1905 Choctaw County Marriages

These marriage records were copied by Kenneth Rhodes from the Choctaw County Marriage Book 2 at the Choctaw County Courthouse. If you have any additional information to add to this page, please contact Jackie Rhodes.

ANDERSON W. M. WATERS Susan Angelica 14-May-1905
BAGWELL John MOSS Julia 30-Nov-1905
BIDDLE J. T. MOSS Eula  8-Dec-1905
BIRCHFIELD J. L. KEEN Rosa 26-Feb-1905
BLACK W. L. QUINN Lillie 8-Jan-1905
BLACK J. D. TURNIPSEED Carrie 8-Jan-1905
BOWIE L. C. KEENE Nannie 15-Aug-1905
BOWIE L. C. KEENE Beatrice 15-Aug-1905
BRUCE T. J. HOOD Ella 8-Dec-1905
CARR Jason Massey Fannie 26-Nov-1905
CARTER W W. WATERS Mozelle 28-May-1905
CARTLEDGE Clyde MECKLIN Goldie 13-Dec-1905
CATLEGE H. G. BAILEY Minnie 5-Mar-1905
CATLEDGE W. B. TURNER Nannie 17-Aug-1905
CHILDRESS W. E. WILLIAMS Julina 9-Mar-1905
CLARK John  BRUCE Belmer 3-Oct-1905
COBB Andy J. SIMPSON Gertie 13-Aug-1905
COLBERT W. B. McLEOD Clara 27-Dec-1905
COMMANDER A. N. KING Mattie 2-Apr-1905
COTTON E. E. FONDREN Anna 4-Jun-1905
EDMONDS R. M. McCULLOUGH Carrie 27-Aug-1905
EDWARDS B. F. McLEOD Ollie E. 13-Mar-1905
FANT Sam M. ORR Georgia 31-Dec-1905
FLANNAGAN G. A. POWELL Ruby 27-Dec-1905
FONDREN W. M. KELLUM Bertha 26-Nov-1905
FOSTER Finis MOORE Jennie 11-Jan-1905
FULCHER L. LOVE Sallie 12-Mar-1905
GILLIS W. C. ADAMS Nona 15-Oct-1905
GORDON Bunyan DUNESMORE Bertha 20-Aug-1905
GRAVES F. A. DUNN Willie May 5-Mar-1905
GREER Frank ROBINSON Bettie 15-Jan-1905
HARRIS J. M. Jr HUNT Clara 20-Sep-1905
HENDERSON H. C. SUDDOTLE Sallie J. 9-Nov-1905
HODGES James CUMMINS Bell 9-Aug-1905
HOWARD A. H. POWERS Fannie May 10-Dec-1905
HUTCHINSON J. B. INGRAM Minnie          No Return
KEMP W. M. McCOOL Bertha 15-Oct-1905
KIMP (KEMP?) Virgil L. McCOOL Lula 3-Sep-1905
KIRKSEY Alvin WINDFIELD Florie 3-Sep-1905
KUGLE (KAGLE?) C. Maquis FOSTER Florence 1-Mar-1905
LAWRANCE E. N. GILLIAN Rebecca L. 3-Dec-1905
MABUS D. S. BOSTICK Beatrice 28-Feb-1905
MADDOX N. G. KING Minnie 12-Aug-1905
MALONE G. W. STACY Emma 10-Dec-1905
McCULLOUGH G. L. RHODES Agnes 18-Jun-1905
McGOVERN Frank PHILLEy Allie 24-Dec-1905
McMIMS John P. KILPATRICK Omaha 21-Jul-1905
McWHORTER Estes THOMPSON Annie 21-Jan-1905
MEDDERS S. D. STEDMAN Cora 23-Aug-1905
MILLER John W. JACKS Eula E. 19-Jan-1905
MOSS J. O. SNOW Ella 15-Oct-1905
MOSS O. S. OSWALT Ola 3-May-1905
NAIL Joe M. BOWIE Airy 26-Mar-1905
PARKER E. B., Jr. SHROCK Carrie 16-Mar-1905
PINNIX C. T. LONG Laura 28-Dec-1905
POGUE L. E. McCAIN Cora 17-May-1905
POWER Kenneth BOWIE Katie 9-Dec-1905
QUINN Charlie HEMPHILL Virgie 3-Jun-1905
QUINN C. B. HOWELL Viola 22-Feb-1905
RAWLS R. A. BLACK Nannie 23-Jul-1905
RAY Hosea S. BIGGERS Annie (Onie?) 28-Mar-1905
REDD Lively McKNIGHT Fannie 31-Dec-1905
REED E. W. PARKER Sadie 23-Aug-1905
RUFF James Edward CHILDRESS Jimmie 1-Jan-1905
SIDES J. Lee THOMPSON Bettie 16-Oct-1905
SIDES T. H. ROBINSON Eula 16-Jul-1905
SMITH J. M. Jr IRVING Ester 10-Dec-1905
SMITH Charlie LONG Tennie 12-Jan-1905
TENHET J. W. BAKER Maggie 15-Feb-1905
THOMPSON Charlie JOLLY Linnie 22-Nov-1905
THOMPSON Jim SIDES Kittie 14-May-1905
VAUGHN J. F. NORTON Effie 15-Feb-1905
WELLS E. C. HOOD Belle 20-Dec-1905
WILSON R. M. TRUSSELL Mary 18-Feb-1905
WOOD J. H. BRADBERRY Nannie 19-Feb-1905
WORRELL Smith LEVER Edne 20-Mar-1905
WORRELL R. F. EVANS Lula 8-Jan-1905

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