Choctaw County:  1800's through 1900's  People, Places, Events

Information for this page is taken from the Choctaw Plaindealer, articles written by Louis Taunton. This page will contain information about some of the history of Choctaw Co, MS...people, places, and events.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer July 21, 1999-present.
Backward Glances
By Louis Taunton

1897 News

The editor and publisher of The Choctaw Plaindealer was Lem SEAWRIGHT.  Other advertisers of 1897 were The Palace Barber Shop. Perry COLEMAN, Proprietor, advertised that his barber shop was the place to get your shaving and hair cutting done with clean towels, sharp razors and good work for the cash.
BLUMENFELD & FRIED advertised fine china for sale.  A. M. YATES & Company, located on Front Street, advertised Fancy and Family Groceries and Dry Goods and General Merchandise.
D. H. QUINN was located at Corner Front and Chester Streets, and advertised as a cash dealer in Dry goods and General Merchandise.
Frank TOWNSEND was an Attorney-At-Law who said he would give diligent attention to all matters intrusted to his care.
Courts and in the U. S. Courts.
W. A. EDWARDS advertised as a dealer of Family Groceries, Dry Goods, shoes, notions, confectioneries, can goods.  He also advertised as having a full line of Bibles.
Will MALONE advertised that he had bought the patent right to the Improved Fence and that a sample of it could be seen at PREWITT's Drug Store.
Dr. BARRON has moved from Sturgis to Ackerman and will make his future home here.  He says he will build a large brick store house on his lots here soon.
Messrs. CHAMBERLIN & WILLIAMS, the Court House Contractors, are in town.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer July 28, 1999-present.
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News of the Plaindealer:

Our young friend, Claud WHITE, is now deputy sheriff under W. M. ROBERTS.
Ackerman has already received up to date about 1,000 bales more cotton than she received altogether last season.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 6,000 bales have been put on the market here this season, whereas only about 5,000 bales were sold here last season.  Our town is growing all the time, and we expect to receive at least 10,000 bales of cotton here next season.
We regret to learn of the misfortune which happened to Rev. W. A. EDWARDS on Monday morning of this week.  He was standing on the sidewalk in front of J. F. BERRY's store when his crutch, upon which he was leaning, slipped, causing him to fall headlong into the street from which he received painful injuries. He is better now, and in the course of a few days, he will be able to be up again.
Prof. BARRETT returned from McCool Monday and is again in the school room.
H. HERMAN has moved back to Macon.
C. E. SUTTLE spent several days of this week in Kemper County.
Miss Alma SHARP of Louisville visited Miss Mattie CAGLE last week.
The Board of Supervisors did not let out the contract to anyone for the
convicts last Monday, as there was only one bid put in, and that was rejected.  CROW & WEAVER bid $850.00 per year, but the Board thought that was too steep, consequently it was rejected.  We suppose the matter will be taken up at the next meeting of the board.

50 YEARS AGO - JULY 22, 1949

Samuel S. McCLURE, 55, died on July 18 at Eudora, Ark.  He was the son of Mrs. M. L. McCLURE and the late M. L. McCLURE.  Other survivors were: son, William McCLURE, brothers Ethel and L. M. McCLURE, and a sister, Mrs. Louise McGOVERN, five other sisters and children who are out-of-town and state.
Sherwood News:  Mr. and Mrs. Covington HENRY are the proud parents of a baby girl, 7 lbs. and 8 oz., born on July 15.
BLASINGAME Reunion: Mrs. W. R. BLASINGAME enjoyed July 3rd as a special day.  All ten of her children were home for the first time in many many years for a reunion.  A picnic dinner was served on tables under the oak trees at Mr. Dan McILWAIN's for 108 people.  Fifteen rolls of film were used to take pictures. Motion pictures were made as well.
Weir news:  Mrs. Richard BRESTER and Anita of Shreveport, LA, spent several days of the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. PREWITT.
Mrs. Edward CLARKE and son, Billy, of Hughes, Ark., were guests in the home of Mrs. Lillian WEIR several days of the past week.
Chester news:  Mr. Selby TULLOS of Alabama visited relatives in this and surrounding communities last week.
Ackerman news:  Mr. and Mrs. C. E. COLEMAN of Cameron, Texas, have been visiting the COLEMAN and TURNIPSEED families of Weir this week.  Mr. COLEMAN said that he has been away from Choctaw 57 years, but still holds a keen interest in his home county.

50 YEARS AGO - JULY 29, 1949

The TURNIPSEED reunion was held in the home of Mrs. J. D. BLACK near Weir on July 17.  Six of the brothers and sisters were persent; only one, Dewitte T. of Washington, D. C., was absent.
Mrs. Jennie Ada WELLS McHAN, died on July 23.  Funeral and burial was at Beulah Baptist Church near Weir.  Survivors include husband J. WESS McHAN, seven daughters, and one son.
Chester news:  Little Pearl RAY was snake bitten while at the "old swimming hole" last Friday, but is doing fine now.
Weir news:  Mr. and Mrs. W. A. WHITTEN, Sr., recently accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Paul WHITTEN on a trip to the University of Illinois, located at Urbana, ILL.  Paul plans to enter the graduate school in September with a fellowship in physics.
Mr. George McCARTY of Austin, Texas, visited his cousin, Mrs. J. H. McKINNON. This is the first visit to Mississippi in 64 years, his being four years of age at that time.  He, with Mrs. McKINNON, attended the Camp Meeting at South Union which was Mr. McCARTHY's first and Mrs. McKINNON's 73rd.
Mr. John Hugh O'BRYANT and Miss Nell TATE of Memphis spent the weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric HOLLIS and other friends.  While here they attended the Camp Meeting at South Union.  It has been sixteen years since he has visited here and was impressed over the improvements that have been made since he was here last.

The following appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Aug 11, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton

County Treasurer HUFFMAN is on the sick list this week.
Rev. L. A. STRANBURG will occupy the Baptist pulpit next Sunday.
Circuit Clerk DOBBS was in town a short while last Saturday.
Alex AMASON spent several days of this week with relatives in town.
Charles RUFF, an excellent young man of Chester, was in town Tuesday.
Elmer MABUS has moved his family back to his farm, a few miles north of town.
J. M. COMMANDER, a prominent merchant of Chester, was in Ackerman Monday.
John KILPATRICK of Beat One, carried a couple of loads of cattle to New Orleans this week.
J. D. CARR and Lester SHARP, two excellent young men of Winston County, are attending school in town.
Prof. V. J. BELL, Superintendent of Education of this county, made us a very pleasant call last Monday evening.
If Tom CRAWFORD wears a broader smile and steps with more elastic tread than usual, it is because he has a girl at
his house about one week old.
Mrs. M. A. BRANTLEY is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. R. HUGHSTON, in town this week.
J. W. WILLIAMS, a prominent farmer of Didor, gave this office a pleasant call Monday evening.
W. H. HARDAGE went to New Orleans with a load of cattle last Saturday.

50 YEARS AGO - AUGUST 12, 1949

Thirty-One WW II Coctaw County Casualties:
Twenty Killed in Action: Pvt. Rhubert H. ALLEN, Sgt. Neubern ATKINSON, Pfc. Herman P. BENNETT, 2nd Lt. William T. spanERS, S/Sgt. James B. BLANTON, S/Sgt. Wade H. BOGGAN, T-4 Therrell M. DRAPER, Pfc. Thomas B. GORDON, Pvt. Edward R. HENSON, Pfc. Aubrey H. HIGGINS, S/Sgt. Earl R. JENKINS, Pfc. Buel N. McGREGOR, Pvt. Curtis L. NABORS, Pvt. Robert L. PHILLIPS, T/Sgt. Henry F. RAINES, 2nd Lt. John W. RAY, Pfc. Samuel G. RAY, Pvt. Ewing A. TRIGG, Pvt. Lon B. WEAVER, Pvt. James C. WELLS.
Five Died From Non-battle Causes: Cpl. Garland D. BLANTON, Pfc. William M. COLEMAN, T/Sgt. William J. COOK, 2nd Lt. Joe F. SIMPSON, Cpl. Robert D. TRIPLETT.

