McPeters Funeral Home Records 1942 - 1952

1942-1952 Perkins Funeral Home Records


Allen, Roy Clinton
05-06-1923-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-07-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
World War II
Order by; Lee Allen
Father-Willie F. Allen-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Willie F. Latch-Alcorn Co., Miss
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 52

Allen, Willie Florence
09-14-1897-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-13-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Service at-Wheeler Cemetery
Page 246

Arnold, Terry Owen
05-26-1949-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
06-26-1949-Kossuth, Miss
Order by; Fred L. Arnold
Father-Kie Owen Arnold
Mother-Addie Maulden
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 118

Austin, Pfc. John C.
Date of Funeral; 05-28-1948
National Cemetery
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
World War II
Service # 34473931
Killed In Action
Esc: Clifford Corder of Bethel Springs
Page 47

Austin, Eula Mae
02-01-1887-McNairy Co., Tenn
10-20-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband-Harvey Austin-Age 64
Four Sons:
T.M. Austin-Chickasaw, Ala
H.T. Austin-Tuscaloosa, Ala
W.W. Austin-Corinth, Miss
R.C. Austin-Chewalla, Tenn
Two Daughters; Mrs. Gracie Marie Tanner-Corinth, Miss and
Mrs. Katherine Wells-Fort Smith, Ark.
Four Brothers:
Lee, John and Oscar McAlpin-Pocahontas, Tenn
Loyd McAlpin-Hornsby, Tenn
Father-Calvin McAlpin-McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother-Althelia Hannah-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 78

Austin, George P.
08-05-1905-Hardin Co., Tenn
06-16-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Wife-No Name
Father-Steve Austin
Mother-Lena Curry
Shiloh Presbyterian
Page 217

Avery, Gale Harlan
05-15-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
06-04-1947-Ambulance on way to Tupelo, Miss
Asphyxia-Enlarged Thyroid Gland
Father-George Avery-Glenwood, Ga.
Mother-Gladys Carmack-Ala
Salem Christian Church Cemetery, Alcorn County, MS
Page 4


Bailey, Cora A.
02-09-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Residence-County Home
Order by; G.M. Bailey
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, Miss
Page 33

Baker, Joe Dean
08-29-1950-Saulsbury, Tenn
02-17-1951-Tupelo, Miss
Father-Felton Freeman
Mother-Doshie Baker
No Cemetery Listed
Perkins Chapel
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 202

Barnes, Mrs. Daisy
04-07-1893-Tishomingo Co., Miss
05-26-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; George and James A. Barnes
Father-Ted Barnes
Mother – Pallie (Sallie) Blakney
Burial In Tishomingo Co., Miss
Page 212

Barnes, Infant
08-11-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Raymond W. Barnes-Walnut, Miss
Mother-Iona Jourdan-Alcorn Co., Miss
No Cemetery Listed
Page 59

Barnes, William Martin
07-09-1869-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-27-1947-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Deceased Wife-Nancy Marckle
They Married About 1897
Brother-Ike Barnes-Rienzi, Miss
Nephew-Tommy Barnes-Kossuth, Miss
Nieces- Mrs. Alec Marckle,
Mrs. Orlander Rencher and
Miss Louola Barnes
Father-Billy Barnes
Mother-Kathryn Rencher
Union Church Cemetery
Page 15

Bass, Mrs. Roxie
01-05-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Clerk at Kuhn’s 10 Cent Store
Order by; husband-Not named
Father-W.A. Russell
Mother-Fannie Spencer
Camp Ground Cemetery
Page 142

Boals, Pfc. Clinton W.
10-19-1924 -Unknown
Killed In Action
World War II
Father-H.S. Boals
Mother-Deceased-not listed
Residence-Walnut, Miss
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 99

Bragg, Edward Ward
08-21-1922-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-30-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
World War II Veteran
Lung Cancer
Order by; Mrs. Ruby Bragg
Father-Andrew J. Bragg
Mother-Baxter Prince
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 111

Bright, Erlean Imogene
04-18-1928-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-13-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Truck Accident
Order by; C.F. Bright-Walnut, Miss
Father-C.F. Bright
Mother-Zena Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 135

Bright, Nemar Robert
02-21-1869-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-23-1952-Walnut, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Calab Bright
Mother -Unknown
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 245

Bright, Mrs. Zene L.
09-24-1906-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-08-1949-Walnut, Miss
Order by; K.F. Bright
Father-Hynum J. Crum
Mother-Sallie Roaten
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 126

Brock, Kay (Baby)
12-14-1948-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
12-24-1948-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mr. Thelman Brock
Father-J.V. Brock-Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Doris Mae Amorn-Alcorn Co., Miss
Brother-James Brock
Sisters-Sallie, Elsie And
Nettie Sue Brock
Shiloh Cemetery
Page 89

Brock, Mrs. Nancy Jane
01-28-1894-Tippah Co., Miss
10-31-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband-Herman Brock
Married 1919-Ripley, Miss
Son-Ehue Brock
Mrs. Naomi Glisson-Corinth, Miss
Mrs. Louise Mills-Jackson, Miss .
Miss Virginia Brock-Corinth, Miss
Father-John Hodum-Miss
Mother-Bessie Swinford-Tenn
Shiloh Cemetery
Hardin Co., Tenn
Page 81

Browning, Mrs. 0Mary (Mollie)
05-05-1850- Kentucky
11-15-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Face Cancer
Order by; Candler Steen
Parents -Unknown
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 23

Brumley, George H.
10-07-1861-Prentiss Co., Miss
07-22-1948-Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss
Liver Cancer
Order by; W.A. Brumley, Sr.
Parents -Unknown
Burial-Pleasant Valley
Page 55

Bynum, Corp. Dan M.
09-16-1924-Sunflower Co., Miss
12-22-1944 – Germany
Address-Crowder, Miss
Killed In Action
World War II Veteran
Father-Brcel W. Bynum
Mother – unlisted
National Cemetery
Page 87

Bryant, Suzanne Rebecca
03-19-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Stillborn – 6 p.m. Saturday
Father-Robert T. Bryant
Henry Cemetery
Page 98

Buford, Emma Sidney Veteran
12-23-1879-Jackson, Tenn
04-05-1949-Tuscaloosa, Ala
World War I; Nurse
Corinth, National Cemetery
Page 104

Burcham, Erie Annie
03-29-1867 -Unknown
06-23-1949-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Archie Burcham
Parents -Unknown
Vanderford Cemetery
Rienzi, Miss
Page 117

Burcham, John H.
08-23-1863-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-28-1949-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Sons-Archie, Middleton and Weston Burcham of Rienzi, Miss
Jim Burcham of Corinth, Miss
Daughters- Mrs. Allie Smallwood of Waynesboro, Miss
Mrs. Erie Duncan of Winona, Miss
Mrs. Letta Bryant of Dorsey, Miss
Mrs. Ora Smith of Liberty, Miss and
Mrs. Hermie Cowan of Eugene, Okla.
Brothers-Hezekiah Burcham of Corinth, Miss
Levi Burcham of Rienzi, Miss and
Elijah Burcham of Meridian, Miss
Sister-Mrs. Richard Strickland-Corinth, Miss
Vanderford Cemetery
Rienzi, Miss
Page 138

Burke, Billy
Selmer, Tenn
Paid Cash
Date of Entry
Into Book-
07- 22-1932
No Info.
Page 278

Butler, Jean
10-06-1949-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-10-1949-Memphis, Tenn
John Gaston Hospital
Father-Fred Butler
Residence-Chewalla, Tenn
Mother – not listed
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn
Page 131


Callahan, Annie Marie
05-03-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Cord Around Neck-3: p.m. Thursday
Father-W.G. Callahan-Tenn
Mother-Annie Marie Weeks-Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 44

Carroll, Mrs. Minnie Frances
09-05-1878-McNairy Co., Tenn
03-17-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Uterus Cancer
Father-Tom Barnes
Mother-Nora Hughes
Henry Cemetery
Page 203

