Choctaw County Kin
from the Choctaw Plaindealer
by Louis Taunton

This is a new column that will be appearing in the Choctaw Co, MS newspaper, the Plaindealer, written by  Louis Taunton.
This column no longer appears in the Choctaw Plaindealer.

CHOCTAW COUNTY KIN:  This new genealogical column appeared weekly in The Plaindealer (Choctaw County Newspaper).  The column was limited to people tracing their ancestry in Choctaw or surrounding counties.  Queries were mailed to:  Louis Taunton, P. O. Box 400, Louisville, MS 39339-0400 or email: and included snail address as many older people do not use a computer.  

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Jan 5, 2000

In 1937 Mrs. Jack LAUCE was Choctaw County's Supervisor of Historical Research Project, and she forwarded the following information to the Mississippi Archives: Colonel BROWN, a soldier in the American Revolution, is buried at Bethlehem Cemetery located about five miles, east of Ackerman, Miss.  Mrs. LAUCE gave as her reference: B. G. DOTSON of Ackerman.  Does anyone know the location of this grave, or are there relatives of Colonel BROWN still living in Choctaw County.  Louis Taunton, P. O. Box 400, Louisville, MS 39339-0400, e-mail <>

Continuation of Company K, "Invincible Warriors," 15th Infantry, Confederate States of America, Soldiers from Choctaw County: Jerome PERKINS; Samuel PILAND; H. F. QUINN; J. C. QUINN; M. QUINN; Young REAGIN; J. B. RINER; H. H. ROBERTSON; E. D. SANDERS; J. W. SANDERS; N. SANDS; J. D. SANSING; J. F. SHARPE; W. W. SHAW; R. H. SHOTWELL, Lt. Col.; J. H. SLAUGHTER; J. M. SPRUILL; J. R. STARKS, Sgt-Major; C. STPEHENS; I. STEVENS; H. STIDMAN; T. F. STONE; John SWEEDEN; A. M. TATE; J. Singleton TISDALE; T. VAUGHN; George WABINGTON; T. W. WARREN; Jesse M. WATSON; Robert WEBB; T. L. WHITHEAD; B. H. WILLIAMS; W. C. WILLIAMS; M. WILLIAMSON; R. WILLIAMSON; J. WORRELL; H. T. WORTHY; A. J. YANCY; L. YANCY.

"Choctaw Rebels," Company K, 24th Infantry, Confederate States of America Soldiers from Choctaw County, Miss: William F. ATKINS, Sgt.; James T. AYRES; William H. BITTLE; Joseph T. BOWEN; Henry B. BOX; J. W. BOX; William A. F. CALDWELL, 1st Lt.; John S. G. CAMERON; Daniel CARTER; Alexander K. CHANDLER; Absolom D. CROSS; John F. CURTIS; Joshua W. DENNON; Henry DUNCAN; W. H. DYRE; Jno. N. FURGSON; John W. FURR, 1st Sgt.; Elijah GARRETT; John B. GARRETT; Thomas H. GARRETT; A. R. GIBSON; A. I. M. CRAB; William R. GREEN; John HARRIS; William M. HARRIS; James HERRIAGE; William D. HERRING; Christopher C. HERRON; Landy P. HEWITT; J. W. HILL; James M. HITT; John HITT, Cpl.; Reuben HITT, Capt.;  Henry W. HOLLOWAY, Cpl.; John S. HOLLOWAY; William M. HOLMES; James INGRAM, Cpt.; Wiley P. INGRAM, James R. JACKS, Cpt.; Nicholas D. JACKS; Ripley C. JACKS; William M. JACKS; James M. JENNINGS; Thomas JENNINGS; William J. C. JENNINGS; Francis M. JOB; Daniel H. JONES; James JONES; James M. JONES; James S. JONES; John A. JONES; Rob H. JONES; T. M. P. JONES; Malden I. KILLOUGH, Sgt.; Peter T. KILPARTICK; Uriah B. KILPATRICK; William H. KILPATRICK; 2nd Lt.; Elizah P. KNIGHT; Richard S. LAWRENCE, 1st Lt.; John LINDSEY; David L. MALONE, Sgt.; Calvin Y. MARSHALL; William J. MATTHEWS; Andrew J. McDARR; John M. McGAUGH; Neslet McGAUGH; W. W. McGAW; James H. McGUIRE, 2nd Lt.; W. D. MILES; Lewis P. MILLINER; L. MITCHELL; Stephen K. MITCHELL, Cpt.; Jno. W. NASH; Green P. NEAL; Pinckey P. NEAL; Owen OLIVER; Thomas J. OLIVER; Andrew J. PEARSON; George W. PEEPLES; Adkin M. PERRY, Sgt.; William PERRY, Sgt.; J. B. PHILIPS; John PUTNAM; L. J. B. REDDING; William RICHARDSON; Thomas J. RUSHING; John R. SHAW; Matthew H. SHAW; William E. SHAW; Jno. L. SHINE; Jeremiah P. SIGLER; William C. STAPLES; Cullin P. STEEN; Young R. STOKES; Drury STOVALL; Thomas J. SWINDELL, William M. SWINDELL, Sgt.; William D. SYNOTT; Jasper N. TAYLOR, Cpt.; J. F. THOMPSON; Elisha THOMPSON; Thomas H. THOMPSON; John P. TINDRY; William A. TODD; Geo. N. TOMPKINS; Thomas R. TOWLES, Cpl.; William M. WEBB; J. I. WILLS; Thomas J. WILLS; Geo. W. WILSON; Lewis YOUNGBLOOD; Newton A. YOUNGBLOOD.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Jan 12, 2000

Bobby K. AVERY, 1321 Swallow Lane, Birmingham, AL 35213, phone: (205)-956-3930, is working on the AVERY line. William AVERY was born ca 1806 in Georgia, married Nancy WHEELER, born ca 1805.  Both were deceased by 1838. Their children were Benjamin Franklin, born 12 Feb 1827; Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane, born 1 Oct 1828; Granville Pillar, born 23 Apr 1833; William Henry, and Frances Lee, born 1834.  Some think that William Henry and Frances Lee were twins, but Mr. AVERY doubts this and thinks they were born in the same year.  The children were born in Giles County, TN, and only the first three children lived to adulthood. Mr. AVERY has documentation showing that the children inherited from Nancy WHEELER AVERY's father, Benjamin WHEELER, in Giles County, TN.  But as of yet he does not have any information on the father of William AVERY.  A guess on his part is that perhaps James AVERY, living in Maury County, TN, was the father of William.
Mr. AVERY discovered in the book, "Early Records of Choctaw County, MS" a James AVERY on the tax rolls with 560 acres of land and a Ben AVERY along with an M. Lee (Macajah LEE) and a G. P. AVERY (Granville Pillar AVERY) in Choctaw County, MS. Macajah LEE married Frances WHEELER, sister of Nancy WHEELER AVERY.  Stories in the family say that when William and Nancy AVERY were killed or died, since Frances WHEELER LEE was barren that she and her husband took these children and moved to Miss.  From what is known about this AVERY family, they may have settled near the Choctaw/Oktibbeha County line.  It was rumored that later the AVERYS and some of their relatives moved to Arkansas.  Any help would be appreciated by Mr. AVERY.

Civil War Soldiers, Confederate States of America Company A, 4th Infantry from Choctaw County, MS: C. F. ADAMS, Sgt.; L. W. ADAMS; Sidney ADAMS; J. N. AIKEN; H. B. BAGWELL; W. L. BARNETT; George BOGAN (See 31st Miss. Infantry also); James C. BOSTON, Sgt.; John BOSTON, John BOTON; John B. BOWLES; 2nd Lt.; Joseph BRANDON; James BRANDON; A. J. BURTON, Bird BURTON; R. B. BUTLER; Thomas B. BUTLER; William J. BUTLER; F. B. CAMPBELL; R. J. CAMPBELL; Thomas CARLON; James N. COOK; W. W. CRAPLEY; F. B. CROCKER; J. B. CROCKER; Robert W. DAVIS, Sgt.; William T. DAWSON; Joshua W. DEAN; E. C. DEAN; John S. DEAN; Peyton DEAN; G. W. DEW; Luke DEVONE; William P. DUTTON; D. W. EASLEY; T. A. ETHRIDGE; M. B. FLANNINGAN (see WITHERS Lt. Artillery also); Daniel FRANKS; D. P. FRANKS; John W. FRANKS; Nathaniel G. FRANKS; Seaborn GARRETT; P. M. GARVIN, Sgt.; Joel C. HALL (see 4th Miss. Cavalry also); Reuben HALL; W. B. HALE, Capt.; H. M. HALLOM; L. C. HALLOM; J. C. HATHCOAT; J. H. HIGGINS; John HIGGINS (see 15th Miss. also); P. L. HOWARD; Nimrod HUEY; G. T. JAMES; John JAMES, William H. JAMES; J. W. JOHNSON, Jr.; J. W. JOHNSON, Sr.; W. H. H. JOHNSON (see 31st Miss. also); W. H. JONES; Alias KELLEY; John KELLEY; Samuel O. KELLEY; David KNIGHT; David LEE (see TURNER's Battery also); Samuel H. LLOYD (see 3rd Miss. also); F. M. LOLLAR; Thomas F. MABEY; C. W. McCAFFERTY; Isaac McCAFFERTY; J. McCAFFERTY; J. M. McCAFFERTY; Robert McCAFFERTY; William McCAFFERTY (see 2nd Miss. Cavalry also); H. McMELLON; Samuel MEADOWS; William J. MILTON, 3rd Lt.; H. T. MILLER; Lewis A. MILLER, musician; W. J. MILLS; H. R. MILUM (MILAM); James MINCHEW; James MINDCHEW; John N. MINTER; A. S. MONTGOMERY; James MONTGOMERY, Capt.; John (Jonathan) MONTGOMERY; C. D. MOORE; Hardy S. MOORE; John A. MOTHERSHED; G. B. NATIONS; S. W. NATIONS, 2nd Lt.; W. W. NATIONS; W. F. NELMS; J. N. NELSON (To be continued next week)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Jan 19, 2000

Last week we asked about Colonel BROWN, reportedly a veteran of the Revolutionary War, being buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Choctaw County.  Mr. Duane THOMAS, P. O. BOX 280, Maben, MS 39750-0280, a member of the Sons of American Revolution, kindly provided the following information.  A John Brown, age 79 was living in Oktibbeha County when the 1840 Mississippi Census was taken.  An Edward BROWN was also enumerated as living close to this John BROWN -- perhaps a son.  Both of these men lived very close to the Choctaw County line -- perhaps near Sturgis -- which would not have been far from
Choctaw County and the Bethlehem Cemetery.  Any information that anyone can add about this BROWN Family, please contact Louis Taunton, P. O. Box 400, Louisville, MS 39339, or e-mail <>.

In the first Court Session for 1900 the Grand Jury of Choctaw County consisted of the following:  W. T. HUNT, foremen; W. L. HUNT; G. C. PINNIX; A. B. WORRELL; G. H. WHITMIRE; A. J. BRADBERRY; Wallace MARTIN; J. S. BLACK; J. S. LEVER; Monroe FRANKLIN; H. McCLURE; M. PIERCE; R. S. HUNT; J. P. PILCHER; William BRUCE; H. E. SHEFFIELD;. W. P. BLANTON; J. M. BLACK; E. R. BLACKWOOD; and T. Z. BAGWELL. Petit Jury No. 1: M. T. BAILEY; A. J. CALDWELL; J. B. KING; J. A. WHITAKER; J. M. McKINLEY; Calvin GRIFFITH; T. J. McWHORTER; Lee OSWALT; R. W. HUTCHINSON; Joe BARRON; W. A. BRUCE; and R. A. GORDON. Petit Jury No. 2: James WORRELL; John RUFF; John MEECE; Buster FONDREN; R. R. LOVE; W. C. BUCK; James MOSS; J. S. CROW; Wallace WOOD; T. J. EVANS; and T. J. BROWN.

The following is a continuation of soldiers in Company A, 4th Infantry, Choctaw County, Confederate States of America: George D. NICKOLLS; George PEARSON; Robert PEARSON, Cpl.; W. J. PEARSON (also see Company I, 15th Miss. Infantry);  John PERRY; R. K. PREWITT, 2nd Lt.; Samuel H. PURTLE; Alex P. RECTOR; Calvin J. REED; P. A. REED; E. W. REYNOLDS, Sgt. (See 35th Miss. Infantry also); D. SHUTTLES; Charles T. SIMPSON; William A. SIMPSON; A. J. SMITH; A. J. L. SMITH; Benj. SMITH; James B. SMITH, Sgt.; J. J. SMITH; John R. SMITH; John W. SMITH; Obadiah SMITH; Reuben SMITH; R. L. SMITH; R. B. SNELLINGS; John W. SNALLSON; E. S. SPROUSE; J. M. STRONG; J. H. STURDEVANT; A. C. SULLINS, Sgt.; Robert C. SULLINS; Isaac C. SULLIVAN, 2nd Lt. (see Wither's Artillery also); B. F. THOMPSON, 1st Sgt. (see Turner's Battery also); Daniel R. THOMPSON; Edward THOMPSON; E. W. THOMPSON; Jeptha THOMPSON; William A. TOAD; J. T. TRUSSELL; Murphy A. TURNER; S. A. TURNER; Simeon W. TURNER; A. J. WABLETON (see also WABBLETON as last name); F. B. WABLETON, G. W. WBLETON; B. WADDINGTON; James D. WARD, 3rd Sgt.; William T. WARD; James L. WARNER; Benjamin WATSON; T. E. WATSON; John T. WATSON; J. T. WATSON; A. S. WEIMS; James M. WILLIAMS (see Wither's Artilllery also); W. O. WILLIAMS; Benj. R. WILSON; J. F. WOOF; Lewis YANCY; S. T. C. YOUNGBLOOD; W. M. YOUNGBLOOD.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Jan 26, 2000

The information on the John BROWN family keeps adding up.  As many will recall, I asked about information on a BROWN reportedly buried at Bethlehem Cemetery.  The latest information comes from Billy WEEKS, a friend of mine who grew up in the Gum Branch Community of Winston County, but now lives in Nashville, TN.  He related that Caroline CRAWFORD, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth CRAWFORD, married Andrew J. BROWN, who was a son of John BROWN, who was born in South Carolina.  Billy further stated that Caroline and Andrew J. BROWN are buried in the Blackwood Cemetery located in the Blackwood Cemetery located in the Tomspanbee National Forest.  As other information is received, I will pass it on.  Again does anyone know where in Bethlehem Cemetery is John BROWN buried  Any help would be appreciated.

Rena YOUNG is searching for information about her Choctaw Indian, Thomas HARVEY, who was born in the late 1700s.  His daughter was Lucy HARVEY, born about 1816 and married Archibold CAMERON, who was born 1812 in North Carolina.  They married in 1834 and lived in Greensboro, Choctaw County, Miss.  Lucy and Archibold had seven children: (1) Mary Elizabeth, born 1835 in Alabama and married George Washington GORDON (2) Cynthia, born 1838 in Miss. and married John L. HILLYER (3) Nancy, born 1840 in Miss., never married (4) Thomas, born 1843 in Miss. (5) Rufus Kay, born 1855 in Miss., and married Willie BELL (6) Flora Bell Zelda, born 1851 in Miss. and married Thomas Rufus HARRIS (7) Alice Wade, born 1854 in Miss., and married D. W. HUGHES (our great grandmother).  All these children came to Montaque County, Texas in 1874 from Choctaw County, Miss., from near French Camp, with a brother of Lucy HARVEY CAMERON, Bill HARVEY, and his wife and ten children.  We are hoping to find descendants of these people.  We know so little about Thomas HARVEY, his daughter, Lucy, and her husband, Archibold CAMERON.  She also added the following: My Native American was a Miss. Choctaw and from what I have been told, he claimed to be.  I don't understand why he was given land in Miss. and stayed there.  Why did some get to stay and some had to go to Oklahoma, even as late as 1900background-color-#BCBCBC  Our Thomas HARVEY was given this land in 1837. We have documents from Washington telling about it.  His daughter, Lucy HARVEY CAMERON, stayed in Choctaw County, Miss., and his son came to Texas in 1874.  Did all the people that signed on the final rolls expect to move to Oklahomabackground-color-#BCBCBC None of his people are signed on the final rolls.  I have checked several times.  My grandmother always said we had a number in case land opened up again in Miss.  I don't really know what she was talking about or how we could have a number if none of his children or grandchildren are listed on the final rolls.  Would he be given a number back in the 1830sbackground-color-#BCBCBC  Mrs. Young relates that all of this is getting more confusing to her as she learns more in her research. (County Coordinator Note: See related family story on Little Bit of History page.)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Feb 2, 2000

Lynn Watson GREEN, 10711 Crestview Lane, Eagle River, AK 99577,  has been searching for several years for more information about her paternal great grandmother and family. Callie (or Caroline) Virginia SCRIVNER was supposedly born in Eupora, Webster County, MS in 1864. Mrs. GREEN has not been able to find any information confirming this nor the names of Callie's parents. Callie married Alfred McKINLEY HENSON in Choctaw County in 1886 and a marriage record for them has been found.  Information on this couple is available on the census records after 1880.  Callie died in Fentress, MS, in 1901 and is buried in South Union Cemetery. Mrs. GREEN would like to find more information about Callie, her parents, siblings, or anything anyone can offer.  Her grandmother, Ella Jewell HENSON WATSON was only three years old when her mother, Callie, died.  The querier was told that Callie was holding the baby and fell backwards, cutting her lip.  The resulting infection spread and was eventually the cause of death.  Any help would be appreciated.

Jackie WHITE HALE, 5717 Malden, Corpus Christi, TX 78413,  is searching for Alexander McTAGGART who was born 1810 in Maryland and died 1870 in Mississippi.  He married Jofene PURVIS and their descendants were Francis, Eliza J. M. A., N. A., M. M., and Alonzo was born 1846. Alonzo married Mary J. YANCY.  The children of Alonzo and Mary were Nancy, James Monroe McTAGGART, born 1869 and died 1918, John Lewis McTAGGART, born 1874 and died 1954, married Laura Esta Beulah WHITE, who was born 1881 and died 1948. Children of John Lewis and Laura were: Terah Mae McTAGGART, married Walter BUTTS; and Era Louis McTAGGART, born 1903 and died 1976.  The last child of Alonzo and Mary was John Hamilton McTAGGART, married Agnes R. McTAGGART, who was born 1909 and died 1996; Alexander McTAGGART purchased two 42 acre tracts of land in Choctaw  County on 1 March 1859.  Jackie's Mississippi WHITES are mostly concentrated around Brookhaven, Monticella and Nola, and is descended from the CARLISLE family in and around this area.  Any help regarding Alexander McTAGGART would be appreciated.

Vickie Elam WHITE, 112 Vley Rod. #1, Scotta NY 12302, is researching the CALLAWAY families who were in MS, specifically Choctaw and Winston Counties from 1850 onward.  She is particularly interested in William CALLAWAY and his possible sons: Jesse, Wiulliam J., Isaac, and J. H. W. (doesn't know what the initials stood for).  William was in Choctaw County, MS, in 1850 and then moved to Springfield, Limestone County, TX, wherehe evidently died between 1860 and 1870.  Living nearby were his possible sons.  J. H. W. CALLAWAY was in Winston County, MS, in 1850 and 1860.  He and his wife, Asenathe, are buried in the Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery in Winston County. Isaac served in the Civil War and died sometime between 1880 and 1900.  His sons, James Monroe CALLAWAY and Michael H. CALLAWAY, and daughter, Lettie CALLAWAY, were all still living in Winston County, MS, in 1900.  Mrs. WHITE believes that the William CALLAWAY's wife was named Hannah and that this was the same couple that was in the 1830 Newton County, GA, census and the 1840 Benton County, AL, census.  Is this William CALLAWAY the same person who was a charter member of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Choctaw Countybackground-color-#BCBCBC  Any help would be appreciated.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Feb 9, 2000

Emmitt CHANNELL, JR., 1339 South Hanover, Pottstown, PA 19465, is related to the following families in Choctaw County:  RAYHUGHES, MARTIN, McKNIGHT, SANDERS, PARKERSONS, SIMPSONS, and others.  He is wondering if anyone around the Weir area remembers his grandfather, Abner Benjamin CHANNELL (1870-1965).  After Abner's first wife, Sallie PARKERSON, died in 1923 at French Camp, he married Maggie WEEKS, widow  of Charles WEEKS.  Mr. CHANNELL related that she was the only grandmother that he ever knew.  Ben and Maggie lived at Weir for many years on the corner across from the Presbyterian Church.  In their later years, Ben's daughter, Ruby SIMPSON, and her husband, Everette SIMPSON, lived with them. Maggie had a daughter, Ruth YOUNGBLOOD, and a son, Charles WEEKS.  Other family names I remember are POWERS and QUARLES. Mr. Channell would love to get in touch with any of Maggie's relatives.  He also would like to have a copy of any pictures that anyone might have of these folks.  Perhaps someone who has been a member of the Weir Presbyterian Church might have a picture or some information they would share.  Ben CHANNELL died 20 Sep 1965 and Maggie WEEKS CHANNELL died 11 Feb 1965.

Daphne  is searching for information on her great grandmother Mae Rannie BROWN, who was born in 1881 in Choctaw County and died in 1910.  She was married to Willie Green KENNEDY.  Her dad named two other BROWN cousins, Luke and Sparkman BROWN.  These African-American ancestors, attended Hopewell Baptist Church in McCool, MS. She understands that Hopewell church has a cemetery.  Any help would be appreciated.  She will have to be contacted via computer.

On Saturday, April 29, 2000, at 1:00 p.m. friends and alumni of ACKERMAN HIGH SCHOOL  will gather at the old school auditorium to register and socialize.  Please notify any graduates or former Ackerman residents who may be interested.  In 1999-present there were 225 people in attendance.  Carlson Reid, 115 East Quinn Street, P. O. Box 737, Ackerman, MS 39735, needs to be notified if you plan on attending as an estimate of the number attending will be needed.  A tour of the new school complex is anticipated for this event.

Wanda Henson CARLTON, 504 River Woods Drive, Lafayette, LA 70508 is researching the following families: ALLEN, ATKINS, BROCK, BROCKMAN, CALCOTE, COLLINS, DIGBY, HENSON, LAMB, RIDDELL, SEGLER, and SLADE. She is also searching for an obituary, death record, or any information on Edna Elizabeth SEBLERS, born 1875 and died 1928, married A. S. CAMPBELL , and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Sumner, Tallahatchie County, MS.