Two Died of Wounds: Pvt. JAMES O. JONES, Pfc. BEN J. TEER, Jr.

One Determined to be Dead: S/Sgt. William D. REDD
The following twelve men listed on the WW II Memorial Monument at the Choctaw County Courthouse are not on the
above list, but should appear on future lists: Benjamin J. COLLUM, Mervin H. LEWIS, Marshall E. FULGHAM,
Ernest Ronald  CALCOTE, Howell T. JOHNSON, Woodrow NEAL, Gaines D. IVY, Otis L. BLACKWOOD,  Hugh
H.BROOKS, Gilbert A. REED, John H. MEREDITH, Jr., and James W. SMITH,  making a total of forty men from
Choctaw County who lost their lives in World War II.

Social News: August 12, 1949

Mrs. Maude HOWARD of Corsicana, Texas, surprised a number of her relatives by driving out to South Union during the camp meeting held there recently. Mrs. HOWARD is the daughter of the late Jim and Mrs. Johnnie McGOVERN, and is a granddaughter of the late Mrs. Josephine MOSS.  She was born and reared in Texas, and this was her first trip to Mississippi.

The following appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Aug 18, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton

We regret to chronicle the death of Ira FONDREN which sad event occurred at the home of his father, Mr. Hes FONDREN, on Monday of last week.  He was a young man of about 19 years old and had been sick for some time.
Mayor McGARITY of Chester was in town Monday and gave us a call.  He informed us while here that the people of his town were nearly all sick. Dr. STRONG, Sheriff ROBERTS, E. B. WEAVER, and R. W. SISSON have all been right sick all the week.
Our young friend, Perry BUCK, who has been spending some time with relatives in this county, passed through town Tuesday on his way to his home in Hinds County where he has a good position.
The contractors to build the Court House at this place were here a day or so last week.  We understand that they contracted for material while here.  The brick will not be made here, but all the lumber will be bought of local mill men.  The contractors say they will be back to go to work about the 1st of February and agree to have the house finished by the 15th of May.
The pension money will be sent out from Jackson about the first of next month.  This county has about 100 pensioners, and they will receive something in the neighborhood of $20 a piece.
A Nonresident Notice was published to J. C. FORD and his heirs-at-law by Jesse HUGHES, Chancery Clerk.
Mr. H. H. HUDSPETH of Winston County was in to see us Tuesday evening.
Hon. J. F. McCOOL, Speaker of the House of Representatives and a prominent lawyer, has our thanks for a $3.00 remittance.  Mr. McCOOL has been a supporter of the Plaindealer for a long time.

50 YEARS AGO - AUGUST 19, 1949

Opening date for the following schools has been announced to be September 2nd: Ackerman, Bond, Chester, French Camp, Panhandle, Progress, Reform, Sherwood, Simpson, Union, and Weir.
Rayville news: Mr. and Mrs. William PREWITT are expecting their daughter and family from Buffalo, NY, who are moving to the Sam C. RAY place.
Rayville news: We wish to express our sympathy to Mrs. Buster KYLE and Miss Renie KYLE in the death of their husband and father, Mr. Buster KYLE.
Weir news: Guests in the B. O. POWER home for several days this week were Mr. and Mrs. Miller STEELE and children of Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus BOWIE and son, Terry, of Camden, Ark., spent several days of the past week with Mrs. BOWIE's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. MATTHEWS and Meredith visited in Dyersburg, TN, and Murray, KY, last weekend.  Meredith will enter school at Murray State College on Sept. 15th.
Mrs. Nancy P. McGEE and son of Lebanon, TN, are the pleasant guests this week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank POTTS.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley REED, who have been vacationing here, left Wednesday, accompanied by her father, J. Fred RHODES, for their home in Vallejo, California.
Mrs. Thelma BARRON left last Sunday to visit her sister-in-law, Mrs. James T. WHITE, in Houston, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob WHITE in Orange, Texas.
A pleasant guest to this office last Friday was Rev. J. L. MECKLIN of Fruitland, MO. His father, the late Rev. Bob MECKLIN, was a former pastor of the local Presbyterian Church.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Aug 25, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News of the Plaindealer

T. A. PRICE, a good Democrat of Beat Four, has been appointed Surveyor of Choctaw County, vice T. J. KEEN, who resigned. Governor McLAURIN certainly made no mistake when he appointed Mr. PRICE.
C. W. TOWNSEND of Lexington, KY, brother of B. F. TOWNSEND and uncle of the editor of the Plaindealer, is visiting in Ackerman and Choctaw County this week.
We regret to hear that ex-sheriff WEAVER is quite sick at his home in Chester with something like the grip.
That staunch friend of the Plaindealer, S. G. F. JAYROE, called in to see us last Saturday and ordered us to send the "Old Reliable" to his daughter, Mrs. CATLEDGE, who is now in the Indian Territory.
H. A. HEARON left Tuesday for Iowa where he goes to invest in another car load of horses and mules.
There seems to be a great deal of sickness in and around Ackerman.  Drs. WEEKS, WHISENANT, PREWITT, and BARRON are riding day and night.
John ADAMS, W. J. DANIEL and Dr. BARRON will, in the course of a month or so, build several brick stores on their lots on Front Street, where frame buildings now stand.  When this is done, there will be a row of brick stores running from QUINN's Drug Store to Chester Street.  This will add much to the town, and we will be glad to see the work begin.

50 YEARS AGO - AUGUST 26, 1949

Jackie HEMPHILL, son of Mrs. Maggie Lou HEMPHILL, has been chosen to captain the Ackerman Indians for the '49 season.
Mr. C. H. HENDERSON with his wife and four children have moved to the Teacher's Home at Reform where he will be Superintendent for the school year of 1949-50.
Myte Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Paul BENNETT and children of Galveston, Texas are spending their vacation here with Mrs. BENNETT's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie PREWITT.
Sherwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Mike WEEKS were in Cleveland recently for the graduation of their daughter, Miss Frances WEEKS, from Delta State Teacher's College.

Chester News: Mr. and Mrs. Woodford SEYMORE of North Carolina spent several days here with their sister, Mrs. Ruby Pearl HODGES and Mr. HODGES.
Weir News: Wayne BLACK and John Miles JOHNSON, U. S. Army, Detroit, Mich., arrived in Weir Sunday for a ten day furlough with their respective parents.
Ackerman News: Mr. W. BAKER, after 34 years, was in Ackerman last week visiting relatives and friends.
Ackerman News: Miss Necie WILSON and her brother, Johnson, spent Wednesday at their old home in Edinburg. This week marks the fortieth year since their moving from Edinburg.
Ackerman News: Thomas Stephenson arrived home this week from Holmes Junior College where he has been in school.

The following appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Sept 1, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from the Plaindealer

R. L. WEBB and family attended the funeral of Mr. WEBB's sister, Mrs. ATKINSON, in Winston County this week.
For first class photographs and low prices C. M. LOLLAR defies competition.  Call at his tent in front of W. A. HANNA & CO.
The new residence of W. T. HUNT is going up and is being rapidly pushed to completion.  He is building just west of J. D. FULCHER.
We regret to learn of the death of A. W. SHAW's little son, which sad event  occurred one day last week.
Dr. WEEKS informs us that there has been a great deal of Grip in the New  Prospect neighborhood, south of Ackerman, as high as six or eight being down at one time in a single family.
Rev. R. P. GOAT and his beautiful daughter, Miss Edna, of Chester spent last Friday night in town.
Dan McKINNON, a prominent Democrat of Beat One, was a distinguished visitor to Ackerman last Saturday.
Mrs. W. H. H. FANCHER of French Camp visited relatives in town this week.
Rev L. S. STRANBURG of Eupora visited friends in Ackerman this week.
H. A. HEARON spent the week in Louisville selling horses.
G. B. SHUMAKER has opened up a first class Barber Shop in the backend of OWEN's Drug Store, where he invites his friends to call and see him.
John P. SHEEDY has been on the sick list this week.
Several of the sidewalks of the town need some attention at the hands of the
Street Commissioner, and we hope that he will look after them as soon as he gets time.  The weather is bad, and good sidewalks are in demand.