Carroll, Clinton Melvin
World War II Veteran
Father-C.B. Carrol
Mother-Louella Henry
Step-Father-Lindsey Henry
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, Miss
Highway 45 North
Page 151

Carroll, Frank
Date of Entry in Book
Selmer, Tenn
Page 279

Cathcart, William Clovis Service # 381776
05-03-1921-Nettleton, Miss
02-19-1945 – Iwo Jima
Residence-Charlotte, Mich.
Killed In Action
World War II Veteran
Father-W.C. Cathcart
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 40

Childers, John W.
11-16-1873-Hardin Co., Tenn
10-12-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Home of Jack Childers (Son)
Heart Attack
Father-Frank Childers
Mother-Mary Hindman
Pisgah Cemetery
Page 296

Childers, Preston
No other information listed
Charles R. Buckley
Port Gibson, Miss
Page 96

Childers, Robert B.
Age 48-Miss
Residence-Wilson, Ark.
Order by; Clyde Cooksey-
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Pisgah Cemetery
Page 35

Childs, Pat Harrison
11-05-1918-Ripley, Tippah Co., Miss
07-09-1947-Memphis, Tenn
Veteran’s Hospital
World War II
XC-11 971 028
Wife-Louise Childs
Son-Duane Childs
Daughter-Lula Mae Childs
Father-Grover Gus Childs-Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Lula Gracy Mauney of Tippah Co., Miss
Four Sisters: Mrs. Lizzie Robbins of Martin, Tenn
Mrs. Annie Lee Richardson of Martin, Tenn
Mrs. Ada Davis of Martin, Tenn
Miss Irene Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Three Half-sisters; Mrs. Abner Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Miss Maudie Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Miss Martha Childs of Rienzi, Miss
One Half Brother: Raybon Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Four Brothers: John Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Joseph Childs of Rienzi, Miss
Grover Childs, Jr. of Rienzi, Miss
Woodrow Childs of Corinth, Miss
Cousins-Lamar and Corbin Childs
Both of Rienzi, Miss
Burial: Sprouse Springs
Near Ripley, Miss
Page 09

Childs, Mrs. Sara Isabel
02-19-1861-Benton, Co., Miss
10-25-1947-Burnsville, Miss
Husband-Wilburn Childs-Died 1918
Two Daughters; Mrs. Henry Box-Ripley, Miss and
Mrs. Walter Timmons-Corinth, Miss
Three Sons:
Wm. T. Childs of Memphis, Tenn
J.P. Childs of Corinth, Miss
Jess Childs of Burnsville, Miss
One Sister-Onie Jackson-Falkner, Miss
Two Brothers; Tom Peeler-Falkner, Miss &
Jess Peeler-Burnsville, Miss
Childs Cemetery
Page 17

Childs, Willard Harrison
07-19-1915-Ripley, Miss
04-12-1952-Campbell’s Clinic
Order by; wife
Father-Jess Childs
Burnsville Cemetery
Page 260

Coln, Roger (Infant)
01-10-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-C.B. Coln
Fraleys Chapel Cemetery
Page 190

Conley, Henry Gene (Infant)
09-03-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
09-06-1948-Corinth Hospital
Father-O.B. Conley-Hardin Co., Tenn
Mother-Mary Sue Lewis-Hardin Co., Tenn
Shady Grove Cemetery
Saltillo, Tenn
Page 64

Cook, Glenda Charlene
05-22-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-J.T. Cook
Mother-Eurlene Ship
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 156

Cook, Johnny
12-31-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
02-13-1951-Corinth, Miss
Enlarged Heart
Father-Everett Cook
Mother-Bertha Wilbanks
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 201

Corder, Kay G.
11-24-1909-New Port, Ala
06-02-1951-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Robert Lee Corder
Mother-Sara Ann Prince
Turned over To Baynes Funeral
Home In Metropolis, Ill.
Page 214

Crouch, Pfc. Eugene H.
Birth and death date unlisted
World War II-Alaska
Killed In Action
Father-John Edgar Crouch-
Residence-Florence, Ala
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 72

Crowe, Mrs. Hazel Marie
12-8-1924-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
5-17-1950-Memphis, Tenn
Hosiery Mill Worker
Husband-James Buddy Crowe
Father-Bedford Smith
Holly Cemetery
Page 154

Cruise, Lonnie
07-29-1948-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
08-05-1948-Kossuth, Miss
Father-Leon Cruise-Pocahontas, Tenn
Mother-Georgia L.A.-Pocahontas, Tenn
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 57

Crum, Earl
01-18-1902-Tippah Co., Miss
01-08-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mrs. Grady Crum
Father-Hill Crum-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Liza Mathis-Tippah Co., Miss
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 93

Crum, John Monroe
Age 75-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-01-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Jodie Crum
Charge to; McBride Funeral Home
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 124

Crum, Robert Nealy
05-16-1949-Walnut, Miss
Father-Leonard Crum
Mother-Ann Muse
Brush Creek Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 109

Crum, Thomas Leonard (Jack)
10-12-1879-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-03-1948-Walnut, Miss
Stomach Cancer
Wife-Donie Moore Crum
(Paper Clipping has Nancy Brooks
As early deceased Wife)
Two Sons; Gladys Crum of Corinth, Miss
Emmert Crum of Memphis, Tenn
Two Daughters; Miss Veoma Crum &
Mrs. Vadine Mills of Corinth, Miss
Three Brothers: Norman, Lonnie and
Marlin Crum of Walnut, Miss
Two Sisters: Mrs. Bessie Parchman and
Mary Roditen of Walnut, Miss
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Walnut, Miss
Page 74

Crum, William Luther
04-27-1891-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-29-1950-Ripley, Miss
Lung Cancer
He Was Member of Ripley Blue
Lodge # 47 & Corinth’s Lodge
of Perfection
Wife-Ella Crum
Son-L.C. Crum
Daughter- Mrs. Velmer Mitchell
Father-Jim Crum-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Martha Jane Burrow-Alcorn Co., Miss
Shiloh Methodist Cemetery
Page 175

Crum, Madison D.
Age 75-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-05-1951-Blytheville, Arkansas
Names on Voucher:
Dewey Crum, David Crum &
George Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 206

Cummings, Infant
09-16-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Lived 3 hrs. 20 minutes
Residence-Burnsville, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Joyce R. Cummings-Hattiesburg, Miss
Mother-Miss Patrick-Iuka, Miss
Mt. Pillard Cemetery
Page 67

Cunningham, Quitman Columbus
No Birth Date or Place
09-14-1949-King Cotton Hotel
Order by; Rose, Neath F.H.
& W.A. Branly
Shreveport, La.
Henry Cemetery
Page 130

Curry, Pfc. William G. Veteran
World War II
Wife-No Name, Age 27 years
Son-Willis Curry
Father-D.O. Curry-Daleville, Miss
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 88


Dabb, James Henry
02-29-1952-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-04-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Henry Herman Dabb
Service at Church Of Christ
Page 248

Davis, Brenda Joyce
03-13-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
03-16-1949-Corinth Hospital
Order by; George Lancaster
Father-J.B. Davis
Mother-Lucille Lancaster
Salem Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 97

Davis, J.C.
07-22-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
09-10-1948-Corinth Hospital
Father-Charlie Frank Davis-
McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother-Josie Mae Woods-Alcorn Co., Miss
Farley’s Chapel Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 66

Davis, James Oscar
03-18-1881-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-02-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack-Stroke
Order by; Arlon Davis
Wheeler Grove Cemetery, Alcorn County, MS
Page 198

Davis, Linda Fay
05-22-1951-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-16-1952-Corinth Hospital
Father-J.T. Davis
Mother-Bertha McDonald
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 271

Deaton, Charles P.
04-13-1909-Dennis, Miss
09-01-1952-Old Kossuth Rd.
Alcorn Co., Miss
Car Wreck
Manager of Kroger
Father-George P. Deaton
Mother-Lucy Ann Gurley
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 287

Derrick, Barbara Ann
05-14-1951-Tippah Co., Miss
07-01-1951-Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss
Order by; Rubben Thrasher
Father-Eugene Derrick
Mother-Irene Thrasher
Brush Creek Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 218

