Unknown Family Plot

These graves are located on County Road 173 in Chickasaw Co. on land that once had a home on it. They are visible from the road, but are located near a tree line at the back of the property. The first three tombstones are visible from the road, but after photographing these three tombstones, we walked into the tree line and found two other tombstones. The death dates on these stones are not really old dates, but it seems strange that two of the graves would be in the woods. The tree line is not very thick and located behind the tree line is farm land that is being used. As the photos show, the land where these graves are located is well mowed and seems to be well taken care of.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Rhodes, 1938-2005; who was my greatest supporter in all that I did or tried to do to keep new information posted to Chickasaw Co. He will be greatly missed as I continue to work updating the county with new information.

Eliza J. Major -- Apr 19, 1905 - Aug 29, 1994

Henry Major -- Oct 16, 1893 - Aug 8, 1993
Louis Major -- June 10, 1931 - Jan 20, 1985
William Gunn -- Mar 19, 1905 - July 19, 1976
Gus Gunn -- Oct 2, 1884 - Dec 1, 1976

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