Union County Confederates

Updated July 20th, 1999. This list is constantly updated so always refresh when you return!

The following men Were Soldiers that fought for the Confederate States of America during the War of Northern Aggression, that are buried in Union County, Mississippi. Of Course, this as most any listing of Confederates is horribly incomplete. I humbly apoligize for any exclusion to this list, as well as for any inclusions for men that should not be here (I'm afraid there may be a few). Some are obviously memorials to soldiers Whose burial sites remain forever unknown, buried in mass graves on the battlefields where they fell.

This information came from several references: the publication "Mississippi Confederate Graves Registration" vols 1and 2; the publication "Union County Mississippi Cemetary Records"; various courthouse documents refering to burial of pensioners, a listing found in the Union County Library that someone has attempted this project before, and word of mouth. This listing is only as accurate as my references, though I do apologize for any typos that may be in this list.

Names are as accurate as possible, I found many discrepancies between references, and used the most likely one. Anything in parentheses are possible alternatives, found in different references. Keep in mind that many sirnames have changed spelling in the last 130 years (mine included).

Units are the ones I found. Keep in mind that units were commonly known by different designations at different times during the war, Units were absorbed by other units as their ranks were depleted in battle, and soldiers commonly served in more than one unit at different times, and it also is very possible the wrong unit was listed altogether, i.e. on widow's pension application, so it is possible that the unit listed is not the one you know about.

Dates are also as accurate as the references, many are taken from the actual headstone.

Counties given are whatever you make of them, I decided to list them as a possible genealogical aid. They were located in "Mississippi Confederate Graves Registrations" Of course, Union and Lee counties did not exist during the War. I assume that most counties (or states) given are where the soldier was living when he enlisted. Some are obviously birthplaces, and others are probably where the soldier was living when he applied for pension, or when he died.

Cemetaries given are common names for these cemetaries. These names mostly came from the publication, "Union County Ms Cemetary Records", by the Ish-te-ho-pah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. If no cemetary is listed, I have not yet found where the soldier is buried.

"*" denotes the soldier's grave is marked with a military type headstone. I have not personally been to each one of these cemetaries yet, so it may not be totally accurate.

"**" denotes the soldier served in both the Mexican War and the War Between the States.

"?" denotes that either I am not sure, or that I have a good reason to distrust the information given.

Please Email me if you have additions to the list. I would love to have each soldier's rank, unit (company would be appreciated), and cemetary. I would love names instead of initials, also. Please limit to Union County Cemetaries only, or Union County citizens that were buried out of the county, and please be sure of your information before you give it to me. A copy of this list will eventually be in the Union County Library.

I do live in Union County, but I don't have enough time to do my own personal research, so please don't ask me to do local research for you. Sorry.

Frank Stroupe

Myrtle, MS

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Soldier                      Unit                 B/D        Cty   Cemetary