Derrick, Mrs. Ruby L.
08-22-1932-Alcorn Co., Miss
07-22-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband – not listed
Father-Rubin Thrasher
Mother-Selvia Sharp
Brush Creek Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 280

Dixon, Billy Eugene
10 -04-1947-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-26-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-G.H. Dixon-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Inez Marlar-Alcorn Co., Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page 137

Driver, Maggie Taylor
02-23-1874-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-9-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband-E.D. Driver-Age 69
Father-Jack Taylor-Ga.
Mother-Elizabeth Dobbs-Tenn
Blakely Cemetery
Page 86


Ellsworth, Bruce Vernon
08-29-1927-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-30-1950-Baton Rouge, La.
Truck Wreck
Wife-Marie Carroll
Brothers-Billy and Brodie Ellsworth
Two Half Brothers: Earl Ellsworth of Greenburg, La. &
Clifton Mathis of Corinth, Miss
Three Half Sisters: Mrs. Ruby Justice-Corinth, Miss
Mrs. Lizzie Rogers-Batesville, Miss
Mrs. Tisue Martin-Earl, Ark.
Grandfather-N.J. Watson-Selmer, Tenn
Service at: Tobes Chapel-
Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 169

Emmons, Infant
09-19-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Irvin Sharp
Page 291

Eubanks, David Wales
05-11-1946-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
11-16-1947-McRae Hospital
Father-Clovis Eubanks-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Driscess Russell-Tippah Co., Miss
Grandparents – Mr. & Mrs. Claud Russell-Walnut, Miss
Mr. & Mrs. C.S. Mullins-Walnut, Miss
Bethlehem Church Cemetery
Page 24


Felker, Earl Wayne
Age 19-McNairy Co., Tenn
Korea Veteran-Killed On Police Duty
Order by; Mrs. Leola Morse
Date f Funeral-10-25-1951
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 232

Fields, Will Anderson
06-10-1890-Counce, Tenn
05-24-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mack Fields
Father-Dick Fields
Mother-Martha Webb
New Chapel-Pickwick, Tenn
Page 211

Fitzsimmons, William Robert
07-24-1873-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-09-1949-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Lottie Suitor (Died 1930)
Sons-Terry & Walter Fitzsimmons
Brother;L. Fitzsimmons of Booneville, Miss
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 103

Flake, John Henry
06-22-1867-Tippah Co., Miss
12-26-1950-Walnut, Miss
Cerebral Hemorrhage
Son-Frank, Luther, Richard, Olive & Odis Flake
Daughter-Elsie Flake
Father-Sampson Flake
Mother-Elizabeth William
Brother-Bud Flake
Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 187

Fletchall, Mary Emma
11-04-1948-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Frank Fletchall (Age 40) Paris, Miss
Son-Loyd Franklin Fletchall
Daughter-Nettie Fay Fletchall
Brothers-J.B., R.T., Cody, and James E. Potts
of Corinth
Sisters-Lottie Jacobs, and Odessa Robinson
of Corinth, Miss
Mother-Ordia Flower Potts – Ala
Father-Jess Potts-Alcorn Co., Miss
Farmington Cemetery
Page 82

Follin, Mattie Lou
Age 81
Order by; – Mrs. Ab Rogers
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 01

Forsythe, Bertha
09-06-1903-Alcorn, Co, Miss
03-18-1951-Corinth, Miss
Heart Trouble
Son-Name Not Listed
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 207

Franks, Annie Lou
01-13-1907-Alcorn, Co., Miss
10-29-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father-C.H. Goodman
Mother-Ollie Martin
Oak Chapel Cemetery
Page 299


Gaither, Stanley Earl Veteran
05-24-1923-Fulton, Miss
Father-E.B. Gaither
Parents Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Gaither
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 107

Gammel, Dollie Pearl
04-17-1949-Corinth, Miss
Lived 2 hours
Father-Floyd Gammell
Mother-Icy Lou Hindman
Farmington Cemetery
Page 105

Gant, Hensley Wheeler
09-07-1907 – Alcorn Co., Miss
04-20-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father-Robert Gant
Mother-Mollie Martin
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 262

Glidewell, Ann
02-03-1889-Corinth, Miss
12-20-1951-Rienzi, Ms
Father-Zack Hall
Mother-Katie Mask
Shiloh Cemetery
Page 241

Glisson, Archie
04-25-1917 – Alcorn Co., Miss
12-26-1948-Corinth, Miss
Labor Pneumonia
Wife-Bertha Lindgram (Age 29)
Sons-James Archie Jr. & Mitchell Glisson
Father-Stanley Glisson – Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Berdie Henderson – Alcorn Co., Miss
Sisters-Gladys Shults & Mrs. Avis Lancaster
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 91

Gober, Nora Ruth (Infant)
30 days old
02-21-1948-Memphis, Tenn
Father-Royal Gober
Services at Methodist Church In
Iuka, Miss
Page 36

Gray, Ollie Frances
03-21-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father,-W.J. Sipla
Mother-Sarah Dancer
Services at graveside
Cemetery Unlisted
Page 256

Grimes, Bessie
Age 55
04-07-1952-Walnut, Miss
Husband-Ray Grimes
Order by- Mrs. C.T. Holt & Oscar M. Guynes
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 266

Glover, Julia Irene
06-21-1948-Corinth, Miss
11-13-1948-Corinth, Miss
Father- Mr. John D. Glover-Tenn
Mother-Constant Yale-Sheffield England
Shady Grove-(Tenn) "Brumley"
Page 83


Hale, James Ray
06-15-1949 – Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Howard Hale
Mother-Sarah Lee Burrell
Holley Cemetery
Page 115

Hale, Jean
08-20-1949-Corinth, Miss
08-26-1949-Corinth, Miss
Father-Leon Hale
Mother-Mary Peters
Holly Cemetery
Page 128

Hanson George W. Veteran
W.W. II Veteran
Residence-Tuscumbia, Ala
Date of Funeral-01-08-1948
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 68

Hardin, Lou Annie
Heart Attack
(Kicked 8 Times by Mule)
Father-J.H. Burcham – Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Erie Owen – Alcorn Co., Miss
Timmons Family Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 12

Hardwick, Margaret Diane
01-04-1948-Torance, Miss
03-06-1949-Corinth, Miss
Residence – Leedy, Miss
Father-Milton Clyde Hardwick
Mother-Helen Dinley
Little Flock Church Cemetery
Page 95

Heathcock, Raymond A. Pfc.
Born 1921
11-10-1942 (Algeria)
Killed In Action
WW II -7040242
Parents; Mr. & Mrs. Willie T. Heathcock-Corinth, Miss
Brothers-Willie Ray (Corinth) Robert Lee (Finger, Tenn)
Guy Heathcock (Corinth) James Heathcock (Memphis, Tenn)
Sisters-Katie Conners (Memphis) Mildred Thompson (Corinth, Miss)
Vivian Heathcock (Corinth, Miss)
Corinth National Cemetery

Heathcock, Robert Lee Veteran
Residence-South Bend Indiana
Born 1920(Age 31)
W.W. II Veteran
Services @ Friendship Baptist Church

Heavner, James V. (Ssgt.)
Born 1921 (23 yrs. of age – Alcorn Co., Miss
W.W. II Veteran
Killed In Action
Mother-Lillian S. Heavner-Baldwyn, Miss
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 21

Henderson, Rodie Ann
12-31-1875-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-03-1951-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Luther Henderson
Father-Pink Coleman
Mother-Tannie Smith
Lone Oak Cemetery

Herren, Hurston J. (Pvt.)
W.W. II Veteran
Killed In Action-Philippine Islands
Brother-Henry C.; Jasper, Ala
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 62

Hill, Dr. Wiley F.
1866 (Age 82) Point Rock, Ala
Vet. Spanish American War
02-29-1948 – Tuscaloosa, Ala
Corinth National Cemetery

Hill, Olyn H., 2nd.Lt.
W.W. II Veteran #0734561
Date of funeral; 05-28-1948
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 48

