World War I Roster

Taken from the Daily Corinthian Newspaper, Corinth, Mississippi, August, 1949
Transcribed and submitted by: Vicki Burress Roach


Plans are underfoot here to stage a reunion of Company A of the old Second Mississippi Infantry, which was organized in Corinth by the late Capt. W.C. Mathis.

The Daily Corinthian learned today through R.O. McKewen, service officer at the Veterans Service Center, that plans are being made to contact all living members of the company which participated in World War I with the view of having them attend a gathering in Corinth at a date to be announced later.

Mr. McKewen told a Daily Corinthian reporter that, while no permanent program had been decided upon, that he and a number of other members of the company plan to meet soon and map out a program which will be attractive for all members and announce the date for the reunion.

The company was organized in Corinth on August 5, 1917, and the following is the roll of officers and enlisted men, as compiled from available records:

Company officers, Willis C. Mathis, Capt.; Hugh E. Stephenson, 1st Lieutenant; John Benny, 2nd Lieutenant; Alonzo H. Taylor; 1st sergeant; John B. Pounds, supply sergeant; Myrlin McCullar, mess sergeant.

Sergeants, Mike Byrnes, Jr., Charles P. Dean, Davis A. Jackson, Lloyd Graham, Samuel O. Gibbs, Arthur A. Madden, Milton F. Rubel, Sidney G. Surratt.

Corporals, Rudy Bridges, John M. Bell, Jr., Claude Burgess, John R. Gray, Arthur O. Geisler, Thomas H. Goddard, Lephem M. Huff, William M. Harris, Vola M. Lanning, Charles D. Lawhorn, Willie O. Romine, Paul Splann, John C. Strickland, James M. Thompson.

Cooks, Roy Brewer, Fred L. Mahar, John W. Moss.

Musicians, Leonard W. Cain, Lee Roy Butts.

Mechanics, Robert H. Ganong, George P. Purvis.

Privates, (some are alphabetical and some are not)


Bill W. Atkins


Barnie C. Baker, Umphrey Barker, Ruoven E. Barnes, Joe C. Barnett, Walter E. Bennett, Rufus E. Bolton, Arthur L. Brewer. Clarence Broadway, Arthur O. Brown, Tyndall Burgess, Sydney E. Burks, William C. Burns, Henry L. Byrd


Claude Cartwright, Henry V. Clark, Jerry Clark, Sam J. Clark, Andrew K. Coker, William A. Cooley, Sherman Corbin, Claude L. Cox, James W. Crowe, James W. Cunningham.


Charles E. Ellis


Ludy L. Foust


Luther Y. Gable, Guy Gilliland, Grady R. Glidewell, William A. Gookin, John R. Graves, Olive H. Green, Jesse E. Greer, Claude Griffin


Bernard D. Hamm, William R. Hannon, Gus W. Hendrix, Simmie H. Hendrix, George Hogan, Sutton Hogan, Willie E. Hollis, Arthur D. Holloway, Chester Hubbard


Arnold Jones, Eugene T. Jones, Hugh Jones, James L. Jones, William C. Jones, Will W. Jones


Joe Little


Charlie H. Mackey, Osse Mahar, Brice Marlar, Forest Marlar, Ross Massey, Callie A. Mathis, Sam E. Mauney, John C. McCaskill, Freed McCullar, James W. McKay, Hillie S. McMinns, Kenneth C. McKinnon, Rufus O. McKewen, Arlin A. Medford, Calvin W. Messner, Robert A. Moore, William C. Moran, Levi Moreland


Wakely Nelson, Willie E. Newcomb


George C. Osborne, Lois W. Ozier


Elijah Palmer, Eddie Parish, Egbert G. Parker, Benjamin L. Patterson, Eber T. Pettigrew, Thomas L. Pollard, John G. Power, Robert G. Presley, Lummie Purnell,


Percy M. Rather , John T. Ray, John E. Reynolds, Fred Rickman, Moman V. Riggs, Thelo Robertson, Ezekial C. Rogers, Bass Rosson, Wiley T. Ross, William R. Rutledge


Sam D. Sharp, Samuel I. Sharp, Mike Shea, John Shelton, William J. Spears, Millard Spencer, Charlie E. Stone, Frank Strawbridge, William E. Streetman, Henry C. Strickland, Leonard Suggs, Lorenzo L. Surratt, Lester O. Sweat


Luther V. Taylor, Robert Taylor, Willie Taylor, John R. Thrasher, Roy D. Todd, Harry T. Trim, George F. Turner, John H. Turner, Howard W. Tyson


William D. Underwood, Wllie Unsell


Jim S. Wallace, George S. Warren, Nathaniel Warren, Ernest D. Watkins, John E. Wells, Oscar G. Wells, Will Wesson, Duvernia White, William C. Whitfield, Earl Wiggs, Huston W. Wileman, Burkitt Windham.
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