Alexander, T L               2nd MS Inf           1832-1908  Pon   New Harmony
Allen, Samuel C              7th MS Cav           1845-1902        Wallerville
Armstrong, G W               21st MS Inf          1842-1904  Un
Arnold, C H                  32nd MS Inf          1826-1916  Pon   New Albany
Ayres, Moses                 45th MS Inf          1835-1912  Un    Gerizim
Bagwell, M V                 15th MS Inf          1840-1915  Cho   Glenfield
Bailey, Henry H              41st MS Inf          1819-1882  SC
Bailey, J W                  45th MS Inf          1838-1925  Pon
Bailey, William H            23rd MS Inf          1842-1898  Pon
Bailey, William J            41st MS Inf          1827-1902  Pon
Bailey, James M              21st MS Inf          1842-1918  Lee
Baker, J J                   Faulkners Inf        1843-1919  Pon   Amaziah
Baker, W H                                        1821-1861        Baker
Barnett, Jas T                                    1837-1884        Barnett
Barnett, W D                 21st TN Inf          1847-1931  TN    Gerizim?
Bartlett, Nathan                                  1826-1901        Bartlett
Basden, James Edward         B,32nd MS Inf        1837-1917  Tis   Old Zion Hill
Baskin, P B                  63rd AL Inf          1846-1911  AL    Beulah?
Beard, J A                   23rd MS Inf          1848-1915  Pon   Mt Pigsah
Beard, William C             17th MS Inf          1839-1910  Pon   Old Oak Grove
Beasley, John H              45th MS Inf          1827-1872  MS
Bell, Charles A              E,1st MS St Troops                    Snider
Bell, James                  K, 21st MS Inf                        Snider
Bennett, Wail(Wiley) M       23rd MS inf          1833-1907        Pleasant Hill
Billingsley, J C             31st MS Inf          1828-1908  Pon   Damascus
Bishop, G W                  31st MS Inf          1841-1903        Wells Chapel        *
Bone, J W                    56th GA Inf          1846-1916  GA    New Albany
Boyd, George D               H, 43rd AL Inf       1842-1905  AL                        *
Bracewell, Samuel            3rd MS Cav           1844-1919  Itw   Union Hill
Braselmann, Thomas N                              1834-1961        Oak Plain
Brassfield, Levi             5th/35th MS Inf      1841-1916  Chi   Fairfield           *
Brewer, W C                  9th TN Inf           1844-1918        Wells Chapel
Bridges, N                   13th/21st MS Inf     1848-1924  Lau   Fairfield
Bryant, A                    19th AL Inf          1837-1922  AL    Ellistown
Bryant, W M                  11th MS Inf          1846-1925
Bullard, Wiley J             40th MS Inf                           Pine Pole           *
Bullock, Wiley Gray          41st MS Inf          1841-1862
Burgess, A E                 43rd MS Inf          1833-1908        Ellistown
Burgess, John A              13th AL Inf          1844-1912  AL    Fairfield
Butler, Armstead M CPL       F,2nd MS Inf         1841-1923  Tip   Beulah
Byrn, Hugh Lawson 3LT        B,2nd MS Inf         1840-1937  Tip   New Albany          *
Caldwell, E B                2nd MS Inf           1839-1909  Pon   Liberty
Caldwell, H                  31st MS Inf          1823-1907  Lee   Hopewell
Caldwell, John B             31st MS Inf          1816-1988  Un    Hopewell
