MSGenWeb Chat Nites

We invite you to join our regular IRC Chat sessions 9:00pm CT every Thursday evening, on RootsWeb!

         Here's how to download the software and join the chat: 

  • Download the latest IRC chat software compatible with your operating system.

  • Install the program to a directory on your computer. 

  • While connected to the internet through your provider, activate the IRC program.

  • When you open the IRC program, you'll see a window called "Options."

Enter the following:

  • IRC Servers - ALL

  • (next line) Rootsweb

  • Your Name (Please use your real name

  • Your E-Mail ID

  • A Screen Name you wish to be called - please use your real first name as your nickname. We can teach you how to change that while in the chat room, if you wish. 

  • A secondary Screen Name to be used in case someone online already has your name.

          Then click on ADD

Enter the following:

  • Description:  Rootsweb

  • IRC Server:

  • Port(s):  6667

         A password is unnecessary.

  • Click OK

  • Click Connect to Server - 

  • Once connected, you will be in the "Lobby."  It may take a minute for the connection, so don't worry.

  • Once connected, you will see: Welcome to the IIGSnet/RootsWebnet IRC Network

  • You can then join whatever room you want.  MS folks meet in #msgw 


To join that room, type:

  • /join #msgw

Hit Enter

  • If it's Thursday between 9:00-10:00pm CT, you should be in the chat room with everyone else!! 

Everyone is welcome!


Please contact the MSGenWeb State Coordinator regarding questions, suggestions, or comments about this website.

Jeff Kemp - State Coordinator, Ann Allen Geoghegan - Assistant State Coordinator, Denise Wells - Assistant State Coordinator

Ann Geoghegan - Special Projects Manager 
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