50 YEARS AGO: SEPT. 2, 1949

Antioch News:  Mr. and Mrs. Guy SHUMAKER of Akron, Ohio, were visitors to the Roger SHUMAKERs recently.
Progress News: Those visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edd McCARTY, of late were Jim and his wife, J. C. and wife and baby, and others from the Delta.
Rayville News:  Mr. and Mrs. William PREWITT and Mr. and Mrs. Hosea PREWITT went to South Mississippi over the weekend.
Chester News:  Mr. and Mrs. Howard RAY and children spent last weekend in Camden, Ark., with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fayette RAY and other relatives.
Sherwood News:  Mrs. Etta FRANKLIN is visiting her daughter, Mrs. John FULLER of Pascagoula.
Myte Creek News:  Mr. and Mrs. John BLAIN of New Orleans, LA, spent last weekend here with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buster HARRIS.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur STEPHENSON of Dumas, Arkansas, visited in the Alex STEPHENSON and W. G. THOMPSON homes Tuesday.
Mrs. Floyd LEE and Mr. and Mrs. James LEE left Thursday on a trip to Canada.  They will visit Mrs. James LEE's mother while on their trip.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. RICHARDSON of Greenwood and Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss WOOD of Holly Springs visited over the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. MOSS.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon KING and Mrs. KING's sister of Ft. Worth, Texas, spent last week visiting his mother, Mrs. Minnie MADDOX and brother, J. G. KING, and other relatives.
Mrs. F. B. ROACH and Ms. C. E. WHITE received a message from their brother, J. E. BUCK, who lives in Texas that his oldest son, Sam, had passed away.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Sept 8, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from The Plaindealer

C. SNELLINGS, an old and highly respected citizen of our county, died at his home one mile west of town on last Saturday night.  His burial took place at Enon Tuesday morning.
While Joe EVANS and Jimmie WEAVER of Chester were out bird hunting last Thursday, Jimmie was accidentally shot by Joe, but not seriously.  Only two shots took effect and at last accounts, Jimmie was doing well.  They are both boys of about 14 or 15 years of age and sons of Postmaster EVANS and ex-sheriff WEAVER of Chester.
Will IRVING returned from Texas Saturday evening after an absence of several weeks visiting relatives and friends.
John ADAMS is now sawing the lumber to be used on the Court House at this place.
Capt. W. J. HANNA, Supervisor of Beat 4, was a distinguished visitor to
Ackerman Monday night.
Rev. J. C. ARNETT and wife spent last Sunday in town.  We understand that he will preach here next Sunday.
B. S. OWEN has moved into the HEMPHILL house on Chester Street.
Rev. M. L. OSWALT was in town last Sunday.
John RILEY of Kosciusko visited his brother here this week.
G. I. RUFF and J. E. McKEIGNEY, prominent citizens of Chester, were in town Wednesday.
The Chapel Hill community was made sad on the 25th by the death of Mrs. S. A. REED, familiarly known as Grandma REED.
The Chapel Hill Normal High School is progressing fine under the able and efficient management of Prof. H. A. POLLARD and wife.

50 YEARS AGO, SEPT. 9, 1949

Ty A. COBB, 35, a veteran of World War II died from a heart attack on Sept. 1 while driving his car to town near his home in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  His wife is the former Miss Mary Bess CLEMENTS, whom he married in 1943.  Also two sons, Ty A. COBB, Jr., and Joseph COBB survive him.  Services were held at New Haven Church with burial in the church Cemetery.
Myte Creek News: S-Sgt. Frankie ARNAULT of Illinois spent the weekend with his wife and baby in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Olen HARRIS.
Sherwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Nason PEAY and son of Detroit, Mich., were visitors in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. POLLARD and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. BOOTH over the weekend.
Weir News: Mr. and Mrs. Bernice KITE and son, Bernice, Jr., of Birmingham visited their parents over the weekend.
Providence News: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon GREGG have moved to the McCurtain Creek Community.
Sgt. and Mrs. Claud GILLIS, Bennie and Nona Rose, of Keesler Field spent the weekend here with Mrs. W. C. GILLIS and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Calton WELLS and family of Batesville spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Earl RAY.
Colonel and Mrs. W. I. MARSALIS of Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon LEARD and Dimple of Dallas, Texas, visited their mother, Mrs. O. L. RAY and Mr. Ray recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar KEEN of Memphis, Tenn., spent last weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John KEEN.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Sept 15, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

Crape Items: Mrs. M. M. DACUS, one of Choctaw's oldest inhabitants, is spending a few weeks with Mr. J. A. AUSTIN and family.
Married at the residence of the bride's father with Rev R. M. EVANS officiating, Miss Lizzie WELLS to Mr. Wesley McKAN.
Died on Wednesday morning, little Charlie, infant son of Dr. G. W. WHISENANT, aged six weeks.  Survivors include his parents and brothers and sisters.
Mr. J. M. GAGE of Newton County has recently moved to Ackerman for the purpose of practicing law.
J. M. HARRIS, editor of the French Camp News, and his little sister, Edna FANCHER, came up Saturday evening, returning home on Monday morning.
We congratulate our friend, D. H. BUCK, of Beat One, upon the arrival of  another girl at his house on last Friday.
District Attorney JONES of Louisville was in town Sunday on his way to Macon to hold court.
S. B. AUSTIN has returned from an extended visit to relatives and friends in  Hinds County.
C. E. SUTTLE made a business trip to Kemper County on Monday.
District Attorney BARRON of Aberdeen spent Tuesday with his numerous Ackerman friends.
Crape Items: Mrs. Ves O'NEAL is visiting relatives in this vicinity for the last time, before she starts to her home in Texas.

50 YEARS AGO, SEPT. 16, 1949

Antioch News: Mr. Upton RAINS of Laurel was a visitor to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. RAINS, a few days ago.
Weir News: Mr. and Mrs. Robert SANDERS and little daughter of Bay Springs were the guests of their mother, Mrs. Jennie HUNT, this past weekend.
Myte Creek News: Miss Carie MILLS left last Sunday for Greenville where she will enter training for nursing.
Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends gathered Sunday to help celebrate Aunt May RAY's 89th birthday.  There were 75 people who visited her during the day.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. JOHNSON of Bastrop, LA, and Mr. and Mrs. L. S. McCLURE and baby of Eudora, Ark., were weekend guests of their mother, Mrs. Jewel McCLURE and grandmother, Mrs. W. L. EDWARDS.
Mrs. J. W. WOODSON spent several days last week with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Velma WOODWARD at Weir.
Miss Mavis WOMACK left Wednesday for Grenada to resume her teaching duties.
Friends are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Weston HUNT and family back to Ackerman.  They have made their home in Cleveland for the past several months.
Weekend visitors to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney ADAMS were Mr. and Mrs. Cruson SMITH and baby of Starkville.
Rayville News: We are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. John ANDAL and Jimmie to this community.
Chester News: Mrs. Emmeline BARNETT has been critically ill at her home for the past week, but is some better at this writing.  She has had many family members and friends as visitors.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Sept 22, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from the Choctaw Plaindealer