Caldwell, R P                31st MS Inf          1826-1913  Un    New Harmony
Cameron, Thomas              40th AL Inf          1842-1922  AL    New Albany
Carlisle, James F            45th MS Inf          1842-1910  Pon   Ingomar
Carter, Thomas W             23rd MS Inf          1838-1923  Tip   Ingomar
Cawthon, Frances M           55th TN Cav          1840-1938  TN    Glenfield
Chapman, Dr. C A             7th TN Cav           1827-1901  TN    Pleasant Hill
Chisolm, H W                 2nd/23rd MS Inf      1838-1904
Clark, R W                   7th MS Inf           1836-1844  Mar   Pleasant Hill
Cobb, E                      23rd MS Inf          1843-1921
Cobb, W H                    17th MS Inf          1837-1924  Lee   Union Hill
Cobb, Hilery C               31th MS Inf          1824-1894  Un    New Harmony         *
Coleman, J F                 23rd MS Inf          1831-1900  Un    Wallerville
Coleman, M B                 13th MS Inf          1820-1901        Wallerville
Coley, J M                   31st MS Inf          1831-1895        Mt Gilead
Cooper, James Bunyan         Adams Cav            1840-1917  GA    Salem?
Craig, James Wilson          22nd MS Inf          1843-1909  Laf   New Albany
Crain, John D                22nd MS Inf          1824-1876        Pisgah              *
Crump, Alvis Simon           11th MS Inf/12 MS Cav1844-1914        Fairfield
Crumpton, Sam                41st MS Inf          1833-1904  Pon   Wallerville
Cullens, Dr Frederick        41st MS Inf          1836-1915  Pon   Wallerville
Daniel, Walter K             45th MS Cav          1837-1918  Pon   Pleasant Hill       *
Dansby, John C               21st MS Inf          1837-1921  Pon   New Albany
Darden, Samuel C             Ballentines Reg      1840-1927        Gerizim
Darling, M                   31st MS Inf          1837-1921  Pon   Fairfield
Davis, J A                   11th MS Inf          1836-1914        Mt Gilead
Davis, John                  Abbots Cav           1814-1900  MS    Mt Gilead
Davis, Rufus                 2nd MS Cav           1841-1909  Tip   Old Zion Hill
Davis, Jefferson J           Armstrongs Bde       1835-1911  Tip   Duncan
Day, Hiram A                 41st MS Inf          1831-1905        Old Oak Grove
Dean, Jerry                  41st MS Inf          1834-1910  MS    Old Oak Grove
Dickson, Cpt V D             B,23rd MS Inf        1834-1885  Tip   New Albany
Dodds, I N                   41st MS Inf          1843-1924  Pon   New Oak Grove
Dodds, W P                   17th MS Inf          1842-1917  Tip   Candy Hill
Dodson, Milton P             23rd MS Inf          1824-1899  Laf   Beulah?
Duff, Milton B               I,23rd MS Inf                         New Harmony         *
Duff, Ben James              23rd MS Inf          1810-1864        New Harmony
Duncan, Wade Hampton                              1839-1865        Duncan
Dunlap, G M                  31st MS Inf          1823-1903        Dunlap
Dunlap, W R                  23rd MS Inf          1844-1920  Pon   Mt Gilead
Duval, J R                   23rd MS Inf          1828-1862        Liberty
Dye, Jessey E                45th MS Inf          1837-1863  Un    Blue Springs
Dyer, Walker                 45th MS Inf          1839-1862