Following is a list of the Civil War Soldiers from Choctaw County that were in Company G, 5th Miss. Infantry: William ADCOCK; H. J. AGEE; Felix BARNES; Willis BARNS; S. C. BOSTICK, 1st Sgt.; J. J. BOYD, 1st Lt.; F. W. BOYD; M. O. BRUNSON, Sgt.; Samuel BUTLER; Josiah CAUGHMAN, Sgt.; James COOPER; Jesse CRAFT; John CROTWELL; A. L. DANIELS; Abijah DAVIS; Godfrey DOVE; Thomas DULIN; John DUNAGAN; James DUPEY; S. J. ELLIS; H. L. FLOWERS; J. W. FLOWERS; J. V. FORD; T. W. FRANKLIN; Robert FRESHOWER; Levin GLISSON; J. H. GRISWOLD; Richard HALLMAN; J. B. F. HANCOCK; John HANDLEY; C. R. HARDY; John HAWKINS; William HOLBROOKS; Jehu HOLLINGSWORTH; L. K. HOLLINSWORTH; J. F. HOUSTON; William S. HOUSTON; John HUSTON; E. K. ISHEE; J. B. ISHEE; B. C. JONES; Thomas LAIRD; Alexander LAMB; G. W. LUCKY; J. A. MARTIN; Zebulon MASON; Roderick MATHEW; Roderick MATHEW; Thomas McHENRY, Cpl.; John McNAIR; Thomas McREE; Samuel MEADOWS, Cpt.; J. C. MEANS, Cpt.
(To be continued next week)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Feb 16, 2000

Beth Thurman is searching for information on the BAILEY/VERNON and MITCHELL/ PEARSON (intermarried into the THOMPSON and FOWLER) families. They eventually wound up around the Stewart, MS area. Mrs. Thurman's VERNONs and BAILEYs came into Choctaw Co. sometime in the 1840s. According to the 1850 Choctaw Co. census, the following are listed: Robert Baskin VERNON, age 32, born SC; Elizabeth BAILEY VERNON, age 33, born SC; William E. VERNON, age 10, born SC; John Joseph VERNON, age 5, born SC. J. Brantley (Dock) was born after the census. J. Brantley died and is buried in the Prairie Grove Cemetery in Drew Co, AR. John Joseph VERNON (Mrs. Thurman's ancestor) is buried in Old Troy Cemetery. John Joseph and William VERNON served in the Civil War and William lost his life in this war. John Joseph VERNON married Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) PEARSON. They moved to Drew Co, AR in the late 1800s (1890s she thinks) and settled near Old Troy Community in Drew Co, AR. Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) PEARSON's mother was Lucinda MITCHELL, the daughter of Linny and Peter MITCHELL. Lucinda was the sister of Seth MITCHELL, who is buried near Stewart, MS. Children of John Joseph and Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) PEARSON VERNON were: (1) Robert Bascom VERNON, married Mattie JOHNSON; (2) Georgia Alcora VERNON, married first Jack MURPHY;  second James William LAGRONE and third Allie WOLFE and is buried at Prairie Grove Cemetery in Drew Co, AR; (3) William John VERNNON, married background-color-#BCBCBC GOYNE; (4) Elizabeth (Betty) VERNON, married Jim DONALDSON; (5) James Malcom VERNON; (6) Delia VERNON, married Elmo AHRENS; (7) Joseph VERNON died early and is buried in the Old Troy Cemetery, Drew Co, AR. With the exception of VERNON MURPHY LAGRONE WOLFE and Joseph VERNON, all of the others, including Elizabeth PEARSON VERNON are buried in the El Dorado, AR Cemetery., The Monroe Co, MS History mentions a Allye VERNON who married a James S. FISACKERLY, who was born in 1886. Mrs. Thurman is sure there is a connection, but doesn't know what. The same history also lists a James VERNON as head of a household in Choctaw Co, MS in 1840. According to one source, there were three VERNON brothers who were originally in NC. Their names were: Robert Baskin, William Brantley and Andrew Pickens VERNON. This same source said they left NC in the early 1800s, went to KY, and then to AL before going into MS. She doubts the NC souce as the census shows their being born in SC. According to this source, Andrew Pickens VERNON married a Perniva MITCHELL, daughter of Peter MITCHELL, Sr. who ties into this same family through Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) PEARSON, the wife of John Joseph VERNON; which, if ture, would make her part of another of my lines. Andrew Pickens VERNON had three children: (1) James Artemis VERNON, (2) Roert Brantley VERNON, (3) Nancy Jane VERNON who reportedly married Joseph JACKS. Supposedly, they lived in Choctaw Co. Andrew Pickens VERNON is supposed to have died young in a horse accident. His widow married L. Malcom TAYLOR and moved to Leslie, AR. According to the same source, James Artemis VERNON married Sarah Ann Narcissa JACKS and lived in Stewart, MS. (Query to be continued next week.)

Mary Ann Wiseman is searching for a Mach MOLE, born 1880 in MS and for a John WOOL or WOLE born 1878 in Indiana, who lived in MS. Mrs Wiseman states that these are her brickwalls.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Feb 23, 2000

(Continued from last week)
Beth THURMAN, 218 Browning Dr., Monticello, AR 71655, is searching for BAILEY/ VERNON and MITCHELL/PEARSON information.  These families intermarried into the THOMPSON and FOWLER families and eventually wound up around the Stewart, MS, area.  The 1850 Choctaw Census listed the following BAILEYS that she suspects as possibly being brothers to her Elizabeth BAILEY, the wife of R. B. VERNON; William BAILEY, age 40, born in SC with wife, Celia, age 28, born in SC, with children, Mary A., age 11, born in MS, John age 7, born in MS; Edwin, age 2, born in MS; Robert BAILEY, born in SC, with wife, Mary, age 19, and child, Margaret, age 5 months.
Catherine Elizabeth PEARSON came from this line of MITCHELLS according to one source; George MITCHELL, born 1750, had a son, Merrit MITCHELL, born ca 1770-1780 and married Sally S. HUTCHINSON, born ca 1780.  Peter Frank MITCHELL, Sr., born about 1790 and died 1870-1880, married first Lucinda (Linna) MITCHELL and their children were Lenny, Penina born 1824, Fannie, born 1832 (mother of her Catherine Elizabeth PEARSON) who married W. J. PEARSON, William MITCHELL and Seth MITCHELL, born 1836.  According to another source, Mrs. Thurman's PEARSON ancestry is as follows: (1) John PEARSON married the widow of a THOMPSON, Elizabeth PREWITT (PRUITT).  (She was the ancestor of the famous Judge THOMPSON from Kosciusko, MS.) The census of 1860 Choctaw County, MS, lists the following: (2) William J. PEARSON, age 31, born in Alabama (next door was Elizabeth PEARSON, age 73, born in SC, the mother of George.  Elizabeth had been married to a THOMPSON previously.  Living with her was an Ann THOMPSON, age 50, born in SC, and three HERRING children, all born in Alabama.  Lurena PEARSON, age 27, born in Alabama with children, George W., age 9, Robert, age 7, William J., age 6, (who later married Lucinda MITCHELL) , Mary E., age 4, Rufus, age 1. (4) William J. PEARSON and Lucinda MITCHELL PEARSON were the parents of Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) PEARSON who married Pressly FOWLER the second time and had Robert and Willie FOWLER, half brothers of Lucinda's.  If anyone can provide more information on these families, Ms Thurman would appreciate it.

Anna FARRIS, 12503 LaMargie, Baton Rouge, LA 70815, is looking for information on the Joseph CARTER that is listed on the 1860 Choctaw Co census as she thinks he may be one of her ancestors.  His wife is named Jemima GILLIAM, and she has one that went to AR and one that came to LA. Anna thinks that they may be relatives so she is looking for the tie that binds them; they are both from SC - possible cousins, their ages are only a few years apart, and both are named Joseph. Any help would be appreciated.

Readers of this column can be on the lookout for future updates on the "Colonel" BROWN of the Revolutionary War, who is reportedly buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery.  Again, if anyone knows or remembers any of their folks talking of this man or his burial place, please contact me.  Thanks.

(Continuation of Choctaw County, Company G, 5th Infantry, War Between the States Soldiers)
Oliver MILEY; Henry MOORE; John MOORE; E. W. MOULDER; J. M. MOULDER; James NELSON; John NELSON; A. J. NICHOLS; Charles NORRIS; Stephen OWENS, Jr., 2nd Lt.; D. W. PLATT; T. J. PURVIS, 1st Cpl.; W. J. PURVIS; M. S. ROBERTS; Jolly ROBINSON, Cpl.; Josiah SIMPSON; John SIMS; H. C. SMITH; Sgt.; S. H. SMITH; G.
SMITH, Surgeon; Spencer SMITH. (To be continued in a future column.)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Mar 1, 2000

Robert A. Beohm, 1559 Bancroft Ave., Youngstown, OH 44514,  is searching for information on John N. GOODWIN and his wife Sarah STARKEY or any of their children.  Children of this couple were: George Washington GOODWIN, born 10 Dec 1841; Thomas J. GOODWIN, born 1844; Ensley James GOODWIN, born 1849; Sarah Isabelle GOODWIN, born 1849; Ophelia Angella GOODWIN, born 1847; Jane GOODWIN, born 1854.  Since George Washington was born in Choctaw Co, Mr. Beohm assumes that the other children were also born in Choctaw Co. John N. GOODWIN was born in 1806 in SC, and Sarah STARKEY was born in 1819 in GA. Mr. Beohm would be extremely grateful for any information on any of the above mentioned GOODWINS.

Mrs. Jean SHROYER, 5808 Van Winkle Lane, Austin, TX 78739-1668, is seeking the parents of John HARVEY, born 1793 in KY and died after 1870 census in MS.  He married Miss Caty/Catherine HARVEY, daughter of Joel Vincent HARVEY (1764 VA) and wife, Nancy Amzi CLAYTON, who was born 1766 in VA. Joel and Nancy were married 1782 in Charlotte Co, VA. Mrs. Shroyer asks if John HARVEY's father, John HARVEY, Sr., of KY in Christian Co or a Thomas HARVEYbackground-color-#BCBCBC  John HARVEY that was born in 1793 moved to the Choctaw County, MS area and is listed in the tax lists in the 1840s with his family.  Known children were: George Barnett HARVEY, born 1819 in Christian Co, KY, and died in 1894 at Regency, Brown County (later Mills County), TX.  George Barnett married Emily Allen MAHON (1833 AL - 1912 - TX); possibly Lewis G. W. HARVEY, (born 1822 in KY and died after 1900 TX) who married Elizabeth .  Mrs. Shroyer wishes to correspond with anyone who descends from these families of VA, SC, GA, KY, MS, AR, and TX.  Her allied lines are: BARNETT, PLEXICO, HORNE, ALDRIDGE, GANN, REDD, MAHON, ALLEN, GLENN, COOK, DUNCAN, SNOW, LINCH, POOLE.

The following is a list of the men from Choctaw County who served in the Confederacy in the War Between the States in Company I, 15th Infantry, known as "Choctaw Guards (Rangers)".  All men are privates unless noted otherwise beside their name.
John Henry ADAMS; James H. ALEXANDER; John ALEXANDER; Lewis ALEXANDER; Thomas H. ALEXANDER; Jesse W. ARMSTRONG; J. L. ARMSTRONG; Sammie W. ASTON; John H. AUSTIN; James AVANT; John BAGWELL; LeContes W. BAGWELL; Martin V. BAGWELL; P. C. BAGWELL; Terry H. BAGWELL; William A. BAGWELL; John C. BASKINS, Sgt.; Alexander BLAKE; Joseph A. BLANTON; Philip BLANTON; William N. BLANTON; James BOWERS; Frederick BRASH; Robert W. BROWN; John W. W. BUCK; Albert L. BUCK; Abel A. BUTLER; W. J. BUTLER; Amos CAMPBELL; Jesse D. CANNON; Edward CARLON; Thomas CARLON; John J. CARTER; John T. CARTER; Joseph O. CARTER; Robert H. CARTER; Sinclair B. CARTER; H. F. CHILDRESS, Sgt.; F. COLEMAN; George H. COLLIER; James C. COLLIER; Joseph COLLIER; J. W. CONE; John B. COOK; Ben F. COX; Daniel COX; David M. B. CRAWFORD, 4th Cpt.; James H. CRAWFORD; John B. DARBY; Oliver P. DAVIS; Franklin A. DAWSON; John DEAN; Napoleon P. DEAN; James B. DORRIS; John H. DORRIS; David M. P. DOTSON; George W. C. DRANE, Cpl.; John H. DRANE; Virgil L. DRANE; D. W. EASLEY; Andrew J. EDWARDS, James W. EDWARDS; Lemach EDWARDS; Thomas J. EVANS; John P. FAIR; Thomas A. FAIR; John R. FOWLER; Thomas J. FOWLER; James GARDNER; O. L. FULLER; Osborn GARRETT; Thomas Y. GARRETT, Cpl.; William H. GARRETT; L. C. GORDON, Cpt.; W. A. GORDON; William H. GREEN; Ben C. GREGORY; Joseph C. HALLAM; Philip L. HALLAM, 2nd Lt.; Samuel C. HALLAM; James M. HARMON; Henry J. HARRISON; R. J. HARRISON; John H. HARVEY; William H. HARVEY; Chas. R. HEMPHILL. (To be continued)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Mar 8, 2000

Peggy would like to exchange information on James Benjamin (Bud) MITCHELL, born 1855 in Winston Co., MS.  He married Mattie Patience McCULLY, who was born 1856, in 1877.  Then he married Caroline BLANTON, who was born 1854, in 1897. Bud and Mattie MITCHELL had a daughter, Minnie Lee MITCHELL, born in 1878 who married John Henry BAILEY.  Minnie Lee and John Henry BAILEY had a son named John James BAILEY, b. in 1911 and married Juanita THRAILKILL about 1940. Mrs. Mitchell thinks they all lived in Choctaw Co., MS.  James Benjamin (Bud) MITCHELL died in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS, 24 Feb 1944.  Mrs.MITCHELL would like to exchange information on any of these families.

Johnnie BOUCK, would like to know the parents of William Isaac CORK who married his cousin, Mary Ann (Molly) CORK.  Their daughter, Edna Vilulla CORK, was born 1 April 1869 in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS, and married William Franklin (Frank) BAGWELL on 18 Dec 1888 in Choctaw Co., MS.  Mary Ann (Mollie) CORK's parents were James CORK ll, who was born in Alabama and Rebecca Catherine CORK who was born in Choctaw Co., MS.  Frank and Edna BAGWELL lived three and one half miles north of Ackerman on the farm of Edna's parents.  Edna CORK BAGWELL died 8 Nov 1897 at age 28. William Isaac CORK was born 7 January 1842 and died 14 Jun 1881.  His wife Mary Ann was born 1 Nov 1846 and died 26 Sep 1928 and is buried with her husband in Lebanon Cemetery, Choctaw Co., MS.

Arvil HENDERSON, 703 Spring Valley Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22405, is interested in contacting anyone related to the Milton HENDERSON family of Choctaw County. It is thought that he had a brother by the name of Claude HENDERSON.  My father, who is deceased, was French HENDERSON, who married Lucille BRIGHT HENDERSON.  Would like to hear from anyone with connections.

Alan is looking for information on William Henry WILLIAMS born in Choctaw Co on 11 May 254.  William was the son of Richard and Lucinda (WEAVER) WILLIAMS.  William married Hester Ann TACKETT in 1874 in Perry Co., Arkansas. Hester was born 19 June 1854, possibly in Monroe Co., MS.  Any information would be appreciated.

Lisa HUNT McNEESE is looking for information on the MILLERS in Attala Co.  She has very little except for the following: James MILLER, born 1824 in NC married Patsy CLARK born 1827 in AL.  Their son Author Lee MILLER, born 1873 in MS and died 1934 in MS, married Ada LEWIS (1871-1933), daughter of Author and Ada; Nola Leona MILLER (1895-1978) married Thomas Starklie Geto SELF (1890-1987).  Allied lines of Mrs. McNEESE are: HUNT, BOWIE, RAY, SELF, BLAINE, NORRIS.  Her brick wall is as follows: Darlinski Lodosky Pulaski INGRAM (and she relates this name is real and not a joke) married Benjamin Martin BLAINE, who was born 1845 and died in 1929.  Benjamin Martin is buried at South Union Methodist Church Cemetery, and Darlinski is buried at Mountain Gap.  Their children were Birtie, Lizette, and Ella.  Any help on these families would be appreciated.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Mar 15, 2000

Marylee LINGLE, P. O. Box 131742, Spring, TX 77393-1742,  needs help with the following:  She has a picture of a man that her family thinks is her great- grandfather, but they cannot date the picture.  He is wearing a uniform, and on his hat, it says, "Southern Express Company." At the time this picture would have been made, the family lived in Winston County or near there.  The picture says, Cabinet Portrait, West Point and Aberdeen, Miss. and in handwriting, "Burnitt."  Can any of the readers identify the Southern Express Company by location or date.  Her great grandfather was Coleman Watkins McELVANEY, whom she has been chasing - him and this family - for years and cannot go back to where they were before coming to MS. Mrs. Lingle also asks does anyone know if Susan Norwood HOOKER is still writing a genealogical column for the Pontotoc, MS, newspaper.  If so, can anyone help Mrs. Lingle with an address, either e-mail or regular mail.  She would like to correspond with any McELVANY descendants in MS.

Mrs. Jean SHROYER, 5808 Van Winkle Lane, Austin, TX 78739-1668,  writes that a word in one of the sentences was omitted in a recent column.  Everyone please note the following correction as it should read: "Mrs. Shroyer asks if John HARVEY was John HARVEY, Sr., of KY in Christian County or a Thomas HARVEY.  Mrs. Shroyer's allied lines are: BARNETT, PLEXICO, HORNE, ALDRIDGE, GANN, REDD, MAHON, ALLEN, GLENN, COOK, DUNCAN, SNOW, LINCH, and POOLE.

For those researching on the computer, you might want to try this site:
<> Pamela Dyess Mann  is the state coordinator for Mississippi Migrations.  She suggests that you might want to stop by the state homepage and check it out.  She is also looking for volunteers for the county pages.  Pamela has over half of the 82 counties online and is working hard at getting the rest online.

Billy WEEKS and Duane THOMAS have both sent information on the elusive John BROWN, the Revolutionary Soldier, who is buried at Bethlehem Cemetery in Choctaw County.  John BROWN, according to Miss Welch's book, was born in Spartanburg District, SC, in May 1756.  He was the son of Andrew BROWN who was also a Revolutionary soldier.  His military service stated that "He volunteered as a private in 1777 under Capt. John GOYNE.  He was in Col. ROEBUCK's Regiment and under Colonel PICKENS."   After the war he moved from Spartanburg District to Pendleton District, SC, and then to GA in 1816.  He moved on to Jefferson County, AL, in 1817 and came to Miss. in 1838.  He
settled first in Winston County, MS, and later moved to Oktibbeha County, MS,
near the Choctaw County, MS, county line.  (More information from these two sources will be given in next week's column.)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Mar 22, 2000

Mozelle Partridge CHASON  states that her great great grandmother,Maria PARTRIDGE, born about 1839, was first married to a PARTRIDGE, born about 1836, whose given name she does not know.  Maria PARTRIDGE and her husband, who reportedly died in the Civil War, had two children, Frank and Mary Ann PARTRIDGE. Maria PARTRIDGE then married Richard USSERY sometime during the latter part of the Civil War or soon thereafter and had several USSERY children.  I found Maria and Richard listed in the 1880 Choctaw County, MS, census, and living in the household were two grandchildren - Mrs. Chason's grandfather, William Jack PARTRIDGE, and his sister MolliePARTRIDGE.  No one seems to know what happened to Mollie, who she married, or if she lived to be old enough to marry.  Mrs. Chason would be very happy if someone could tell her (1) the maiden name of Maria PARTRIDGE, who married J. Richard USSERY (2) the given name of her first husband (PARTRIDGE) (3) what happened to Mollie PARTRIDGE. Mrs. Chason has searched for this information for so many years, and no one seems to know the answer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeannette CALDWELL, 2226 Paloma Ave, Stockton, CA 95209,  is researching the family of William Alexander F. CALDWELL, M. D.  He was born in 1826 somewhere in Alabama.  He was listed as living with his parents and siblings in Greensboro, Choctaw Co., MS, on the 1840 and 1850 census.  He is then listed on the 1860 Choctaw Co., MS, census as a physician and having a wife named America, born 1838, and a daughter named Alpha B., born 1858, both born in MS.  He later married Sarah Jane COCKRAN, born 1838, with whom he had at least five more children, one of whom is my husband's great-grandfather.  William is also listed as a First Lieutenant in the "Choctaw Rebels" Company K, 24th Infantry, Confederate States of America Soldiers from Choctaw Co., MS.  He served in the war as a surgeon.  Mrs. Caldwell would like to find out where William may have gone to medical school, what happened to his first wife and child, and where in Alabama he was born.  Parents of William Alexander F. CALDWELL were William CALDWELL, born 1802 in SC, and Frances born 1805 in SC.  Siblings were: Blanton, born 1829 in AL, John W., born 1831 in AL, Eliza F., born 1833 in AL, M. C., born 1835 in AL, Mildred born 1837 in MS; Alonzo, born 1842 in MS; Isabella, born 1844 in MS.  Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Cherie KURANKO, P. O. Box 1881, Orting, WA 98360,  is looking for other researchers interested in the following: Lawrence Jackson JOHNSON married to Tommie Lee LEVERETT and later to Callie Sue ROGERS. Lawrence's parents, I believe were James Henry JOHNSON and Laura E. BLEDSOE.  All lived in Choctaw Co., MS, in the Mathiston, MS, and surrounding area.  Also she is looking for William Wilkinson JENKINS, he usually went by W. W. JENKINS.  He was married to Annie LANKFORD.  William was born in Alabama as well as his wife Annie.  They later moved to MS and lived.  William had a brother named Sam JENKINS and a sister named Annie JENKINS, both younger than he.  Their parents are unknown at this time.  All these folks were born in the late 1800s.  Mrs. Kuranko will give more details to those who either write or e-mail her.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Mar 29, 2000

I recently visited the Mississippi Archives at Jackson and found an 1890 Pension Warrant Book for Choctaw County.  The following are pensioners for Choctaw County with a few across the county lines, but drawing their check through Choctaw County: A. M. ATKINS, LaGrange; J. H. ADAMS, Ackerman; Elizabeth BLANTON, Ackerman; A. A. BRIDGES, in three years time his post office address changed from Kenago to Poplar Creek to Chester; M. V. BROCK, Bywy; T. S. CATLEDGE, Ackerman; J. A. COLSTON, French Camp; S. F. FONDREN, Pinto; G. H. FONDREN, Pinto; (where was this post office located in Choctaw Countybackground-color-#BCBCBC); Susan FORD, Double Springs, Oktibbeha County; M. E. HENDERSON, Chester; M. J. HOWARD, Sturgis; H. J. D. HENDRICKS, Spring Valley in Webster County and then West Point, MS; J. H. KING, Weir; Susan S. KENNEDY, Spay; Rebecca McHAN, Sturgis; Nancy MULLINS Chester; H. T. MILLER, Chester; C. C. McARTHUR, Chester; Mrs. S. E. MIDDLETON, Cumberland; M. L. OSWALT, Calooga, Webster County; Mary Ann PHILLIPS, Sturgis; Houston QUINN, Ackerman; A. J. SNOW, Ackerman; Sarah E. SPRUIELL; Webster County; Julia A. SMITH, Chester - Choctaw County Clerk returned voucher and said he could not find her in October 1890; Benjamin T. SANDERS, Cumberland, Webster County; Martha E. THOMPSON, Spay; Sarah A. THOMAS, Huntsville and then French Camp post office; T. WEATHERALL, Chester; Mary WOODWARD, Weir; and W. G. WHITE, Spring Valley and then Mathiston post office.

