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John Jones was born in 1840 and died July 22, 1864 at the battle of Atlanta. He was in Co. K 34th Mississippi Infantry.

Tishomingo Miss
Camp Corinth May 10 1862

Dear Wife and friends after my best respects to you all I am well truly hoping these few lines may reach you and find you enjoying the same blessings. I can’t interest you, but I will tell you of our fight yesterday though I was not in it. I was on picket guard. I stood 36 hours without any thing to eat but for common we have plenty of beef, bacon, flour, rice, salt, sugar, molasses and several other things too small to mention. The fight commenced about 10 O’clock and of the sight I ever saw then it --- but drove them back and lost but few 2 men out of our regiment was wounded by there one --- there names I don’t know. I am a splendid cook. When I get back I can beat you. You ought to see me make brisket. There is 10 in our mess. Mr.’s Campbell, N. Jones, Thomas Jones. Anderson and  Soxon. Ann, I am better satisfied than I expected to be, though I had rather be with you if I could in peace but if no let me fight. I have not drew any bounty yet when I do I shall send it to you. I wish I had a blanket. I want to know if you have heard from Bascum yet. If not I heard a man from there say that they had got there. Tell mother that father is not in the army he is detailed to work on bridges I will close by wishing you all the blessings on earth     J. Jones.

(Campbell was James G. Campbell, N. Jones was Nathan Jones, father was Hiram B. Jones of Co. K 19th Miss. Infantry, born 1813 and enlisted 5/18/1861 at Canaan, MS.)

Shelbyville, Ten June 15th 1863

Mrs. Jones
Dear Wife, I now embrace the pleasant opportunity of addressing you. I am well and have been since I last wrote to you and hope you are enjoying the same blessings of health and posterity. Ann, I have no news to write more than the health is generally good. I would send you some money but rations so dear I spend nearly all I get. It is not worth much but 10 cents on the dollar and those iron --- is worth 40 cents. A price that in those peace times is unheard and gets worse all the time although I am very well satisfied with soldiers fare. I would like to see you very much and the baby you say it favors me. I don’t know, it may but I don’t that that you would hardly know me now since I have been soldiering for so long though I wish it could be tested. I am in as good health as I ever was. We have been seeing a good time. Our Brigade was sent to Louisburg. We stayed one month and saw the finest time in the world. I was sorry when we had to leave. We are close to Shelbyille now. I don’t know how long we will stay here. I wrote a letter to your father by Captain Rucker but Lansdell come and I will send it by him. I want to know if you got the money I sent by McDougal. He says he gave it to John King. It was $88.00 dollars. Tell your father to keep the black filly for I will give him a trade for her when I return if she is in market. Well Ann, I received a letter from --- not long since and I am sorry to inform you that Bascum was wounded in this last fight in GA he was shot through the head so I learn but I hope he is at home by this time or well. I am anxious to hear again. I never hear from pa nor Thomas. I would like to hear where Tom is and what he is doing. Well you must have all the news I have. I now have two requests to make of you, the first one is this: love and serve God. Remember we are only passengers from here to eternity. We have heard it said the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Now as one who loves you better than all the earth, I ask you for the sake of Jesus Christ turn from your sin before it is too late. I want an interest in your prayers and all other Christians though I may never see any of you on earth. But I hope to meet you in that Blessed abode where there is no war, no parting with friends. I now ask you the question will you meet me there? ---  (illegible line,  fold in paper) --- May God help you all is my prayer. Well Ann, you may think that I am taking too much privilege but I hope not. I want you for your sake and my sake to quit the use of tobacco, if you please. Yours until death, J. Jones

Camp Near Dalton Ga
March 13th 1864

Miss Ann Jones, Dear Wife I am again permitted to drop you a few lines of which I will inform you that I am with the Co. but am suffering from rheumatism for the last few days though I hope to soon recover. I am only going to write a few lines now as I have written several letters that is on the way perhaps you may never get them so I will say to you again, send me some money at the first chance. The Boys are generally well. I have no news to write. I want you to write me as soon as you can. Send me one over shirt if you can, one pr. of socks. William Wall took dinner with me a few days since. He wishes me to remember him to you all. If you get a chance to write to Bascum give him my respects. Tell him to write to me. I have received but one letter from him since I left home. He had received the letter that I wrote while I was at home. I sent a letter by James Doil also one by Lieut. Childers in the care of Mrs. Hise I hope you will get them all. I have nothing more to write give my respects to all my friends I will close for now for want of something to write. I remain your affectionate husband until death John Jones
Kiss little Aner for me

(His only daughter was named George Ann Jones. Lt. Childers was 2nd Lt. James A. Childers of Co. G 34th Miss. Inf.)

These letters were provided by Laura Belmar and are copyrighted by her.

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