Hardeman County,              |, personally appeared before me    Chas. M. Hunt  
a Notory Public    of said county, the above named John Waverly Smith      
The applicant, with whom I am personally acquainted, and having the application read and fully explained to him, as well as the statements and answers therein made, made oath that the said statements and answers are true.

Witness my hand and seal of office, this   1st   day of    November   1909
                                                             Chas. M. Hunt Notary Public    

Hardeman County,              |, personally appeared before me    Chas. M. Hunt  
a Notory Public    of said county, the above named   W.S. Phillips      
one of the subscribing witnesses to the firegoing application, and who is a physician of good standing, and being duly sworn says that he has carefully and thouroughly examined       John Waverly Smith      the appliciant, and find him laboring under the following disablilities:
   Cronic Inidenilansca (?) nephietis (?)                                                                  
Witness my hand and seal of office, this    2      day of     Nov.    1909

                                                                   Chas. M. Hunt                

Hardeman County,              |, personally appeared before me    Chas. M. Hunt  
a Notory Public    of said county, the above named   N. Z. Smart                        
and      M. S. Smith      , two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing application, with whom I am personally acquainted, and known to me to be citizens of veracity and standing  in this community, and who make oath that they are personally acquainted with the foregoing applicant, and that the facts set forth and statements made in this application are correct and true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and that they have no interest in this claim, and that the said applicant's habits are good and free from dishonor.  And    N. Z. Smart    further make oath to the following facts touching the applicant's service in the   Confederate Army   army:

State here what witnesses know of their own knowledge.

That he was a member of the same company and Regiment with the appliciant John
Waverly Smith Served with him from the beginning in May 1861 all through the war
and surrendered with him May 13th 1865 at Gainsville Ala. and know of my
own knowledge that he was a  true and gallant Soldier and M.S. Smith further
makes oath that he served with the applicant in the war from May 1862 to the close
of the war.

Witness my hand and seal of office, this  1st   day of    November    1909
                                                     Chas. M. Hunt - Notary Public

Soldier's Application for Pension

John Waverly Smith   a native of the State of    Virginia      and a citizen of Tennessee, at    Grand Junction    in the county of     Hardeman    in said State of Tennessee, and who was a soldier from the State of     Tennessee     , in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under the Act of the General Assembly of Tennessee,  entitled "An act for the benefit of the indigent and disabled soldiers of the late war between the States, and to fix the fees of Attorneys or agents for procuring such pensions, and fixing a penality for the violation of the same". And I do solemnly swear that I was a member of    Company E - Thirteenth Tennessee Regiment Cheathams division Preston Smiths brigade   in the service of the Confederate or United States; and that by reason of disablility and indigence I am now entitled to receive the benefit of this act. I further swear that I do not hold any National, State, or County office, nor do I receive aid or pension from any other State, or from the United States, and that I am not an inmate of any soldiers' home, and that I am unable to earn a reasonable support for myself and family. I do further solemnly swear that the answers given to the following questions are true:

In what County, State and year were you born?
Answer  Sussex County Virginia in the year 1842                

When did you enlist and in what command? Give the names of the regimential and company officers under whom you served.
Answer    Enlisted in May 1861 - Capt. Dyer                    
Col. Jno. V. Wright discharged from 13 regiment in July 1862,
then transferred to Co. D 18th Miss. as Captain - Forrest command    
and served in that command until close of the war                                

In what battle or battles were you engaged, and, if not wounded, state what disabilities did you receive, if any?
Answer    Battle of Belmont - Shilo. Richmond Ky. Brights (Brices') Crossroads, Harrisburg - Oxford Miss - Salem - Memphis Tenn. and Ft. Piller and Colliersville Tenn. Wounded at Richmond Ky.

What was the precise nature of your wound or disability, if any?
Answer    Badly wounded in the right shoulder                      

Were you incapacitated for service by reason of said wound or disability incurred?
Answer     Yes - could not go back into Service for 6 months            

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound or disability?
Answer     No                                

If discharged from the army, where were you and what did you do until the close of the war?
Answer    --------                                

What was the name of the surgeon who attended you?
Answer      Dr. T.E. Prewitt and Dr. Erskin                  

How did you get out of the army, when and where?
Answer     Honorabley discharged at Gainsville Ala. 13th of May 1865    

Were you ever in prison? If so state what prison and when released.
Answer     No                                    

Were you paroled? If so, when and where.
Answer    Yes at Ripley Miss. in the year 1865                      

Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government?
Answer      Yes after the war was over                              

If so, when and under what circumstances?
Answer     At Ripley Miss. - voluntarily in the year 1865        

Are you married, or have you been married?
Answer    Yes Married                                

If so, what is the size of your family living together?
Answer       Myself, Wife and Four children                    

What are the respective ages of your wife and the children living with you?
Answer     Wifes age 64, children 38, 36, 28, 26                  

To what sex do your children belong?
Answer    one boy and 3 Girls                    

In what business are you now engaged, if any, and what do you earn?
Answer     Clerking in store until 1st June 1909 - unable to do anything - have been sick in bed last 5 months.

What estate have you in your own right, real and personal, and what is its value?
Answer   House and lot of 1 acre on which myself family live valued at $800.00.

What estate has your wife in her own right, real and personal, and what is its value?
Answer    1 one small house and lot valued at $600.00.    

How have you derived support for yourself and family for the last five years?
Answer    By salary as clerk in a store.                  

Do you use intoxicants to any extent?
Answer    No Sir                

How long have you been an actual resident of the State of Tennessee?
Answer    Continually since Dec. 1878                

Have you an attorney to look after this application?
Answer     No                    

If so, give his name and address?
Answer     -------                

Witness my hand this    1st    day of     November     1909
 At Grand Junction Hardeman County Tenn                    
                                                John Waverly Smith
       W. S. Phillips  MD               , physician
        N. Z. Smart                         , witness
        M.S. Smith                          , witness

Hardeman County,                  | I   T. F. Bishop   trustee certify that     J. W. Smith  and his wife    Bettie Smith     are assessed with     16 and 1 lot    acres, valued at $   1250  
Witness my hand this    2   day of   Oct        1909
                                                           T. F. Bishop      Trustee

If applicant and his wife have no property the Trustee must so certify.

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