Dyson, James Oliver          34th MS Inf          1843-1862  Pon   Bethel
Farrar, James H              5th MS Inf           1835-1922  Win
Farrow, Jim M                D 42nd MS Inf        1834-1918  MS    Macedonia
Fitzpatrick, N               16th GA Inf          1838-1918  GA    New Albany
Floyd, Dave A                H, 23rd MS Inf       1837-1905  AL    Pleasant Ridge
Floyd, S G                   A, 7th MS Inf        1835-1909        Amaziah             *
Fortner, Levoy               48th AL Inf          1840-1914  AL    New Harmony         *
Fortune, R C                 31st MS Inf          1828-1904  MS    Pleasant Hill
Foster, Jefferson Ross       21st MS Inf          1841-1919  Pon   Liberty
Foust, George                18th MS Inf          1839-1925  Laf
Franklin, J W                41st MS Inf          1825-1919  Lee
Frazier, Jesse               41st MS Inf          1845-1906  MS
Free, Davis                  2nd MS St Cav        1827-1897  Pon   Fairfield?
Frost, T L                   41st MS Inf          1846-1911  Pon   Pleasant Hill
Frost, W D                   MS Cav               1840-1894  Tip   Pleasant Hill
Funk, A W                    5th MS Inf           1815-1875  Cal   Wallerville
Funk, W A                    23th MS Inf          1818-1894  Pon   Wallerville
Gafford, Meridith            34th MS Inf          1840-1907  Laf   Salem
Gammell, William M           21st MS Inf          1814-1887  Un    Wilkins
Gammell, William R           18th MS Inf          1844-1916        Wallerville?
Garrett, John J              41st MS Inf          1838-1899
Garrison, A M                41st MS Inf          1842-1908  Pon   Ellistown
Garrison, J A                41st MS Inf          1837-1914  Pon   Macedonia
Gassaway, Dr. S A            23rd MS Inf          1838-1912        New Albany
Gaulding, John B             2nd MS Inf           1843-1924  Pon   Wallerville
Gentry, Levi F               4th MS Inf           1820-1889        Damascus
Gholston, Jesse              7th MS Cav           1831-1910  Pon   Liberty
Gibson, Lorenzo D            MS Inf                                Ebenezer
Gilliam, Benjamin F          F, MS Inf                             Macedonia
Gilliam, James F             27th MS Inf                           Friendship?
Gilliam, John L              23rd MS Inf          1843-1919  MS    Pleasant Hill
Gilliam, William T           H, 23rd MS Inf                        Mt Olivet           *
Givens, William L            23rd MS              1838-1861        Givens
Gouldlock, Leander A         5th SC Inf           1839-1903  SC    Mt Olivet
Graham, Joseph F             5th MS Inf           1825-1873        New Albany
Graham, Samuel J             22nd MS Inf          1838-1903  Pon   Salem
Graham, Thomas R                                  1839-1904        Beulah
Graham, Walter C             B,2nd MS Inf         1822-1899  Tip   Gerizim
Graham, W C                  2nd MS Inf           1842-1935  Tip   Bethel
Gray, I M                    7th MS Cav           1829-1907  Pon   Macedonia
Gray, J N                    5th MS Inf           1845-1906  AL    Beulah
Gray, William M              21st MS Inf          1822-1912        Salem
Gregory, William R           23rd MS Inf
Griffin, N                   38th GA Inf          1842-1928  GA    Mt Olivet           *
Grubbs, William C            23rd MS Inf          1842-1917  MS    Pleasant Hill
Guyton, J K                  19th MS Inf          1833-1912  Laf   Mt Olivet
Hale, C M                    27th MS Inf                     Pon   Bethel
Hall, C R (R C)              1st MS Inf           1824-1905  Pon   Hall Family?
Hall, Caleb William 1LT      C,34th MS Inf        1839-1902  TN    New Albany
Hall, Charles R                                   1840-1923  Tip   Hall Family
Hall, Joel C                 23rd MS Inf          1837-1917  Tip   Hall Family
Hamilton, Pvt Pickney        2nd MS Inf           ????-1900        Gerizim
Hamilton, Sgt E M            7th MS Cav           ????-1875        Candy Hill          *
Hamilton, Thomas M           7th MS Cav           1824-1875  Un    Candy Hill          *
Hancock, W M                 41th MS Inf          1842-1920        Macedonia
Hanks, Gabriel M             42nd AL Inf                     AL    Ebenezer            *
Hardey, Joseph E             23 MS Inf            1840-1923  Tip
Hardin, John C               H,34th MS Inf        1828-1907  Tip   Fairfield