A picture of the 1913 CORK SCHOOL appeared in the Choctaw Plaindealer in 1950 with the following students identified: Marvin GRIFFIN, Fanny CRAFTON, Arnold PERRY, Claudie CORK, Jessie CRAFTON, Ovie MABUS, Plumer GRIFFIN, Carl MOSS, Paul BUCHANAN, Emmett McGOVERN, Julia BIDDLE, Ann McGOVERN, Lucile CORK, Clyde McWHORTER - Teacher, Myrtle CORK; Casey GRIFFIN, Ruby CORK, Gilbert ROBINSON, Virgil RAMPLY, Estel McGOVERN, Silas BUCHANAN, Myrtle USURY, Corbett GRIFFIN, Homer GRIFFIN, Lois JEFFCOAT, Ila PERRY, Josie CORK, Lillie BUCHANAN, Ira MOSS, Ora MOSS, Era MOSS, Howard CORK, Claude BUCHANAN, Carl EDWARDS, Lester GRIFFIN, Myrtle CRAFTON, Mae PERRY, Vernon BIDDLE, Mavis BIDDLE, Roy MOSS, Harvey EDWARDS, and Keller USURY.  Most of the students looked in the age six to sixteen year bracket with most of the students being the younger set.

Also a picture of the WEIR SCHOOL of 1894 was featured with the following students standing in front of the school: Maggie Morgan OLIVER, Ester Irving SMITH, Swinton WHITMIRE, Norman Bowie FRAZIER, Clara Irving SMITH, Jennie Weir HUNT, Ada Mabry WEEKS, Etoile Love IRVING, Alma Irving LOVE, Bertha Irving STRAWBRIDGE, Eddie McELROY, Grace Irving REED, Lillie Mabry PICKLE, Mavis Irving LYNCH, Cammie Whitmire WHALEY, Arthur TOWNSEND, Press IRVING, Crayton BOWIE, Burford IRVING, and the teacher, Holmes LOVE.  There was a bell tower on top in the center of the building.

In 1922 the students of the CHESTER SCHOOL had their picture taken in front of the former Choctaw Courthouse which was located in Chester.  The students were: Ome Zell McWHORTER, Bonnie McGOVERN, Josephene KEEN, Gladys BOWIE, Ella Lee REDD, Odell HODGES, Pauline HODGES, Lucille HODGES, Katherine MOSS, Louise EDWARDS, Christene BIFFLE, Ila Lee REDD, Olean STEVENSON, Versie McGOVERN, William CROWSON, Ruth KEEN, Mamie BIDDLE on the first row.  Loyd HOLDEN, Carmen WEATHERALL, Ora KING, Ruby KING, Maudie LIDDELL, Nannie EDWARDS, Lillie Bell MOSS, Miriam LOVE, Pauline CROWSON, Mary KEEN, Vivian HODGES, Mamie McGOVERN (to be continued in a later column)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Apr 5, 2000

For those interested in their ancestor or relatives who were living during the 1917-1918 time frame and registered for the draft in Choctaw County, try the web site: Then enter the surname or exact name, if known, check the State of Mississippi and press enter.  This gives a list of the people starting with the last name as the surname you entered.  If you prefer, or if you find your ancestor, write to NARA, Southeast Region, 1557 St. Joseph Ave, East Point, GA 39344 for the draft registration.  All of the draft registrations for World War I are housed in East Point.  Send $10.00 for a copy, and ask for a copy of both sides because there could be information on the back that you would like to have.  Always ask for copies of both sides when sending for documents since some office workers will only copy one side of a document.  A physical description or other pertinent family information just might be on the back.

(Continuation from last week of the names of students attending Chester School in 1922) Ave Nell McWHORTER, Bifford Jack KEEN, Malcolm MOSS, Dewitt HOLDEN, Nolen STEWART, Z. T. MELTON, Riley McINTIRE, Alf RAY, Derrell DAWSON, Bud COLLIER, Terrell MELTON, Leroy LIDDELL, Ralph KING, Alf KYLE, William MEDDERS, Bernice McGOVERN, G. D. WEATHERALL, William Sherman EDWARDS, J. D. STEWART, Vester PRUDEN, B. H. RAY, Doyle CROWDER, Terrell PERRY, Bertrand MELTON, Melton McINTIRE, Stacy ADAMS, Louis BIDDLE, James McINTIRE, Johnny COLLIER, Myrtle KING, Gutha MELTON, Annie BELL McINTIRE, Geneva WEATHERALL, Jody STEWART, Lester ROBINSON, Shirley McINTIRE, Wilma MELTON, Jewell CROWSON, Arline RAY, Kelly MOSS, Wiley COLLIER, Vernon COLLIER, Floyd PRUDEN, Fly LIDDELL, Ira MOSS, Denny RAY, Clara McINTIRE, Tess RAY, Evelyn MEDDERS, Maudine HODGES, William BIDDLE, Loyd RAY, Marline LOVE, Maggie Lee COLLIER, Lois JEFFOCATS, Opal KEEN, Era MOSS, Flora RAY, Etoyle WEATHERALL, John A. BIFFLE, Loyd McINTIRE, Harvey CROWSON, Amos PRUDEN, Carlos CROWSON, Grady STEETY, Jewell ROBINSON, Puuvil McINTIRE, Mamie LIDDELL, Bud HODGES, Earline RAY, Bud HODGES, Earlene RAY, Russell GASTON, Stella ADAMS, Vernon KING, Pearl WEATHERALL, Rollin WEATHERALL, Mary LOVE, K. T. BARNETT, Artie B. OSBORN, Doyle PERRY, Gladys BUCK, Roy MOSS, Dorothy RAY, Floyd McINTIRE, Ethel RAY, Lannie BOWIE, Mavis BIDDLE, Fred KEEN, Ora MOSS, Nathaniel RAY, Bertha BOWIE, Spurgeon WEATHERALL, Mary Lou MELTON, Tarent EDWARDS, Ketie Lou CALCOTE, William CROWSON. Teachers were: Miss Florence WEATHERALL, Miss Lema KEEN, Mr. Edwin TENNYSON, Miss Merra TENNYSON, Miss Janie ADAMS. 

The First Grade Class of Ackerman High School of 1919-1920 included the following students: Mary Ella CROSBY, Bessie CHRISMOND, Anita COLBERT, Erin MOSS, Constance DAWSON, Agnes BOGGAN, Myrtle LANDTHRIP, Mary Margaret DOBBS, Erma EDWARDS, Nancy POTTS, Webb BRUCE, Gerald CALLOWAY, Virginia MABUS, Elizabeth QUINN, Lizzie CHANDLER, Irene COOK, Mary MARTIN, Ella CHANDLER, Louise SISSON, J. D. LANDTHRIP, Russell SULLIVAN, R. K. PREWITT, Carvel GORDON, Howard WIGGINS, Dick MOSS, R. V. BURNEY, Bennie CAMPBELL, Wesley JAMES, and teacher, Mrs. Maggie JOINER. Does anyone have a photo of this class of Ackerman students that they might share with the readers.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Apr 12, 2000

Sheryl Cooper Bassi, P. O. Box 143, Leland, MS 38756,  is searching for information on Leonard CAGLE who was born about 1789 in Moore Co., NC and married Chasity, their children, especially Isaac (Farmer) CAGLE, born 1819, Choctaw Co., and his descendants. Isaac CAGLE married (1) America SMITH, born 1824, about 1841.  Their children were: Matilda, William Henry, Isaiah or Isaac, Sarah, James S., and Haseltine. Isaac married (2) Margaret A. BATTS, born 1823, Choctaw Co., (no children), and his third marriage was to Missouri Calli NOBLES, born 1823, Rankin Co., MS, on 5 Jun 1870.  Isaac and Missouri's children were: Samuel Justin CAGLE, born 12 Apr 1871 (Mrs. Bassi's line), George Isaac CAGLE, born 1873 in Choctaw Co., MS. Mrs. Bassi would appreciate any information on this family, especially concerning Leonard and Charity CAGLE.

In the June 1900 issue of The Choctaw Plaindealer, the following item was on page 3, column 2: We (Mr. J. Lem SEAWRIGHT was editor) were shown a razor one day this week that has been in constant use ever since before the Revolutionary War.  The razor was carried through the revolution by the grandfather of Mrs. Jesse HUGHES.  He gave it to his son, who was the father of Mrs. HUGHES, and he gave it to Mr. Jesse HUGHES, who now owns it.  Mr. HUGHES has been shaving with it for a number of years, and it still looks as good as new.  Does anyone know who Mrs. HUGHES was prior to marriage to Mr. Jesse HUGHESbackground-color-#BCBCBC  Is the razor still in existence. Are there still descendants of this family in Choctaw County today. If so, please contact Louis Taunton.

Again we would like to ask our readers if they have old pictures of Choctaw County that they will share with readers of The Choctaw Plaindealer.  These pictures will be taken good care of, or if you are in Louisville, carry these pictures by Scrivener and Son Photo located at 126 South Court Avenue and wait for the original so a copy can be made.  The Plaindealer is searching for pictures of old schools, early scenes, stores, houses in Ackerman, Weir, Chester or any of the communities or early settlers.  I am particularly interested in pictures (if any exist) of early courthouses at Chester, LaGrange, and Greensboro.

In 1900 W. W. RILEY sold coffins.  Does any one know if any store records of  this establishment are still in existence.

In 1800 the population of Choctaw County was 10,847.  A breakdown of the population by Beats is as follows (1880 population is given first and then the 1900 population): Beat 1 (includes in the town of Chester) - 2,327 and 2,290; Beat 2 - 1,854 and 2,490; Beat 3 (includes French Camp) - 1,862 and 2,214. The town of French Camp's population was 420 in 1800, and in 1890 it had dropped to 267.  Beat 4 (includes Weir) - 1,341 and 1,338; and Beat 5 (includes Ackerman) - 1,652 and 2,515.

From "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol. II," printed by The Goodspeed Publishing Company in 1891, page 236: "One of the best schools in the state is at French Camp, Choctaw County, under the management of the Central Mississippi Presbytery, and is in two divisions; first, the Central Mississippi Institute for females, established in 1886, Rev. A. H. MACKLIN being president of the faculty; second, the French Camp Academy for males, established in 1887, of which J. A. MACKLIN is president. Each has commodious buildings and boarding houses, and a beautiful campus, about $15,000 having been expended on these improvements.  These institutions have a high course of study, including the languages, arts, and sciences, fitting students in some branches to enter the state university."

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Apr 19, 2000

It is always a pleasure to start this column on a positive note.  Mr. Emitt CHANNELL wrote that from his query about his grandfather, Ben CHANNELL, from Weir, he heard from two different people.  These people gave him all the answers and contacts that he was seeking.  Thank you to all the great folks in Choctaw County who make this column work!!!

Judy Strickland HADOKOWITZ is seeking information on the following:  My great grandfather, Willis K. STRICKLAND, was in the 3rd Battalion, Company D, of the Confederate Army from Choctaw County. He returned from the war and married Salicia Jane MORMON, daughter of James and Millie MORMON, in 1865.  I have information on Willis back to the 1600s in VA and will gladly share any data that will help anyone.  I am stuck on finding more about James and Millie MORMON. Several of their sons, Hillsman and John, moved to AR with Willis and Salicia.  James Jasper STRICKLAND, my grandfather, was born in Choctaw Co in December 1865.  He married Laura RAY and moved to Ashley Co, AR, in the 1890s.  His second wife was Harriet Anna BUZBEE, daughter of Nimrod and Eliza McCOY BUZBEE.  Family history says that James and Miss Hattie lived not far from each other in MS and never met until they moved to AR.  Mrs. Hadokowitz states that she will be more than happy to share any data she has and looks forward to hearing from any cousins.

Ken Jackson, RR 1, Box 434, Greenwood, MS 38930, seeks information on descendants of William J. JACKSON and Mary Elizabeth BAGWELL from Choctaw, Oktibbeha, and Winston Counties.  William J. JACKSON was Ken's great-grandfather; his son, James David Washington JACKSON, and Lura Jane WELLS, were Ken's grandparents.  His grandparents moved to Carroll County, MS, about 1905.  Mr. Jackson would like to know more about the JACKSON and WELLS families from the above mentioned counties.  He states that he will gladly exchange information with anyone connected to these families.

Peggy is looking for information on the family of John Ben MITCHELL and Mattie BEALL MITCHELL of Choctaw Co., MS.  J. Ben MITCHELL was born between 1855-1860 in Winston Co., MS, and died in 1924 in Choctaw Co., MS.  He married Mattie BEALL in 1886 in Neshoba Co., MS. Mattie was born in 1861 and died 1941 in Waco, TX.  Children were: Clifford E., Claude, Clyde B., Pearl, Presley Bryant, Paul D., Percy John, and Thomas Perry.  Percy and Perry were twins.  Five of the children were living in TX in 1941 and two were in CA.  Clifford married M. E. WILLIAMS, and she had a daughter named Marion or Mattie WILLIAMS. Pearl married Earnest L. STANLEY and is thought to have died in Columbus, MS.  Mrs. Mitchell would love to exchange information with any members of this family. Mrs. Mitchell is also researching the following surnames: CHILDS (SC-GA-MS); MITCHELL (VA-SC-MS-TX); JEFFRIES (GA-MS); UPCHURCH (England-VA-NC-AL-MS); LINDSEY (AL-MS); McCULLY (Ireland-SC-MS); LUNDY (GA-MS); LATIMER (GA-MS); CLARK (VA-TN-MS); HIERS (TN-MS).

Harry (Hal) L. MARTIN III, 933 Cottonwood Dr., Barstow, CA 92311, phone: 760-252-3351; is seeking information on the James Wiley WEEKS/Mary Elizabeth PEEPLES family who lived in Choctaw and Webster Counties in MS in the 1800s.  One of their sons, Dr. William Henry WEEKS, born 18 Jan 1875 was Mr. Martin's grandfather. Mr. Martin believes that there were seven siblings in the family.  Some of the family was buried (he thinks) in Spring Valley Cemetery in Mathiston.  Any help, large or small, would be gratefully appreciated by Mr. Martin.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Apr 26, 2000

James W. BAILEY, Jr., 3217 W. Esplanade Ave, #276, Metairie, LA 70002, phone: 504-669-8650, is researching the BAILEY family of Choctaw County.  Mr. Bailey's father is James W. BAILEY, the son of Luther E. BAILEY, born 30 June 1907 and died 31 December 1987.  Luther was married to Mary Lou SHEPPEARD born 16 September 1911 and died 25 March 1989.  Both are buried at Reed's Chapel in Webster County.  Mr. Bailey's great grandfather was James E. BAILEY born 12 August 1878 and died 11 February 1959. James was married to Florence AINSWORTH was born 27 January 1881 and died 13 September 1951.  They are also buried at Reed's Chapel. Mr. Bailey's great-great grandfather was John R. BAILEY, born 22 April 1843 and died 15 July 1890. John's wife was Mary Elizabeth INGE born 14 December 1842 and died 22 March 1892.  They are buried at Sarepta Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Montgomery County.  The father of John R. BAILEY was William R. BAILEY, born 20 September 1810 and died 15 May 276 and was married to Celia L. E. C. PEEBLES who was born 28 May 221 and died 1 February 1892. William and Celia are buried in the Old Peebles Family Cemetery in Webster County.  Also buried in this cemetery is Alpha PEEBLES, one of the early settlers of Choctaw County.  Mr. Bailey said that he has an extensive collection of black and white photographs of many of the headstones from the Old Peebles Family Cemetery that were taken at a cemetery cleaning that took place in 1983.  It is thought that William R. BAILEY was born in Abbeville County or Lauren County, SC.  Mr. Bailey tends to believe that the father of William was Edward BAILEY, who appears with William R. BAILEY on the 1840 Choctaw County Census.  He has detailed census, marriage and death records regarding the BAILEY line.  Mr. Bailey is also extremely interested in acquiring copies of any documents, pictures, war records or any information whatsoever regarding the 30th Mississippi Infantry Company C, Choctaw Planters, that his great-great grandfather, John R. BAILEY, served in.  He will pay for any copying expenses incurred and will share all information that he has collected on the BAILEY line.  Mr. Bailey states that anyone with information may call him at the number given at the beginning of the query, leave a brief message on his voice mail, and he will gladly call you back at his expense.

Lori  sent in the following: John Wiseman "Doc" BOX born 1932 in AL, was residing in Township 18, Post Office Bankston, Choctaw Co, MS, in 1860.  He was married to Nancy L. HARRISON of GA.  In 1860 they had two children, James R., age 4 (born 1856 in MS) and George W. (George Washington) age 1 (born 1859 in MS).  A daughter, Jennie was born in 1862 and another daughter, Virgie Barbara was born 12 Jan 1872 in Jackson, MS.  She has muster rolls for John BOX that she received from the National Archives.  He enlisted with Company L, 24th Regiment, Miss. Volunteers on 10 March 1862 in Aberdeen, MS. John was a sharpshooter.  Several of the muster rolls make reference to bounties paid or unpaid.  From July 1862 to 12 October 1862, he was left at a hospital in Danville, KY.  He was apparently captured sometime after April 1863 and was held prisoner of war at a prison in Illinois.  I do not know which one.  After his release, he walked home from Illinois to MS, found his family and my great-great grandmother, Virgie Barbara BOX, was conceived. John BOX died before she was born.  I am told John was 3/4 Cherokee.  On the 1860 census there is a neighboring family, Susan BOX. age 50 of NC, Polly A., age 24, Henry age 21, Frances, age 18.  She is looking for a connection with this family to the John W. BOX family and verification of Indian ancestry whether it is Cherokee or Choctaw.  Also, on the 1860 census, there is a male BOX, age 47 (born 1813 in AL) living with John W. BOX, but she can't make out his first name.  She thinks that he could be John's father.  Nancy L. BOX and children moved to Hot Springs, Garland Co, AR because Nancy heard money grew on trees!  Any information on this family would be appreciated and would help tremendously

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of May 3, 2000

Ruth W. Kendall, 567 N. Pontotoc St., Houston, MS 38851, is in the process of attempting to put together a family history.  She has found that the extinct community of Dalton (Webster County) played an important role in the lives of her ancestors; as two of the three sons who went off to serve in the Confederacy stated that they lived at "Dalton."  The eldest son, William Rufus KENDALL, who was discharged in November of 1863 due to wounds received at Gettysburg, married his bride in April of 1864.  On his marriage record he states that he lives at "Dalton." Josiah FORRESTER was his bondsman.  She has been shown where the community was, near the Wake Forest Church and Cemetery.  She would very much like to see any old pictures of the community and to learn any history that someone might have access to.  Researching the James F. KENDALL (born 1810) family, father of William Rufus KENDALL (1838-1924), Charles Wesley KENDALL, James A. KENDALL, Larkin KENDALL, Lowery KENDALL, and Simon KENDALL.

Karen Oswalt Manning, PO Box 250, Gordo, AL 35466, wrote us a kind letter giving information about Pinto post office in Choctaw County.  She related the following: "Pinto was located in northern Choctaw County near Sherwood. Travel to Sherwood on Hwy 15, turn west onto Breland Rd (by Joe L. PINNIX), and continue some three plus miles past the Elvin BRELAND (Gloria Fay BRELAND PHELPS land) to Sand Creek.  Pinto was south of the road along the creek.  The land is now owned by Tom BRELAND and his daughter, who have a huge petrified tree stump (escalated from the property) engraved with information concerning Pinto.  The stump is currently located just west of Sand Creek on the right of Breland Rd. The estate of my Mom (the late Elaine YOUNG OSWALT) joins the property.  Much of the land mentioned was once owned by my great grandfather, Elvin JACKSON "Jack" BRELAND, SR." Mrs. MANNING continues.  Pinto consisted of a general store, cotton gin, grist mill, and post office.  The old iron rails, etc., of the cotton gin can still be found lying across the creek bed.  My grandmother, Virgie BRELAND YOUNG, worked at the post office from time to time."  Mrs. Manning is very interested in history, and this is evidenced by her chairing the compiling/writing/publishing of the PICKENS COUNTY, ALABAMA HISTORY AND FAMILIES BOOK.  The book was published in December 1998, and a coy is in The Choctaw County Library.  As many area genealogists, know, Pickens County was the jumping off county in Alabama for early settlement in the east Mississippi counties.

The following is extracted from Volume II of the Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, published in 1891.  In the section about early schools of Mississippi, the following was said: "The Greensboro Academy at Greensboro, Choctaw County, was incorporated May 11, 1837; Erasmus L. ACEE, and four others being incorporators and trustees.  There was a fine building. In 1842 Mr. and Mrs. MELTON were in charge, but differences among us had
'about ruined our schools.' "

The same book as mentioned above writes about James PRYOR who owned the firm of James PRYOR & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries, millinery, etc., at Grenada.  Mr. PRYOR's parents were James T. and Mary J. (McKEE) PRYOR who were married in Choctaw County.  The father of James T. PRYOR was Samuel O. PRYOR, a native of Virginia before migrating to Mississippi.  The PRYORS were often mentioned in the early census of Choctaw County and served in Confederacy during the War Between the States from Choctaw County.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of May 10, 2000

Dana Meara, 2523 Karla Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150, phone 972-270-6870 is hoping that someone can help with information about her great grandfather, John H. COSTILOE, who was born in TN about 1817.  Dana knows nothing about him prior to 1843 when he married Susan Emily "Emma" WRAGG in Winston Co., MS. Emma was the daughter of Samuel WRAGG and Mary McKENZIE who lived in a part of Winston County that later became Choctaw County.  There were several COSTELLO/COSTILOE families in MS, but Dana has not been able to connect John with any of them.  Tradition in her family is that John made it home one day but died the next day from wounds suffered during the Siege of  Vicksburg in June 1863.  He was serving with Captain James A. PORTER's Company.  He may have been buried in the Blackwood Cemetery, but there is no marker.  All of the COSTILOE children married in Winston County.  Children of John H. COSTILOE and Susan Emily "Emma" WRAGG COSTILOE were: (1) Lucy (1844-1897) married Thomas J. DAVIS and after his death married James WYLIE, (2) Catherine Elizabeth (1845-1900) married Andrew FOSTER (3) Samuel (1849-1904) married Mrs. Bell NASON (4) Mary Jane (1853-1889) married John Fletcher  CROWSON (5) Euel Lansing (1857-1931) married Eululia CAGLE (6) Joseph Leonard (1858-1932) married Virginia Winston SHAW (7) William P. (1863-1922) married Lulu RAYBORN. Euel and Eululia CAGLE COSTILOW were Dana's grandparents.  They moved from MS to Grayson Co., TX in 1893, and later into Indian Territory (OK).  She would very much like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of these families.

