The Arnold Cemetery



The first Arnold to come to the USA was George Arnold, who came from England as a British soldier in the War of 1812. He was a son of Wm and Mary Birkinhead of Witton, England and grandson of Union and Martha Arnold.


George Arnold (lst) was born March 8, 1786 and his children were as follows: William Washington, Martha, George B., Elizabeth, David Simpson, John Quincy who was born in 1828 at Ruse Hill. George (1st) married Mourning Mullins of Georgia in June 1812.


William W. Arnold son of George (lst) was born in 1813 on Bayou Pierce (Pierre) in what was afterwards Claiborne Co., Miss. William married Phoebe Ann Foster and she was buried at Concordia Cemetery near Gunnison, Miss. before the Arnold Cemetery was established.


The Arnold family moved from Claiborne Co. to Warren Co. and lived in and around Vicksburg. David Simpson and John Quincy lived and died in Vicksburg.


George Arnold came to Bolivar Co in 1839 and Wm. Washington moved to Bolivar Co. near Gunnison in 1854. Sometime soon afterwards he built or helped to build a Baptist Church on what was afterwards known as the Columbus Arnold place. A cemetery was started by this church. Wm W. Arnold died in 1862 and was buried in this Cemetery and his tomb is in the exact center of this cemetery which consists of one acre of land. C. C. Arnold who owned the place at the time of his death willed it to his oldest son Wm. Henry (called Tony) whose will has passed it on to some of the Arnold family. The will is recorded in the Rosedale courthouse.


C. C. Arnold was killed at Concordia by a run away team. He and his wife Eliza

Lightfoot of Camden, Ark. are also buried in this cemetery along with other Arnolds.



Written by:


Mrs. Eunice Logan Arnold


Gunnison, Mississippi

February, 1947