Hardy, John E                E,23rd MS Inf        1835-1925  Tis   Pleasant Ridge      *
Hardy, William F             23rd MS Inf          1840-1874  MS
Hargrove, W N                27th MS Inf          1841-1919  Pon
Harris, William Talbert      K, 4th AL Inf        1838-1901        Amaziah
Haynes, 1st Sgt John J       G, Woods Cav         1939-1929        Gerizim             *
Haynie, Sgt J R              K, AL Inf                             Hopewell            *
Hearn, J A Sr.               27th MS Inf          27th MS Inf      Bethel
Hearn, W H                   21st MS Inf          1825-1902  Un    New Albany
Henry, George W              5th MS Inf           1829-1876  Cal   Hoyle
Henry, William Frances       12th MS Cav          1820-1890        Hopewell            *
Higginbotham, W R            21st MS Inf          1840-1921  AR    Gerizim
Hill, W J                    43rd MS Inf          1841-1913  Tip
Hill, John R                 2nd MS Inf           1836-1899  Pon   New Albany
Holditch, Wm H Jr            30th MS Inf          1844-1862  Cal   Liberty ( d. Shiloh)
Holland, Henry L             2nd MS Inf           1836-1899  Itw   New Albany
Howell, William T            7th MS Inf           1841-1902  Tip   Mt Pigsah
Huffstickler, C G            30th MS Inf          1841 1923  Sun   Liberty
Huston, Cpt William J        33rd MS Inf                           Hopewell            *
Ivey, W Hamilton             41st MS Inf          1834-1869  Pon   Amaziah
Jameson, Joe H               2nd MS Cav           1847-1932  Chi   Wells Chapel
Jarrett, Thomas Elias        F,34th MS Inf                   Mar   Amaziah             *
Jarrett, W A                 44th MS Inf          1842-1921  Mar   Amaziah
Jarvis, Alfred B             21st MS Inf          1843-1921  MS    Pleasant Hill
Jarvis, L J                  12th MS Inf          1845-1928  Jef   Pleasant Hill
Jarvis, John W               1st MS Reserves      1847-1909  Pon   Concord
Jennings, T M                                     1840-1914        Ebenezer            *
Johnson, Ben F               17th MS Inf          1843-1918        Macedonia           *
Jones, Atlas                 10th AL Cav          1847-1903        Jones Memorial
Jones, Erasmus A             10th AL Cav          1845-1921  AL    Jones Memorial?
Jones, Richard Sugars        D, 34th MS Inf       1830-1896        Pisgah              *
Jones, Robert                31st MS Inf          1831-1868  Un    Mt Gilead           *
Jordan, Cicero C             1st MS Part Rangers  1847-1921  MS
Jordan, L T                  9th AR Inf           1838-1904  AR    Old Oak Grove       *
Kelly, J M                   41st MS Inf          1838-1915  Pon   Ellistown
Kerr, J D                    22nd LA Inf          1847-1921  LA    Beulah
King, 2 Lt John R            27th MS Inf          1829-1911        Pisgah              *
Kizar, James R               D,34th MS Inf        1836-1915  Mar   Beulah
Knox, Dr. A B                23rd MS Inf          1837-1898  Tip   New Albany
Lamar, John H                7th MS Cav           1835-1878  MS    Salem               *
Landers, S T                 2nd AL Inf           1844-1916  AL    Mt Gilead
Landers, W T                 2nd AL Inf           1841-1907  AL    Mt Gilead
Langley, W P                 33rd MS Inf          1839-1907  Pon   Ellistown
Laws, Charley                F, 17th MS Inf       1831-1908        Amaziah
Lewellen, J W                17th MS Inf          1839-1903        Fairfield
Lewis, Chesley               H,34th MS Inf        1845-1932  SC    Pleasant Hill                  
Long, Jesse Clinton          H,Hams Cav           1847-1917  Pon   Fairfield
Loveless, William C          7th GA Inf           1840-1916  GA    Ellistown           *
Lovins, William C            5th MS Inf?          1837-1895  Cal
Luter, Pvt Pat L             2nd MS Inf                            New Albany          *
Lyons, Thomas                4th AL Inf           1832-1919  AL    Ingomar
Malone, Geo Washington       31st MS Inf          1843-1920  Lee
Marshall, H T                18th MS Cav          1846-1913  Pon   New Albany
Martin, C R                  21st MS Inf          1844-1925  Un
Martin, Joseph               2nd MS Inf           1832-1928  MS    New Oak Grove
Martin, E W                  2nd GA Inf           1825-1902  GA    Pleasant Hill
Maxey, James Jackson         F, 4th MS Inf        1838-1909        Pisgah              *