John KIMBROUGH, John and Calvin WINTERS of McCool were visitors to Ackerman last Saturday.
Miss Maud WOODWARD, a beautiful young lady of West Point Female College, spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. J. D. WEEKS.  Also visiting Mrs. J. D. WEEKS last week was Mr. and Mrs. I. C. WOODWARD of Winston County.
The following were sworn in to act as Grand Jurors: J. W. FOSTER, Foreman; J. L. HUGHES; J. F. McARTHUR; Plumer KENNEDY; J. A. SHUMAKER; J. J. WILTSHER; William GUNTER; D. D. DEMPSEY; M. F. TOLLERSON; Sam KLUTTS; J. R. TEER; G. H. BOWIE; Frank DUDLEY; T. P. VOWELL; W. H. BAGWELL; E. T. HODGES; J. S. CROW; W. B. HAMBRIC; and J. Bud MITCHELL.
The following were sworn in to serve on the Petit Jury: Petit Jury No. 1: Charlie MING; A. W. CHAMBLEE; R. G. HUNT; Calvin GRIFFIN; H. W. BRUCE; J. W. MEECE; G. W. FOX; H. F. DEMPSEY; T. J. BOONE; J. M. KORNEGAY; D. W. HENDERSON, and  Will NORRIS. Petit Jury No. 2:
Rev. G. T. REYNOLDS of Sherman, Miss., is conducting a meeting at the  Christian Church this week, preaching at night.
The town has been rather dull all the week, as court has been in session at  Chester.
C. A. TORBART and F. G. COLEMAN represented Weir at the quarterly meeting here last Saturday.
G. W. BURKS, the popular mayor of French Camp, has renewed his subscription to the Plaindealer.

50 YEARS AGO - SEPT. 23, 1949

Mrs. Sallie FULGHAM LONG died at her home in Ackerman early Sunday morning.  Funeral was at Springhill, her old home church.  Survivors include her husband of 62 years, W. L. LONG.
The Holmes football squad recently elected Billy McCLURE, former Ackerman back, as alternate captain of the team.  He lettered last season at Holmes as reserve quarterback, and is playing his final season of junior college football this season.
Rev. Ira F. METTS resigns the pastorate of the Ackerman Baptist Church and other churches of the county of which he has been pastor, accepting a call to another field of work.
J. Fred RHODES returned home last week after spending a month in Vallejo, Calif., with his children, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley REED.
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. LAMOUREAUX of Shreveport, LA, favored this office with a pleasant call last Friday.  Mr. LAMOUREAUX is the mechanical superintendent of the Shreveport Times.  They were spending their vacation with relatives in this county.
This office appreciated a call from Wednesday from Chas. S. DEAN, a former Choctaw man, but who has been in Florida for several months recuperating from a serious illness. He and his family were enroute to Memphis, where he hopes to take up his position as vice-president of Plough, Inc.
Progress News: The people of this section are happy to have Mr. Edd McGAUGH live in our community.  He has moved in with the Jason HALL family.  Mrs. HALL is his daughter.
Bluff Chapel News: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LAWS of Leland were the Sunday afternoon visitors of Mrs. Lula PEACOCK.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Sept 29, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from the Choctaw Plaindealer

C. E. SUTTLE has sold out his business on Front Street to Henry SIDES.
Editor WILSON of the Neshoba Democrat was a prominent visitor to Ackerman on Tuesday.
Dr. Will FOSTER of Phillipp City spent several days of this week in Ackerman and Choctaw County.
Rev J. H. BARRENTINE of the Beth Eden Circuit was circulating among his friends here on Monday.
Ben F. TOLER, editor and proprietor of the Mississippi Farmer, published at
Kosciusko, was here last Saturday and gave us a visit.
For the nicest and best shoes in town, call on J. W. HARMON at the Post Office.
Dr. J. M. KELLUM, a prominent physician of Dido, was in town Tuesday and while here called the Plaindealer office.
Married at the residence of the bride's mother near McCool in Attala County,
on Sunday evening, Feb 21, 1897, by Rev. W. B. HULL, Mr. Emmett SEAWRIGHT was married to Miss Belle MAYFIELD, all of Attala County.  The attendants were Mr. Emmett CARR and Miss Fannie MASSEY, and Mr. Bruce EDWARDS, and Miss Yetta GRUNEWALL.
Sheriff ROBERTS and Deputy Sheriff WHITE were over from Chester on Monday.
Our young friend, W. F. BURNEY, is again selling goods for the wide awake firm of BLUMENFIELD and FRIED.
J. J. HENRY, Deputy U. S. Marshall of Starkville, was here on business Tuesday.

50 YEARS AGO, SEPT, 23, 1949

Weir News: Mr. and Mrs. Elton WHITMIRE have recently returned from a business trip to Oceanside, Calif.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert WHITMIRE of Swampers, LA.
Chester News: Mrs. Leara BARNETTE of Memphis, Tenn., is visiting her sisters, Mrs. Letha RAY and Mrs. Emmeline BARNETT and her brother Mr. J. A. spanGERS.
Sherwood News: We extend our sympathy to Mrs. A. E. SMITH and all her relatives in the death of her mother, Mrs. George SHURDEN of Drew, last Saturday.
Providence News: Mr. and Mrs. Ephram HUDDLESTON visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. HUDDLESTON over the weekend.
Mr. Oris WORRELL of Hughes, Ark., attended the funeral of James Marshall BARRON which was held Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. PERRY were happy to have all their children present for a reunion over the weekend for the first time since 1930.
Mr. and Mrs. Coyt JACKSON and two sons, Charles and Larry, spent a few days vacation here last week.  He is with the Post Office Dept. of Memphis.
Mrs. W. W. KELLUM of Tutwiler and Mrs. R. L. LONG of Columbus spent the week with their sister, Mrs. J. R. WILLIAMS.
Mary Lou McGEE, student at Millsaps, and Margie IRVING, student at Belhaven, spent the weekend at home with their respective families.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HEMPHILL and Devon and Mrs. Henry HEMPHILL and two children of Leland spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Doyce HEMPHILL and Mrs. M. O. OSWALT.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Oct 6, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

J. W. BUCK was over from Chester Tuesday.
R. E. QUINN is repairing his dwelling house this week.
B. C. McGARRETY, Mayor of Chester, was in town Wednesday.
Ben OWEN sells the Drugs of Choctaw County, call and see him.
W. J. BLAIN, the popular merchant of Beat 1, was in town Tuesday.
W. H. POWER, a prominent citizen of French Camp, spent last Sunday night in town.
Postmaster RILEY made a business and pleasure trip to New Orleans this week.
J. B. F. SIDES is making arrangements to build a residence on his lot west of A. M. CARR's.
Prof. J. D. PERKINS, principal of the Chester Institute, was a distinguished visitor to Ackerman last Friday.
Married: At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Wess HOOD, by Rev. W. A. EDWARDS, Mr. B. V. BRUCE to Miss Theorer HOOD, all of this county.
Crape News: Mr. Howard Williams, a popular young man of our vicinity, left for Texas a few days ago.
Messrs. HEFLIN and FORD are now at work on a brick-kiln and will burn 200,000 bricks.  These bricks have already been engaged by citizens of our town who will use them in putting up commodious business houses.
Miss Mary CARLISLE, a charming young lady of the McCool vicinity and a former pupil of the A. G. N., visited friends in Ackerman this week.
T. F. McGEE informs us that he has ordered new machinery and will put in a saw and gin in connection with his grist mill.

