William 'Jeff' Worthy Store Ledger: 1872-1875

Cadaretta, Mississippi

Abstracted and Submitted by Debbie Dower

William "Jeff" Worthy, ggg grandfather of submitter Debbie Dower, owned a general store in Cadaretta, Mississippi in Webster County. Webster County is adjacent to Clay County, therefore some Clay County residents may be listed in the store ledger. William Worthy was born during 1837 in Union County, South Carolina and came to Mississippi at age three. He married Sarah Isabelle Lovorn 1861 in Webster County. He served in the civil war from Choctaw County, MS with the 33rd Miss, Company G. He died during 1902 at Cadaretta in Webster County and is buried among most of his customers mentioned in the ledger. 

This abstract includes all the pages of the store ledger. A special thanks to Debbie for submitting this very important piece of Mississippi research.


Charley Airs
James Baly 
Green Barchfield
Mr Beck
John Bradford
Mr Brooke
Patrick Cannon
Robert Cannon
Anerson Caro
William Carol
William Carver
Shan Caton
Holden Childs
James Clanton
Mrs Mary Clanton
Phil Conley
Thomas Cooper
Dae Cox
William Cox
John Dixon
Frank Evans
S J Evans
S B Frank
Samuel Frank
A Gentry
Shelby Green
Davy Green
Isom Green
Haris Hannah
H Harod
S Harod
William Harrison
T J Harrod
Ben Hazard
John Hazard
R Hazard
Tom Hazard
Jim High
C R Holand 
Bily Jinkins
James Jinkins
Alfred Johnson
Alfred Langston
Davy Langston
Mrs Legan
T J Lovorn
Samuel Lowrimore
Bas Malory
Jeff Marter
James Midleton
Z L Midleton
Mr Milton
Moore & Co
John Moore
Saly Norwood
James Peoples
C Pittman
John Pryor
Joseph Pryor
Coleman Roberts
Franklin Roberts
Pony Roberts 
Rueben Rogers
Meiler Rose
Terrel Rose
Carol Shumake
William Shumake
James Simpson
Thomas Simpson
Thomas Simpson
F M Smith
James Sparkman
Bit Tindel
Dae Tindel
John Tindel
William Tindel
Silas Watson
John Wigon
Green Wilson
Mr Yates

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