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Wesson HS 1908

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05/30/14 was the last day I modified this page.

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I have scanned several pictures and am sending them to you to add to the Copiah Co Web site

I have also include below, items that might be of interest taken from the book.

They were from a book - (that I found among my great grandmother's things from our family home in McComb MS.  My great-grand parents lived in Wesson in the 1860's - 1910"s) 

The book is titled- Wesson High School 1908.  It looks like a student manual, and has rules and courses of study for the school.

Submitted by Tina James Langlois

Additional information from the book:

Title page


Wesson High School

Course of Study and Announcements

Compiled by the City Superintendent

Adopted by the Board of Trustees

Wesson, Mississippi

The Wesson Enterpriser Print



Official Directory

Board of Trustees:

B.F. Youngblood, President                        J.E. Thomas, Secretary

J.A. Boyd                                                  J.E. Patterson

W. C. Beacham

Board meets first Monday in each month

City Officers:

J.T. Bridewell, Mayor                           Hon. W.W. Robertson, Clerk

R.B.Raiford                                         C.L. Thompson

      Alderman Ward 1                                   Alderman Ward 2

W.W. Robertson                                  J.R. Cannon

      Alderman Ward 3                                    Alderman Ward 4

T.T. Lee Aderman-at Large

Robert E. Rea, Municipal Treasurer

W.H. Williams, City Collector

F.L. Reed, Marshal


School Calendar - Session 1907-1908

School opened  September 16, 1907

Annual Address  State Superintendent J.H Powers

Mid-term Concert   December 20, 1907

Faculty Reception   January 1, 1908

Baccalaureate Sermon  May 24, 1908

Final Examinations  May 25,26,and 27, 1908

Annual Concert   May 27, 1908

Junior Exercises  may 28, 1908

Commencement Exercises  May 29, 1908

Annual Field Day  May 30, 1908



Superintendent and Principal

Chas. H.. Williams

Assistant Superintendent

J. Ross Bell

Hall Teacher

Miss Mattie J. Jennings



Chas. H. Williams     Physics and Latin

J.Ross Bell    Mathematics and Latin

Miss. Ester Glancy   English and History

Miss Anna Quay McGowan   Seventh Grade

Mis Floye Beacham   sixth grade

Mis Dovey G. Johnson  fifth grade

Miss Minnie L. Palmer   fourth grade

Miss M. Isola Varnado   third grade

Miss Tiny Youngblood    third and second grade

Miss Bessie Rea   second grade

Miss Nina Pearl Walden   Second Primary

Miss Effie B. Scott    First primary

Miss Mary Lou Rea    substitute Assistant

Miss Rilla Ella Rea     Music

Mis Mary E. Willett  Elocution



next page is an introductory by Chas. H. Willams.


Next page picture of a classroom See here


Next pages are the Rules and Regulations of the Wesson City Schools, Wesson, Miss., 1908


Girls Basket Ball Team  see here - names of the girls were hand written on the back of the picture by my grandmother.  They may not be spelled correctly, as it was sometimes hard to make out the letters.


Next pages- course of study:


Boys Baseball team - see here


Boys Football team - see here


List of reading requirements for the grade levels


General Information

Wesson High School is located in Wesson, Copiah County, Miss., on the main line of the Illinois Central Railroad 45 miles south of Jackson, Miss., and 138 miles north of New Orleans, La.

The population is about 4000, almost excusive white.  The town is located on the divide between the Pearl and Mississippi rivers and the climate is mild and healthful. The surrounding country is very fertile and contains many valuable plantations and is also adapted to truck-farming.

The city had many enterprising merchants and professional men and has a lumber plant, an oil mill, ice plant and is the site of the Mississippi mills, employing over 2000 people when running full capacity - the largest cotton and woolen factory in the State and on of the largest in the South.

The High School building is substantial and commodious brick structure containing  twelve recitation rooms, a study hall seating 250 pupils, a concert room capable of seating 500, a music room, closets, galleries, etc.  The building is comfortably furnished with all that is needed and is situated on a large, beautiful plat of ground.

The people of Wesson and their officers take great pride in their school as is shown by the fact that the school is larger than any other school in the state for town of the size of Wesson.


next pages are filled with advertisements


The Becker-Lyell- McGrath Co

Hazlehurst Machine Shops - J.B. Riley , Manager

J.E. Patterson Hardware Store

Jno. McGrath and Sons, Brookhaven Miss

The Bank of Wesson,  Thad B. Lampton, President   James G Lyell, Vice President, Robert E. Rea, Cahsier

B. F. Youngblood & Co, Dry Goods store,  BF Youngblood, V.D Youngblood, Mrs. May Youngblood

B.F. Johnson, Cars

Dunk Price, Butcher

Beacham Bros., Grocers

The Racket Store   W.L. Hammons and Co

Williams Brothers, Department store

Price & Alford's Drug and Jewelry Store

Millinery and Dress Making 

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