This week we return to the subject of John BROWN, Revolutionary Soldier, who is evidently buried in Choctaw County.  According to the book, Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers, John BROWN was the son of Andrew BROWN, who also fought in the Revolution. John is listed as having married twice -- the first time to Betty CRAWFORD and second to Jane or Jinsey STEPHERSON/ STEPHENSON (born 1796 and died after 1850 Census) on 3 May 211 in Pendleton District.  John BROWN volunteered for Revolutionary Service from Spartanburg District, SC.  He was a private in 1777 under Captain John GOYNE. He was in Colonel ROEBUCK's Regiment and under Colonel PICKENS.  Evidently after the War he moved from Spartanburg to Pendleton District, SC, then to Georgia in 1816, then to Jefferson Co., Alabama in 1817 and finally wound up in MS in 1838.  He first settled in Winston County and then later moved to Oktibbeha/Choctaw County. Children by his first wife: (1) John married in Cuthbert, GA in 1809 to Nancy CAMP (2) Elijah married in Jefferson Co., AL in 1824 to Nancy EDMONDSON (3) Eliza married in Jefferson Co., AL in 1821 to John CAMP (4) Thompson married in Jefferson Co., AL in 1823 to Nancy OWEN (5) George born 1887 and died 1845 married Mary (6) Selena (7) Benjamin (8) Jane Barton born 1789 and died 1840.  Children by his second wife: (1) Andrew Jackson born 1819 married Caroline CRAWFORD (2) Owen born 1823 (3) Louisa Lucinda (1825-1875) married Joseph M. GILL and died in AL (4) Early Young (1829-1855) (5) Emily Jane (6) Arkansas. A lady in Utah who descends from the Andrew Jackson and Caroline CRAWFORD BROWN line states that Caroline CRAWFORD BROWN died before Andrew Jackson BROWN and his family moved to Texas.  Again we appeal to our readers to ask, does anyone know with a degree of certainty, where John BROWN is buried at in the Bethlehem Cemetery.  Any help or information would be appreciated.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of May 17, 2000

On May 12, 1924, the Choctaw Agricultural High School at Weir was holding their closing exercises.  The graduating seniors were: Lois BUCK, Mary E. FRANKS, Irma IRVING; Robert W. HUNT; John LOVE; Virgie NEAL; Elizabeth PAISLEY; Mavis PREWITT; Allene REED; Ruby RATLIFF; and Katherine STEELE.

Jean Gathright Holman, 4117 Bryn Mawr, Dallas, TX 75225-6737 phone (214)
269-9947, fax (214) 369-9949, is researching the parents of her great-grandmother, Erie Lanora CASTLE born 4 March 1863 in Webster Co., MS, and died 7 July 1906 in Walthall, Webster County.  She married before September 1883 in Webster Co., MS, to Calvin Byrd PITTMAN who was born 28 March 1862 in Webster Co., MS, and died 11 December 1944 in Webster County.  Erie Lanora CASTLE was the daughter of John CASTLE, born about 1825 in SC and married before 1850, probably in Choctaw Co., MS. and his wife was Sarah A.  who was born in 1829 in AL and died November 1869 at Lodi, Choctaw Co., MS. John and Sarah were enumerated in 1850 in Choctaw County Lodi Census; John was enumerated in the 1870 and 1880 Lodi Census.  Who were John and Sarah's.  She would like to correspond with other descendants and will be happy to share information.

In 1905 students at Southerland School (located one and a half miles east of Reform) were: John LONG, teacher; Boot FONDREN, Tessie VAUGHN; Beulah SOUTHERLAND; Sallie DENHAM, Rosa McILVANEY, Kitty WOOD; Ethel FONDREN; DICK McILVANEY; Dan RAY; Sarah FONDREN; Essie MAGUS, Bettie McILVANEY, Anna VAUGHN, Lizzie MABUS, Lizzie SOUTHERLAND; Ola FONDREN; Bobby RAY; Jodie RAY; Lester VAUGHN; Millard DENHAM; Joe LANCASTER; Dewey LONG; Earl FONDREN; Webb RAY; and Leo Long.

A 1950 Choctaw Plaindealer had the following to say about the DRANE home at French Camp: The house was built in 1848, thirteen years before the Civil War on a tract of land which covered 1400 acres.  It was built and owned by Colonel James DRANE, who used selected lumber.  The lumber was sawed with a sash saw run by water power.  The foundation and framing was pinned together with wooden pins.  The ceiling was put up with square iron nails.  After the close of the Civil War and all slaves were free, Col. DRANE sold much of the land which made up a large settlement. Col. DRANE died in 1869 and is buried, as are other members of the family, in a reserved plot across the road in front of where the house once stood.  The house was originally located on the old Bankston-French Camp Road in Choctaw County. In 1882 Mr. J. H. COBB became the owner of the property with 360 acres of land. He lived there until his death in 1932.  In 1950 his daughters, Misses Fannie and Bettie COBB, were still making their home there.  The ladies had many visitors each year who visited to look at the antebellum home.  Today this home is now located at French Camp on the Natchez Trace and many visitors stop to look at the construction of this antebellum home.

The following is a roster of Company G - "Davis Guards" - of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment of Confederate Troops from Choctaw County during the War Between the States:  Captain James M. TINNON, 1st Lt. John HARROD, 2nd LT. Samuel E. PARKER, 3rd Lt. Marshall J. ROSE, Privates James T. BAILEY, John R. BANKS, John W. BINGHAM, Thomas M. BINGHAM, John E. BLACK, James A. BOWEN, John P. CAFFEY, William J. CALLAHAN, Robert C. CANNON, Marion CARVER, Alfred T. CHILDRESS, Jacob B. CLEMENTS, Jackson CLEMENTS, A. J. COLVIN, Toliver B. CROUCH, John W. DESHAZO, 3rd Sergeant T. Hardin E. DICKSON, 3rd Sergeant William B. DOWDY, Isaac G. Duskins (To be continued)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of May 24, 2000

Kenneth D. Jones,  is searching for any information on Austin JONES, known to be in Choctaw County in 1840 and on the tax rolls in 1844.  It is believed that he is the father of Thomas Martin JONES, Sr., born in 1860.  Austin JONES may have been married to Sally ___. Other family surnames that Kenneth is working on are WISE STEPHENS, STEPHENSON, STACY, DOUGLAS, RIDDELL and GAMMILL.

Mr. Henry Bernard CAMPBELL, Sr., Rt. 1, Box 214, Stewart, MS 39767, phone 662-258-6696, is interested in locating the descendants of Elizabeth WOODS, b. 1815 in Georgia and was living in Choctaw Co., MS, with a family of eight children when the 1850 Choctaw County Census was taken.  The children were: (1) Stephen WOODS age 18, b. in 1832 in Marion Co., AL (2) Jeremiah WOODS age 16, b. in 1834 in Choctaw Co., MS (3) James WOODS age 14, b. in 1836 in Choctaw Co., MS (4) Philip Marshall WOODS age 12, b. 24 Dec 1838 in Choctaw Co., MS (5) Mary WOODS age 11, b. 1839 Choctaw Co., MS (6) Joseph Harvey WOODS age 9, b. 14 Feb 1841 in Choctaw Co., MS (7) Wiley WOODS age 5, b. in Choctaw Co., MS (8) Henry WOODS age 2, b. in Choctaw Co., MS.  The Confederate Army Records Division Headquarters in Meridian, MS of 1863 show Stephen WOODS b. 1832 in Marion Co., AL age 32, as enrolled in the Confederate Army 30 Apr 1864 from Choctaw Co., MS.  Philip Marshall WOODS served with Company D, 15th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers in the Confederate Army, and was taken prisoner at Edwards Depot on 17 May 263 and exchanged at Fort Delaware, DE, on 4 Jul 1863.  Philip Marshall WOODS married Signey FORTNER on 18 Jan 1858, and they had nine children.  Their children were: (1) Martha E. WOODS b. 9 May 1859 in Choctaw Co., MS (2) Mary Alice WOODS b. 29 Jul 1862 in Choctaw Co., MS (3) Signey A. WOODS b. 26 Aug 1864 in Choctaw Co., MS (4) J. W. WOODS b. 6 Feb 1867 in Choctaw Co., MS (5) Philip Allen WOODS b. 13 Feb 1869 in Choctaw Co., MS (6) Margaret Elvia WOODS b. 18 October 1871 in Choctaw Co., MS (7) Annaliza WOODS b. 13 Jun 1875 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS (8) John Bunyan WOODS b. 15 Aug 1877 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS (9) Charlie Carroll WOODS, Sr., b. 1875 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS.  Joseph Harvey WOODS married Epsey Adline PEEPLES b. 11 Nov 1847 in Choctaw Co., MS.  Joseph Harvey WOODS and Epsey Adline PEEPLES were married in 1866 in Choctaw Co., MS and had six children.  Their children were (1) Elizabeth Cornelia "Bettie" WOODS b. 7 May 267 in Choctaw Co., MS (2) Martha Beatrice WOODS b. 23 Dec 1868 in Choctaw Co., MS (3) Mary Appolona "Appie" WOODS b. 12 Aug 1872 in Choctaw Co., MS (4) James William "Willie" WOODS b. 11 Nov 1875 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS (5) Joseph Pinkney (Pink) WOODS b. 10 Nov 1878 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS (6) Ella Lee WOODS b. 29 Jun 1881 in Sumner (Webster) Co., MS.  Joseph Harvey and Epsey Adline PEEPLES WOODS were Mr. CAMPBELL's great grandparents.  Mr. CAMPBELL states that he has some information on the WOODS and PEEPLES families and will share it with anyone that is interested in where their families came from.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of May 31, 2000

Mrs. Mildred (McWHORTER) RAY, P.O. Box 612, St. Marys, GA 31558 wrote a nice letter concerning this column.  She related that she has been receiving the Choctaw Plaindealer for several years. Mrs. RAY is the oldest daughter of Clyde McWHORTER who was born at Crepe Creek.  He taught school in 1913 at Cork School and also taught at Fentress School.  Mrs. RAY remembers many of the students mentioned of the 1922 Chester School, and Omizelle McWHORTER was her first cousin.  Mrs. RAY was born in Chester, and after several years of moving about, the family moved back to Chester. Mr. Clyde McWHORTER died in 1934, and Mrs. RAY married and lived another year in Chester.  Her mother and the other children moved to Grenada County where he mother was from originally.  Lawrence McWHORTER was Mrs. RAY's uncle.  Her family has a Clyde and Russell McWHORTER reunion every two years.

In 1925 the honorable W. T. HOLLAND of Greensburg, LA, visited Webster and Choctaw Counties. Although a native of Webster County, Mr. HOLLAND left in 1877.  He was a leading attorney and had been editor of the St. Helena Echofor 32 years.  Upon his return home he wrote the following in his paper, The St. Helena, LA, Echo: "At Eupora we were joined by our cousin, Jim TULL, of Jackson, who was with us during our sojourn, and our bunch divided up and spent time between the EUDYs and FINCHes, whose hospitalities had no bounds.  Saturday morning we motored out to where once stood the town of Lagrange, once the county seat of ole Choctaw County, where we spent a year studying law in the office of MULDROW, NASH, and PINSON.  It is now planted in cotton, and no trace of the town whatever could be found, and the afternoon we visited the spot where once stood the historic town of Greensboro, the original county seat of Choctaw County, of which poets have sung and historians have written.  It is also extinct.  It was once so wicked that the man in the moon had to hold his nose as he passed by.  Here we spent several months in the law office previously built and occupied by the famous William E. (Bill) BRANTLY (whose sun went down while it was yet day."

Some of the early Methodist Ministers who served Choctaw County were: Benjamin AVENT, Allen CASTLE, Richard M. CROWSON, John D. DESKIN, Wiley P. DICKERSON, James J. EARLY, Isaac EASTERLY, Elijah GENTRY, E. F. GORE, Asbury HINES, George JACKSON, Lorenzo D. LANGFORD, Green Y. McNAGG, William M. MARTIN, William R. RAINEY, Lewis TINER, Hiniard TOWNSEND, B. R. TRULY, and James O. WOODWARD.

Jon Singleton, P.O. Box 13, Angels Camp, CA 95222-0013, is looking for information on his grandparents: Bob Dick SINGLETON was born 4 Jul 1895 in Webster County and died 16 May 1953 in Jackson, MS at the VA Hospital.  Bob was the son of John Richard and Minnie Ellen MELTON SINGLETON from Choctaw County.  Bob married Mary Etta RAY.  Mary Etta was born 2 Jan 1897 in Sunflower Co., MS and died 20 Nov 1958 at Philadelphia, Neshoba Co., MS.  Mary Etta was the daughter of James Hester and Emily Malinda DODD RAY from Choctaw County.  Bob was drafted or volunteered for service in WWI at Indianola, Sunflower Co., MS on 2 Apr 1918. He was in Moorehead City for the 1920 census, then moved on to Philadelphia in Neshoba County.  Any help would be appreciated by Mr. Singleton.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of June 7, 2000

Kay Rockett, Charlotte, NC 28720, has been searching for years for the parents of her Choctaw County ancestors; James C(olwell) HALL and his in-laws, Jane (BAGWELLbackground-color-#BCBCBC) and James SHAW. James C. was born in 1824 in either Alabama or Tennessee, according to various censuses.  He had "probable" brothers, John A., Houston, and Peter, and at least one sister, Julia.  James C. married Elizabeth Elvira SHAW, probably the daughter of James and Jane SHAW. Jane is supposedly a BAGWELL, but she has not found proof of this.  The book about families of Generys Gap, Alabama, mentions John SHAW, a pioneer of Shelby County, Alabama, and his sons William born 1792, James born 1794, Pleasant born 1798, and Sanders born 1807.  Kay is working on the assumption that John's son James is "my" James, and she would like proof of this.  Among the children of James and Jane SHAW were (probably) Elizabeth Elvia born 1824, Jane who died of consumption ca 1849, an unknown daughter, James, William, David, Franklin, John, Sam Houston, and Austin.  Also with them in the 1850 census for Choctaw Co., MS, were teenagers Angeline SHAW and Edna SHAW of South Carolina.  Kay states, "As everyone can see, I need proofs and much help with these lines.  Any information would be tremendously appreciated!"

From the History of the Louisville Baptist Association written in 1886 and covering the years of 1840 to 1882 by Dr. L. S. FOSTER, a former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Louisville, the following is copied: Statistical Table for 1839: Liberty and Bethlehem Churches of Choctaw County, MS, were members.  Messengers to the Association in 1839 from Liberty were Jos. J. MOREHEAD, C. L. DOTSON, and Reuben DOTSON.  Messengers from Bethlehem were G. A. PENIX, S. SCARBOROUGH, and Nacey WEST. Some of the names of churches in Choctaw are mentioned several times in the history.  Spring Hill was received in 1842; McCurtain's Creek was received in 1848; as well as Mt. Moriah and Bluff Springs.  Crape Creek joined the association in 1853, as did Mt. Zion.  In 1855 Concord joined the Association, and in 1858 Poplar Springs was admitted.  Bankston joined in 1859. In 1860 Poplar Springs, Poplar Creek, and Crape Creek were dismissed to join the Kosciusko Association with other churches.  In 1869 Chestnut Grove was admitted into the Association, and in 1872 Blythe Creek joined. Some of the early Baptist Ministers that Winston, Attala, and Choctaw Counties shared were Silas DOBBS, (a book should be written on this Saint of God who established so many early churches -- First Baptist of Louisville and several others in Choctaw and Winston Counties); W. A. DOBBS, John MICOU, Joseph ROBINSON, W. M. FARRAR, Amos LEE, E. W. NORRIS, D. M. SIMS, M. BENNETT, J. B. POTEET, W. H. HEAD, D. H. DOBBS (son of Silas DOBBS) , W. W. BLAIN (an early minister at Hopewell Baptist church), W. M. FANCHER (uncle of W. H. H. FANCHER), W. R. WARD, Levi SUTHERLAND, J. B. LONG, A. J. FRANKLIN (minister who lived near Mt. Pisgah Church in Choctaw County) N. Q. ADAMS (he became a member of Bethlehem Church in 1852 and in 1868 withdrew to aid in forming Chestnut Grove Church, and in 1874 became a member of Wake Forest Church in Oktibbeha County.  He was ordained in 1870 by Elders Micajah BENNETT and T. A. J. OWEN.  He was pastor of Chestnut Grove for five years, New Zion for two years, one year at Concord, Bethlehem for three years and Double Springs for one year and Spring Hill Church for several years. (To be continued)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of June 14, 2000

Dave & Jackie Goodman, P. O. Box 1503, Osprey, FL 34229, phone: 941-918-4435, is looking for descendants of Eliza E. McGEE, born about 1868, daughter of John Henry McGEE and Elizabeth J. CROSBY. Eliza married in Winston County first to Thomas Napper QUINTON in 1885, but may have descendants from a later marriage(s).  Eliza McGEE and Thomas Napper QUINTON were the parents of three sons.  Any help would be appreciated and they said that they were always happy to pass along what they know.

Everette Carr of Allentown, PA has created a web site celebrating the History of Bear Creek Baptist Church which covers the years of 1850-1962.  The names of the ministers and the year they served is also included.  The URL is

Edward L. Brown, 630 S. Louisville St., Harlem GA 30814 is searching for information on the BARRETT family from Attala County.  He is searching for information on Bennie BARRETT who married Martha Ann BRASHER.  Martha was a sister of Mr. Brown's grandmother, Susie BRASHER.  They were all born in the mid to late 1800s and died prior to my birth in 1938.  Mr. Brown has the Attala, Montgomery and Choctaw County Cemetery Books, but cannot find a listing for this couple.  If there is anyone out there searching for the BRASHER, BURNS, or BROWNS, Mr. Brown would like to share information.

Pioneer Publishing Company, P. O. Box 408, Carrollton, MS 38917, phone: 662-237-6010 has the following books for sale that relate to Choctaw County, MS: "Abstracts of Choctaw County, Mississippi Records" by Betty Wiltshire.  It contains abstracts of the first deed book giving names of buyers and sellers, dates, type of property sold such as land, slaves, etc., names of witnesses, as well as anyone else named.  Also, tax lists for 1835 and 1844; Marriage Book 1 beginning 1882 listing bride, groom, date and all persons mentioned, with relationship when given. 196 pages, paperback, indexed price is $18.00 plus $4.26 tax and shipping. Also a book, "Gracie's Story, Tales of a Sharecropper's Daughter" by Gracie O'Dell, 123 pages paperback, $10.00 plus $3.70 tax and shipping is for sale.  This good humored book tells of the family life of the author, who was born in Choctaw County, MS, began school in the Chester community, and spent most of her later life in the Fayette and Tuscaloosa County, Ala. areas.  She names friends, relatives and acquaintances.  She is a gifted storyteller, making even the most ordinary experiences interesting.  Her stories are enjoyed by all age groups. If any of the readers would like a catalogue listing all their titles, just send your name and mailing address to Pioneer Publishing company at the address listed above.

Kenneth D. Jones, 3343 Bunten Road, Duluth, GA 30096 is looking for information on children of J. W. STEPHENSON and Sara Josephine  RIDDELL STEPHENSON. J. W. and Sara Josephine were married 10 Dec 1868 in Choctaw Co., MS.

Louis Taunton, P. O. Box 400, Louisville, MS 39339-0400  is wanting to correspond with someone who is working on the VOWELL Family of the Panhandle area of Choctaw County.  Thomas Jefferson VOWELL and Andrew Jackson VOWELL were brothers who migrated to this area of Mississippi because of their uncle, Malachi VOWELL, who lived in Winston County.  Does anyone have a VOWELL Family Bible listing children, spouses, birth and death.  Will share information.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of June 21, 2000

Joanne Hughes Lusk, 406 Lakefront Dr., Warner Robins, GA 31088  is researching the HUGHES Family of PA, SC, TN, AL, and MS, also FOX and FINNELL. Jesse HUGHES (1788-1858) was born in South Carolina, probably in Laurens County.  About 1812 he married Dorcus JOHNSON (1792-1856).  They were probably married in South Carolina as well.  About 1815 Jesse, Dorcus and their young family migrated to Cocke Co., TN, where they resided for about five years.  About 1820 Jesse, Dorcus and family migrated to Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  Prior to 1850, the HUGHES Family migrated to Choctaw County, MS, as they show up on the 1850 Federal Census there.  Jesse HUGHES and Dorcus JOHNSON had at least eleven children.  Jesse HUGHES was the son of John HUGHES (1750-1803) and Elizabeth.  John HUGHES died in Laurens Co., SC.  Jesse HUGHES was the grandson of Richard HUGHES (1710-1783) and Mary.  Richard HUGHES owned land in Union Co., SC on the Broad River.  Currently beyond Richard HUGHES no ancestors have been documented yet.  There is some possible evidence of connections to PA.  Also it is alleged that the HUGHES family migrated from Wales. Children of Jesse HUGHES and Dorcus JOHNSON: (1) Mary Ann Caroline HUGHES (1811-1896) married first Leroy FINNELL and second Jacob FOX (2) Joseph HUGHES (1813-1829) died at about the age of 16 (3) Daniel HUGHES (1815-1859) married Charlotte BELL (their descendants listed later) (4) Ann HUGHES (1817-1850) married Malachi FOX (5) Sarah HUGHES (1816-1862) married Henry FOX (6) Unity HUGHES (1821-1890) married James Milton MILLS (7) Elizabeth HUGHES (1823-background-color-#BCBCBC) married Pascal P. McGUIRE (8) Gracey HUGHES (1826-1865) married Thomas Perry MACON (9) Joel HUGHES (1830-1862) married Elizabeth Ann GRAY (10) William HUGHES (1832-background-color-#BCBCBC) married Harried MOORE (11) Martha HUGHES (1838-1908) married Reuben D. RANSON. Children of Daniel HUGHES and Charlotte BELL: (1) William Riley HUGHES
(1834-1916) married Sarah Ann POOLE (2) Mary Ann HUGHES (1836-1884) married John Lewis LANDRETH (3) John Bell HUGHES (1838-1909) married Mary LAWLEY (4) Joseph HUGHES (1839-1924) married Nancy Elizabeth BRYANT (5) Jesse HUGHES (1842-1919) married Nancy SMITH (6) Basil Manley HUGHES (1844-1937) married Martha Victory BRYANT (7) Amelia Dorcus HUGHES (1846-1865) died at about the age of 19 (8) Anthony HUGHES (1848-1932) married first Martha Jane SARTAIN (9) Mary Ann HUGHES (1851-1933) married Felix Ebenezer MILLS (10) Francis Albert HUGHES (1854-1944) married Mary FINNELL (11) Unity Monica HUGHES (1858-1887) married James Milton MILLS.  Mrs. Lusk would like for anyone connected to these families to contact her as they are planning a reunion in October.

