Shiloh Methodist Cemetery
Sturgis, MS

Historical Marker erected by descendants of Frederick & Margaret Bagwell

My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents lived in Choctaw County, MS.  This cemetery is located on Hwy 12 between Ackerman and Sturgis. A historical marker was erected along highway 12 at Shiloh Cemetery.  The marker was privately funded by descendants of Frederick Bagwell and his wife Margaret Ann (Peggy) Crawford who are buried in Shiloh Cemetery.  This cemetery was abandoned for many years.  June 7, 1998, found about 65 of the descendants at this cemetery for a rededication service.  We funded a clean up and fencing project there and purchased a very nice double tombstone for the Bagwell graves.  These are the only graves marked with names.  Others have rocks, pine knots, or nothing. Enough funds were collected to apply for a historical marker from the Mississippi Historical and Archives Commission.  The Archives has no funds for such things, but approves the wording on the marker and requires that the county commissioners erect the marker.  This fall landscaping installed with the aid of the Boy Scout troop in Ackerman and funded by our group will complete the project.

The Historical Marker states:
Established ca.1836.  Shiloh Methodist Church was disbanded by 1875.
Remaining members joined other churches in area, including Mt. Airy, Chestnut Grove, and Bethel.  Frederick and Margaret Crawford Bagwell, early settlers of Choctaw County, are buried in the Shiloh Church Cemetery.

The original tombstone disappeared.  It was photographed beforehand.  It
Frederick Bagwell
Was born in
Greenville District, S.C.
Married at 19 years old
And moved to Shelby Co., Ala
And then moved
To Choctaw County, Miss.
And died
Oct 2, 1864
Age 64 years, 9 mos., 1 day

Front of new Bagwell Tombstone

Back of Bagwell tombstone with Children's Names

The new tombstone states on the front:
Married 1819 (centered on stone)
Frederick (Frederick's inscription on left of stone)
Jan. 1, 1800
Oct 2, 1864
Margaret Ann Crawford (Margaret's inscription on right of stone)
Apr. 12, 1874
Born Greenville Dist., SC (centered on stone)
Moved to Shelby Co., AL (centered on stone)
Then Choctaw Co., MS (centered on stone)

The back of the tombstone states:
Their Children
Frances                John
Terry H.               Peter Crawford
Henry B.               Mary Elizabeth
Jane Caroline       William Asberry
Christiana             Martin VanBuren
James William      Sarah
Margaret Mary Ann

The only other identification in this cemetery is a pine knot engraved with the initials W. H. B.  Frederick and Margaret Bagwell were my great great grandparents.
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The following photos were submitted by William Latham, Jr.

Peter Crawford Bagwell -- Oct 15, 1836 - July 8, 1869; Pvt Co 115, Miss Infantry, Confederate States Army
Fredrick Bagwell -- June 18, 1813 - Sept 16, 1868; Pvt Co E 29 Miss Infantry, Confederate States Army
Martin Van Buren Bagwell -- Nov 23, 1840 - Aug 1, 1915; Pvt Co 115, Miss Infantry, Confederate States Army
William Asberry Bagwell -- Mar 3, 1835 - Jan 10, 1913; Pvt Co 115, Miss Infantry, Confederate States Army

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