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Gallman School Photox

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Gallman School

I ran accross this photo of Gallman Consolidated School in my mother's old photo album. on the back she had written Gallman Consolidated School. Printed by a stamp is "photo by Smith's Studio Hazlehurst , Ms." so it is at least after WWII as he only went in business after the war. I do not know if Harold Smith is still alive or not He would be near eighty years old. The picture appears to be in front of the First Baptist Church in Hazlehurst , MS possibly the only site he could find big enough for that crowd. Gallman Schools were closed down about 1946-47 and brought to Hazlehurst & Crystal Springs. in 1947 so this is probably the last class at Gallman 1946 hope you can use it . Thanks Patrick E. Roper

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