McAlister, W A               31st MS Inf          1828-1917  Pon   Fairfield
McAllister, A G              7th MS Inf           1843-1903  Fra
McAllister, Thomas T         B,23rd MS Inf        1839-1914  Pon   Mt Olivet           *
McAllister, William A        31st MS Inf          1831-1924  Pon   New Albany
McAllister, A H              Ballentines Cav      1846-1921  MS    McAllister          *
McBroom, William F           21st MS Inf          1845-1921        Ebenezer
McCarter, James Henderson    12 MS                1831-1917        Fairfield
McCraw, Lawson N             31st MS Inf          1831-1882  SC    McCraw Family
McCraw, S G                  31st MS Inf          1833-1924        Fairfield
McCrum, J N                  K, 10th MS Inf                        Ebenezer            *
McCulley, G H                9th TN Cav           1843-1917  TN    Gerizim
McDaniel, Archie             41st MS Inf                           Macedonia
McDonald, John               1st MS Inf           1827-1907  Tip   Old Zion Hill       *
McFarlin, C C                17th MS Inf          1823-1920  MS    Ellistown           ***
McNutt, Henry J              17th MS Inf          1839-1909  MS    Jones
McNutt, Samuel D             31th MS Inf          1839-1909  MS    Jones
McNutt, Thomas Benton        2nd MS Inf           1843-1926  Un    Fairfield (unmkd?)
McNutt, William Pleasant     31st MS Inf          1833-1901        Camp Creek
McWhorter, Dr Benj Franklin  21st MS Inf          1827-1889  Un    Fairfield
McWhorter, Dr Madison D      31st MS Inf          1827-1889  Un    Fairfield (unmkdd?)
Meader(Meador) D T           21st MS Inf          1832-1904        Pleasant Hill
Miller, A J                  2nd MS Cav           1816-1877
Miller, James S              34th MS Inf          1828-1868        Concord
Mitchell, Daniel Edmund      31st MS Inf          1827-1913  Tip   Wallerville
Mitchell, James H            41st MS Inf          1845-1927  Tip   Macedonia
Moody, William R             Farris Regt          1847-1931        Pisgah              *
Mooningham, R(B) O           29th MS Inf          1836-1911  Chi
Moreland, James              58th AL Inf          1831-1920        Fairfield
Morgan, David                45th MS Inf          1833-1895  Un    Fairfield
Morris, J S                  7th GA Inf           1836-1916  GA    New Albany
Morris, Tom Jess             22nd MS Inf          1842-1939  Laf   New Albany
Morton, W H                  14th NC Inf          1833-1915  NC    Wallerville
Motes, K C                   I, 25th AL Inf       1829-1920  AL    Baker               *
Mounce, Robert T             2nd MS Inf           1828-1868        Liberty
Neal, J J                    5th MS Inf           1813-1894        Wallerville
Neeley, S L                  1st MS Cav           1839-1884  Pon   New Albany
Newton, Charles W                                 1839-1861        Concord
Newton, Thomas A                                  1837-1861        Concord
Nisbet, Joel P                                    1842-1863        Wilkins
Norris, J L                  63rd AL Inf          1838-1924        New Albany
Norvell, James M             2nd MS Inf           1838-1897  Nox   Gerizim
Norvell, Samuel Houston      7th MS Inf           1840-1926  Mar   Beulah
O'Callaghan, James P         Hams Cav             1827-1882  MS    Fairfield
Oaks, J W                    Ballentines Cav      1827-1903  MS    Pleasant Hill
Oliver, H C Sr.              16th MS Inf          1846-1924        Millsaps
Owen, D M                    6th MS Inf           1824-1863  Tip   Pleasant Ridge
Owen, Thomas H               E, 7th MS Cav        1841-1887        Pleasant Ridge      *
Pannell, Elias               A, 31st MS Inf                        Mt Gilead           *
Pannell, J L                 33rd MS Inf          1843-1927  MS    Pleasant Hill
Pannell, Simeon              G, 45th MS Inf       1840-1924        Oak View            *
Pannell, W B                 45th MS Inf          1840-1924  Pon   Ellistown
Pannell, Wm P                G, 45th MS Inf                        Stone               *
Pannell, Phillip H           C,17th MS Inf        1830-1885  UN    Pleasant Ridge      *
Parker, Ambrous              45th MS Inf          1837-1938  UN    Pleasant Hill       *
Parker, Benjamin             2nd MS Inf           1817-1900  AL
Parker, James H              7th MS Cav                            Ellistown           *
Parker, Lewis                Abbots Cav           1848-1925        New Albany