Some of the War between the States units who fought from Choctaw County were: Company A, 4th Miss. Infantry was the Bankston Guards; Company D, 5th Miss. Infantry was the New Prospect Greys (listed as Winston County, but this portion was added to Choctaw County in the 1870s); Company G, 5th Miss. Infantry was known as Barry Guards and made up of men from Chickasaw and Choctaw Counties; Company K, 24th Regiment, MS Infantry Volunteers was known as the Choctaw Rebels; Company B of the 31st Infantry (also known as Dixie Guards, Avent Company or Avent Rebels) and was formerly 6th Battalion, MS Infantry (Orris) were from Choctaw County; Company H - the Jackson Rifles were later Company I of the 31st Infantry; Company H and Company I were part of the 3rd (Owens) Regiment, MS Infantry Minute Men; Company A, 2nd MS Calvary, and Choctaw County was represented in the Confederate Artillery by Company C, Turner's Battery of the 1st MS. Light Artillery (also known as Wither's Light Artillery).

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of June 28, 2000

Something needs to be said, and since I am not connected in any way, can say it and hope that everyone understands.  I was in Ackerman last week, and the Choctaw County Library needs books for their genealogy room.  Numerous people have printed family histories and other books, and yet a copy was not or has not been donated to the Choctaw County Library.  The readers would be amazed at the number of people doing research in Choctaw County of the early people, who travel to Choctaw County, and are disappointed at the lack of genealogical material available at the library.  So, if anyone has published a genealogical book or plans to publish a book, please consider giving a copy to the Choctaw County Library.  Books may be donated in memory of deceased loved ones or in honor of someone who has been a span influence in the writer's life.  The genealogy room of Choctaw County Library is extremely nice, and they have the space for many genealogy books.

Brother William HALES, Director of Missions of Choctaw County, was good enough to share a Choctaw County Baptist Association report with us.  In this report the Baptist churches (the ones that are still active) and date of their establishment is listed.  The following are Baptist Churches and their date of founding: First Baptist of Ackerman - 1885; Bethlehem - 1835; Bluff Springs - 1837; Blythe Creek - 1877; Chester - 1896; Clear Springs - 1862; Concord - 1837 (Mississippi State Special Collections has a typed copy of the Minutes of this Church - it was donated by Judge COLEMAN, and Miss Nellie COMMANDER typed it for the Judge); Covenant - background-color-#BCBCBC; Crape Creek - 1883; Cross Roads - 1942; Ebenezer - background-color-#BCBCBC; Fellowship - 1852; Fentress - 1892; French Camp - 1874; Hopewell (located in the Pan Handle area of Choctaw and at one time a member of the Louisville Baptist Association) - 1842; Mt. Moriah - 1847; Mt. Pisgah -1845; New Haven -1886; New Zion - background-color-#BCBCBC; Old Mt. Pisgah - 1958; Providence - 1885; Victory - 1991; Weir - 1909; Wood Springs -1900.  Of course, the inactive or "dead" Baptist churches are not listed in this report.  One that comes to mind is Beulah Baptist Church that was near Weir, that no longer exists because it was destroyed by a tornado and torn down; however Beulah Cemetery is an active cemetery and well kept.  I would certainly appreciate someone giving me dates of memorials at these or any other churches in Choctaw County, so that a list could be printed for those people who either live away from Choctaw County and read the Plaindealer or pick this column up from the Choctaw List on the Internet.  This way researchers just might show up at a memorial to see their long lost cousins!

In 1895 Dr. L. S. FOSTER (a Baptist Minister who was at one time pastor of First Baptist Church, Louisville and later Starkville) published the book "Mississippi Baptist Preachers." A wealth of information on early Mississippi Baptist ministers is contained in this book.  For the next few weeks, I will try to extract some of the items on early Baptist ministers of Choctaw County.

J. L. ARNOLD - was born in Spartanburg County, S. C. on 24 Nov 1850.  His parents and grandparents on both sides of his family were Baptists; and as far back as friends can trace the line, his ancestors were Baptists.  He was inclined from boyhood to principles of strict morality.  His opportunities for acquiring an education were very meager, yet when about five years of age, he entered school and attended during three terms of eight months each. After he became large enough to be of service on the farm, his father, needing his service, was obliged to have him work on the farm.  At the age of thirteen he was left fatherless by the death of his father in the Confederate service.  This further restricted his opportunities for going to school.  (To be continued)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of July 5, 2000

Last week we started the extraction of information from the book, Mississippi Baptist Preachers, by Dr. L. S. FOSTER, printed in 1895. We continue with the biography of the Baptist Ministers of early Choctaw Co.

J. L. ARNOLD -- "In 1867 his mother settled in Choctaw Co (now Webster Co), MS. On the fifth Sunday in August, 1868, he made a public profession of religion, joined the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and was baptized by Rev. G. L JENNINGS, of which church he has ever since been a member. On the first Sunday of September, 1889, he was ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry. The Zion Associaton was in session at Mount Pleasant Church at that time and the presbytery was composed of all the ministers in attendance. His fields of labor have been in his own and adjacent counties."

Micajah BENNETT -- "From personal knowledge the writer of this book can say that in the days of his youth, Mr. BENNETTs influence as a preacher and as a man of moral worth, was widely felt. His labors were confined to the territory of the Columbus and Louisville Associations in East Mississippi, his home being in the western part of Oktibbeha Co (edge of Choctaw Co). In 1844 he was moderator of the Columbus Association. He was a member of Double Springs Church in 1868. He was pioneer work, for which he was well fitted."

W. W. BLAIN -- "was born in Abbeville District, SC about 1840 and moved with his father and family to Winston Co, MS in 1845, at the age of five years. He was reared on the farm and acquired such an education as the country schools and of the times afforded. He professed religion and joined Hopewell Church at sixteen years of age. In 1861 when the war broke out, he was among the first to enlist as a private soldier in Company D, Fifth Regiment MS Infantry. At the end of the first twelve months when the regiment was reorganized, he was elected Lieutenant by his comrades, in which capacity he served until the close of the war. He was wounded in the head by a minnie ball, narrowly escaping with his life. After the surrender he attended school and acquired a much more liberal education, and following teaching school at different times. He was not ordained until 1875, at the church he first joined (Hopewell). He then preached at that and other churches around as his feeeble health and his circumstances permitted, until his death, which occurred in 1833, having labored with great acceptance. He died in the vicinity of his long and useful residence. A few years before his death he was married to Miss Ave HUNT, whom he left with several children. Written by Rev. H. J. VANLANDINGHAM.

Moses CROWSON -- "From grandchildren of his it is ascertained that he came in the later years of the first half of this century from AL (Shelby Co) to MS; that he was zealous and consecrated; that numbers were converted under his preaching in his pioneer labors. In the minutes of the State Convention of 1844 it appears that Mr. CROWSON was employed as a missionary of the convention, his fields of labor being Carroll, Yalobusha, Tallahatchie and Choctaw Counties. He reported one hundred and ninety-eight days of labor, two hundred and two sermons, and sixteen hundred and thirty miles traveled."

J. A. DALTON -- "was born in Halifax Co, TN, March 5, 1858. He moved with his parents to MS in 1860. Later than this, he suffered the great misfortune of losing his father who died in 1862, and in his boyhood was confronted with many adverse circumstanes. He left MS and cast his lot in TX. While in the Lone Star State, he heard the renowned evangelist, Major W. E. PENN, while holding one of his meetings at Weatherford, TX in 1881. The subject of Major PENN's sermon was the Judgement, whose impression never wore off. (To be continued.)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of July 12, 2000

Somehow in the column for April 26, 2000, the address of a BAILEY researcher was wrong!  Please correct Mr. BAILEY's address as follows: James W. Bailey, Jr., 3216 West Esplanade Avenue # 276, Metaire, LA 70002.  Also, Mr. Bailey now has an e-mail address: <> So if any of our readers have written Mr. Bailey, please rewrite him at the above address.  He is interested in William R. BAILEY and Celia L. E. C. PEEBLES BAILEY and requested Civil War information on their son, John R. BAILEY.

Patsy EVANS, is searching for information regarding her grandfather Joseph Hiram McINTIRE.  Ettie's parents were William "Bill" Smith RAY and Ann CROWDER RAY. William's parents were John "Jack" RAY and Nancy McKNIGHT RAY.  Nancy's parents were Andrew McKNIGHT and Elizabeth NASH McKNIGHT.  Mrs. Evans is looking for information on Joseph Hiram McINTIRE, her grandfather, as she knows nothing about his family.  Mrs. Evans' mother was Gladys McINTIRE.  Any help for this lady would be greatly appreciated.

Gwen SELL has hit a span brick wall in trying to research her MOORE and TRAYNHAM families.  She recently received a death certificate for August L. TRAYNHAM, and the certificate states that he was born 22 November 1854 and that his father was David Anderson TRAYNHAM and that he was born in Choctaw County, MS.  He died in Arkansas in 1931.  She also knows that he married Mary Marty Agnes MOORE in Coahoma Co., MS, and that they had a post office and grocery store until around 1915 when her MOORE and TRAYNHAM families moved to Saline Co., AR.  A. L. (Babe) TRAYNHAM left a brother (James) to run the post office and farm that he owned in Coahoma County when they moved to Arkansas.  She has not been able to find anything on the TRAYNHAM Family in Choctaw County.  She does know that A. L. TRAYNHAM may have had a brother, David A. TRAYNHAM, as she has a marriage certificate for him marrying Alvira (Elvira) MOORE in Tallahatchie Co., MS in 1877.  This same day Alvira's brother, William Thomas MOORE (her great-great grandfather) married Martha Jane SULLIVAN.  Alvira (Elvira) MOORE and William MOORE are an aunt and uncle to Mary Marty Agnes MOORE TRAYNHAM.  Mary Marty's father was John Henry MOORE, a brother to Alvira (Elvira) and William MOORE. Gwen has not been able to find where Alvira and David went after they married in 1877. She is interested in finding anything on the TRAYNHAM Family and the MOORE Family as she is at a complete loss on going any further back that she had gotten on these two families.  Gwen would appreciate any and all help from anyone in Choctaw County.

Thanks to Dana Meara who always helps others. She is working on Samuel WRAGG (1784-1872) and Mary McKENZIE WRAGG (ca 1795-1863), who were the parents of Susan Emily WRAGG who married John COSTILOB/ COSTELLO in Winston County in 1843.  David A. WRAGG, a son of Samuel and Mary, married Catherine CRAWFORD (daughter of Peter CRAWFORD) in 1844.  while searching this family she obtained a copy of the will and estate papers of James LOVELESS who died in Greenville District, SC in 1846.  The will of James LOVELESS was written 28 Aug 1854 and filed for Probate on 13 July 1846, Will Book C, Pages 215-218, Apt. 10, File 41. In this document, he names his wife, Linna, and names Elizabeth, wife of Peter CRAWFORD, of Winston Co., MS as a daughter.  A list of the children I will give next week.  (To be continued next week)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of July 19, 2000

Continued from last week:
Dana MEARA, phone: 972-270-6870, contributed the will of James LOVELESS which names the  following in his will: his wife, Linna; children; James LOVELESS of SC who  was the executor of will; heirs of John LOVELESS of SC (gives names of six  children); Jesse LOVELESS of SC; Mary LOVELESS of SC; Ruth LOVELESS of SC;  Linna, Jr., wife of William NIXON of SC; Levi LOVELESS of GA, Huzle LOVELESS  of GA; Allen LOVELESS of AL; and Elizabeth, wife of Peter CRAWFORD of Winston  County, MS.  Peter CRAWFORD (17 Nov 1785-15 Sep 1854) and his wife Elizabeth  LOVELESS CRAWFORD (12 Dec 1794-13 Oct 1853) are buried in the Blackwood  Cemetery near Choctaw Lake in the Tomspanbee National Forest along with other members of their family.  Peter CRAWFORD's will is filed in Winston County,  but his descendants were in Winston, Choctaw and Oktibbeha Counties.  In his will which was probated in October 1854, Peter names the following children: son, William CRAWFORD; daughter Elizabeth NABORS; wife of Linsey W. NABORS, daughter Sarah Ann BARRON, wife of James BARRON; daughter, Parthenia EDWARDS,  wife of H. W. EDWARDS; daughter Caroline BROWN, wife of Jackson BROWN; son, Davis T. CRAWFORD, deceased - left to his children but names not given); daughter Elizabeth MATTHEWS, wife of William C. MATTHEWS, and granddaughter, Catherine WRAGGS.  Catherine WRAGGS was the daughter of David A. and Catherine CRAWFORD WRAGGS.  Mrs. Meara descends from this granddaughter of Peter CRAWFORD and would like to hear from anyone connected with this family.

Mary G. Russ, states that she moved to Choctaw County in 1956 and at that time someone said that she was related to half of the county, but she was too young to pay attention to what folks were saying.  She has found that the MORGANS lived in Choctaw County as early as the state census in 1838.  There were two MORGANS.  Walter and a Susan from Alabama who bought land in section 18N 10E in 1841.  That area is still in Choctaw County today.  Walter MORGAN married Nancy DEATON in Jefferson County, Ala. census in 1830.  There seems to have been at least four sons and two daughters in this family.  By
the 1850 census the parents had died and the elder son, John W. MORGAN, born 1822, was in Greensboro listed as having the occupation of grocery and the youngest, Martin Dwight MORGAN, age 15, was living with him.  The middle son, Thomas C. MORGAN, born 1825, was in Holmes County living with a lawyer, Morgan FITCH, who was born in New York.  All three of these MORGANS were born in Alabama and were brothers.  They or their children married into the HOLMES, GULLEDGE, HAMILTON, BEDFORD, THURMOND, and ASHLEY families.  John W. MORGAN and his wife Anzo BEDFORD MORGAN are buried in Lexington Cemetery, but between their two graves is a Susan J. OTEY, consort of A. G. OTEY, who was born 9 Dec 1826 and died 13 March 1851.  Is she a sister of the three MORGAN brothers Thomas Charles MORGAN died north of Atlanta during the Civil War.  During and after the Civil War, his wife, Amanda BEDFORD MORGAN and three daughters lived in Kosciusko.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Civil War Pensioners of Choctaw County: James ADAMS, born in Pontotoc, MS was 17 when he enlisted in the Confederate Army at Sulphur Springs (Winston County).  He was in the 15th Miss. Infantry and the 4th Miss. Cavalry, Company A.  He married Grace A. TRUSSELL on 22 October 1866 and died 15 December 1915. T. J. ALLEN was born in Georgia - enlisted at age 18 at Cumberland Gap, Tenn., and served in the 43rd Alabama Infantry. Dave ADAMS was born in Choctaw County - age 23 at enlistment at Black's Wells in March 1862 and served in the 2nd Miss. Cavalry.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of July 26, 2000

Mary Katherine Johnson, phone 662-320-9784, is seeking information on the families of the following HUNTS from Choctaw, Winston and Oktibbeha Counties. Children of Weston HUNT (1880-1966) and Edna STARK HUNT (1879-1929): (1) Earl HUNT (1901-1974) married Adelaid SHARP (1904-1999-present) in 1921 in Oktibbeha County;  had two children: Garland HUNT and Kattie HUNT MILLER.  Earl and Adelaid divorced and Earl remarried to a lady named Mary. (2) Arnold HUNT (born 1908) married Mae REED in 1929 in Hohenlinden (Webster County), MS - the license was issued in Choctaw County).  Affidavit for their marriage was provided by Dewitt SAVAGE.  Dewitt may have been a step-brother to Arnold.  (3) Alvin HUNT (died 7 April 2000) married Josephine TYLER.  They lived in Ackerman and had a son, Alvin Dwight HUNT.  Alvin, Sr. was recently buried in Concord Baptist Cemetery (4) Annie Bee HUNT - no further information on her.  Any help would be appreciated.

Charlotte Wilson Williams,  is working on the "brick wall" of James (Jim) J. WEAVER.  Mrs. Williams writes that all she knows about him (besides his descendants) is that he was the son of John E. WEAVER.  She would love to know who his mother was and info on any siblings -anything about his life before he married.  Mrs. Williams knew her great grandmother Sevilla (Villa) Elizabeth McCAFFERTY WEAVER well, but all she knew about James was a picture that hung on the wall in her grandparents bedroom (Johnny and Linnie WILSON) in Drew, MS. James J. WEAVER was born 23 Dec 1867 in Choctaw Co., MS, and died 2 Nov 1928 in Sunflower Co., MS.  He married Savilla Elizabeth McCAFFERTY on 19 Dec 1887 in Choctaw Co., MS.  She was the daughter of William McCAFFERY and Rebecca WILKES.  She was born 25 May 271 in MS and died 20 Aug 1964 in Sunflower Co., MS.  Children of James WEAVER and Saville McCAFFERTY are: (1) John Ethel WEAVER born 13 Aug 1890 in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS; died after 1930.  He married Hassie background-color-#BCBCBC. (2) Minerva Caroline WEAVER born 12 January 1892 in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS; born 13 Jan 1889 in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS (3) William Felix WEAVER born 17 Oct 1913 in Reform, Choctaw Co., MS; born 13 Jan 1889 in Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS and died 29 October 1976 in Ruleville, Sunflower Co., MS (3) WilliamFelix WEAVER born 17 Oct 1893 ub Ackerman, Choctaw Co., MS and died
28 Sept 1857.  He married Eunicebackground-color-#BCBCBC. (4) Miranda WEAVER born 20 Apr 1896 and died 16 Jul 1986.  She married Robert W. SHURDEN, born 16 Sept 1898 and died 26 Nov 1966 (5) Steven Thomas WEAVER born 18 Sep 1898 and died 15 Apr 1954.  He married Elizabeth HUNT born 1 Mar 1901 and died 2 Oct 1987 (6) Elmer Houston WEAVER born 25 Jan 1901 and died 6 Nov 1964.  He married Willie Belle MARQUIS born 22 Feb 1913.  Any help that anyone can give Mrs. Williams would be appreciated.

Jean Bowie, wrote that her great great grandfather George Hudson BOWIE and great grandfather, Elihue Daniel BOWIE left Mccool about 1870 for Faulkner Co., AR.  Her father, Elihue Benjamin BOWIE, left Arkansas in 1934 for the wilds of Southeast Missouri.  She is working on the surnames of BOWIE and ROSAMOND.

Civil War Pensioners of Choctaw County: G. M. ATKISON was born in Robinson Co., NC, enlisted at agae 25 in Grenada, MS in 1862 and served with the 30th Miss. Infantry.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Aug 2, 2000

Continuation of Civil War Pensioners of Choctaw County:
        John ADAMS, born in Attala Co., MS, entered service when he was 17 in 1864.
        W. W. ARNOLD, born in Mathiston, MS, served in Company K, 35th Mississippi Infantry.
        David ADAMS, born in Choctaw Co., MS, entered service when he was 23, served in Company A, 2nd Mississippi Cavalry.  He was married 18 Nov 1867 and died 8 Aug 1913.
        D. A. BALLARD, born in SC, was 38 when he entered service, served with the 11th Alabama Infantry and was POW at Ft. Delaware for six months.
        M. BRIGHT, born in TN, entered service when 29 years old.
        Philip BLANTON, born in SC, entered service when he was 21 years old, served in the 15th Mississippi Infantry.
        R. BELL, born in Tippah Co., MS, entered service when he was 17, served in the 10th Mississippi Infantry.
       A. J. BRADBERRY, born in Oktibbeha Co., MS, entered service at age 21, served in the 35th Mississippi Infantry.
        W. A. BAGWELL, entered service when 23, served in the 15th Mississippi Infantry.
        M. V. BLACK, born in Benton Co., Alabama, entered service when he was 21, served in the 5th Mississippi Infantry.
        William M. BUFFORD, born in Jefferson Co., Alabama, entered service when he was 28, served with the 20th Alabama Infantry.
        G. W. BOLLIS, born in Indiana, entered service when he was 32, served with the 31st Mississippi Infantry.
        A. H. BRIDGES, born in Cleveland Co., NC, entered service at age 17, served with the 55th NC Infantry.  He entered service from Shelby Co., TN, was POW at Point Lookout, MD for two and one-half years.
        John BAGWELL, born in Shelby Co., AL, entered service with the 15th MS Infantry, was POW at Camp Douglas, IL for six months.
        J. H. BUTLER, born in SC, entered service at age 39, served with the 35th Mississippi Infantry.  Married M. N. WILSON on 10 May 294.
        M. W. BLACK, born in Cass Co., GA, entered service at age 23, served with the 14th Georgia Infantry.
        B. M. BLAINE, born in Abbeville District, SC, entered service at age 18, served with 13th Cavalry.  He married Dolly DUKE on 20 Mar 1873.
        Green BRUCE, born in Habersham Co., GA, entered service at age 27, served with the 38th Georgia Infantry, was POW at Point Lookout, Maryland.
        J. B. BRADFORD, born in Elbert Co., GA, entered service when he was 18, served with the 15th Georgia Infantry.
        R. F. BOSTIC, born in SC, entered service at age 23, served with the 30th Mississippi Infantry.  He married M. A. TOWNSEND on 7 Jan 1869.
        W. A. BLAIN, born in Abbeville District, SC, entered service at age 33, served with the 38th Mississippi Infantry.
        S. B. BLACK, born in Cass Co., GA, worked in Confederate States Government Shop 1862-1864.  The Yankees captured the shop and burned the works up.  He served 23 months.
        A. H. BRELAND, born in AL, entered service at age 39 from Perry Co., Alabama, served with the 28th Alabama Infantry.
        John BOWIE, born in Montgomery Co., AL, served with the 2nd Mississippi Infantry, POW at Ft. Delaware for 18 months.
        W. BRUCE, born in GA, entered service at age 17, served with the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry.
        P. L. COTTON, born in Winston Co., MS, entered service at age 23, served with Company C, 35th Mississippi Infantry.
        W. J. CORK, born in Tuscaloosa Co., AL entered service at age 19, served with the 18th Alabama Infantry.
        A. J. CALDWELL, born in SC, entered service at age 19, served with the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry.
        G. H. COLLIER, born in AL, entered service at age 28, served with the 15th Mississippi Infantry.
        A. J. CAMPBELL, born in Choctaw Co., MS, entered service at age 16, served with the 15th Mississippi Infantry.
        W. C. COLEMAN, born in SC, entered service at age 17, served with the 20th Mississippi Infantry.  He married Louinza WALKER on 20 Nov 1900.
        J. W. CATLEDGE, born in AL, entered service at age 20, served with the 5th Mississippi Infantry.
        W. F. COLE, born in Attala Co., MS, entered service at age 17, served with the 30th Mississippi Infantry.
        W. O. CROSBY, born in Winston Co., MS, entered service at age 25, served with the 5th Mississippi Infantry.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Aug 16, 2000

"Beulah and Beyond" is a history of the Beulah area in Choctaw County south of Weir, MS.  It tells a story of both church and community at Beulah from Choctaw Indian days to current times.  This work of 547 pages is the result of over five years of research and is scheduled for release in hardback binding by August 24, 2000.  The author, W. A. WHITTEN, was born at Beulah, graduated from the Weir High School and spent his youth learning many of the things about which he now writes.
This book is more than an account of the long history of Beulah church and community.  It traces the development of the county, state and nation while identifying pivotal leaders and events in religious history, mainly Baptist, and does this within the timeframe of Beulah's beginning and later development.  The work constitutes a major effort in preserving the legacy of the small rural church and community in early America.  The book offers good reading for persons interested in history and genealogy in general and especially for Beulah people, current and former.  It is full of names coming from Beulah Church and Cemetery Records, U. S. Census and county tax reports, as well as from county supervisor's minutes.
Genealogy outlines are provided for the CARLISLE, Joseph and Samuel BLACK families, together with the BOWIE, EDDLEMAN, GLADNEY, HUTCHISON, LACEY, LANE, McGEE, STEELE and TURNIPSEED families.  The names of over 1,900 ancestors and descendants of these families are included with an index.
Dr. William (Bill) CAUSEY, Executive Director Emeritus of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, prepared the "Foreword" for the book.  He observed that the Beulah Community has produced an inordinate number of influential people disproportionate to its size.  CAUSEY further commented that this book will preserve one of the most definitive accounts of this portion of Mississippi History.
This is the second book written in recent years with a title about the Beulah area of Choctaw County.  H. Paul WHITTEN of Anniston, Alabama, released his autobiography, "To Beulah and Back," in 1995.  The authors of both books are sons of Willie A. and Velma EDDLEMAN WHITTEN, now deceased, but longtime residents of the Beulah and Weir area.  Paul is the oldest WHITTEN son and W. A., Jr., the youngest.  Charles, the other son, was a Southern Baptist missionary for 40 years and is now retired in Clinton, MS.  He wrote a chapter in the new book.
Henry EDDLEMAN, great grandfather of the WHITTEN brothers, was an early settler at Beulah and one of the founders of Beulah Church. Rev. H. M. WHITTEN, their grandfather, was pastor of Beulah on three occasions and served 24 other churches in the Choctaw, Attala, Leake and Oktibbeha County area during the period 1897-1934.
For copies of the new book, "Beulah and Beyond," contact W. A. Whitten, 4453 North Shore Lane, Norcross, GA 30093 for cost and availability. Orders are now being received with payment by personal check or money order made payable to the author and included with the order.

