, the Honorable J. Millsaps Judge of the Probate Court of Copiah County, at the Court House thereof, the first Monday in Nov AD 1862.

Issued, the 10th day of Nov AD 1862.

M. Cook Clerk


Recd Nov 11th 1862 W.M. Haley Shff

I herey authorise and depose J.L. Haley to execute and the within writ Deceember 23rd 1862.

W.M. Haley {Shff}

By L. Haley

I hereby waive notise by citation or otherwise in the matter of the final settlement of H. Gilbert Exrx of W. Gilbert, decd now on file in the Probate Court of Copiah County & consent that the same may be allowed as stated.

Feb 2nd 1863 W.W. Davis


Final account of Hannah Gilbert Administratix on the Estate of Webster Gilbert deceased.

This Administratix Charges herself with the amt of the appraisement returned 522.12

Balance due Admrx 67.56



This Administratix charges allowance for the following disbursements to wit:

This amt paid Storm & Brook probated account 99.88

This amt paid W.D. Brown J.P. 2.50

This R.B. Gilbert Probated Note 60.00

This 80.00

This Storm & Brooks on Probated Note 208.49

This J. Warren, Sr. on Probated account 14.81

This amt to Shff Haley costs 2.50

Cook clk costs 10.40

This amt probated a/c of John R. Perkins 90.55


Sworn to & subscribed in open 557.68

Court 7 Decr 1862 Hannah Gilbert

M. Cook Clk

Filed 4 Nov 1862 M. Cook Clk



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