Hillis, (Infant)
07-05-1951-Corinth, Miss
Father-J.T. Hillis
Mother-Bobby Rose
Salem Christian Church Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 220

Hines, Gladys Thelma
01-07-1908-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-13-1947-Corinth, Miss
T. B.
Husband-C.G. Hines
Sons-Mitchell & Nathaniel Hines
Sisters-Claudia Bell & Mrs. Roy Rhodes
Mother-Lou Ella Burgess (Bell)-Corinth, Miss
Vince Bell-Alcorn Co., Miss
Ebenezer Cemetery
Page 06

Hodum, Berl L.2nd Lt. Veteran
08-31-1929-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-07-1952-Ft. Bliss, Texas
Father-R.E. Hodum
Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Hodum, Joe Lee
11-25-1929 – Tippah Co., Miss
06-05-1948 – McGee, Miss
T. B.
Father-Ernest Hodum-Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Minnie Mathis-Tippah Co., Miss
Services at Shiloh
Page 51

Holley, Bettie Jean
Residence-Walnut, Miss
02-16-1945-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-29-1948-Booneville, Miss
Father-Audie B. Holley-Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Mary Jewell Wilbanks-Alcorn Co., Miss
County Line Cemetery
Page 92

Holley, Bobby Gile
11-10-1942 – Tippah Co., Miss
06-24-1947-Walnut, Miss
Hemorrhage of Brain
Father-Bobby Holley-Ms
Mother-Lou Ella Rogers-Ms
County Line Church
Page 07

Hoppe,r Effie Leona
04-02-1949-Corinth, Miss
Order by-Lessie Evans
Father-R.K. Wren
Mother-Tilda Flynn
Pebble Hill Cemetery
Page 100

Hopper, Richard Lemar
09-19-1890-Tiplersville, Miss
10-30-1950-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Graduate of Tiplersville &
Freed Hardeman College
Postman at Corinth, Miss
Wife-Lola Hopper
Father-R.D. Hopper
Mother-Fiskie Strut
Son-Dickey Hopper
Daughter-Phebe Hopper
Brothers-James and Winford Hopper of
Tiplersville, Miss
Clifton Hopper; Memphis, Tenn and
Clarence Hopper; Nashville, Tenn
Sister- Mrs. W.R. Pinter
Burial Henry Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 176

Hornsburg, Harrison
Date of Funeral 09-29-1948
W.W. II Veteran
#34485758 A.G.F.
Killed In Action-Alaska
No Age or Birth Date Known
Fannie T. Hornsburg-Artesia, Miss
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 73

Hornsby, Marshall Thomas Veteran
Water Tender 2nd.Class
W.W. II Veteran
Age 25 Born 1917-Pinson, Tenn
Killed In Action in the Pacific Ocean
On The Saratoga Battle Ship
First Over Seas Veteran to Be Returned For Burial
in The National Cemetery in Corinth, Miss
Returned From-Haleiwa Naval Cemetery in Oahu, Hawaii
Next of Kin- Mrs. William L. Hornsby-Pinson, Tenn
Corinth National Cemetery

Howard, (Infant)
11-28-1949-Corinth, Miss
Father-John K. Howard
Henry Cemetery
Page 139

Howard, John W.
Age 55 (1893)
06-17-1948-Tuscaloosa, Ala
WW I Veteran
National Cemetery
Page 54

Howell, M.H.
08-03-1950-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by-Everett Howell
Father-Benjamin Howell
Mother-Caledonia Perkins
Services at-Foote St. Church of Christ
City Cemetery
Page 161

Howell, Minnie Lee
09-04-1887-Hardeman Co., Tenn
08-02-1952-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Place of Death- Mrs. Jo Ann Wooten’s home
Order by-Everet Howell
Father-J.D. Irvin
Mother-Dee Jane Jones
City Cemetery
Page 283

Hudson, (Infant Girl)
Residence-New Orleans
Parents-Mr. & Mrs. James P. Hudson
Page 288

Hudson, (Infant)
11-16-1951-Corinth, Miss
Father-Willard Hudson
Mother-Sue Hudson
City Cemetery
Page 236

Hudson, James Paul Jr.
11-03-1951- New Orleans, La.
11-05-1951- New Orleans La.
Order by- Mrs. James Green
Father-James Hudson
Henry Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 234

Hudson, Vera Odesa
04-01-1930-Benton Co., Miss
Died in child birth
Hudson-John M. Hudson
Father-Walter Henson
Mother-Bessie Mullins
Services at-Tuscumbia Church
Page 159

Hudson, William M. V
08-19-1880-Poteau, Ok
04-21-1947-Corinth, Miss
WW I Veteran
Order by- Mrs. Cora Hudson
Father-Robert Hudson-Ms
Mother-Sara Suitor-Ms
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 2

Hughes, (Infant)
Father-Lonnie Hughes-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Gladys Hughes-Alcorn Co., Miss
Hopewell Cemetery

Hunt, Garner Floyd
03-11-1951-Alcorn Co., Miss
07-22-1951-Walnut, Miss
Father-Berry Hunt
Mother-May E. Wilbanks
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 221

Hunt, Richard Berry
04-16-1951-Pocahontas, Tenn
Services at Bethlehem Church
Bethlehem Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 208

Hutcheson, Lelon C. (Pfc. )
24 years of age (1923)
WW II veteran
Killed In Action
Wife-Christeen Hutcheson-Guntown
Parents- Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Hutcheson of Blue Springs, Miss
Brothers-Benton of Saltillo, Miss
Robert Lee of Guntown Miss, Felix & Elmer of Blue Springs Miss
Sisters-Lela Mae McBrayer & Ella Jane Hutcheson
of Blue Springs, Miss
National Cemetery
Page 20


Isbell, Gary D.
03-15-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father-Vernice Isbell
Mother-Mildred Irene Curtis
New Hope Cemetery
Page 252


James, Charley Baxter
12-10-1896-Tippah Co., Miss
10-7-1952-Ripley, Tippah Co., Miss
Enlarged Heart
Order by; Wife-Not Named
Father-Tobe James
Mother-Mat Mathis
Service at Methodist Shiloh
Page 295

James, Larry Eugene
08-04-1948-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-09-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Charles H. James
Mother-Ray B. Bugg
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 183

Johnson, Johnnie
04-09-1952-Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Miss
04-11-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-William M. Johnson
Mother-Patty Hubbard
Antioch Cemetery
Page 258

Johnson, Mrs. Lula
09-25-1885-Tishomingo Co., Miss
04-23-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Yellow Jaundice
Husband-not listed
Father-Ike Gray
Mother-Mary Lamb
Lambs Chapel Cemetery
Page 264

Johnson, Mrs. Raza
06-08-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mrs. J.W. Vassar
Father-J.W. Waldron
Mother –not listed
No Cemetery Listed
Page 269

Johnston, Richard Montgomery
Age 48-1904-Residence-Mobile, Ala
06-30-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
(Newspaper Clipping In Book)
The First Fatality in Corporate
Limits of Corinth in 15 Yrs.
Three Trailer Trucks Traveling
in Caravan with Repossessed Circus
Equipment from Duluth, Minn. to Mobile, Ala
Mr. Johnston stopped suddenly
At The Blinking Light, Causing
The 2nd.Truck to try and miss him by
Swerving, the trailer hit Johnston’s
truck, causing lumber to lunge forward,
crushing him to the steering wheel
He was an employee of Bradford Lumber Co.
of Grove Hill, Ala
Survivors: 2 Sons-
R.M. Johnston, Jr.-Nashville, Tenn
Jeff Johnston-Mobile, Ala
1 Daughter-Mrs. Doris Johnston-Pulaski,Tenn
3 Brothers-Lee & J.F. Johnston of Huntsville, Ala
Jefferson Johnston of Chickasaw, Ala
6 Sisters- Mrs. Maud Elam of Pikesville, Kentucky
Mrs. C.A. Tate of Englewood, Florida
Mrs. J.T. Marcum of Holly ? Page 3 not in book.
The Daily Corinthian Monday, June 30, 1952
His Father-Sam Johnston
Mother-Alice Trimble
He was shipped to Higgins Mortuary, Mobile, Ala
Page 276