Billy WEEKS, 240 Cherokee Road, Nashville, TN 37205, phone: 615-292-2908, writes: Buried in the cemetery at Chester Baptist Church in Choctaw Co is Henry E. SHAW, born 21 December 1831 and died 12 April 1897.  The tombstone marking his grave states that the stone was erected by his sons: J. W., J. T., and W. B. SHAW.  Henry E. SHAW on 14 February 1850 married Sarah Ann WEEKS in northern Winston County.  Sarah Ann WEEKS,  born on 1 July 1831 in Yazoo County, MS., was the daughter of William Thomas WEEKS and Margaret FULCHER WEEKS.  The 1870 federal census of Choctaw County listed the Henry SHAW family in Twp 21 N, Rge 11 E, with a post office address of Cumberland.  Henry's occupation was listed as engineer in mill.  The three sons of Henry E. SHAW and Sarah Ann WEEKS SHAW were John W. SHAW, born c. 1852; James T. SHAW, born c. 1858; and Wallace B. SHAW, born 1865.  Billy would like to correspond with any descendants of these three sons.  Is Sarah Ann WEEKS SHAW buried in the unmarked grave beside her husband's grave in the cemetery at Chester Baptist Church.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Aug 30, 2000

This week I will continue with the Confederate Pension Book which is located in the Chancery Clerk's Office in Ackerman.  Hope that the information will be useful in compiling your family data.
        W. J. HANNA, born in Choctaw County, entered service at age 31, with Weirs Company, enlisted at New Prospect and served with the 5th MS Infantry.
        J. W. HUNT, born in Winston COunty, entered service at age 20 with Holmes Company, enlisted at Edgefield, Attala County and served with the 35th MS Infantry.
        G. W. HODGES, born in Choctaw County, entered service at age 18 with Turner's Company, enlisted at Huntsville, MS and served with the lst MS Artillery. G. W. HODGES and F. M. WILCHER were marred in October, 1867.
        J. D. HOGAN, born in Illinois, enlisted at age 23 with Watson's Company at Double Springs in Oktibbeha County and served with the 35th MS Infantry.
        Jesse HUGHES, born in Tuscaloosa County, AL, enlisted at age 19 with J. B. HughesCompany in Tuscaloosa County and served with the 11th Alabama Infantry.  He was a POW for 16 months and 10 days at Ft. Delaware.  He was captured at Gettysburg, PA.
        J. A. HOLMES, born in Choctaw County, entered service at age 17 with Trotters and served with Company B, 5th MS Cavalry.  He married Miss Arma E. FAIR on 8 Dec 1872.
        D. A. HOFFMAN, born in South Carolina, entered service at age 30 with Prewitt's Company, enlisted in Choctaw County and served with the 15th MS Infantry. Was wounded at Fisher Creek.
        John HIGGINS, born in South Carolina, entered service at age 21 with Hales Company at Bankston and served with the 4th MS Infantry.
        R. B. HEMPHILL, born in Noxubee County, entered service at age 16 with Shields Company at Noxubee county and served with the 22nd Tenn. Infantry. He married Margaret TAYLOR on 2 March 1871.
        J. M. IRVIN, born in Choctaw County, enlisted in service at age 17 with Hemphill's Company at French Camp and served with the 15th MS Infantry.
        J. G. IRVING, was born in Attala County, enlisted in service at age 16 with Hollingsworth's Company at Multana Springs and served with Company K, 40th MS Infantry.
        S. G. F. JAYROE, born in Montgomery County, Alabma, enlisted in service when he was 20 with Weir's Company in Winston County and served with the 5th MS Infantry.
        J. B. JOHNSON, born in Roane County, Tennessee, enlisted at age 21 with Joe Underwood's comapny at Marion County, Ala. and served with the 4th Alabama Infantry.  He was POW at Camp Chase, Ohio for five months.
        D. S. JONES, born in Pickens County, Alabama, enlisted at age 26 with Thompson's Company at Bellefontaine and served with the 43rd MS Infantry.
        W. M. KING, born in Choctaw County, enlisted at age 18 with Prewitt's Company at Vicksburg and served with the 15th MS Infantry.
        J. B. KING, was born in Larence (Laurens-background-color-#BCBCBC) District, SC, enlisted at age 19 with Prewitt's Comapny while in Tenn. and served with the 15th MS Infantry.
        E. LOVE, born in South Carolina, enlisted in the service at age 26, with Hemphill's Company at Corinth and served with the 15th MS Infantry.
        J. A. LIDDELL, born in Noxubee County, enlisted at age 22 with Blackwell's at Clinton, MS and served with the 20th MS Infantry.
        R. R. LOVE, born in South Carolina, enlisted at age 16 with Morehead's at Pickens County, Alabama and served with Stansells.  He married Miss Julia A. BRUCE in October 1873.  He was a POW at Point Lookout, MD for three months.
        B. F. LOVE, born in South Carolina, enlisted in service at age 18 with Nash at Pickens County, Ala., served with the 41st Alabama Infantry and was POW at Point Lookout, MD for three months.
        N. LEE, born i Perry County, Alabama, enlisted in service at age 19 with Pratt at Centerville, Bibb County, Alabama and served with Company D, 20th Alabama Infantry.  He married Lou EDWARDS on 27 Dec 1865 and was a POW at Alton, Illinois for three months.
        J. G. LENARD, born in Green County, GA, entered service at age 19 with Wallace at Burketsville, Attala County, served with the 40th MS Infantry.  He was a POW at Rock Island, Ill.  He married Emily BERRY on 18 Feb. 1868.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Sept 6, 2000

Mandy Williams Queen,  is looking for a FULLER family connection in Choctaw County.  Does anyone know anything about the following:
1850 Census, John FULLER, 24, born in Alabama, Sarah FULLER, 20, born in
Alabama, William FULLER - 9 months, born in Alabama.  Also in the 1850 Census, nearby was John FULLER, 30, born in NC with a wife, Mayan, 24, born in Alabama.  The reason that Mrs. Queen is chasing the FULLER's in Choctaw County is that her Geo. W. MITCHELL had a daughter, Mattie Mae MITCHELL, who married the William O. FULLER in LeFlore County in 1888.  Absolom MITCHELL born between 24 June 1808-1813, SC (Bertie, NC background-color-#BCBCBC) died 10 July 1890 in Montgomery County, MS married Martha OLIVER about 1833 and she died between 1835-1836 in MS.  Their children were:  Eliza MITCHELL born 1834 in Ala married George OLIVER, born 1828 in SC; William M. MITCHELL born 1835 in MS married Mary F. KIRK, born August 1846 and died 1867.  After the death of his first wife, Absolom MITCHELL married Mary PITTMAN, born 6 Nov 1823 in NC or SC.  They were married about 1836 probably in Choctaw County.  Their children were: Martha MITCHELL born 1837 in MS; Mary A. MITCHELL, born 1838; Bayliss MITCHELL born 1840; George William MITCHELL, born 1845 in Choctaw County, MS and died 1900 in MS, married Ellen Minerva FISHER, born 1846.  They were married after 1860 in Choctaw County, MS and died in Sunflower County, MS; Alexander MITCHELL, born 1846; Sarah MITCHELL, born 1847 in MS; Easter MITCHELL, born 1849; Byrd MITCHELL, born 1851 in Choctaw County, MS and died Oct 1892; Nancy J. MITCHELL, born 1851 Choctaw County; James MITCHELL, born 1856 Choctaw County and died Sept 1925, married Mary D. ______; Tol L. MITCHELL born 30 Nov 1857, Choctaw County and died 16 Sep 1948 in Duck Hill, MS. Mrs. Queen is also looking for the following SMITH family.  She found Eliza SMITH in Choctaw in 1850, Obediah, Sr. was already deceased.  Lena Mae SMITH and Geo. William TWINER are her grandmother's parents.  Obediah SMITH, Sr., born between 1810-1820 and died between 1847-1850, married Eliza ______ born between 1815-1817 in MS.  Children: Reubin SMITH, born 1833, MS married Matilda ______; Benjamin SMITH, born 1836 MS married Susan E. _____; Joseph Isaac SMITH, born 1844 MS married Leniza BOX, born 1843, married about 1872; Elizabeth SMITH, born 1847 MS.  Children of Joseph Isaac SMITH and Leniza BOX were: Noah SMITH, born 1873 married Susie INMAN 14 Nov 1903, LeFlore County, MS; Early SMITH born 1875, married J. Tom HUFF  1887 in Senatobia, MS; Josie SMITH, born 1877 died about 1897 in Drew, MS; Lena Mae SMITH, born 16 Feb 1880 Senatobia, Tate County, MS and died 17 Sep 1952 Sunflower County, MS, married George William TWINER, Sr., born 30 May 270 LA-background-color-#BCBCBC or Yazoo City, MSbackground-color-#BCBCBC and died 10 Jan 1926, LeFlore County, MS.  They were married 2 Jan 1900 in LeFlore County, MS; Loniza Virginia "Lo" SMITH born about 1882 and died 1958 married first Bill ALLEN, 1900 LeFlore County, MS, married second Cliff SANDERS, after 1901. Next door to Eliza are the following SMITHS.  Mrs. Queen is not sure if they are even related, but she would like to hear from anyone who would know. Eliza was in household #558.  In Household #565:  Carry SMITH, 27, NC; Martha, 3, NC; Albert, 2, NC and in Houshold #566: John SMITH, 57, NC; Martha, 29, NC; James, 21, NC; Male (could not read name), 20, NC; Mary, 17, NC; Male (could not read name, 16, NC; Nancy, 13, TN; Martha, 11, TN, Male (could not read name), 8, TN; Carrie, 2, TN; in Household #567: John SMITH, 28, NC; Margaret 16, MS; William, 11 months, KY.  She would like anyone who knows anything about the families listed in these census to contact her.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Sept 13, 2000

Lee Gordon,  is searching for the following:  In 1995 Nell M. FIEDLER supplied a photo of William JohnDUNBAR along with information on Nancy Elizabeth JOHNSTON MANKIN as shown on pages 167-169 in the book, Families of Choctaw County, Mississippi. William John DUNBAR 91828-1908) of the Highpoint area of Winston County is my great great grandfather.  Nell FIEDLER died in 1995.  Does anyone know whohas the records of Nell FIEDLER nowbackground-color-#BCBCBC  Any help would be appreciated.

Joey Armstrong,  wrote that he is interested in his great great grandfather, Samuel ARMSTRONG.  He migrated to Choctaw County sometime around 1880.  He married Sarah CROWDER and lived in the Reform area, according to the 1880 census he was a farmer, but Mr.Armstrong has not been able to find any record of this.  The only records that he has is by word of mouth.  Mr. Armstrong lives in Louisiana, which makes it hard to get to Ackerman much. He is also interested in the CROWDER and HODGES families of Choctaw County. Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Hutchinson, writes that a 1929 obituary of his great great grandmother, Eliza HUTCHINSON, wife of Andrew Jackson HUTCHINSON, stated she was survived by a daughter, Mrs. B. BLANTON of Ackerman.  Mr. Hutchinson still needs information on several children of Eliza and Andrew HUTCHINSON.  Also, does anyone have any knowledge of this BLANTON family mentioned above.

Jim Eckerman, is trying to complete records of children of Charlie DUNN and Fannie BLANTON and seeking death/burial information on last child, Lydia R. DUNN, born 12 Nov 1899.  Lydia attended Mt. Airy School, Bethlehem Baptist Church and married John (or Jonathan) Price OSWALT about 1918.  She had a son, Leon OSWALT (1919-1978) and believe that Lydia died young, possibly in the early 1920s. Any help would be appreciated.

Mrs. Lefay Keene, states that her husband is a descendant of Daniel KEEN(E), who was born in 1825 in SC and died in 1918.  He was in the Civil War, but was believed not have ever left Mississippi.  Mrs. Keene is not sure what his role was.  His grandfather was Zac KEEN(E) and grandmother was a Choctaw Indian by the name of BUSH.  His grandfather was a blacksmith in the Choctaw Nation.  Is anyone out there familiar with any of these people.

Mrs. Yvette Johnson, is on working on the African American Family of RAINEY of Weir.   According to Mrs. Johnson's information, her RAINEY family line begins with the marriage of Ross RAINEY to Delia ____. Her grandmother's name was Martha and she was born in Weir, MS in 1895.  The brothers and sisters of her grandmother were: Wilson, Anzie, Luella, William, Major, Singleton, Albert and Lillian.  Her grandmother married Elmer RECTOR in Arkansas in 1918 and Mrs. Johnson's mother was born in 1927.  Anyone who has information on this African American family, please get in contact with Mrs. Johnson.

A. Jones, needs help in researching a relative by the name of Barnett H. JONES/Baronett H. JONES/ Barnett Hereford JONES, or B. H. JONES who came from Calloway County, KY to Choctaw County, MS in early 1860s and married there to Artie HARRISON.  He enlisted in the CSA on 5 April 1863 at Port Hudson, LA joining Co. "G", 7th KY Regiment Infantry while they were based 400 miles from his home.  According to information received, it states that he is buried in Peeples Cemetery near Stewart, MS.  It is believed that he did not survive the war.  He and Artie had at least one child, Allen Malcon JONES born 26 Dec 1866 at Stewart, MS and died 8 Jan 1937.  Some information on Barnett's grand- children and great grandchildren has been collected and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Sept 20, 2000

A reminder to our readers that people interested in forming a Choctaw County Genealogical and Historical Society will meet Monday night, September 25, at 7 P.M. at the Choctaw County Library.  This is a very needed organization for Choctaw County and can benefit everyone - members locally and members from out of county and state.  I plan to attend and hope to meet many of the Choctaw County readers there.
Mark the date of Sunday, Sept 24, also as an important date.  The community of Beulah, near Weir, will be celebrating their homecoming and the signing of Mr. W. A. Whitten's book, Beulah and Beyond. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Black of Weir are spearheading the homecoming and have done a trememdous job in preparing for the event.  Those who plan to attend will need to bring lunch and lawn chairs.  The tables, tents, ice and drinks will be provided.  A tentative schedule will be a short devotion at 12:15; then lunch and the book signing.  This will be a great day for people who have Beulah connections or who have ancestors who were early residents or who have friends who grew up at Beulah to visit and share stories of the past.  I look forward to the event and must say that Mr. Whitten's book is one of the most comprehensive and complete histories of a bygone community that I have ever read.  The book is wonderful and gives so much about the Beulah Church and Community that anyone who grew up there can say with pride, "I am from Beulah!".

Margie Scogin,  is researching the family of Philander Edward FLETCHER.  Philander Edward FLETCHER was born between 1806-1807 in New York and died between1850 -1853 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  He married Sarah LINN/LYNN on 3 July 1827 in Bibb County, AL.  Sarah was the daughter of James LYNN and Nancy HARBUCK.  Sarah was born about 1808 in GA and died after June 1880 in Choctaw County, MS.  When Sarah LINN's father died, there is a listing for Sarah being the wife of Philander E. FLETCHER, residing in Tuscaloosa County, on 13 Aug 1850; however, by the time that the will is probated, Sarah (referred to as Sally in the will) is listed as a widow.  The will was probated on 11 April 1853.  Sarah is still living in Tuscaloosa with some of the children on the 1860 census in AL.  However, the census lists a daughter, Eveline, 19; James M., 16; and Amanda, 13.  This Amanda must be Amon, who would be 13 or 14 at the time.  However, William FLETCHER isn't listed at all.  By 1870 Sarah is living with her son, Amon, in Choctaw COunty, MS, as well as a nephew, Lewis A. BELL, who is age 8, and a niece, Marietta WILLIAMS, who is 2.  In Choctaw County, is also a P. H. FLETCHER married to Permelia (JOHNSON - listed in 1860) living with his family nearby.  In 1870 Amon isn't married.  Mrs. Scogin doesn't know if Phelin (P. H.) is an older brother or an uncle, but obviously a family member.   In the 880 census of Choctaw County, MS 2nd District, listed Sarah FLETCHER living in household #60/60 with her son, Amon FLETCHER, age 32, born ca 1848, farmer, wife, Easter H., age 25, born ca. 1855, granddaughter, Sarah L., born in Dec. 1879.  Sarah FLETCHER was listed as age 72, born 1808, mother of Amon.  Also in household was Lewis A. (BELL)background-color-#BCBCBC, age 18, born ca. 1862, nephew, working on farm. Above this family in household #59/59 was Jesse W. HORTON, age 24, single, farming, Rebecca, age 19, sister, keeping house, Nancy HORTON, age 13, sister, at home and John HORTON, age 10, nephew, working on farm.  Below in household #61/61 was the Lewis SEGLER Family.  Lewis was age 35, farming, and wife, Melissa A. F. (FLETCHER-background-color-#BCBCBC), age 24, keeping house, America FLETCHER, age 12, born ca. 1868, at home. They had a servant, Adeline CLARK, white, female, age 36. Sarah LINN/LYNN died about 1880 and is buried at Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Reform, Choctaw County, MS.  Children of Philander FLETCHER and Sarah (LINN/LYNN) FLETCHER were:  (1)  Philander Henry "Phil" FLETCHER, born about May 226, Bibb County, AL and died after 1910 in Choctaw County, MS. He married:  (1)  Mrs. P. H. FLETCHER about 1854 in Choctaw County, MS.  She died before 1860 in Choctaw COunty, and Phil then married (2) Permelia A. JOHNSON about 1860 in Choctaw County.  Permelia was the daughter of Jesse and Tarissa JOHNSON and was born about 1831 in SC. After the death of Permelia, Phil married (3) Elizabeth D. GRISSETT on 22 Aug 1866 in Choctaw County.  She was born about Sept 1855 in Alabama.  (Continued next week).

