Blanchard-Scruggs Cemetery


Gunnison, MS







The E. L. Blanchard Cemetery was established by Edward Louis Blanchard (1838-1915), a Confederate veteran, on the property of his first wife, Mrs. Helen Deen Blanchard, daughter of Dr. Oliver L. and Mary Irvin Deen.  This cemetery is located one mile north of Gunnison, on the east side of Highway 1.  Edward Louis Blanchard was the son of Samuel Swan and Caroline Eastman Marshall.


This cemetery was established after the overflow (of the Mississippi River) in 1897.


The remains of two of E. L. Blanchard’s sons, Boyd Edward and Herbert Whitson, were moved from their original resting place on the Stark Place, which was formerly owned by Mr. Blanchard.  The remains of the sons were moved to this new cemetery, these two being the first two graves in the cemetery.




Blanchard, Boyd Edward

09-24-1875 – 08-18-1895



Blanchard, Herbert Whitson

08-25-1890 – 01-27-1892


“How soon his race was won

His pain and suffering o’er

Himself from sin secure”



Blanchard, Blanche

10-12-1877 – 12-31-1915




Blanchard, E. L.

03-06-1838 – 12-01-1915




Blanchard, Sallie E.

1853 – 03-28-1899



Garrett, James William

09-08-1880 – 03-07-1933

Resting till the resurrection morn



Scruggs, John Byron

01-28-1876 – 11-06-1924