50 YEARS AGO, OCT. 7, 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bues BLACK will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at their home in Leland on Oct. 16.  Mr. and Mrs. BLACK were formerly of the Beulah Neighborhood, Choctaw County, where they resided before moving to Leland in 1921.  Mrs. Black is the former Belle MAULDIN, and their wedding was performed in the home of her parents, James Andrew and Victoria McDANIEL MAULDIN in October 1899.
Two students from Weir have enrolled at Miss. State College for the fall semester.  The students are Albert Lathon BOND and Cicero Price MILLER.
Myte Creek News: Mrs. Hubert BLAIN and baby spent a few days of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Prewitt.
Providence News: Mr. and Mrs. Olen McPHERSON, Junior and Lamar, spent Saturday night with his parents.
R. A. HILL, who has been with the U. S. Navy for the past four years, is at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. HILL, enjoying a thirty-day leave.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb BRUCE of Vicksburg and Mr. and Mrs. James NASON and children of Winona spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mack BRUCE.
James BURNS of Chicago visited his grandmother, Mrs. Fannie ROACH, last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold KEEN of Pocahontas, Ark., spent a few days here this week in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. KEEN.
Mrs. Clarence BOWIE spent the weekend in French Camp with her mother, Mrs. Ella WARD and other relatives.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Oct 13, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News of the Choctaw Plaindealer

Ackerman's Mayor, Mr. M. W. CONNER, in company with Mr. Mose TRAUB, visited Louisville on Monday.
"The Mississippi Farmer," published at Kosciusko, contained the following nice write-up of our neighboring town of Weir: "About seven miles north of McCool is situated the quiet, but beautiful, village of Weir.  It is on the railroad and is surrounded by some good farming land.  Col. John WEIR runs a gin and mill.  The business houses are: WEIR Brothers; LUCAS Bros. & Co.; J. E. COBB & Son; W. S. TOWNSEND; Davis IRVING & Co.; G. H. WHITMIRE and J. J. McELROY are the blacksmith men. Dr. W. C. LINCH is the practicing physician.  A hotel is kept by A. I. PARKS. John IRVING is the Mayor.  R. B. McEACHIN is the depot agent.  The public school has been suspended, but the people expect to build up a good school.  The Presbyterian and Methodist denominations own nice Church buildings.  On the country road between McCool and Weir you will find a settlement where the surname BLACK is prominent.  Among the farmers we met in that neighborhood were J. T. CHRISTIAN, the STEELE brothers, S. G. TOWNLEY, J. T. PILCHER, J. S., M. L., M. V., and John BLACK.  There are some good farms in that section on the Yockannookany and Tilby and clever people.
There has been a considerable sprinkle of cotton in town this week.  It is up to nearly seven cents now, and the people are rushing it on the market. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,600 bales have already been received here this season.

50 Years Ago - October 14, 1949

Sherwood News: The BYARS children's reunion was held at the home of Mrs. Vera OWENS last Sunday with a good number present.
Williams Hill News: We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Otis WILDER and son move into our community.
Progress News: Wesley TACKETTE and family of this community moved to the Delta this week.  We are sorry to lose them.
Weir News: Mrs. Grace McDEAL of Doddsville is spending several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Phillip PREWITT, and sister, Mrs. Sam PREWITT.
Weir News: Mr. and Mrs. Elbert (Gabe) ATKINSON are announcing the arrival of a little son from the Montford Jones Hospital on Oct. 7.
Willie B. MURPHY of Temple, Texas, spent a short furlough here with his mother, Mrs. Maggie MURPHY.
Mr. and Mrs. Oris E. WORRELL of Hughes, Ark., spent the weekend here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. WORRELL, and in Louisville with her mother, Mrs. W. S. STORMENT.
Rayville News: Mr. and Mrs. Melvin LUCAS are the proud parents of a seven and a half pounds baby girl, born Oct. 6, and have named her Linda Faye.
Reform News: Mrs. Lester VAUGHAN has returned home after a few days stay with her son, Pete, and family in Texas.
Panhandle News: Mrs. Bennie KERR of Memphis, Tenn., is visiting among her children in the Panhandle Community.

Myte Creek News: Mrs. Mamie McHAN and Mr. Bob PHILLIPS of Columbus and Mr. Dudley PREWITT of Tallulah, LA, were last Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie PREWITT.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Oct 20, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News of the Choctaw Plaindealer

At the meeting of the Board of Supervisors the following trustees of the Sixteenth Section fund were appointed: Beat One: George WISE, J. R. PATTERSON, E. JOHNSON, P. L. ADAMS, Cicero POLLARD, and Dan McKINNON. Beat Two: H. H. REED, John ATKINS, W. J. CROW, S. I. P. RAMSEY, Mike PIERCE,J. G. BROOKS, W. T. FONDREN, David HOGAN, and T. L. HANNA. Beat Three: J. H. KITE, J. C. KEEN, Will HOLLOWAY, J. H. FOX, J. H. TABOR, and O. F. CHAMBLEE. Beat Four: A. J. CALDWELL, J. L. ALFORD, R. G. HUNT, J. M. TURNIPSEED, John BLACK, and James WEIR. Beat Five: R. S. STEWART, Marshall SPIVA, Berry CATLEDGE, Cicero SNOW, J. D. FULCHER, and Phillipp BLANTON.
We notice in the French Camp News that Col. Charles B. MITCHELL of Pontotoc has been selected to deliver the popular address at Commencement at French Camp in June.
The following is a list of new subscribers or those renewing their subscription to The Plaindealer: Jack WOOD, Uncle Jesse FULCHER, one of the spangest land owners in the county, George SMITH of Beat One, M. V. BLACK, a prosperous farmer and good citizen of Beat Four and Dr. J. D. WEEKS.
Prof. H. A. HEARSON, Proprietor of the Forest House, is one of the most progressive and public-spirited men in Ackerman.  He not only has his hotel in up-top shape, but within the last few days, he has repaired the sidewalks running in front of his Hotel and has everything around him looking neat and nice.
The new Millinery Store of Mrs. M. M. TOMLINSON & CO. is now in business. The firm is composed of Mrs. TOMLINSON and Miss Virginia WORSHEM and can be found in the rear of W. T. HUNT & Co.'s store.

50 YEARS AGO -- No Items in this issue.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Oct 27, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

J. F. BERRY has just received a fresh supply of all kinds of can goods.  He will also sell you eight pounds of coffee for one dollar.
In giving a list last week of those who are contemplating the building of brick store houses in Ackerman in the near future, we failed to include W. W. RILEY, Dr. J. D. WEEKS, and W. L. BLANTON.  These gentlemen are duly considering the matter, and if the building fever breaks out, they will doubtless be among the first to take it.
J. H. EVANS, Postmaster at Chester, was in town last Sunday morning, accompanied by his wife.
D. H. QUINN has moved his drugs back to his large store on the corner of Front and Chester Streets.
J. B. F. SIDES is building a new residence on his lot west of A. M. CARR's and is making an addition to the PAGE house.
Prof. G. F. BLACK, who has been teaching in Attala County for some time, is visiting relatives and friends in town this week.
Miss Mary McALISTER, an accomplished young lady of Blue Springs, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. HARMON, this week.
Miss Jennie SCARBROUGH left Wednesday morning to again resume work on the Vigilart at Louisville.
W. T. CRAWFORD is making an addition to and otherwise improving the appearance of his residence this week.
Miss Maggie MORGAN of beat Four is among the latest to enter school at this place.
T. F. McGEE is improving the looks of his residence by a coat of paint.