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Sept 27, 2000

(Continuation from last week):  Margie Scogin, 438 Barber Street, Newark, AR 72562,was kind enough to share her findings on her FLETCHER family with the readers in hopes of someone coming forth with additional information.  I'll pick up where the FLETCHER family stopped last week.  Children of Pheilden FLETCHER and his first were: (1) Larza A. FLETCHER, born about 1855.   (2) Missouri Amenia FLETCHER, born about 1857.  (3) Esther H. FLETCHER, born about 1859.  Children of Permelia (JOHNSON) (second wife) and Pheilden FLETCHER were:  (1) Tarrissa A. FLETCHER, born about 1854 and married Calvin WILLIAMS on 7 Oct 1884 in Webster County, MS.  Calvin was born about 1855 in Choctaw County.  (2) Sarah A. FLETCHER, born about 1862.  (3) James M. FLETCHER, born about 1866.  (4) Pheilden Henry "Phelin" FLETCHER, born about 1869.  (5) Jesse FLETCHER, born about 1871.  (6) Permelia FLETCHER, born about 1874. Children of Elizabeth (GRISSETT) (third wife) and Pheliden FLETCHER were:  (1) Lottie FLETCHER, born about December 1887. (2) Albert FLETCHER, born about May 290.  (3) Delia FLETCHER, born about Feb 1891.  (4) Carlyle A. FLETCHER, born 17 Apr 1895 in Choctaw County, MS and died 18 July 1963 in Cleveland, Bolivar County, MS, married Velma Ophanial CRICK on 18 Jan 1920.  Velma was born 8 July 1903 in Webster County, MS and died 20 Sept 1993 at Blytheville, Mississippi County, AR.  (5) Palmer Dole "Doc" FLETCHER, born 7 Dec 1896.  (6) Katherine "Katie" FLETCHER, born about August 1898. Amon FLETCHER (the son of Philander Edward FLETCHER) was born 21 August 1874 and died 5 Sept 1919 in Reform and is buried in the Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery.  He married Ester Harrisonia HORTON on 20 dec 1874 in Webster County, MS.  She was the daughter of Abner and Esther (JOHNSON) HORTON, born about 1853 in SC and died after 1889 in Choctaw County, MS and is assumed to be buried beside Amon in Antioch Cemetery.  Children of Amon and Esther (HORTON) FLETCHER:  (1) Lawson FLETCHER  (2) Monroe FLETCHER  (3) Sarah L. "Sally" FLETCHER, born December 1879 in Choctaw County  (4) James FLETCHER, born about Feb. 1885  (5) George W. FLETCHER, born 22 May 288 married (1) Rosetta LOWERY and (2) Jewel STEPHENSON.  (6) Jesse L. Monroe FLETCHER born 30 April 1889, Choctaw County, MS died 23 Aug 1969 in Ackerman, married Eva Mae (FLETCHER) born 25 March 1904. Margie was also kind enough to submit her McGAUGH family line as she is having difficulty with the younger generation in the group.  I hope that relatives living in Choctaw will be kind enough to respond to her query. (Address and email link are listed at the beginning of column.) James Hill McGAUGH, son of Mathew McGAUGH, was born 30 Mar 1815 in Tennessee and died unknown in Miss. He married Hannah B. DAUGHERTY on 12 Mar 1842 in Marshall County, MS.  She died between 1880-1890 in Mississippi. Children of James and Hannah (DAUGHERTY) McGAUGH were: (1) Fredonia Jane McGAUGH born 21 April 1843 in TN and died between 1900-1910 in MS.  (2) John Hill McGAUGH born 15 Dec 1844 in TN.  (3) Nancy Clark McGAUGH, born 4 July 1847 in TN.  (4) Edmond Matthew McGAUGH, born 10 Jan 1850 in TN and died about 1908, Choctaw County, MS (5) Alexander Z. McGAUGH bon 24 June 1855, died 4 Jan 1918 in Choctaw County, MS.  (6) William Sanford McGAUGH born 23 June 1859 in MS and died 23 Sept 1941 at age 82 years, 3 months in Itta Bena, LeFlore County, MS.  (Next week I will continue with the McGAUGH Family beginning with Fredonia Jane McGAUGH, the first child of James Hill and Hannah B. (DAUGHERTY) McGAUGH.)

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Oct 4, 2000

Those who missed the Beulah DAY and book signing by Mr. W. A. WHITTEN of his book, Beulah and Beyond, really missed a treat.  The crowd was large, the tables of food were so full, but mainly friends and relatives from all over gathered to remember and celebrate their beginnings at Beulah. Not only were there alot of good memories shared, but the community celebrated and gave thanks that once again they could visit and share with their friends and relatives.  One gentleman even brought a picture of Carlisle BLACK who was the original and first settler of Beulah.  Rest assured there was not a frown to be found in his happy gathering.  The planners of this event are to be complimented and I would not start to name any of these good folks for fear of leaving someone out. Lee JAMES, who sang "Sweet Beulah Land" absolutely mesmerized the crowd and I observed more than one person wipe tears away - I am sure from remembering other days of long ago and of the many loved ones now gone from Beulah.
Another event that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended was the first meeting of the Choctaw Historical and Genealogical Society last Monday night.  The thirty people present enjoyed Mr. Marion SMITH's presentation about his collection of past items of Choctaw County.  Not only did Mr. SMITH do a magnificent job in presenting his program, but brought numerous items that were of great interest to all who attended.  Especially interesting to me, a bottle collector, was the cola bottle which was bottled in Ackerman probably in the 1920s.  I urge everyone who is interested in the preservation of the history of Choctaw County and in genealogical research to join this livewire group.  The next meeting will be on Monday night at 7 PM on October 23 at the Choctaw County Library.  Over the next few months programs are being planned to stimulate interest of those interested in this organization - there will be something for everyone to enjoy, plus input from all of the citizens of Choctaw County will be sought.  I urge everyone to support this new organization!
Last week I started the generations of the McGAUGH Family that was sent
in by Margie Scogin and will continue this week.  Fredonia Jane McGAUGH was the daughter of James Hill and Hannah B. (DAUGHERTY) McGAUGH. She was born 21 April 1843 in TN and died between 1909 - 1910 in MS.  She married Andrew Jackson BURDEN/BURTON, about 1876 in MS, the son of Abraham BURDEN/BURTON and Elizabeth YOUNG. Andrew was born about 1846 in MS and died before 1900 in MS.  Children of Andrew and Fredonia (McGAUGH) BURDEN/BURTON were:  (1) Hannah Elizabeth BURDEN/ BURTON, born 19 July 1877, MS died 17 August 1949 in MS married James Joseph DEAN, who was born 8 Aug 1896 and died 25 Feb 1929 in MS.  They
are buried in McCurtain's Creek Cemetery in Choctaw County, MS.  (2) William T. BURDEN/BURTON was born 19 Oct 1878 in MS and died 25 April 1954 in MS.  He never married.  (3) Josephine BURDEN/BURTON, born about 1882 in MS. Edmond Matthew McGAUGH, son of James Hill and Hannah B. (DAUGHERTY) McGAUGH, was born 10 Jan 1850 in TN and died about 1908 in Choctaw County.  He married Mary background-color-#BCBCBC .  She was born about 1855 and died about 1920 in Choctaw County.  Their children were (1) Jennie McGAUGH born between 1864 - 1876 in Choctaw County, married Will Grant MOSELEY, and died about Sept 1951 and is buried at McCurtain's Creek Cemetery.  (2) Annie S. McGAUGH, born about 1874.  (3) W. Edward McGAUGH, born about 1875, married Beulah ORR.  (4) L. E. McGAUGH, born about 1878.  (5) Matthew James McGAUGH, born about 1882 married Lula background-color-#BCBCBC.  (6) Maggie McGAUGH, born about 1884.  (7) Hattie McGAUGH, born 25 Feb 1886 and died 5 May 1965, married John M. BOX, born 28 March 1888 and died 5 Dec 1963 in Choctaw County.  (8) Robert McGAUGH born about 1889.  Next week I will continue with the children of James Hill and Hannah B. (DAUGHERTY) McGAUGH.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Oct 18, 2000

Vanesa Hunter,  is researching the surnames of GRIFFIS and WARFORD in Webster and Choctaw Counties, MS.  Any with information, please contact her.

Bob Rogers, needs help with the following missing links regard ing his mother and her father (his grandfather).  Bob's grandmother, Rose Lee MOORE was born 20 August 1891 the daughter of John William MOORE who was born 1845 in North Carolina and Mary Elizabeth McKNIGHT who was born 1861 in Mississippi or Texas.  Mary Elizabeth McKNIGHT was the daughter of Francis Marion McKNIGHT who was born in Choctaw County on 31 March 1836.  Mary Elizabeth was one of nine children and her brothers included Oza Collins McKNIGHT, born 1866 and Robert Abraham McKNIGHT born 1875.  In the 1900 Choctaw County Census Robert Abraham McKNIGHT who had married his brother Oza's widow, Margaret, is listed as owner of adjacent farm to John William MOORE and his wife, Mary Elizabeth McKNIGHT.  John and Mary MOORE are listed in the 1900 census as farm owners and had seven children as follows:  Beverly - female - born 1882; Francis - male - born 1885; Harriet - femaile - born 1888; Rose Lee (Bob's grandmother) born 1891, William - male - born 1893; John - male - born 1897; Ernest - male - born 1900.  Sometime before the 1910 Choctaw Census, John and Mary Elizabeth McKNIGHT MOORE had moved away. Perhaps the Bowl Weevil outbreak was the major motivation for a move.  However, Bob has not been able to locate where they moved or their burial sites.  Rose Lee MOORE (Bob's grandmother) had his mother, Frances MOORE, on 13 July 1917.  He has not been able to find a birth certificate for his mother (Frances MOORE) nor has he been able to find a marriage application and marriage record for his grandmother, Rose Lee MOORE. Rose Lee had a second child, Thomas Henry MOORE, on 15 September 1921 in Clarksdale, MS for which he has a certified birth certificate.  On the birth record for Thomas Henry MOORE, the father is listed as Robert Louis MOORE and the mother as Rosalie McKNIGHT, but it is certain that is not correct information.  Thomas Henry MOORE's father is almost certainly a man named Thomas B. JONES born 1881 in Bolivar County, MS. Mr. Rogers, who by the way attended the first genealogy meeting in Ackerman in September and from our viewpoint a nice person, would appreciate any lead on any of the people listed.

Wanda Henson Carlton is always a contributor to my columns of Choctaw and Webster Counties and her Attala, Choctaw and Webster connections (some of them) are as follows:  She is the great great granddaughter of Washington C. SEGLER who died in 1885 in Webster County.  She is also the great great granddaughter of John Allen King RIDDELL who died in August 1880 and buried in Bluff Springs Cemetery in Choctaw County, whose wife was Mary Caroline ATKINS.  She is the great granddaughter of Mary Jane CALCOTE who married Thomas Christopher RIDDELL in 1864.  Mary Jane was born in June 1842 in Attala County and died ca 1900. Wanda is the G-G-G-Granddaughter of Stephen CALCOTE born ca 1789 in SC and married Elizabeth MELTON (believe she is from Madison County) in 1813 in Amite County. Stephen died ca 1838 in Attala COunty.  She has her CALCOTES traced back to Hercules CALCOTE born ca 1640 and died ca 1684 in VA.  Wanda believes that Hercules was the son of John CALCOTE and that John is the son of Caesar CALCOTE, but has not proven it. John CALCOTE, Sr. born 1755 in Newport Parish, VA and died 1830 in Franklin County, MS was a Revolutionary War Soldier.  In 1997, along with help from the Mississippi DAR, the family was able to place a Revolutionary War marker on his gravesite in the CALCOTE Cemetery not far from Brookhaven in Franklin County, MS.

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James Wiley Bailey, Jr. / James Wiley Bailey, Jr., 3216 West Esplanade Avenue #276, Metarie, LA 70002, phone: 504-660-8650 is diligently working to preserve the history of the town of Stewart, MS which is fast fading away due to the construction of four lanes on highway 82. Mr. Bailey writes as follows: "My name is James Wiley BAILEY, Jr. Mr father is James Wiley BAILEY and my grandfather was Luther Edward BAILEY. Luther BAILEY was a farmer and cattleman and lived in Stewart, Ms, his entire life. During my grandfather's later years he owned and operated a leather business from his home. He made belts, gun holsters, and other leather products and repaired horse saddles among many other things. He even once made a pair of gun holsters that were given to Ronald REAGAN when he was President.
My BAILEY family ancestors and relatives have lived in and around the Stewart, MS area since the early 1830s to the present day. My great-great-great grandfather, William R. BAILEY, owned and operated a trading post near Stewart, MS. William R. BAILEY's son, John R. BAILEY, later operated this same trading post after the Civil War. Another son of William R. BAILEY, James Edward BAILEY, also owned and operated a store in Stewart. I am very interested in hearing from any and all people who may have in their possession, or know of the existence of, any early photographs of Stewart, MS.
I would love to be able to acquire reproductions of such photographs, especially any photos of the old train depot, James Edward BAILEY's store, and William R. BAILEY's old trading post homesite just east of Stewart. William R. BAILEY's old homesite was eventually inherited by his grandson, James Edward BAILEY. Not the same James Edward BAILEY that owned the store in Stewart. My great-gradfather, James Edward BAILEY was known as Little Jim or Jim BAILEY, Jr. The James Edward BAILEY who owned the store in Stewart was my great-grandfather's uncle. I will gladly pay for any expense involved in reproducing and mailing such photo reproductions or reprints. I am also very interested in hearing from all who have read or know William Waylon JACK's book, "Stewart: A Town To Remember". I would love to hear from those who have read his most important book on the history of Stewart. All comments, stories, remembrances and personal narratives of those who were born and raised in Stewart and those who may have personally known Mr. JACKS, would be greatly appreciated.
I would also like to hear from anyone that may have known my great-grandfather, James Edward BAILEY, my grandfather Luther Edward BAILEY, or my father James Wiley BAILEY. Any stories that you could share would be much appreciated."
Mr. BAILEY continues: "I am requesting all of the above for the purposes of building a repository of documents regarding the history of Stewart, MS, that will be donated to the MS Department of Archives and History in Jackson, MS. As many of you are aware, Stewart, MS, a colorful town with a legendary history, is quickly being erased from existence by the ongoing highway construction. It is my hope to complete the important work begun by a dedicated Mr. JACKS many, many years ago. That is, I want to ultimately deposit a full range of materials, including photos, memorabilia, family histories, etc, with the Archives Department so that the rich history of this famous small town will forever be preserved.
I look forward to hearing from all that can help contribute to this important project. It is very tragic what has happened to Stewart. I was just there three weeks ago...and all of the buildings north of the highway have been destroyed or moved. And only two or three buildings remain south of the highway. This construction project has more or less eliminated all vestiges of places like Tomnolen and Pellez."

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Nov 1, 2000

In the October 4 edition of the Plaindeler, I had the second part of query concerning the McGAUGH Family. This week the third part part of this query will be published. If anyone has information on this query, please contact Margie Scogin, 438 Barber Street, Newark, AR 72562.
Alexander Z. McGAUGH (son of James Hill McGAUGH; grandson of Mathew McGAUGH and great grandson of William McGAUGH) was born 24 June 1855 and died 4 Jan 1918 in Choctaw Co. He married (1) Lucinda Easter "Lou" BURDEN/BURTON about 1875 in MS, daughter of Alfred and Mary E. BURDEN/BURTON. Lou was born 24 April 1859 and died 9 Aug 1907 in Choctaw Co. Alexander married (2) Mary Francis ROBINSON about 1908 in MS. She was born 10 March 1873 and died 15 May 1950 in MS. Children of Alexander McGAUGH and Lucinda BURDEN/BURTON were: (1) Richard McGAUGH born about 1875 in MS and died between 1910-1920 in AR, married Belle SANDERS; (2) W. Sanford McGAUGH, born about 1878, MS and died about 1957 in AR, married Alice LOLLAR, who was born about 1883 and died about 1955 in AR; (3) Lera Ida McGAUGH born 27, Apr 1881 MS, died 4 Aug 1948, married Thomas RODGERS, born 16 Sep 1878, died 15 July 1963, MS; (4) Edmond Zander McGAUGH, born 24 Aug 1883, Choctaw Co, died 30 Aug 1963, Choctaw Co, married Mary Ada PARISH, born 15 June 1946, Choctaw Co; (5) Joseph Andrew McGAUGH, Sr., born 28 June 1886, MS, died 5 July 1927, MS, married Vera DODD, born 5 Dec 1892, Ms, died 10 May 1940, MS; (6) Nancy Fre-Donia McGAUGH, born 10 May 287, MS, died 20 Sep 1920, MS, married Thomas F. CUMMINS, born 28 Dec 1882, MS, died 9 Nov 1956, LA; (7) John Hardy McGAUGH, born 31 Aug 1892, Choctaw Co, died 27 Mar 1950, Choctaw Co, married (1) Pearle WATSON, born 4 Sep 1892, MS, died 13 Feb 1941, Choctaw Co, (2) Hazel HENLEY, born 13 Nov 1897 and died 23 Feb 1992. Thomas is buried in Sapa Baptist Church Cemetery in Webster Co.; (9) Hugh Gilbert McGAUGH, born about 1899, MS and died about 1991, MS . Children of Alexander and Mary ROBINSON McGAUGH: (1) Cornie Nason McGAUGH, born 19 Mar 1909, MS and died 18 June 1964; (2) George McGAUGH; (3) male McGAUGH--George and the male child died as children. William Sanford McGAUGH (brother of Alexander) was born 23 June 1859, MS and died 23 Sep 1941 in Bena, LeFlore Co, MS. He married Mary M. CAMPBELL about 1883 in MS, daughter of Amos and Elizabeth RITCHIE CAMPBELL. She was born 13 Mar 1857 in Choctaw Co and died 31 Oct 1925 in Choctaw Co. Both are buried in Providence Cemetery, Choctaw Co. Children of William and Mary CAMPBELL McGAUGH: (1) James O. McGAUGH, born 18 Jan 1884, Choctaw Co, died 6 Sep 1889; (2) Infant daughter, born 15 June 1886, died 19 Oct 1886; (3) Fairy Elinor McGAUGH, born 3 June 1888, Ms, died 1 Jan 1983, Greenwood, MS, married Henson BRADSHAW on 21 Jan 1906 in Choctaw Co. He was born 10 July 1888 and died 19 Aug 1964; (4) Arminda Jane McGAUGH, born 5 Aug 1895, Choctaw Co, married Robert Wesley DODD, born 12 Nov 1889, MS and died 1 Feb 1960, MS; (5) William Wesley McGAUGH, born 13 Dec 1898, Choctaw Co, married Josephine CALCOTE.  Margie would like to have more information on the families of Arminda Jane McGAUGH and William Wesley and wife, Josephine CALCOTE.
While in the MS Archives recently, a new acquisition of the Archives was a book on the PRESTRIDGE Family. This family came to the northwestern portion of Winston Co and the southern part of Choctaw Co. The PRESTRIDGES married into the COLEMAN and COOPER Families. If interested in this book, contact Ralph CROSBY, 3246 Conway Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809-1534 for availability and price.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Nov 8, 2000

In one of the 1897 editions of the Choctaw Plaindealer, the editor and publisher, Mr. Lem SEAWRIGHT, had the following to say about Ackerman. "We desire to give with some particularity the magnitude of the business done in our town the number of its commercial and business enterprises, its present status and future outlook. "Today Ackerman stands second to no town in Central Mississippi of its population in its importance as a mart of commerce and trade and as to its hopes for future greatness in commercial and material growth there is no town to our knowledge in the State comparable to its promises in these directions. We have many business houses of vast capital and doing a business that would be gratifying to many commercial institutions of greater pretensions. We note that we (in Ackerman) have: 11 general stores; 3 millinary stores; 1 furniture store; 3 drug stores; 3 mills; 2 preachers; 5 church organizations; 3 churches; 4 physicians; 1 shoemaker; 4 attorneys; 2 jewelers; 1 dealer in fertilizer, meal and seed; 1 tin shop; 1 flourishing school and four teachers; 2 livery stable; 2 newspapers; 1 dealer in horses and mules; 2 barber shops; 1 post office; 1 depot agent and 1 assistant; 1 telegraph office; 1 first class branch railroad; 1 canal; 0 loafers, more or less; 0 banks; 0 court house; about half as much enterprise as we ought to have." Some of the local businesses advertising in the 1897 paper were: A.M. YATES & COMPANY (groceries) on Front Street; R. E. QUINN, The Grocer; THE PLACE BARBER SHOP, PERRY COLEMAN, Proprietor; SHUMAKER, THE BARBER; J. F. BERRY, The Grocer; D. H. QUINN, located on the corner of Front and Chester Streets advertised dry goods and general merchandise, drugs and groceries, and ice, ice cream and soda water in the proper season; FRANK TOWNSEND, Attorney-At-Law; W. J. DANIEL, Attorney-At-Law; HOUSTON, BARRON and HUGSTON, Attorney-At-Law; HEARON's SALE STABLE advertised horses, mules and buggies.

Persons whose land was advertised for sale because of Delinquent Taxes in Choctaw County in 1897: S. GLADNEY; J. A. DEMPSEY; Nelson BROWN; Emily DIXON; Isham EILAND; Martha BROWN; M. E. FAIR; E. V. HUGHSTON; Joe KENNEDY; J. C. McCLURE; J. A. Q. STAPLES; T. J. LINDSEY; S. J. NEELY; J. M. YOUNG & Co; Mr. EDGE; Mary GATEWOOD; E. KENNEDY; Lawrence MOORE; Eunice MOSS; and W. A. DOLLAR. This list was put in the Plaindealer by the Sheriff, W. M. ROBERTS.
The C. A. & N. Railroad timetable for Ackerman in 1897 was: Passenger Trains - #202 passes Ackerman at 5:16 PM going west; #201 passes Ackerman at 9:51 AM. Freight trains - #292 passes Ackerman at 1:43 PM going west; #291 passes Ackerman at 9:56 AM going east. Jno. A. McKINNON, Station Agent at Ackerman.

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The former editor of the Mississippi GenealogicalExchange (1978-1985), Ronnie Farris McGINNIS, is resuming publication of a quarrterly lmagazine targeted toward anyone having genealogical links to Mississippi.
The new magazine is called the Mississippi Genealogical Connections (MGC), and the 2001 subscription cost for four issues is $24 postpaid. A limited number of pre-reserved copies will be printed each quarter, based upon subscribers registered prior ot December 31, 2000. Examples of quarterly articles include, but are not limited to, county and state documents, family papers, previously unpublished records and research aids, and book reviews.
Subscribers may submit unlimited queries, cemetery and Bible records, family ancestor charts and group sheets, and family histories. All must show a Mississippi connection. All submissions other than queries must be mailed flat, without folding, for publication reproduction purposes. Make check payable to RonnieFarrisMcGINNIS, Editor, and mail it prior to December 31, 2000 to MississippiGenealogicalConnections, 1500 Eastover Drive, Jackson, MS 39211-6321, phone: 601-981-2277; email: <>. A footnote to this publication announcement is that I will be contributing previously unpublished articles on Winston, Choctaw and Webster from time to time. This magazine is a much needed publication for the State of Mississippi since there is not a strong state wide publication in the genealogical field for Mississippi. It is my hope that everyone will support Ronnie's efforts in this genealogical venture.

On a recent trip to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, I checked out other newspapers of the area. The FrenchCampNews from June 1896 through Feb 1898 is available on microfilm in the archives. Some of the early advertisers in the FrenchCamp News were: J. J. CARTER and W. A. WILSON advertised as CARTER & WILSON, dealers in dry goods, groceries and everything in the way of plantation supplies; J. H. DAVIS and A. J. MARTIN advertised as DAVIS & MARTIN, general merchandise. Mrs. M. M. TOMLINSON, McCool, MS, advertised very fine hats; C. W. BURKS advertised as a blacksmith and general repair shop; J. W. LUCKETT advertised as a general merchandise store; C. A. SISSON, J. D. DRANE, Frank DRANE advertised as SISSON, DRANE & Company with dry goods and groceries.

Commencement exercises of the French Camp Academy and the Central Mississippi Institute began last Sunday, (June 1896) Rev. Dr. MALLARD of New Orleans, preaching the commencement sermon to an immense congregation in the Chapel. Among the alumni who spoke at the FrenchCamp commencement included Walter COBB, J. C. TIMS, Jas. F. NAYLOR and R. Q. RILEY.

