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Gilbert Land Records

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Land Survey of Webster Gilbert & W. F. Gilbert Real Estate


Copiah Co., MS, Loose Probate Records (Film: LDS #905,469)


State of Mississippi }

Copiah County } Pursuant to Certain writ of appointment for division of the real estate of Webster Gilbert and W.F. Gilbert deceased, at the request and by the direction of J.E. Chiles, Robert Hamilton and Seth Applewhite, Commissioners appointed for making said division, I W.H. Bondurant Surveyor of said County, with the aforenamed Commissioners as Chain bearors have this day finished in the presence of said Commissioners the Survey of said tract of land and divided it into four shares or parts, numbering them from one progressively: Acres

Lot No. 1 Contains S SW & SW SE of Section 5, Township 8, Range 6 East 116.82

Lot No.2 Contains N NW Section 9 T 8, R 6E 79.87

Lot No. 3 Contains NW NE & SE NW Sec 9 T 8 R 6 E 79.87

Lot No. 4 Contains E NE Section 9, T 8, R 6 E 79.87


For which reference is made to the annexed plat of Said Survey which is hereby certified as a correct plat of the tracts of land divided & the manners & form of their division.

Given under my hand & Seal this 18th day of June AD 1867.

W.H. Bondurant

Surveyor Copiah County, Miss



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