Swiney, S.M. - Civil War Pension

Application for Pension

Application of Indigent soldier or Sailor of the Late Confederacy, under Chapter 102, Code of 1906, as amended by Laws of April 5th, 1910, Chapter 207, and Laws of March 24th, 1916, Chapter 199, and Laws of March 27th, 1918, Chapter 131, S.B. 47, H.B. 347, and H.B. 987 Laws 1920.

  1. What is your name? S.M. Swiney

  2. What is your age? 75 yrs.

  3. In what county do you reside? Prentiss

  4. What is the name of your postoffice? Booneville, R. 6

  5. Are you a bona fide resident of the State of Mississippi? Yes

  6. Are you married or unmarried? Married

  7. In what State and County did you reside when you enlisted in the service of the Confederate States? Tishomingo Co., Miss.

  8. In what county do you reside now? Prentiss

  9. In what county did you reside last year and the year before? Prentiss

  10. Did you draw a pension from the State of Mississippi last year? No

  11. Did you draw a pension last year from any other State or county? No

  12. Are you now, or have you been within the last three years, an inmate of the Soldiers Home at Beauvoir? No

  13. What was the date of your enlistment? Sept. 1862

  14. What was the number of the regiment or name of the vessel in which you first enlisted? Armstrongs Battallion

  15. The name of its commander? Col. - don’t know.

  16. Letter of designation of the company in which you enlisted? Company E

  17. The name of its captain? Clark, George

  18. The length of time which you served in the above company of regiment? 8 mos.

  19. Were you ever discharged or transferred from the above commands? Yes

  20. If so, give the date of discharge or transfer? 1863

  21. If discharged, on what grounds? Bad health

  22. If transferred, to what command? X

  23. Did you enlist the second time in the Confederate service? No

  24. If so, into what regiment or Company? X

  25. Were you discharged from this command before the surrender in 1865? Yes

  26. If so, for what cause? On account of health

  27. Were you at any time absent from your command without leave? No

  28. If yes, how long and why? X

  29. Did you ever absent yourself from your command without leave, and join another? No

  30. Were you with your command in active service at the surrender in 1865? No

  31. Where did your command surrender? Okalona, Miss.

  32. Were you absent from it when it surrendered? Yes

  33. Why were you absent? See above

  34. How long had you been absent? 1863

  35. What is your occupation at present? (left blank)

  36. Do you apply for a pension-because you are indigent and unable to earn a support by your own labor? Yes

  37. Do you hold any State, United States, County or City office from which you are receiving as a salary or fees the sum of six hundred dollars per annum? No

  38. Have you any sons over 16 and under 21 years of age? No

  39. If yes, how many? X

  40. Have you any property in your own right or in the right of your wife? Yes

  41. What is its true, just and correct value? $1500.00

  42. Have you a home of your own? Yes

  43. If not, with whom do you live? X

  44. Is the person you are now living with a relation? X

  45. If so, what relation? (left blank)

  46. Have you any relation or connection whose legal duty it is to provide for you? No

Signed S.M. Swiney (X-mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 6th day of Sept. 1920.

C.R. Lacy, Chancery Clerk

("Deficiant War Reccord"-is written on the front of the application. Assume he was denied.)

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