50 YEARS AGO, OCT. 28, 1999-present

Weir News: Mr. and Mrs. Willie McGOWAN of Yazoo City visited with Mr. and Mrs. C. O. DEAN last Sunday.
Weir News: Mr. Ovin RAY of Noxapater spent the weekend with his home folks.
Weir News: Mrs. Dick KELLER and Mrs. Joe MILLS and little son, Stan, from Tallulah, LA, were last week guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charley PREWITT.
Antioch News: Mr. and Mrs. T. H. DUDLEY of Moorehead were recent visitors to relatives here.
Chester News: The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Henry RAY enjoyed a birthday dinner with them on Sunday.
Progress News: Mr. and Mrs. Kimble RICHARDSON of Arkansas were visitors here last weekend.  They were in Chester for Grandpa RAY's birthday celebration.
Sherwood News: We extend sympathy to Mrs. Maude HENRY in the death of her mother who passed away a few days ago.
The many friends here and throughout the county regret to have Rev. and Mrs. Ira F. METTS leave us.  They moved to Jackson on Thursday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hilary PORTER of Canton, Ohio, are spending their vacation here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. BURKS, and with other relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam WOOD went to Canton Sunday to be with her sister, Mrs. W. E. LEACH, who is seriously ill.
The friends of Mrs. Velma OSWALT regret to know that she is a patient in a Jackson hospital, suffering from the fall she received last April when she broke her leg.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Nov 3, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News of The Choctaw Plaindealer

Our young friend John CROW has our thanks for a dollar and requests us to send the paper to J. D. ADAMS at Rico, Colorado.
That polished gentleman and skilled physician, Dr. Benj. STRONG of Chester, was a distinguished visitor to Ackerman last Saturday and gave The Plaindealer a call.
J. H. DOCKERY of Beat Two was in town last Monday morning and while here made us a pleasant call.  He says the farmers of his section are terribly behind with their work on account of the recent heavy rains.
Willis CHAPMAN and George BLACK of French Camp were in town Monday trying to secure work on the new Courthouse at this place which is now in course of construction.
T. F. McGEE has received his new machinery and will at once begin the erection of his large steam gin, saw and grist mill on his lot west of his residence.
There are one hundred Confederate Pensioners in Choctaw County this year.  Each one gets somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty dollars.
Ackerman seems to be clear of blind tigers for one time at least.  That is one thing we don't need here, and we want the town to stay rid of them.
Capt. H. H. NAUGLE, the popular postmaster at Fentress and one of the best Democrats in the county, was a visitor to Ackerman Tuesday.
Just received 1,000 pairs of eye glasses at OWEN's, he will sell or trade with you for your old ones, call and be fitted from 25 cents to $6.00.

50 YEARS AGO, NOV. 4, 1949

The 1923 Ackerman Football Team was pictured this edition of the paper. Pictured were: Prof. Neil Littleton DANIEL, Bill HARMON, Frank POTTS, Jr., Lem SEAWRIGHT, Jack McCLURE, Coach GRAYSON, Herbert GRAVES, W. A. GEE, Hamp POTTS (mascot), Melvin HEMPHILL, Roy DANIEL, Rube McMINN, Banks WEAVER, Clayton MOSS, Harvey ADAMS, Granville WOODS, Clyde JACKSON, Tom McKNIGHT.
Chester News: Miss Jimmie Doris DEAN accompanied her uncle, Shorty DEAN to Marks Saturday for a visit with relatives.
Myte Creek News: Mrs. R. A. McKNIGHT of St. Louis spent a few days recently with Mrs. Joe WADE and family.
Rube McMINN of Houston, Texas, spent the weekend at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edd McMINN.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. CASTLE of Wagoner, Okla., and Mr. J. T. CASTLE of Pittsburg, Penn., were recent guests in the home of J. O. EUDY.
Mr. Clark BLANTON and John Darden BLANTON of Oak Ridge, Tenn., visited here during the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Barton DRAPER and Randy Sue and Mr. and Mrs. Ira APPLETON and Roger from Herrin, IL, spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. DRAPER.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom POWER and Mr. and Mrs. Victor OSWALT went to Hernando Thursday to attend the funeral of their brother-in-law, Mr. Mack HARRIS, who died at his home in Memphis Wednesday.  He is the husband of Lyle POWER, a former Ackerman girl.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Nov 10, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1897 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Masons will hold a Lodge of sorrow at Enon church on the first Sunday in next month in memory of the late C. SNELLINGS.  We understand that Rev. R. P. GOAR of Chester will preach the sermon.
Mrs. Diana STAPLES, mother of T. J. STAPLES and grandmother of J. W. HARMON of our town, died at the residence of Mrs. C. W. WHITE in Chester on Saturday evening in her 82nd year.  She was buried at Chester last Sunday evening.
The cotton weigher informs us that somewhere in the neighborhood of seven
thousand bales of cotton have been received at Ackerman this season.  This is more cotton than has ever been brought to our town during one season before. The reason of this is our merchants have all along been paying more for cotton than any other place around and have been selling goods cheaper than they could be sold elsewhere.  The town is growing and will do a better business next fall than ever.
We hear a good deal about rabid dogs being around in the country.  Green WOODWARD killed one at his home south of Ackerman a few days ago, and we understand one was killed on the streets of Ackerman last Saturday evening.
Dr. MAGRUDER of Starkville was a visitor in Ackerman on Tuesday of this week.
W. N. JOYNER has opened up a confectionery and grocery business west  of W. T. HUNT & Co.
Mr. B. G. CATLEDGE and his estimable wife were visitors to Ackerman Tuesday evening.

50 YEARS AGO, NOV. 11, 1949

The first Homecoming is planned for Ackerman High on November 17 when Ackerman plays Eupora.  The old grads are cordially invited to attend this occasion together with the entire public.  The Queen will be elected in secret by the football team.  The Queen along with two maids will be presented during the half-time.
The Ackerman High School Student Council Officers for this school year are: Mary Jo RAY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. RAY, is President; Leon GARNER, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. GARNER, is Vice-president; Bobbye Nell KING, daughter of Mr. W. A. KING, is Secretary; Mr. Clovis STEELE is the Advisor.
Mrs. Mary BLACK will celebrate her 76th birthday on Nov. 20 at the home of Willie BRUCE in the Nebo Community.  She is the mother of seven children, has 26 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.  She has one sister living: Mrs. A. PREWITT of Weir, MS.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett SMITH were called to Oxford Friday afternoon to see James McWHORTER who had suffered an accident earlier in the day.
Dr. Felix LONG of Starkville was with his mother, Mrs. Pate LONG, Sunday.  Mrs. LONG is better after a serious illness.
S-Sgt. William Hays KING of Tucson, Arizona, is spending his reenlistment furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art KING, and other relatives.
Sherwood News:  Some from this community attended the funeral of Mr. Edd Stedman at Antioch Sunday.  He was the brother of Mrs. Dero DOBBS of this community.
Bogue Chit to News: Mr. and Mrs. Grady CROWDER of Charleston visited relatives here during the weekend.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Nov 17, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

Married on Thursday, January 3, 1900, by W. M. ADAMS, Esq., Mr. J. W. FULKS to Miss M. C. RAY, both of this county.
Mr. W. J. CROW, the Sheriff, informs us that he has his flour mill on Bywy in operation, and anyone taking wheat there can get it made into flour promptly.
Sheriff W. J. CROW moved his interesting family to Ackerman this week, and they are occupying the Johnson house on Commerce Street.
A. J. GASTIN has bought out M. F. SEWARD's interest in the firm of SEWARD Bros., the style of the firm now being SEWARD and Co. Wade GASTON is now connected with the firm in the capacity of salesman.
Gus BLAINE has just received a carload of plows which he is selling at prices to suit the times.
D. H. QUINN is again in business, having recently bought out his brother. T. P. QUINN.
For anything in the fancy grocery line call on A. L. WEEKS and Co. on Front Street.
Filing for land with the Jackson Land office were: Jesse D. KUGLE, whose witnesses were J. M. MOORE, S. G. F. JAYROE, W. W. WARD, and Willie TANNER, all of New Prospect, Miss. John A. SHUMAKER had also filed with witnesses: J. H. WILLIAMS, R. L. ADAMS, W. H. WILLIAMS, and W. A. WILLIAMS, all of Mabus, Miss.  Van H. HUNThad also filed with witnesses: W. N. KERR, H. T. MORGAN, R. H. HUTCHINSON, and John CUMMINGS, all of Kerr, Miss.