Parr, Milton T               17th MS Inf          1839-1904  Tip
Pass, M T                    1st MS Part Rangers  1830-1896        Pass Family
Patterson, Jasper M          23rd MS Inf          1839-1915  Tip   New Albany
Pickens, Corporal A          2nd MS St Cav                         Concord             *
Pickins, Jim                 E, MS Regs                            Bell                *
Pilcher, J D                 41st MS Inf          1838-1901  Pon   Bethel Comm
Poe, J H                     9th MS Inf           1836-1897        Mt Pigsah
Porter, C O                  23rd MS Inf          1835-1897
Prather, Josiah              11th MS Inf          1826-1908        Gerizim
Prince, J H                  2nd AL Inf           1838-1910        Mt Gilead
Quinn, H H                   34th MS Inf          1831-1894  Tip   Pleasant Hill
Randle, Albert Gallatin      45th MS Inf          1830-1906        Old Zion Hill
Randolph, P C                16th MS Cav          1832-1893  MS    Pleasant Ridge
Ray, Robert A Sr             31st MS Inf          1841-1911  Pon   Candy Hill
Reaves, R C                  F,7th MS Cav/1PartRgr1843-1928        Mt Olivet           *
Reed, John F                 11th MS Cav          1847-1922  MS
Reid, J F                    11th MS Inf          1845-1922  Chi   Mt Gilead
Reynolds, Thomas             1st GA Cav           1830-1909  Ga    Glenfield
Rhodes, John F               18th SC Inf          1839-1912  SC    Glenfield
Ridlesperger, S W            Davis 1st Bat        1836-1903  Tip   Wells Chapel
Riley, T R                   2nd MS Inf           1837-1917  Tip   Candy Hill
Robbins, William             23rd MS Inf          1842-1927                            *
Robbins, John C              23rd MS Inf          1844-1920  Pon   New Albany
Robbins, William J           23rd MS Inf          1843-1927        Pleasant Hill       *
Roberts, H C                 12th MS Cav          1849-1920  Un    Ellistown
Roberts, Moses Y             12th MS Cav          1845-1930  Pon   Hopewell
Roberts, W F                 48th MS Inf          1832-1914  AL    Fairfield
Roberts, Allen               G, 45th MS Inf                        Pleasant Ridge      *
Roberts, John                45th MS Inf          1836-1918  Pon   Hopewell
Robertson, David C           31st AL Inf          1835-1914  AL
Robertson, Lt Col Charles S  1st TN Conf Cav      1830-1916  TN    Ayers Family        *
Robinson, Sgt J R(P)         31st MS Inf          1829-1896  Un    Fairfield           *
Rochester, W F               B, 7th MS Inf        1826-1889        Amaziah             *
Rodgers, W D                 Forrest Cav          1848-1928  AL    Salem
Roper, F M                   42nd MS Inf          1832-1907  Gre   Fairfield
Ruff, T L                    41st MS Inf          1839-1915  Tip                       *
Rutledge, Andrew J           C,34th MS Inf F      1836-1890  Laf  Bethel
Rutledge, W O                2nd MS Inf           1841-1911  Tip   New Albany
Salmon, W H                  7th MS Cav           1845-1914  Mad   New Harmony
Sanders, T J                 41st MS Cav          1834-1920  Pon
Sanford, George W            7th MS Inf           18454-1915       New Albany
Shelton, Jacob L             11th MS Inf          1827-1891  Pon   Baker Family
Shelton, John L              33rd MS Inf          1835-1891  Pon   Baker?
Shilling, I N                16th MS Cav          1837-1925  Pre   Ellistown
Simmons, Caswell             17th MS Inf          1827-1892  Un    Beulah
Simpson, T B                 21st MS Inf          1839-1924  Un    Ebenezer
Skinner, Enoch               26th MS Inf          1843-1926  Pon   New Harmony         *
Sloan, Theodore B            21st MS Inf          1830-1917  SC    Wilkins             *
Smallwood, W T               1st MS Cav           1846-1897  Un    Pleasant Hill
Smith, Cpt W P               K,21st MS Inf        1822-1892  AL    New Albany          *        
Smith, F M                   2nd MS Inf           1840-1919
Smith, Jefferson Franklin    41st MS Inf          1837-1916  Pon
Smith, John                  2nd MS Inf           1843-1921  Tip   Pleasant Ridge
Smith, John H                2nd MS Inf           1829-1861  Tip   Gerizim
Smith, R A                   26th MS Inf          1832-1914  Pon   Jones
Smith, Joseph                22nd SC Inf          1845-1903  SC    Gerizim
