Wiley Grove Church Cemetery (Black)

Wiley Grove Church Cemetery (Black)
Travel Directions: US Highway 72 east. Turn left on CR 213: turn right on CR 220. Go one mile, cross railroad, go 300 yards, turn left on a gravel road. Graves becomes a primitive dirt lane (not passable in wet weather); cemetery is down the dirt lane 3/10 of a mile in the woods. There is a turnaround just before the single gravestone is seen. ( on the USGS topographical map, this cemetery name is (“Wyly”).

Gillespie, Maggie
Born 1878
Died 09/17/1928
The headstone has a medallion engraved above the name.
It is in a circle, within which is a wavy circle, centered by a large “X”.
Between each triangle of the “X”, clockwise, beginning at the left, are the letters, “T.”
“I.” (Or possibly “L.” apiece is broken out of the stone here), “A.” and “V.” Above the “V”
appears to be a smaller numeral “3”, and at its’ lower right, a smaller letter ”s”.
At the bottom, the headstone reads. “Corinthian chapter 781, Corinth, Miss
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