Jones, Elizabeth Emily
10-22-1900-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-15-1952-Walnut, Miss
Order by; William Odell Jones
Father-Bert Thrasher
Mother-Emma Rogers
Ebenezer Cemetery
Page 253

Jones, Infant Boy
11-13-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
10:00 p.m. Stillborn-Monday
Father-J.D. Jones-Miss
Mother-Maudie Jones-Miss
Brothers-Aron, Billy and Garland Jones
Sisters-Doris Jean, Mary Jewell
& Effie Marie Jones
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 179

Jones, Lorine
11-06-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
11-06-1950-Corinth Hospital
(Newspaper Clipping In Book)
She ventured too close to an open
fire catching her clothing on fire
Father-Grady Jones
Mother-Gladys Nickols Jones
Sister-Betty Jean Jones
Grandmother-Mollie Jones
Brush Creek Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 178

Jones, Marlin Hugh
10-12-1947-Tippah Co., Miss
12-09-1947-Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss
Father-Marlin Jones-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Martha Wilbanks-Tippah Co., Miss
County Line Cemetery
Page 30

Jones, Rex Presley
06-07-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Sons-Willie Jones-Pocahontas
Alvie & Troy Jones-Walnut, Miss
Daughters- Mrs. Jewell Thrasher-Pocahontas
Mrs. Elvie Miles And
Mrs. Isabel Jones-Walnut, Miss
Brothers-Baily And Charlie Jones-Corinth, Miss
Sisters-Mrs. Exie Willingham And
Mrs. Harriet Stagner-Brownsville, Miss
Father-William Brown Jones-Tenn
Mother-Annie Wilbanks Jones-Miss
County Line Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 05

Jones, Teresa Ann
07-31-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
01-03-1951-Greenup, Kentucky
Father-J.W. Jones
Service at home of Oscar McAlpin
No Cemetery Listed
Page 188


Kechagias, George K.
Age 60-1892-Greece
03-07-1952-Tuscaloosa, Ala
Veteran Hospital
Cerebral Hemorrhage
World War II
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 251

Kellum, Lee
Born- 1906 Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife- Alice G. Kellum
Union Cemetery
Page 242

Killough, Lowell M. (Pfc.)
Born 10-7-1922-Age 23-
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
03-13-1945-Okinawa Island
WW II- Killed In Action
Wife-Alida Vanhault-Rienzi, Miss
Parents – Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Killough of Corinth, Miss
Brothers-Arnold Killough of Rienzi, Miss
McClellan Killough of Blue Mountain
Clifton, Loyce and Milton Killough of Corinth, Miss
Sisters-Myrtle Calvery, Mrs. E.H. Alexander,
Mrs. W.T. Spencer and Eula Mattox of Corinth
Gertrude Rogers and Annie Nichols of Rienzi, Miss
Antioch Cemetery# 2
Page 140

King, Audrey Louise
11-15-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-08-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; R.C. King
Father-Ollie Huff
Mother-Della Jobe
Salem Cemetery
Corinth, Miss
Page 149

King, ?
Memphis, Tenn
Pink Veil Bassinet
Page 294

King, Infant
09 -08-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Stillborn-Friday -
Father-R.B. King
Residence-Pocahontas, Tenn
Indian Creek Cemetery
Page 165

King, Willie Leon
04-14-1903-McNairy Co., Tenn
10-08-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Auto wreck with Alan Lester McAlpin, also killed.
Mr. King, his wife & 5 children
were in car., 14 Mi. W. of Corinth
Wife-Nannie Mae Butler-Age 45
Injured but doing ok-Son-Kenneth Ray King
Father-Jonah King
Mother-Illa Mae Wren
Indian Creek Cemetery
Chewalla, Tenn
(Newspaper in Book, Torn, and think date is
Page 76

Kuykendall, James H.
08-19-1949-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-13-1923-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
W.W. II Veteran
Order by- William A. Kuykendall
Father-Rubin Kuykendall
Mother-Elsie Mattox
Union Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 114


Lambert, Bessie Louise
04-26-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by-L.O. Lambert-Burnsville, Miss
Father-Tim Cleary
Mother-Eller Graves
Service at; Burnsville Baptist Church
Carpenter Cemetery
Page 153

Lambert, Charles
01-21-1872-Cape Cod, Mass.
10-12-1950-County Home-
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Resided in state since 1931
Father-Hiram Lambert
Mother-Ella Fuller
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 173

Lambert, Rosia Louellen
12-09-1884-Prentiss Co., Miss
07-10-1952-Burnsville, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Odell Hardin-West Beach,
Pass Christian, Miss
Father-Ervin Strickland
Mother -Unknown
Service at: Burnsville Baptist Church
Carpenter Cemetery
Page 277

Lancaster, Eddie Vanderford
04-23-1897-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-21-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Fell from truck
Wife-Effie Hopkins-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Union Cemetery
Page 226

Lancaster, Steve Carrol
04-26-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
11:00 a.m. Saturday-Stillborn-Hospital
Father-Howard Lancaster
Union Cemetery
Page 03

Lancaster, Mr. Willie Essary
02-05-1885-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-21-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife – not listed
Father-George Lancaster
Mother-Mary Laughlin
Other Name on Side of Page
Mrs. E.E. Wilson-Oak Ridge, Tenn
Wheeler Cemetery
Page 244

Lassiter, Sallie Elizabeth
01-09-1906-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-26-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father- Mr. W. Lassiter-Pocahontas
Mother-Mary Dunn
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 267

Lawler, Pfc. Hubert D. Veteran
Date of Reburial-10-26-1948
No Age or Birth Date Listed
W.W. II-Killed In Action
Father-Guy Lawler-Phil Campbell, Ala
Name mentioned- James Morrow-Evansville, Tenn
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 80

Lee, Daniel Jackson
04-21-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Stillborn-Corinth Hospital
Father-Irvin Lee
No Cemetery Listed
Page 263

Lee, Oscar
07-31-1885-Prentiss Co., Miss
06-05-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Dexter Lee
Father-Joseph Lee
Mother -Unknown
Farmington Cemetery
Page 113

Ligon, Infant
09-10-1948-Burnsville, Miss
Father-Lester Ligon
New Hope Cemetery
Page 65

Latta, Quinnie Agnes
12-8-1881-Gravel Hill, McNairy Co., Tenn
12-25-1948-Michie, Tenn
Husband-David Randolph Latta-Deceased
Sons-Earl Latta-Selmer, Tenn
J.H. Latta-Ramer, Tenn
Daughter- Mrs. W.T. Gooch-Michie, Tenn
Father-Jim McCoy-N.C.
Mother-Margaret Huggins
Burial-Gravel Hill Cemetery
Page 90

Loyd, Infant
11-29-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Hospital – 6 a.m.-Stillborn-Premature
Order by; (Broste?) Loyd
City Cemetery
Page 27


Malone, Patricia Gail
03-16-1947-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-18-1950-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-L.B. Malone
Mother-Daisy Hancock
Oaks Chapel Cemetery
Page 150

Maness, Vernon Lee
01-24-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
01-26-1951-Corinth Community Hospital
Father-Aron Maness-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Anner Studdard-Miss
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 197

Mann, James T.
10-06-1921-Columbus, Miss
03-03-1945-World War II
Buried-05 -05-1949
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 106

Mason, Ronald Allen
06-11-1948-Prentiss Co., Miss
11-25-1948-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Edgar L. Mason-Prentiss Co., Miss
Mother-Glendora Faye Killough-Alcorn Co., Miss
Antioch Cemetery
Page 84

Maricle, Sarah Isabelle
01-11-1868-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-29-1949-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Hillie Maricle
Father-Will Maricle
Mother-Emile Miller
Union Cemetery
Page 129

Mars, Glenda Sue
01-13-1950-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-22-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-W.N. Mars
Mother-Virgie Timmons
Shiloh Cemetery
Page 143

Marvin, Otis William (Infant)
04-09-1948- Spartanburg, S.C.
09-21-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Otis Marvin-Memphis, Tenn
Mother-Willie Sue Duncan-Tenn
Sisters-Nettie Ruth and Jeridine Marvin
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 70