Smith, Logen M               1st MS Inf           1848-1930        Jones Family
Snipes, Sion                 19th MS Inf          1837-1917  Un    New Hope
Snipes, W A                  4th MS Inf           1837-1917  Pon
Snyder, Andrew J             33rd MS Inf          1843-1917  Un    Snyder Family       *
Snider, J C                  33rd MS Inf                           Pleasant Hill
Snider, Sion                 9th MS Inf           1833-1909
Southerland, W A             Provost Guards       1846-1885  Un
Speck, J E                   7th MS Inf           1845-1915  MS    Ellistown
Speck, W P                   2nd MS Cav           1847-1923  Pon   Hopewell
Stack, W T                   45th MS Inf          1842-1921  Pon   Bell
Stanton, James S             4th MS Cav           1847-1921  Un    Baker Chapel
Stanton, John                10th/31st MS Inf     1841-1923  Tis   Pleasant Ridge
Stevens, R B                 12th MS Cav          1826-1891  Pon   New Albany
Strain, Brice Blackburn      2nd MS Inf           1840-1897        Fairfield
Strain, James H              2nd MS Inf           1813-1894        Fairfield
Strain, William Henderson                         1847-1884        Fairfield
Stroud, William D            41st MS Inf          1838-1887                            *
Swain, J C                   7th MS Inf           1840-1919  Tip   New Oak Grove
Swain, James A                                    1830-1892        Amaziah
Swain, Richard A             E, 7th MS Inf        1842-1890        Amaziah
Tate, Z H                    2nd MS Inf           1834-1914  Cal   Mt Olivet
Tate, H M                    23rd MS Inf          1833-1906  Tip   Union Hill
Tate, Henry Nathaniel        23rd MS Inf          1843-1911  Tip   Mt Olivet
Taylor, John P(Speed)        23rd MS Inf          1840-1916  Tip   Bell                *
Terry, J J                   16th AL Inf          1819-1926  AL    Old Zion Hill
Thomasson, J C               1st AL Inf           1819-1926  AL    Fairfield
Thompson, Abram B            5th MS Inf           1823-1886  Cal   Hopewell
Thompson, W B                5 Regt St Militia    1820-1884  Pon   Ellistown
Thompson, O W                43rd MS Inf          1830-1890  Ita   New Harmony
Ticer, John P Cpl            B,2nd MS Inf         1836-1927  Tip   Mt Olivet
Tyer, S S Pvt (enl 3/3/62)   C, 34th MS Inf                        Salem               *
Wages, J B                   1st MS Part Rangers  1839-1906  Tip   Pleasant Ridge
Wages, P G                   45th MS Inf          1837-1914  Un    Stacks
Wail, James                  5th MS Inf           1819-1895        Hopewell
Walker, John J               23rd MS Inf          1842-1916  Tip   Wells Chapel        *
Walls, W W                   23rd MS Inf          1834-1882  Pon
Watt, James T                E, 2nd MS Inf        1827-1907        Bethany             *
Whiteside, S A H             32nd MS Inf          1831-1902  Pon   Ebenezer Meth
Whittington, George W        B,2nd MS Inf         1837-1911  Tip   New Oak Grove
Wiginton, G W                45th MS Inf          1828-1904        Old Zion Hill
Wiley, James                 5th MS Inf           1819-1895  Cal   Hopewell
Wilkins, J C                 11th MS Inf?         1835-1862  Ga    Wilkins
Wilkins, John M              11th MS Inf          1842-1862  Un    Wilkins
Wilkins, Oregon T            2nd MS Inf           1845-1864  Un    Wilkins
Wilkins, Sam Knox            43rd MS Inf          1832-1921  Ga    Wilkins
Wilkins, W J                                      1837-1864        Wilkins
Williams, James              1st MS Inf           18?7-1891  Tip   Mt Zion             *
Williams, James N            34th MS Cav                           Mt Zion
Williams, Jim M              34th MS Inf          1841-1913
Williams, Newton             Brookhaven Lt Atty   1822-1877  SC    Pleasant Ridge
Williams, Rev M L            5th MS Inf           1846-1934  Kem   New Albany
Wilson, Col Andrew N         21st Tn Cav                           Ellistown           *
Wood, J M                    2nd MS Inf           1837-1909  Pon   Wallerville
Worthy, W E                  31st MS Inf          1839-1904  Kem   Old Zion Hill
Wray, J Keith                1st MS Cav           1837-1891  Pon   Ingomar
Wynn, Frances M              23rd MS Inf          1842-1923  Pon   Hopewell
Young, B E                   19th MS Inf          1843-1919  Lee   Old Zion Hill

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