Will of E.P. Phillips

Will of E.P. Phillips
Matter of will of E.P. Phillips
Transcribed and submitted by Vicki Burress Roach

Will of (1918)
probated by Clyde Phillips (1958)
Petition number 3082
June term 1958
County of Alcorn

Now comes Clyde Phillips, only son and sole heir of his father, Melvin Phillips, and that Melvin Phillips was a son of the above named E.P. Phillips; will probated Feb. 15, 1919...

Land was bequeathed to John Phillips and Melvin Phillips, two of the children of E.P. Phillips...furnish a home and provide support for Mrs. Laura Guy, their sister, during her lifetime; that the said John Phillips died many years ago, having never married and leaving no will; that the said Melvin Phillips, father of Clyde Phillips, died on the 1st day of October 1957; he had full control of said land; that Mrs. Laura Guy also died intestate many years ago...

Under terms of the will, Jerre Phillips, another son of E.P. and Melvin named as executors...Jerre Phillips also departed this life intestate many years ago; and that the E.P. Phillips land, was directed to be sold through chancery court of Alcorn County and the proceeds distributed as follows: six part to wit: children of John Phillips, Melvin Phillips, Jerre Phillips, Mrs. Laura Guy, Mrs. Fannie Huff and Mrs. Geneva Anderson, being the six children of E.P. Phillips... 1. Mrs. Geneva Anderson was and is the only surviving one of the said six children.
2. J.S. Phillips is the only heir at law of Jerre Phillips.
3. Clyde Phillips is the only heir at law of Melvin Phillips.

4. Mrs. Fannie Huff had seven children to wit: A.J. Huff, Alma Bell Jobe, Beulah Claunch, Lillian Smelling, Christine Huff, all of whom are living; and Mrs. Leo McNair, who died intestate and left as her only heirs at law, her five children, all of whom are living to wit: Jessie McNair, George McNair, Bobbie McNair, Mildred Fowler and R.C. McNair; and Mrs. Letha McKinney, who died intestate leaving as her only heirs at law her six children, all of whom are living to wit: Kenneth McKinney, Rose Mary Shackleford, Bobbie McKinney, Donald McKinney, John McKinney, Jr. and Marvin McKinney.

5. Mrs. Laura Guy, died intestate, left her heirs at law five children to wit: Adeene G. Mahoney, Mattie G. Bourne, Beatrice G. Kopp, all of whom are living; and Morris Guy who died intestate leaving as his only heirs at law his three children, to wit: William B. Guy, Maurice G. Russell and Melvin E. Guy; and Mrs. Leta Jones, who died intestate leaving as her only heirs at law, her husband, Frank Jones, and Sandra Jones, a legally adopted child.
(This document goes on and on with many more pages, but I have given you the names of the heirs.)
(NOTE: These are not my lines. Research I did for someone else.)
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