Massengill, Mrs. Margaret
89 yrs.8 Mos.15 Days
Sardis Cemetery
Page 213

Massengill, Mrs. Mattie E.
Age 77-Born 1871-
09-04-1948 – Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Deceased Husband-Jake Massengill
Sons-Leander, Vivian and Ed Massengill;
Rienzi, Miss
Daughters-Miss Verda Massengill,
Mrs. Ethel Wren, Mrs. Mildred Lusk all
of Rienzi, Miss
Brother-Jim Moore-Rienzi, Miss
Sister- Mrs. Lettie Byrd-Lakeview, Texas
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 63

Mathis, Infant
04-06-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
04-11-1948-Corinth, Miss
Father-Carl Mathis-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Ruby Shields-Alcorn Co., Miss
No Cemetery Listed
Color of Casket-Pink
Page 39

Mathis, Teresa Dianne
11-20-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-William Gerald Mathis
Holly Church Cemetery
Service at Lakeview Church
Page 237

Mayfield, Infant
06-13-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Lived a few hours
Father-Dewey Mayfield
Mother-Artie Sue Browning
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 112

Meeks, Bobby Lynn
08-10-1947-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-06-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-John B. Meeks
Mother-Lottie Dillon
Shiloh Baptist
Page 164

Mercer, John Thomas
01-15-1868-Tippah Co., Miss
12-14-1951-Walnut, Miss
Order by-Tommie Mercer
Father-Jessie Mercer
Mother-Mary Booker
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 239

Meteer, James Van
09-14-1948-Corinth, Miss
09-28-1948-Corinth Hospital
Parents – Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Meteer-Miss
Grandmother- Mrs. Lillian Smelley-Corinth
Grandparents – Mr. & Mrs. L.P. McLain-Corinth
Salem Church Cemetery
Page 71

Miller, Frances Marion
05-02-1861-Colbert Co, Ala
04-27-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mrs. Jeff Wilbanks
Father-Jacob Miller
Mother -Unknown
Service at Shiloh Presbyterian
Page 265

Miller, Mattie Matildia Mitchell
03-4-1874-McNairy Co., Tenn
Order by; C.D. Steen
Father – Doug Thigpen
Mother-Polly White
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Page 148

Milligan, Robert G.
Age 84-1867-Tenn
05-20-1951-Pickwick, Tenn
Order by; Hugh Childers-Corinth, Miss
Service at: Pisgah
Page 210

Mills, Martha D.
02-01-1950-Tippah Co., Miss
02-03-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Residence-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Bert Clifton Mills
Mother-Nadeen Crum
Brush Creek Cemetery
Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 144

Millsaps, Ida Mae
02-10-1887-Alcorn Co., Miss
07-24-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Sister-Bessie Millsaps-Corinth
Brother-Walter Millsaps-Corinth
Niece- Mrs. Fredie Whitley-Selmer, Tenn
Nephew-Tommy Millsaps-Selmer, Tenn
Parents-The late Lee and Catherine Kelly Millsaps, both preceded her in death
In 1928 and 1925, Respectively
Concord Cemetery
Guys, Tenn
Page 11

Mincy, Infant
02-15-1948-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Earl Mincy
No Cemetery Listed
Page 34

Maricle, William Henderson
Age 85 Yrs.7 Mos.26 Days
10-05-1950-Jackson, Miss
Residence Was Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
No Cemetery Listed
Page 170

Monroe, Larry Franklin
11-22-1949-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-19-1951-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Fred Monroe
Mother-Helen Joyce-Alcorn Co., Miss
Service at: W.A. Brewer’s home
Old Danville Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 240

Morrison, Lou Parsons
Age 96-1851-Miss
12-05-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Married Robert F. Morrison in 1904,
he died Feb, 1928
Order by- Mrs. L.A. Frances
Henry Cemetery
Page 28

Mullins, Calvin S.
08-07-1881-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-14-1949-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Loyd Mullins
Father-Jim Mullins
Mother-Liz Neighbor
Bethlehem Cemetery Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 127

Murphy, Eula
Age 63-1887-Benton, Illinois
12-24-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Clyde, Isom and James Murphy
Father-Billy Kirk
Mother-Nancy Ann Gooch
Sulphur Springs Cemetery
Page 185


McAlpin, Alan Lester
12-20-1929-Hardeman Co., Tenn
10-08-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Auto Wreck-14 Mi. W. Corinth
Wife-Virginia Foster McAlpin-Age 19
Father-Jacob Wesley McAlpin-McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother-Bessie Baker-Hardeman Co. Tenn
Brothers-James and Buford McAlpin-
Pocahontas, Tenn
Sisters- Mrs. Lorene Lipford and
Mrs. Alberta Lipford-both from Hickory Valley, Tenn
Hebron Cemetery-Bolivar, Tenn
Sent to Shackleford Funeral Home in Selmer, Tenn,
other person killed in wreck was Willie Leon King
Page 77

McCoy, Louiza Alabama "Alice"
Residence-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
12-12-1950-Home of Beulah Sloam
Father-Robert Tolar/Taylor
Palmer Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 184

McCullar, Sargent Issac
10-04-1864-Water Valley, Miss
09-17-1952-Near Olive Branch, Miss
Order by; Lyle McCullar
Father-Clayborn McCullar
Mother-Vennie Shelton
Service at Perkins Funeral Home
No Cemetery Listed
Page 290

McElwain, Jessie Russell
12-14-1901-Falkner, Miss
02-02-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Charge to Nance Funeral Home
Ripley, Miss
Father-Sam McElwain
Mother-Miss Besinger
Indian Creek Cemetery, Chewalla, McNairy Co., TN
Page 199

McLain, Hoyt Aubrey
03-31-1919-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
11-04-1950-Memphis, Tenn
John Gaston Hospital
Wife-Sue Pinner McLain
Brother-Howard McLain
Parents-M/M L.P. McLain-Corinth, Miss
Service at: Salem Church
Page 177


Nails, Mirra Jane
01-30-1887-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-27-1952-Pocahontas, Tenn
Order by; Shack & Family
Father-Ben Bass
Mother-Martha Ann Weaver
Service at; Campground Cemetery
Page 286

Nelson, Glenda Ann
11-04-1949-Tippah Co., Miss
02-08-1950-Tippah Co., Walnut, Miss
Father-James B.G. Nelson-Tippah Co., Miss
Mother-Valrie J. Sanders-Tippah Co., Miss
Bethlehem Cemetery Alcorn Co., Miss.
Page 145

Nelson, Peggy Joan
07-25-1949-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-04-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Residence-Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss
Father-J.D. Nelson
Mother-Virtie Bright
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 223


Oxner, Mary Louise
Age 74-1878-McNairy Co., Tenn
05-28-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by-Leo Oxner
Father-Max Swinford
Mother-Lina Arnold
Union Cemetery
Page 268

Ozbirn, I.H.
03-16-1862-Franklin Co., Ala
08-25-1948-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Alice Crowe-Died Nov.1947
Floyd Ozbirn-Rienzi, Miss
Newton Ozbirn-Caldwell, Kansas
Clyde Ozbirn-Vienna, Ga
Mrs. W.R. Gilly-Corinth, Miss
Mrs. C.A. Mayo-Lamenter, Kentucky
Mrs. J.W. Horn-Portageville, Mo.
Mrs. Charles Berry-Vienna, Ga.
Mrs. Marcus Butler-Vienna, Ga.
Pisgah Cemetery
Page 60


Page, John Robert
06-05-1874-Iuka, Tishomingo Co., Miss
09-26-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; J.T. Page
Father-James T. Page
Mother-Margaret Chambers
Snowdown Church Cemetery
Page 168

Palmer, Mrs. Ruby Lee
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Date of entry; 03-13-1952
No other information
Page 250

Parish, Patsey Sheron
11-17-1950-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Lived 4 hrs.3 minutes; died At 1:00 p.m..
Father-Willie Parish
Mother-Florence Talley
Brother-Jerry Wayne Parish
Sisters-Dorothy Jean and Billie Parish
Shiloh Baptist Presbyterian Cemetery
Page 180

