Mary Elizabeth Pounds

David Edward HILL, the son of Asaph HILL, born 3-3-1852, died 11-3-1923 married to Mary Elizabeth POUNDS born 8-18-1852, died 11-9-1930.
Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Wm. Avery POUNDS born 12-29-1815 and died 4-20-1902 and America BINGHAM POUNDS born 7-18-1820 and died 4-10-1907.
Both Wm. A. & America are buried in Chickasaw County.

Children of David and Mary HILL are: Virginia America HILL born
2-21-1874, died in 1923 and married 4-28-1901 to J. B. COLE.

John Pinkney HILL, born 2-3-1876, died 6-10-1968 and married 1-15-1899
to LaNora Belle WOFFARD buried in Pleasant Grove.

Rastus V. HILL born 4-28-1877, died 10-25-1882.

Lee Thompson HILL born 7-14-1879, died 7-6-1959 married 1-12-1902 to

Anah Barzilia HILL born 7-10-1881, died 11-18-1882

David Stevenson HILL born 8-17-1883, died in 1961 and married 2-25-1905
to Ida Belle ROBERTSON

Clara Wilma HILL born 8-12-1890, died in 1961 married 12-24-1911 to Luther

Rose L. HILL born 11-18-1892, died 1-10-1980, married 3-4-1913 to L. T.

Mary Elizabeth Pounds, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi 1852, Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Sara A. Rollins

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