Dr. James Sylvester Voyles Medical License

Transcript of License
Issued to Dr. James Sylvester Voyles
No. 724
Office of Mississippi State Board of Health
Know all Men by these Presents,
That James Sylvester Voyles who, according to his letter of application on file in this office, was born in America, 22 years of age, who resides in (blank) County, and whose postoffice address is Burnsville, Mississippi and who has spent 4 years in professional studies and whose (can't read) was W.B. Sanford, M.D. whose postoffice address is Corinth, Mississippi, and who attended two courses of lectures at Memphis Hospital Medical College, who did graduate at Memphis Hospital Medical College and who has spent four months in hospital, and has practiced medicine (blank) years, and has chosen as his School of Practice that of the Regular Physician, and refers concerning his moral character to Prof. J.R. Reynolds, Jacinto and Rev. J.H. Taylor, Kossuth, has made application for license to practice medicine in the State of Mississippi.
Therefore, By authority granted in Section 9 of An Act to Regulate the Practice of Medicine in the State of Mississippi, approved Feb. 25th, A.D. 1882, the Board of Health of the State of Mississippi do hereby license the aforesaid James Sylvester Voyles to practice Medicine in the State of Mississippi.
Issued, by order of the Mississippi State Board of Health, this 18th day of Oct. A.D. 1892.
Wirt Johnston, Secretary Mississippi State Board of Health
Recorded April 3, 1893
R.P. Barnhill, Clerk
Alcorn County Home
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