50 YEARS AGO: ... NONE listed in this issue

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Nov 24, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

There will be a meeting of all the legal voters of the town of Ackerman at the court house on January 26th at 7 PM to nominate a candidate for Mayor, Marshall, and four Aldermen to be voted on in the town election to be held on February 15.
Burney Locals: Wilce SMITH, son of H. L. SMITH, made a flying trip up from Yazoo County last week.  Wilce married one of Yazoo's most charming and beautiful young ladies.  They will make Yazoo their future home.
Dr. WILSON of Possum Neck and partner in the firm of A. L. WEEKS and Co., came up Wednesday night and will be here from now on.
The new Presbyterian Church will be dedicated on the fourth Sunday of this month.  Rev. Newman of Canton will conduct the services.
 A. M. YATES & Co. have sold out the stock of goods and will move the post office to the house formerly occupied by Dr. J. KOLB.
J. M. BLACK of near French Camp was in the city on business Tuesday.
Chancery Clerk HUGHES and two children spent Sunday with friends near Weir.
In the monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors, A. L. BRIGHT was appointed as Deputy Sheriff.  Dr. J. M. KELLUM was given permission to erect a gate across the Bankston and Starkville Road near J. T. FONDREN's.  T. F. McGEE was the retiring President of the Board of Supervisors, and the newly elected President of the Board of Supervisors was J. T. PIERCE.
J. C. MATTHEWS, a prominent citizen of Beat Three, was in Ackerman last Tuesday.

50 YEARS AGO, NOV. 25, 1949

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. DRAPER will celebrate their 53rd Wedding Anniversary at their home in Ackerman on November 26th.  They are natives of Choctaw County and are the parents of Barton DRAPER of Herrin, Illinois; Mrs. Essie WELLS, Ackerman; Mrs. Artie KING, Yazoo City; Mrs. Clara GLADNEY, Weir; Kelly DRAPER, Canton; and Mrs. Edna WINISKO, Greenwood; 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Sherwood News: Mr. Jim Henry DOBBS visited his father in the Veteran's
Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Saturday.
Myte Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Whitt HUFFMAN of Winona visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. BONDS, last Sunday.
Rayville News: Aunt Kittie MARTIN is spending a few days with Mr. Jack MILES of Ackerman.
Bogue Chitto News: We extend sympathy to Mrs. Dixie BURDINE in the loss of her son, Earl, of Kosciusko.  Mrs. BURDINE is bedridden and has lost two sons since August 1.
Chester News: Mr. and Mrs. Hosea A. PREWITT visited their brothers Messrs. Leander and Maston and their families over the weekend. Hosea appeared on the Radio Program with the Melody Boys Sunday Morning.
Mrs. Ethel M. DYE returned to her home in Oxford, N. C., last Sunday after a visit of three weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Edgar REED and Mr. REED.
Mrs. Bessie NEWSOME of Lexington is the pleasant guest of her brothers Clyde and Harvey McGEE, and their families.
Mr. and Mrs. Carrol CORNISH and Buddy spent the weekend in Port Gibson with Mr. and Mrs. Charles DOBBS.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Dec 1, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News of The Choctaw Plaindealer

L. J.  CATLEDGE of New Prospect was in town Tuesday.
Jas. HUFFMAN of Bywy and ex-Treasurer was in the city Monday.
Dr. W. J. BARRON went down to Jackson on a business trip last Monday.
Justice of the Peace S. G. TOWNLEY of Beat four was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Ella CARR of Fentress visited relatives in Ackerman the latter part of the week.
Hon S. LeRoy BOYD of French Camp is visiting his daughter, Mrs. DANIEL, this week.
The three year old daughter of J. Pink RAY was accidentally shot to death by her six year old brother who was playing with a pistol.
Dr. R. A. NICHOLSON has returned after a several week's visit home and is again ready to serve anyone wanting dental work done.
Rev. F. L. BANKS and wife have returned from Louisiana where they have been visiting relatives and friends for several weeks.
Married at the Methodist church of Louisville on Jan 18: Dr. J. N. UNGER of West Point to Miss Florence McMILLAN of Winston County.  The wedding party returned the same day to Ackerman and were served an elegant dinner at the Hotel TOMLINSON.  They left that night for West Point.
Greer Locals: Mrs. Eliza PUTMAN died on the 17th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wesley JENKINS.
Greer Locals: Crape Creek Church has again been revived, and the pastor is  Bro. J. C. EAKINS.
Greer Locals: Married at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Tom CHILDRESS, Mr. Holly Garrett to Miss Dink CHILDRESS.

50 YEARS AGO -- NOV 26, 1949

Antioch News: Mrs. Ina STEDMAN has returned from a week's stay with her son, L. D., in Memphis.
Panhandle News: Mr. and Mrs. Earnest HUTCHINSON and two boys of Benton spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Bunyan HUTCHINSON.
Panhandle News: Mr. and Mrs. W. R. STEVENSON are the proud parents of a baby girl born November 10 at the PEARSON WILSON Clinic in Louisville. The young lady is named Sandra Maril.
Rayville News: Mr. and Mrs. Clayton DOBBINS spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank RAY and family.
Sherwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar BROOKS and boys were Sunday visitors to Mr. and Mrs. Sam FONDREN.
Ackerman's First Homecoming was a huge success. Delores OSWALT, the Queen, was escorted by Captain Jackie HEMPHILL. The maids, Bobbye KING and Margaret WOOD, were escorted by Co-Captains Dorris OSWALT and Darnell FULGHAM. The queen's attendant was Jane RAY, a senior, and was escorted by Henry OSWALT. The junior attendant was Shirley McHAN who was escorted by Billy KEMP. Sophomore attendant was Mary E. WELLS who was escorted by Freddy HUNT. Freshman attendant was Martha Jane McMINN, escorted by Ronald MARTIN. The little girls who served as train bearers were Sue Ellen WRIGHT and Anne CARLISLE. The pages were John C. EUDY and Van HEMPHILL. Ackerman won the football gave over Eupora by a score of 28 to 6.
Mrs. Daisy MOSS left Thursday for Natchez where she will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her children, Mr. and Frank MOSS.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Dec 8, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton

Backward Glances -- No items in this issue.

50 Years Ago - Dec. 2, 1949

On November 6th Mrs. Alice ALEXANDER's children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren celebrated her 85th birthday.  She is the mother of 8 children, 30 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Alice will be remembered as Alice McCARTY, the only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCARTY.  She has four brothers living: Tom, Edd, Gus, and Alvie.  She makes her home with her son, Emmette, since the death of her husband, Jim ALEXANDER.
Weir News: A number of college girls and boys were at home for the Thanksgiving holidays: Ila Pearl and Tommy RAY, Dorothy Ellen FERGUSON, William HAWKINS, Gilbert WELLS, Frank COLEMAN, and Billy Gwin POWER.
Providence News: Mr. and Mrs. Ervie CAMPBELL and Mrs. C. E. HENDERSON visited Mr. Earl CAMPBELL and Mr. Charlie HAWKINS in Jackson over the weekend.  Mr. J. H. HAWKINS came home with them to spend a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. JOHNSON of Bastrop, LA, spent Thanksgiving their mother, Mrs. Jewel McCLURE and grandmother, Mrs. Mollie EDWARDS.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. HOPKINS and Ann of McCrory, Ark., visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. McMINN during the Thanksgiving holidays.
Mrs. Howard WALKER and children of Indianola spent Thanksgiving here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will BIDDLE and other relatives.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Dec 15, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News of The Choctaw Plaindealer

Mrs. W. H. H. FANCHER died on Jan 12 at the home of her sister, Mrs. SEAWRIGHT, in Austin, Texas.  She was the wife of Rev. W. H. H. FANCHER, a Baptist minister. Mrs. FANCHER was a loyal member of the French Camp Baptist Church.  Children mentioned in the obituary were Joe, Edna, and Carroll.
J. M. YOUNGBLOOD has been appointed postmaster at Weir.
Dr. Joe KELLUM and Dick FONDREN were down from Dido recently.
I. M. BERMAN and bride have returned and are receiving hearty congratulations of their many friends here.
T. H. SHOMETTE and family are here on a visit from Texas, after an absence of ten or twelve years.
We regret very much to learn of the death of Mrs. S. S. KENNEDY, mother of Messrs. Cov. and Andy KENNEDY and sister to Capt. W. J. HANNA, which occurred at her home in Beat Four last Sunday.  Burial was at Bethsalem.
In another place in this issue will be found the card of Dr. W. T. HUTCHINS who has recently moved here from Plattsburg to practice medicine.  His office is in the Daniel-Adams Building.
Mack RIDGEWAY was here Monday making the boys laugh.
The Confederate veterans in the county will meet in the Courthouse at Ackerman on February 25 to organize a camp, this on the first day of court.
There will be no marshal's sale of land in Ackerman this year, as Mr. WEBB informs us that the town taxes have all been paid.
John Henry EDDLEMAN was a pleasant visitor here Monday.
James CARTER is now selling goods for J. W. HARMON.