Pearson, James Thomas (Doc)
12-03-1929-Tippah Co., Miss
10-14-1951-Walnut, Tippah Co., Miss
Wreck-8 Mi. west of Walnut, Miss
Father-Jack Pearson
Mother-Irene Keith
Harmony Cemetery
Page 229

Perkins, Charles Green
12-28-1881-McNairy Co., Tenn
10-31-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Mrs. Perkins
Father-Wayne Perkins-McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother-Lucindy Perkins-McNairy Co., Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 233

Perkins, James Samuel
06-14-1952-Nashville, Tenn
Residence-Selmer, Tenn
Son-Jimmy Perkins-Nashville, Tenn
Father-Warner Perkins
Mother-Lucinda Sutton
No Cemetery Listed
Page 270

Perry, Thomas Bynum
02-01-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Residence-Rienzi, Miss
Order by; McMillan Funeral Home; Booneville, Miss
Father-T.J. Perry
Mother-Kate Boone
Methodist Church Cemetery
Rienzi Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 196

Phelps, Henretta Georgia Anna
07-17-1859- Tishomingo Co., Miss
01-06-1948- Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mrs. Dorman
Father-Samuel F. Canefile-McNairy Co., Tenn
Mother-Virginia Phelps-Waterloo, Ala
Service at; Foote St. Church of Christ
Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
No Cemetery Listed
Page 31

Phillips, Sgt. John D. Veteran
Age 25-1922-Tuscumbia, Ala
Killed In Action-World War II
Parents- Mr.& Mrs. W.W. Phillips
Hershel, C.W., Barney, Odell and Jack Phillips
Sisters- Mrs. Ruth Williams and Miss Betty Phillips
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 29

Pittman, Infant
Date of entry: 01-10-1951
No other information
Page 191

Pittman, Mrs. Nancy F.
09-24-1857- Tenn
04-4-1951- Pocahontas, Tenn
Late husband-Zem Pittman
Order by; Sallie Pittman
Father-Frank Young
Mother-Miss .Graham
Wooten Cemetery
Page 205

Plaxico, Infant
Death Date-01-24-1951
No other information
Page 195

Presley, Infant
09-05-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Herman Presley-Prentiss Co., Miss
Booneville Cemetery, Prentiss Co., Miss
Page 16

Price, Infant
05-19-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
05-21-1948-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Dudie Price
Shiloh Cemetery
Page 45


Ragan, Albert Keith
06-17-1881- Tippah Co., Miss
04-17-1952- Pocahontas, Tenn
Grandchildren-Johnnie and Roland
Order by; Paul Ragan
Father-William Ragan
Mother-Ann Keith
Campground Cemetery
Page 261

Ragan, Mrs. Willie Sara
Age-69 Yrs.7 Mos.25 Days
Death-1-10-1951-State Line
Heart Attack
Order by; Son-No Name
Service at State Line
Page 189

Ragan, William Alexander
12-27-1873- Tippah Co., Miss
10-19-52- Pocahontas, Tenn
Heart Attack
Father-William Ragan
Mother-Ann Keith
Service at; State Line
Page 297

Reeder, Robert L.
10-14-1913-Bethel Springs, Tenn
05-22-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; J.W. Reeder
Father-Jacob Reeder
Mother-Florence Leatherwood
Mt. Vernon, McNairy Co., Tenn
Page 155

Reid, R.P.
Age 79-California
06-27-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Sudden Death
Relative- Mrs. C.P. Mason-Dallas, Texas
County Home Cemetery
Page 119

Rencher, Edgar
11-29-1900-Alcorn Co., Miss
7-10-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Mrs. Effie Rencher
Holly Church Cemetery
Page 158

Rencher, Lawrence L.
01-22-1880-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-17-1950-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Found Dead In Bed-
Suffered A Broken Hip
Married-Hattie Lancaster (Deceased)
11-22-1909-In Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Daughter- Mrs. Onella Killough-Rienzi, Miss
Brother-Tom P. Rencher-Dodge City, Texas
Father-Perry Rencher
Mother-Betty Streetman
Union Baptist Church Cemetery
Page 166

Richardson, Bedford Willie Rogerdale
04-26-1948-Walnut, Miss
09-19-1948-Walnut, Miss
Father-Willie J. Richardson-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Unicy Shaw-Tippah Co., Miss
County Line Cemetery
Page 69

Rickman, Mrs. Mattie Bell
1-18-1951-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Cerebral Hemorrhage
Husband-W.A. Rickman
Father -Unknown
Mother-Lizzie Knight
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 192

Ridings, Virginia Iris
07-25-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
07-26-1949-Corinth, Miss
Order by; R.L. Riding-Walnut, Miss
Father-James Riding
Mother-Iris Cordevory-Australia
City Cemetery
Page 121

Riggs, Mrs. Ada
01-14-1875- Henderson, Tenn
07-28-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Connie Riggs
Farmington Cemetery
Page 122

Rinehart, Virginia Lou Ella
03-24-1868-Prentiss Co., Miss
06-22-1949-Rienzi, Miss
Order by; E.E. Rinehart
Father-W.T .Cox
Mother-Emily Kesler
Burial at Sardis-3 Mi. E. Rienzi, Miss

Robbins, Mrs. Gertrude
Age 34-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-21-1948-Savannah, Tenn
T. B.
Husband-Joseph Robbins
Father-Elic Hutcheson-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Not Listed
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 43

Robertson, Mrs. Dollie F.
Age-73 Yrs.1 Mo.17 Days
Born in Prentiss Co., Miss
01-12-1952-Sweeny, Texas
Order By-Daughter-No Name
T.D. Compton-Sweeny, Texas
Essary Springs Cemetery
Page 243

Rock, Amos Finley
02-18-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Mrs. G.A. West-Tulsa, Ok.
Father-John Rock
Mother-Harriett Stone
Broken Arrow Cemetery; Tulsa, Oklahoma
Page 146

Rogers, Infant
10-27-1947-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Premature-6:00 p.m. Monday
Father-Harold Rogers-Rienzi, Alcorn Co., Miss
Service at; Biggersville
Page 18

Rogers, Luther Mark
12-23-1892- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
0-18-1952- Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Olen Rogers-Tuscaloosa, Ala
Father-Walsh Rogers
Mother-Lennie Smith
Order by; Mrs. Layton
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 285

Rogers, Patsey Marie (Infant)
09-16-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
10-15-1950-Corinth, Miss
Parents -Mr. & Mrs. Victor Rogers
Grandparents-M/M Robert Michael-Corinth, Miss
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 174

Rogers, Sarah Charline
04-24-1924-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-3-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Husband-Howard Rogers
Residence-Walnut, Miss
Father-M.F. Goforth
Mother-Johnnie Michaels
Union Cemetery
Page 228

Roten, Giles Lafayette
04-27-1874-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-09-1951-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Ishamel Roten
Father-Bud Roten
Mother-India Burrow
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 215

Rowland, Sgt. William T.
Age 21
Killed In Action
Father-D.L. Rowland
Residence-Pocahontas, Tenn
Camp Ground Cemetery
Page 235

Rusk, George Washington Veteran
10-20-1887-Macon, Georgia
12-4-1948-Tuscaloosa, Ala
Vet. Hospital-Tuberculosis
Residence-Chattanooga, Tenn
Pfc.319 Field Artillery- U.S. Army
Registrar # 756 VA- 407937
Father-John W. Rusk-Ga.
Mother-Jennie Clark-Ga.
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 85

Russell, Claude Leonard
04-07-1893-Tippah Co., Miss
04-01-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Wife-No Name
Residence-Walnut, Miss
Father-Bud Royal Russell
Mother-Cally Jones
Harmony Cemetery
Page 101


Sanders, Mrs. Ludie D.
04-12-1917-Stantenville, Tenn
11-9-1949-Adamsville, Tenn
T. B.
Order by; Elmer Sanders
Father-McKinley Patterson
Mother-Hattie Chandler
Burial at; Adamsville, Tenn
Page 133

