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Estate of Samuel B. Gilbert

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Settlement of Estate of Samuel B. Gilbert


Copiah Co., MS Loose Probate Records         (Film: 905,469)


Final account of the Estate of Samuel B. Gilbert dec’d

Filed for Record 19th Feby 1839

Recorded in Book B Pages 26 & 27

Fees $1.75 Recording  Fee Paid


It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the Estate of Samuel B. Gilbert was insolvent, instead of ordering a commission as is usual, it was judged proper by the court to make an estimate of the claims presented by the amount of assets in the Administrators hands, without incurring additional expenses and delay in paying over the money, which results in a distribution of 69 percent as within stated.  This final account appearing to be fairly stated, both as to its charges and discharges, is ordered to be received and recorded.

                                                                        S. H. Johnson, Judge Probate.


The final account of Settlement of Webster Gilbert administrator of the Estate of Samuel B. Gilbert deceased with the Probate Court of Copiah County Showing the amount to be paid on each claim presented against said Estate after deducting the expenses – Court charges


This Accountant chargeth himself with the amount of sale Bill of the Personal estate of said deceased                                                                                                      184.37

Amount Sales of Real Estate                                                                             90.00

Amount received for Rent of Land                                                                    30.00

Amt Receorded from the Estate of Wm. Gilbert deceased being the amount

Of the distribution share of Saml B. Gilbert deceased out of said Estate          182.38



            Deduct                                                                                                 232.92


                                                                        Leaves                                     $253.83

To pay $303.49 which will average 69 cents to the dollar



This accountant prays allowance for the following disbursements Viz

For amount of Cathe Gilberts claims against said deceased being a portion

Of the intestates share of the Estate of William Gilbert deceased                    151.00

For amt paid R Johnson for Painters? Bill                                                             7.00

For amt paid Geo. R. Kiger      do                                                                      3.00

For amount of court charges paid including the whole administration       19.25

For amt paid for making Title to Real estate                                                         2.00

For ??? commissions for Services incurred in administration viz $486.75            48.67




Peter M. Laurins note $65                    Amt to be paid is                                  44.85

G. W. Reed & Co.       Act 19.75         Amt to be paid is                                  13.62

R. Bledsoe                   Act $133.24     Amt to be paid is                                  91.93

Jacob Allen                  Act $36            Amt to be paid is                                  24.84

Joeph Dikers                Act $17.50       Amt to be paid is                                  12.07

Barnes & Cooper         Act $47.12       Amt to be paid is                                  31.51

Martin Burke                Act $44.87       Amt to be paid is                                  30.96




The State of Mississippi            }          Probate Court Febry Term 1839

Copiah County             }          Personally appeared in open Court, Webster Gilbert Adminisitrator of Samuel B. Gilbert dec’d who upon oath says the above final settlements on said Estate is justly and truly stated, both as to the charges and discharges, to the best of his knowledge and belief.

Sworn to & Subscribed this 19th day of }                      Webster Gilbert

February 1839 in open court.                            }

            H.W. Bishop    Clk





Administrators Bond for Samuel B. Gilbert


Copiah Co., MS Loose Probate Records         (Film: 905,469)


Webster Gilberts Bond

Files 17th April 1837


I do Solemly swear that Samuel B. Gilbert deceased died without any will as far as I know or believe and that I will and truly adminiser all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased, and pay his debts as far as his goods chattels and credits will extend and the Law require me and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all the said goods chattels and credits as also a just account when ther to require, so help me God

Sworn to in open court }                                  Webster  X Gilbert

This 17th April 1837                 }                                              his mark

Rowland Johnson         Clk




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