Mrs. Elma SMITH died in McCool on June 17th. She was a Methodist. The remains of Mrs. SMITH were carried to her old home in Georgia for interment.
On June 11th, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John BLACK was so badly burned that she survived but a few hours. She was born 22 July 1890 and the youngest child and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BLACK.
26 June 1896 issue of the French Camp News: We are sorry to print the sad news of the death of Mrs. Bob BLACK and the death of Mr. Will HOLLOWAY's little baby at his home last Saturday. Burial was held at Mt. Moriah with Rev. Mr. WATSON officiating.
24 July 1896: SMITH Brothers of McCool, MS advertised feed and hack runs from McCool to French Camp daily except Sunday -- fare 25 cents and special trips $1.00. Died at her home six miles southwest of French Camp on 20 July 1896 Mrs. William BLACK. Burial was in the Bear Creek Cemetery.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Nov 22, 2000

Continuation of news from the 1896 French Camp News:
31 July 1896: Miss Tillie DRANE
died on July 27th. She was the youngest child of Colonel JamesDRANE.
Miss Fannie HUGHSTON died two days ago. The obituary mentions survivors as sister and brother. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. HOUCK and Mrs. M. F. COOK of Brookhaven attended the funeral of Miss HUGHSTON on Thursday.
4 Sept 1896: Mention is made of Dr. S. V. HUGHSTON, J. W. LUCAS and H. M. DRANE left last Monday for Nashville to enter the medical College at that place.
11 Sept 1896: Work has commenced on SISSON, DRANE & Company's new store. W. A. LUCAS left Tuesday for Oxford to attend school at the university. Obituary: Colonel James DRANE, who departed this life on 8 August 1896 was born in Columbia County, GA on 14 April 1835. His parents were the Hon. James and Martha (Shaw) DRANE, who were also natives of Columbia County, GA, They came to Choctaw County, MS in 1836. In the spring of 1862 he went into the Confederate Army as Captain of Company I, in the 31st MS Infantry. This company was organized at Bankston. The company marched to Saltillo and there became a part of the 31st Infantry under Colonel ORR. His son, William DRANE who was making a physician died a few years before and he had lost his oldest son, a lawer of great promise. About a week before his death, he lost his youngest daughter, Miss Tillie DRANE. Colonel DRANE married twice, his first wife was the daughter of General HEMPHILL. From this union remains three sons and two daughters. His second wife was the daughter of Horatio BARDWELL, who was well known as an able minister and scholar and the first editor of what is now the SouthwesternPresbyterian, but was then the MississippiPresbyterian which was published at Kosciusko.
18 Sept 1896: J. N. MECKLIN left for Clarksdale Monday to enter school. The contract to build the courthouse at Ackerman was let last Tuesday for $7,000.00. Messrs. Chas CARTER and BAXTER SCOTT left Monday for Nashville, Tenn. to enter the Medical College at that place.
25 Sept 1896: Died at his home in French Camp on 19 Sept, Percy, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. LUCKETT, who was aged 15 years, 7 months and 2 days. He was laid to rest by the side of his little sister and two brothers. A brother, Joe L. LUCKETT, of Memphis is mentioned in the article. Mr. Richard FAIR of Texas has been visiting his many friends in French Camp. Married at Bethsaida Church on 20 September, J. D. STRAIN to Miss SHAW of Bankston. Dr. JAMISON of Houston arrived last week and has moved into the house formerly occupied by J. Lee DOWNING. He has opened up a drug store in the house east of W. H. POWER's shop and in addition to his drugs, he will carry a full line of fancy groceries. His family will follow him to French Camp in a few days. Married at the residence of W. H. H. FANCHER on 21 September, Mr. J. M. CARR of Attala County was married to Miss OLA NORMAN, also of Attala County.
9 October 1896: Died near McCool on 4 October, Captain M. POOL, age 81 years and 14 days. He was one of the oldest citizens of the Bear Creek Community, having settled there with his family nearly fifty years ago. Survivors mentioned were two sons and two daughters. Died near French Camp on 2 October, Mrs. S. A. TEER, aged about 65 years. Dr. A. J. HEMPHILL, formerly a aresident of this place, but now a citizen of Ennis, Texas, is visiting with his many friends of this city this week. John HODGES, a former citizen of Poplar Creek and his son-in-law, T. T. HAMILTON, were recently run over by a train at Humbolt, Tenn. and crushed to death.
16 October 1896: Hugh DRANE returned last night from Nashville, Tenn. The Post Office has been moved over to the drug store east of W. H. POWER's shop.
This series on the French Camp News will be continued next week.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Nov 29, 2000

C. H. SMITH is the great great grandson of Silas DOBBS. He is asking for information about Silas and his wife, Mary COCKERHAM. He is particularly interested in finding out if someone has a copy of the book DOBBS Family History, by Mary Margaret DOBBS WARD. He is also looking for information on the descendants of Uriah SMITH and Nancy MEDDERS. Mr. SMITH's grandfather was John Jacob SMITH, whose father was Newton SMITH and Newton was the son of Uriah SMITH. "Pa Jake", Newton and Uriah are buried at Antioch Cemetery in Choctaw County. Newton had a brother named Job (his wife was Melissa O.) who is also buried at Antioch. Did Job have any children Newton and Job had a half sister, Mary who married a LOGAN and settled in Clay County. Any information about any of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Wanda Henson CARLTON is seeking information on this list of families: Unknown LAWRENCE and Margaret TAYLOR had a daughter, Sarah H. LAWRENCE, born 13 Dec 1813 in TN and died 25 Aug 1884 in MS, married James BROCK, Jr. born 9 April 1810 and died 14 Aug 1871. The parents of James BROCK, Jr. were Mary Anne MONTGOMERY and James BROCK. Both James, Jr. and Sarah H. LAWRENCE BROCK are buried in LaGrange United Methodist Church Cemetery in Choctaw County. Children of James and Sarah H. LAWRENCE BROCK were: (1) Mary Amarilla BROCK, June 1834- June 1911, married William D. GILLIAM; (2) Eliza J. BOCK, born ca 1836; (3) Sarah Emaline BROCK, ca 1837-1862, married Francis M. COLLINS; (4) Andrew J. BROCK, 1838-June 1862; (5) Martin Van Buren BROCK, May 1841-Dec 1888, married Nancy A. Unknown; (6) Martha Ann BROCK, Nov 1841-Feb 1873; married John Thomas ALLEN; (7) James Madison BROCK, ca 1844; (8) Charles Lafayete BROCK, Sept 1845 - April 1902, married Margaret Virginia ALLEN; (9) Edward W. BROCK, ca 1846-1848; (10) Malinda C. BROCK, Oct 1851-Oct 1891, married W. L. CURRY; (11) Margaret Cordelia BROCK, ca 1858, married Cicero WIGGINS. Wanda is also seeking information on the following: On page 39 of "Families of Choctaw County, MS" there is a reference to James Daniel BOOTH marrying May CALCOTE. Their children were James Daniel BOOTH, Jr.; Mable, Elsie Nell and Inez. She would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this family. Wanda also states that on page 365 of "Chotaw County Ms Cemeteries:" there is a headstone listing Lizzie LAMB BOYLES, born 21 April 1892 and died 6 Feb 1982. It would appear that her husband was William W. BOYLES. Wanda needs to know who Lizzie's parents were.

Continuation of items from "The News", the newspaper of French Camp, which was published each Friday, and the editor was J. M. HARRIS.

30 Oct 1896: Mr. Hallie FOX of West Point and father of Hon. A. F. FOX, died at West Point on Friday.
16 Oct 1896: The infant son of Dr. W. L. HUGHSTON of McCool died last week. Dr. James McGOVERN of Kenago was in the city last week. Levi BURKS, Joe DAVIS and Charlie WILSON all of this community left for Texas last week. 6 November 1896: J. D. MECKLIN, formerly of this place, but now of Hubbard, Texas is visiting his parents at this place.
13 November 1896: Mr. Rufus McLEOD of the Delta was killed by a runaway team in Winona a few days ago. He was related to the McLEODs of this place.
20 November 1896: Married at the resident of the bride's father, Mr. M. A. CARR near McCool on 20 November 1896, Mr. Willie BLACK to Miss Lula CARR. The Rev. W. H. H. FANCHER officiated.
Obituary: Mrs. S. E. TEER, daughter of Reuben and Nancy DOTSON was born 17 March 1835 and married Ozmon TEER on 2 October 1854. She was a member of Bear Creek Baptist Church. Survivors: three daughters, five sons and several grandchildren. She died 4 October 1899, age 61 years, 8 months and 17 days.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Dec 6, 2000

Karia Sturdivant Rouda is seeking information in Choctaw County on the following family. She writes: My ancestor, Randolph STURDIVANT, born ca 1810 in Jackson Co, TN, the oldest child of Randolph and Mourning STURDIVANT, was orphaned in Tuscaloosa Co, AL and placed under the care of Benjamin WHITFIELD. When he came of age, Randolph headed to Mississippi, but Mrs. Rouda does not know why. He may have claimed land for his father's service in the War of 1812, but she doesn't know. Randolph received a gift of land upon his marriage to Mary Jane WARD in Choctaw Co, MS on 1 Oct 1835. The land was from the SUDDUTH family, a common surname in Choctaw Co. Mrs. Rouda thinks one of the SUDDUTHs may have married a sibling of Randolph's. Any help on this issue woud be great. Mary Jane WARD (daughter of William Thomas WARD and Sarah Elizabeth ROSS, a full-blooded Choctaw Indian) and Randolph STURDIVANT had at least eight children between 1836 and 1852, all in Choctaw Co, MS. Mrs. Rouda descends from Wyatt Lambert STURDIVANT who was in Company K of the MS Infantry for Choctaw Co. during the Civil War. After the war, Wyatt headed for Bell County, TX with his MS love, PermeciaCaroline SANDEFER of Choctaw Co. This was her second marriage. Wyatt Lambert and Permecia married in Bell Co, TX in 1872. Mrs. Rouda is interested in finding any additional information about the STURDIVANT Faminly in Choctaw Co. and wonders if there is anyone who has any idea about where Randolph STURDIVANT is buried. According to family legend, Randolph's father was an Ensign in the TN Army during the War of 1812. His grandfather served in the North Carolina Militia during the American Revolution. When Randolph - listed as a farmer in census materials - died, he was buried somewhere in Choctaw Co. Mary Jane remarried to a man named John CHILDRESS, and they had one son who died young. Mary Jane shows up as Delilah after her remarriage and it is assumed she died in Choctaw Co. Any information about these families would be welcome. Any documentation, newspaper articles, anything would be welcome!

Continuing with items from the French Camp Newspaper of 1896-1897:

11 Dec 1896: In the election in French Camp the following were elected: C. W. BURKS, Mayor; M. T. CARTER, Marshall; A. J. MARTIN and W. H. POWER were elected to Aldermen.
1 Jan 1897: Dr. J. A. MECKLIN and family of Kosciusko visited relatives and friends in town this week. W. H. POWER's house burned last Thursdy evening. All of the crowd went to work and saved most of his furniture. On last Sunday night someone entered the house of Mr. E. D. BROOKS, about ten miles west of this place and killed him by striking him on the head with a club. A telegram was sent to the Sheriff of Oktibbeha County for bloodhounds.
7 Jan 1897: Emmett BARNETT of Revive is spending a few days in teh city. Miss MANSELL of Madison County arrived Wednesday to enter school at the C. M. I. Dr. DRANE has bought the HEMPHILL house and we understand that he intends to move into it in the near future. Mrs. A. J. HEMPHILL, formerly of Ennis, Texas is here now with her many friends. Married at the residence of Mr. BRUNT on 31 Dec 1896, Rev. W. H. H. FANCHER officiating, Mr. William BLACK was married to Miss Nannie ADAMS.
22 Jan 1897: W. H. POWER
made a business trip to Memphis this week. Mr. Chas W. TOWENSEND of Lexington, KY, an uncle of the editor J. M. HARRIS, is visiting in the county. C. A. TORBERT, a prominent merchant of Weir, was in the city yesterday. Miss Mannie LUCKETT, who has been visiting J. W. LUCKETT and family for the past week, returned to her home in Canton this morning.
29 Jan 1897: Chas CARTER retuned last night from Nashville where he has been attending Medical College for several months. George BLACK left last Tuesday for the Delta.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Dec 13, 2000

Wanda Henson is seeking information on John STEVENSON. He is listed in the 1880 Choctaw Co. census, family #63 and in the household with him were his wife, Matilda and children: Junetta born 1880, Leon born ca 1864, and Alex born ca 1867. Any data on this STEVENSON family would be appreciated.

Continuation of articles from the newspaper, The French Camp News, editor J. M. HARRIS, which was published at French Camp every Friday.

5 Feb 1897: W. H. H. FANCHER
attended the funeral of Mr. J. M. WADE on yesterdat at Bear Creek and is gone today to conduct the funeral services of Mrs. STONE.
Victor MILES was accidently shot last Saturday.
Died of pneumonia near McCool, Attala County, J. M. WADE, age 47 years and two months. Survivors: wife and nine children, one brother and four sisters.
On Wednesday of this week, Christopher MONTGOMERY, while assisting FANCHER and BOWIE at their sawmill near McCool, lost two of his fingers by accidentally putting his hand too near the saw.
The following are names of boys will speak next Friday night: J. C. BRYAN - The New South; J. McGOVERN - Eulogy on Lafayette; R. E. CARTER - Declaration of Irish Rights; Richard JOHNSON - Opposition to Misgovernment; A. E. HARRIS - The South and Its Soldiers; A. H. RICE - The Fate of Virginia; Richard BUCKLEY - Sparticus to the Roman Envoy in Etruria; A. T. McLEOD - Conciliation with the American Colonies; Eustace W. PINSON - The South and Its Heroes; B. H. MOONEY - The first Step to Reconciliation With America.
 12 Feb 1897: Miss Hortense BYRD of the C. M. I. visited friends in Weir Saturday and Sunday.
On yesterday afternoon about noon, Mrs. CORNISH passed quietly away. Her husband, W. H. CORNISH, died last July.
Mr. Walsh HOLMES died on the morning of the 11th instant at the home of his son, James HOLMES near Huntsville.
19 Feb 1897: J. J. CARTER is in Memphis this week on business.
Judge F. R. W. FOSTER
of Chester is the foreman of the Grand Jury.
J. H. BELDING, C. W. BURKS, C. A. HEMPHILL and W. H. POWER spent Monday in Chester.
Johnson BRYAN of Stewart is visiting relatives and friends in French Camp and vicinity this week.
Mrs. Mary WILSON, nee CARTER, of Cleveland is at home on a visit.
B. C. SCOTT who has been in Nashville, Tenn. for several months studying Dentistry, returned las Saturday evening. He is now with Dr. DRANE.
26 Feb 1897: G. S. and J. J. BRYAN and mother have secured the house east of W. B. HATHORN's and have moved into it.
5 March 1897: Mrs. STEWART
of Texas is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. A. SANDERSON this week.
12 Mar 1897: Dr. J. D. DRANE
is building a new fence around his place, which adds very much to its appearance.
Misses Lillie MOORE and Mary McLEAN and Mr. Jim HATHORN of Winston County, visited W. B. HATHORN and family last Saturday and Sunday.
Married at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. T. J. HARRIS of Attala County on Thursday, March 11, 1897, Mr. Everet TURNER was married to Miss Nellie HARRIS.
19 March 1897: Miss Bessie MECKLIN
, who has been teaching at New Prospect, returned home last Saturday evening.
W. A. FAIR, formerly of this place, but now a progressing farmer of the Delta is visiting the city this week.
2 April 1897: Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. POWER on Wednesday, March 31st, a boy.
16 April 1897: The editor wrote that eggs are so cheap now that the hens are ashamed to cackle when they lay.
Mrs. R. S. JAMISON left Monday for Grenada County to visit relatives and friends.
Hugh FAIR, who has been in the Delta, returned Wednesday on account of the overflow of the Mississippi River.
Miss Estelle HOLMES returned last Wednesday from the Delta where she had been teaching. She dismissed school on account of high water.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Dec 20, 2000

Continuation of articles from the Frenh Camp Newspaper

23 April 1897: Edgar HOLLOWAY of Eupora was in the city yesterday.
Misses Cora and Annie ALLEN of Murray, Kentucky are visiting relatives and friends in the city.
Mrs. Jas. McGOVERN visited relatives and friends in town last Friday and Saturday.
A very sad accident occurred at the home of Mr. William MANN, about five miles west of this place on last Monday, which resulted in the death of his little son aged 2 years. While at play, the little fellow ran into a bed of coals where his father had burned a brush pile. He was so badly burned that he died at 2 O'clock on April 21, about thirty hours of terrible suffering.
Program at the school included the following speakers and topics: The Soldier Boy - Joe FANCHER; The Conquered Banner - Charles TOWNSEND; Robert E. Lee - Clarence FAIR; The Word of Lee - Clyde BELDING; An Optimist Traveling in the South - Kenneth POWER; Lesson of the Life of Lee - Henry MECKLIN; The New South - Frank FAIR; Hannibal to His Army - Andrw RAMSEY; The Deeds of General Taylor - Claud FAIR; Ireland -  Andy DRANE.
30 April 1897: Rev. J. M. MECKLIN
, formerly of this place, but now of Dalton GA., was married last week to a young lady of Virginia.
14 May 1897: W. H. H. FANCHER
and L. H. STUBBLEFIELD returned Thursday from Wilmington, C where they attended the Southern Baptist Convention.
21 May 1897: We regret to chronicle the death of Mrs. ALFORD, which occured at her home at Spay last Monday.
Jas McGOVERN spent several days of this week with his parents at Kenago.
28 May 1897: The News is now two years old.
T. A. HAMAN, Jr. of Vaiden will make the Alumni Address next Tuesday.
Hon. T. B. SOMERVILLE of Winona will deliver the Popular Address this year at Commencement.
J. H. DAVIS and J. J. CARTER had a well bored between their stores. They intend to put in a force pump with a hose attachment so they can sprinkle the streets in the summer.
Program of C. M. I.: Welcome - Miss Ruby BOYD; Response - Miss Pattie ROBERTSON; Sketch of C. M. I. - Miss Rosa MECKLIN, Misses ANDERSON, and HAMAN; Recitation - Miss Belle KILLOUGH; The World of Music - Miss Loula FAIR; A Woman and an Editor - Miss Sallie TOWNSEND; Vocal Solo - Miss Lucy CARTER; A Sketch of the South - Miss Sallie McLEOD; Teaching - Miss Hassey RIPLEY; Easter, Lilly Waltzes - Misses HAMAN and CARTER; What Our Girls are Going - Miss Bessie MECKLIN.
        (Will continue this starting with the 4 June 1897 issue later.)
Deaths from the early issues of The Plaindealer:

27 January 1888: The sad news of the death of J. H. HUGHSTON, which occurred at his home in Texas, the 18th of this month, was received by us this week. Will, as he was known, was born in French Camp, in this county and was reared and educated there. A few years ago he went to Texas where he resided till his death.
Tribute of Respect: At the regular meeting of the Texas Alliance No. 145 held February 11, 1888, the Alliance said that Bro. C. A. CURTIS died on 8 January 1888 in the 23rd year of his age. The tribute mentions bereaved wife and child, mother, brothers and sisters.
From the East Mississippi Times: The remains of Dr. John W. BROWN were laid to rest at the A. R. Presbyterrian Cemertery. Dr. BROWN was among our oldest citizens, having been in the county from earliest boyhood.
27 April 1888: Laura TOWNSEND
, little daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank TOWNSEND, died last Friday. Burial was near McCool at the Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Officiating at the funeral was Bro. J. A. MECKLIN.
21 September 1888: We regret to hear of the death of Coleman SHIPP, son of Mr. John SHIPP, which occurred at the residence of his parents in French Camp, about a week ago.
Married: At the residence of the bride's mother in Ackerman, Monday evening last, by Dr. T. G. SELLARS; Mr. Andrew S. HOUSTON of Texas and Miss Eola R. PREWITT. the happy couple left on the train Monday evening for Texas where they will reside in the future.

Column Appearing in the Plaindealer the week of Dec 27, 2000

I would like to remind the readers of the following and hope that many veterans who are buried in the unmarked graves will have their graves marked by their relatives. Graves of deceased veterans who were discharged from the U. S. Armed Forces before September 7, 1980 with an honorable discharge, can be marked with a government marker free of charge. Gravemarkers and headstones for veterans who served prior to World War I, including the Civil War and the Revolutionary War, must have detailed documentation to prove eligibility.
Documentation may include muster rolls, pension records or extracts from state or federal military records. When burial of an eligible veteran is in a national, post, or State veteran's cemetery, a headstone or marker will be ordered by an official of the cemetery. When requesting a headstone or grave marker for an eligible veteran for burial in a private cemetery, VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker for Installation in a private cemetery, must be submitted by the next of kin, a funeral director or cemetery representative. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the veteran's military discharge documents. Again, I repeat, a COPY - not the original discharge (Form DD214). The VA Form 40-1330 may be obtained locally from the Veterans Service Officer, whose office is listed in the phone book under Choctaw County, located on West Main Street. His office phone is 662-285-3322.
The Veterans Service Officer or any of the local funeral homes will assist anyone filling out a form for one of these markers to mark a veteran's grave. The VA Form 40-1330 may also be downloaded from the following website: <> Once the VA Form 40-1330 is completed, it shoud be mailed to Memorial Programs Service (403), Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, Washington, D C 20420-0001. Veterans of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, both Union and Confederate Armies, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II and veterans serving up through 1980 are eligible for this benefit. Service by a veteran after September 7, 1980 must be for a minimum of 24 months or completed under special circumstances, such as death on active duty. Those who have retired from the National Guard or Reserves and those who served on active duty while in the National Guard or Reserves may also be eligible.

In April 1888 the Plaindealer printed the following story about the town of Weir: The Editor spent some time Friday in our neighbor town of Weir. Weir is a first class town in all its appointmenta and appliances. The merchants: DAVIS, CARTER & CO., W. H. POWER, TOWNSEND & MORGAN, the latter having moved their store, are all on Main Street now. Dr. LYNCH has a drug store and he and Dr. WHISANANT do the physicianing. There are two churches, Presbyterian and Methodist. The Methodist Church has recently purchased an organ. There is also a good school building and J. D. PERKINS teaches the young ideas. J. J. McELROY does the blacksmith work. Col. WEIR does the grinding and ginning. John CONN keeps a hotel and sets a table full of good things. The beautiful and accomplished Miss Mary RUSH, assisted by Miss Birdie, attends to the Depot. Rev. D. M. COGDELL, does the preachingn andTOWNSEND heals all sores and wounds with everything  as lovely as the music of the spheres. Johnson B. HARRIS of McCol was examined here Monday and was named out as M. D. The Board of Medical Censors also examened the following: F. D. SMYTHE, Kosciusko; T. E. ROSS and David J. RUSH, Philadelphia; W. D. TISDALE, DeKalb; and Frank BROYLS, Aberdeen. The entire class stood a satisfactory examination and are now ready to go to rolling pills.

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