50 YEARS AGO, DEC. 9, 1949

The Board of Supervisors was advised this week that the Choctaw County Community Hospital Project is in the process of being reactivated by the Miss. Commission of Hospital Care.
Sherwood News: Mr. John Roof FONDREN of Mathiston suffered a stroke a few days ago.
Mrs. Alice RAMSEY BYARS, widow of the late Thomas J. BYARS, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. K. E. MILLER in New Orleans.  Funeral services and burial was at the Salem Methodist Church and Cemetery.
Reform News: We extend our sympathy to the HYDE family in the death of Mrs. Jane HYDE.
Weir News: Mrs. H. E. BLAINE and little daughter, Judy Elaine, and Mrs. Ann STEEN of Bowling Green, KY, are spending several weeks with Mrs. BLAINE's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley PREWITT.
Weir News: Mrs. Charley PREWITT has returned home from Atmore, AL, where she spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her sister Mrs. M. L. RITCHIE and her mother, Mrs. Georgia WEEKS.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester BUCK of Kerrville, Texas, spent several days here the past week with her mother, Mrs. Mollie EDWARDS and with Mr. BUCK's sisters and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. BIDDLE and Pat of Orange, Texas, spent the past two weeks here visiting in the homes of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will BIDDLE and Mr. and Mrs. Sam MURPHY and other relatives.
Howard SUTTLE of Washington, D. C., author of "Liftin' the Lid on Washington" favored this office with a pleasant call last Friday.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Dec 22, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News from the Choctaw Plaindealer

Major J. W. PINSON of Chester was in Ackerman this week.
Willie HANNA, Henry MELVIN and R. J. BOYD of French Camp spent Sunday in the city.
Prof. H. A. POLLARD and family of the BURNEY neighborhood spent Saturday night with relatives in town.
We regret very much to chronicle the death of Mrs. Eliza YATES, mother of our townsmen, J. O. YATES and A. M. YATES, which occurred on Wednesday night.
Married at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. S. KREBS, near Spay on last Thursday night:  Mr. Charles SHARP was married to Miss Eugenia KREBS.
A very deplorable affair occurred here on last Monday evening in which R. W. WEBB was instantly killed and M. B. DEMPSEY was seriously, if not fatally wounded.  There were no eye witnesses to the tragedy.  Mr. DEMPSEY is still alive, but we understand there is some doubt as to his recovery.
Married: In the First Presbyterian Church in Okolona, Miss., Mr. B. H. PASLEY of Ackerman was married to Miss Mary Belle MOFFAT of Okolona.  The bridal party arrived at the home last evening and were given a reception at the residence of Mr. H. A. HEARON, JR.
Notice for Publication to prove homestead on land was Joseph W. RAMAGE, giving witnesses of H. R. JOHNSON, J. A. COLEMAN, J. I. SPANGERS, and J. W. SPANGERS, all of Fahan, Miss. (Choctaw County).
Also proving homestead was Jesse D. KUGLE with witnesses of T. J. TURNER, J. M. MOORE, W. W. WARD, and J. N. WARD, all of New Prospect, MS (Choctaw County).

50 YEARS AGO, DEC. 16, 1949

Jackie HEMPHILL and Feddy HUNT are the only two seniors on the Ackerman basketball squad this year.  These two boys will lead their team mates into action here this week against Louisville.
Funeral services for Pvt. Leo BREZEALE, who was killed in Italy on Feb. 2, 1949, were held at Williams Spring on Sunday.
Funeral services were held for Mrs. Mamie TUMBERLINSON PINNIX, wife of Criss PINNIX, at Blythe Creek Baptist Church on Dec. 5.  She was born on Jan. 1, 1862, in Perry County, AL, and married Mr. Pinnix on May 8, 1881.
Chester News:  Lt. and Mrs. Lloyd HOLDEN and children of Mobile, AL, were weekend visitors to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. HOLDEN.
Weir News:  Messrs. Wayne BLACK and John Miles JOHNSON arrived home Saturday night after having received their discharge from the U. S. Air Force.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. NEAL celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Nov. 24 with an open house hosted by their daughters, Mesdames Elton MORDACIA and Eli MILES.
Mr. Andrew RUTLEDGE, formerly of Inverness, paid this office a call last Saturday. He, with his wife and family, have purchased a farm near McCool and have moved there.  They were at one time citizens of Ackerman.  Mrs. RUTLEDGE is the former Lillie WATSON.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. DOBBS, JR., and daughter of Anniston, AL, spent last weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. DOBBS, SR.
This office appreciated a call Tuesday by Mr. John M. TURNIPSEED and his son, Lt. Truman Elliott TURNIPSEED and little son.  Lt. TURNIPSEED was enroute to Washington for further transfer with the U. S. Navy.

The following article appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer Dec 29, 1999-present:
Backward Glances
by Louis Taunton
1900 News from The Choctaw Plaindealer

Tribute of Respect: Mrs. Elizabeth YATES died at the residence of her son, John O. YATES, in Ackerman on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 1900, lacking nine days of being eighty years old at her death.  Her husband, John Calvin YATES, died twenty years ago, and she has lived with her son, John, ever since her husband's death.  There were seven children born to them, five sons and two daughters, which are all living except one son, James Albert YATES, who died in May 1883.  All of her children were present at her bed side except one daughter, Mrs. Lydia McADAMS, who lives in Attala County.  Mrs. YATES was buried in the Enon graveyard near Ackerman.
Greer News: Mrs. Bettie CURTIS left for Memphis last week to join her husband where they will make their future home.
Greer News: The entire families of Mr. C. J. and Luther CURTIS have measles but are doing better.

50 Years Ago- Dec. 23 1949

Providence News: Mr. W. R. McPHERSON is spending the holidays with relatives in Searles, AL.
Chester News: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin SIMPSON and sons of Jackson, visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amos RAY this weekend.
Williams Hill News: Visiting Mr. Henry WILLIAMS were his grandchildren, Miss Bernice KILPATRICK of MSCW, and Mr. Jack WILLIAMS of Mississippi State.
Mrs. Bess W. RUSSELL of Chatham, VA, arrived here Friday to spend part of her Christmas vacation with her mother, Mrs. J. D. WEEKS and Thelma, before going to Pensacola, FL, to visit with her son, Nock RUSSELL and family.
Mrs. Alice PREWITT left Sunday for Baton Rouge, LA, where she will spend several days with her children, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. JONES.
The Plaindealer staff appreciates a Christmas Card from our good friend and subscriber, Garvain WORRELL, who is in Hempstead, England, and another from our friend and former associate editor, Mrs. J. I. TIMS and Mr. TIMS of  Havana, Cuba.
Bob MARTIN, of the U. S. Army, stationed in Texas, with his wife is spending his furlough here with his father, Mr. Sam MARTIN, and brothers and sisters.
Weir News: Among those arriving home from college for Christmas: Frank  COLEMAN, Gilbert WELLS, Dorothy Ellen FERGUSON, Katie GLADNEY, Bert LINSAY, John IRVING, George WHITMIRE, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. STACEY, Virginia BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. Lenoir BLACK, Billy Brewer STEWART, Ida Pearl RAY, and Price MILLER.

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