The northern portion of present day Bolivar County was a part of Coahoma County. 

The eastern edge of BC extended to the eastern edge of present day Sunflower County. 

A portion of the southern part of present day BC was a part of Washington County.




The northern edge of Bolivar County expanded into what was then the southern portion of Coahoma County.




Eastern boundary shifted west adding size to Sunflower County.




The southeastern corner of Bolivar became Sunflower.







01 Mar 1836 - BOLIVAR created from WASHINGTON, a small part of TALLAHATCHIE, and Non-County Area 11 attached to HOLMES. (Miss. Laws 1836, reg. sess., par. 13/p. 14)

01 Mar 1839 - BOLIVAR boundary with COAHOMA was clarified [no change]. (Miss. Laws 1839, adj. sess., ch. 95/p. 227)

26 Feb 1842 - BOLIVAR gained from COAHOMA. (Miss. Laws 1842, reg. sess., ch. 109/pp. 235-236)

15 Feb 1844 - BOLIVAR lost to creation of SUNFLOWER. (Miss. Laws 1844, reg. sess., ch. 49, secs. 1-2/p. 219)

15 Mar 1871 - BOLIVAR lost to SUNFLOWER and WASHINGTON. (Miss. Laws 1871, reg. sess., ch. 238, secs. 1-2, 15/pp. 587-588, 592)


(Information gleaned from various sources.  Some duplication or differences may be noted)