Sanders, Mrs. Ollie Bell
08-23-1905-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-23-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Convulsions-Dead Liver
Order by; Albert Sanders
Father-Floyd Essary-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Della Maricle-Alcorn Co., Miss
Union Cemetery
Page 194

Sanders, Nellie S.
07-09-1881-Benton Co., Miss
10-09-1950-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Carl Sanders
Father-J.W. Crump
Mother-Mary Duncan
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 172

Sargent, Rufus V. (Sgt. )
Age 31-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
W.W. II- Killed In Action
Father-James H. Sargent
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 56

Sharp, Mrs. Julia F.
Age 73-Miss
12-25-1950-Memphis, Tenn ; daughters home
Service at: Christian Church
Henry Cemetery, Corinth Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 186

Shaw, Alton Eugene
Order by; J.H. Shaw
Date of entry-11-28-1951
Page 238

Sherard, Windell Douglas
09-22-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Lived 5 hours; premature
Father-Audrey Sherard
Mother-Genell Smith
Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery
Page 227

Shook, Mrs. Nina
11-13-1901-Memphis, Tenn
06-26-1952-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Arthur Shook
Father-Zack Webb
Mother-Ethel Haynes
Henry Cemetery
Page 274

Shults, Mary Louella
76 Yrs.3 Mos.2 days- Miss
12-03-1950-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Cancer of Uterus
Sons-T.I., J.W., J.B. and C. Cecil Shults
Daughter- Mrs. Willie May Perkins
Sisters- Mrs. Lillie Morton And
Mrs. Essie Stake
Father- A.T. Patton
Mother-Sallie Morgan
Farmington Cemetery
Page 182

Simpson, James
Residence-Aberdeen, Miss
Cause of Death-Burned at Pickwick, Tenn
Order by; Tann or Lann and Carter
No Other Info
Page 222

Smith, Infant
Father-Clyde B. Smith
Mother-Olene Parsons
Burial at Jacinto, Miss
Residence-Burnsville, Miss
Page 160

Smith, Alberta E.
05-26-1948-San Diego, California
Order by; Bob Smith
Service at; Burnsville Methodist Church
Shipped From Rogers Funeral Home in San Diego to Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 50

Smith, Mrs. Della
02-22-1870-Booneville, Prentiss Co., Miss
12-2-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by; Roy Smith
Henry Cemetery
Page 141

Smith, George Washington
04-06-1871-Tishomingo Co., Miss
09-11-1952-Burnsville, Miss
Order by; H.M. Smith
Father-W.R. Smith
Mother-Harriett Oliver
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Page 289

Smith, Victoria Ray
07-15-1942-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-03-1949-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Victor D. Smith
Mother-Florence Hancock
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 132

South, Isado S.
10-24-1951-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Wife-Annie South-Deceased
Order by; Leroy and Ben South
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 231

Spencer, Infant
Father-Carl Spencer
Walnut, Miss
Brush Creek Cemetery Alcorn
Page 14

Stewart, Dug (Doug) Orlander
07-25-1900-Tippah Co., Miss
06-12-1951-Walnut, Miss
Order by; wife
Father-Samuel Stewart
Mother-Ellen Box
Service at Shiloh
Page 216

Steen, Pfc. John H. Veteran
Age 25-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Killed In Action
Father-C.D. Steen
Page 22

Stephenson, James (Jamie) George
04-12-1933-Whitehall, Arkansas
10-25-1948-Memphis, Tenn
Father-Marvin Stephenson-Ark.
Mother-Mary Stephenson-Miss
Sister-Lidie Ann Stephenson
M/M J.H. & Eva Hudson-Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss
and Mattie Stephenson-Whitehall, Ark.
Pisgah Cemetery
Page 79

Stewart, Minnie Pearl
03-19-1882-Corinth, Miss
02-26-1950-Corinth, Miss
Order By-Roy South
Father-Charlie King
Mother-Mary Huff
Salem Cemetery
Page 147

Storment, Mollie
03-04-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father -Crockett Srygley
Mother-Paralee Smeltzer
Services-Oak Grove-Iuka, Ms
Page 249

Stubbs, Ellis
Services by-McMillan at Booneville, Miss
No other information
Page 32

Studdard, David H.
05-06-1951-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-02-1957-Corinth, Miss
Father-Joe Lee Studdard
Mother-Bessie Brock
Services At-Shiloh Methodist
Page 225

Swain, Zora
01-13-1870-Tippah Co., Miss
04-08-1949-Walnut, Miss
Order by-Johnnie Eubanks
Father-Henry Nail
Mother-Margaret Taylor
County Line Cemetery
Page 102

Sweat, Herman Veteran
1912; Age 33-Corinth, Miss
Killed In Action
W.W. II Veteran
Father-Jess Sweat
Page 58


Talley, Alice Beatrice
07-05-1951-Lagrange, Tenn
Residence-Walnut, Miss
Order By-Hubert Talley & G. Lewallen
No Cemetery Listed
Page 219

Talley, James Thomas
06-01-1867-Tippah, Co., Miss
07-27-1952-Kossuth, Ms
Order By-W.R. Talley
Father-Richard Talley
Mother-Caroline Dennis
Services at; Tishomingo Chapel
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 281

Talley, Nell
Father-Carl Talley
Burial-Savannah, Tenn
Page 26

Tanner Infant
Father-R.E. Tanner
Services At-Grave Side-Salem-Corinth, Miss
Page 8

Tanner, James V.
Age 82 (1870)
11-3-1952-Hardin Co, Tenn
Heart Attack
Order By-Ester
Service At-Tate St. Baptist Church
Henry Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 300

Tanner, Mary Lou
06-24-1952-Corinth, Miss
Order By-Ethan Tanner
Father-Elizah Tate
Mother-Lula Cornelius
Henry Cemetery
Page 273

Tapp, Mary Lou
06-15-1902-Tippah, Co., Miss
09-21-1952-Prentiss, Co., Miss
Husband-Jim Tapp
Father-George Sexton
Mother-Mattie Robertson
Services at; Shiloh Methodist
Page 292

Taylor, Mary V.
Date of entry in book-01-20-1951
Father-John Wesley
Mother-Viola (unreadable)
Page 193

Thompson, Lula Mae
09-23-1913-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-05-1950-Corinth, Miss
T. B.
Husband-John Robert Thompson
Father-Patton Essary
Mother-Bessie Bevis
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 162

Thrasher, Frank Joseph
Residence-Aberdeen, Miss
Order by; Claude Foreman
No other information
Page 94

Thrasher, Octavia
09-20-1865-Tippah Co., Miss
10-26-1952-Rienzi, Miss
Son-Elick Thrasher
Father-Bob Rogers
Mother-Emelee Tucker
Services At-Methodist Shiloh
Page 298

Trexler, Charles L. Veteran
11-06-1923- Illinois
03-19-1952-Jackson, Tenn
Truck Wreck
W.W. II Veteran
Father-Dewey Trexler
Mother-Ella Julian
Services in Illinois
Page 254

Turner, Mary Aqilla
01-20-1877-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-27-1948-Corinth, Miss
Order By-Cass Turner
Father- Alex Derryberry - McNairy, Co., Tenn
Mother- Mollie Parchman -McNairy Co., Tenn
Henry Cemetery
Page 49

Tyson Beverly Rose
05-26-1949-Corinth, Miss
Lived 14 hours
Father-Richard Tyson-Corinth, Miss
Mother-Mary Ruth Gooch-Corinth, Miss
Henry Cemetery
Page 110

Tyson Ronald Dudley
04-03-1952-Corinth, Miss
04-05-1952-Corinth, Miss
Father-Harold Tyson
Mother-Mary Gooch
Henry Cemetery
Page 257


Wallin John Henry
71 Yrs. of age (Born 1881)Ark.
07-29-1952-Corinth, Miss
Order By-Reece Wallin
Father-Kim Wallin
Mother-Celia Gunner
Farmington Cemetery
Page 282

Wash, Benjamin A. V
55 yrs. of age (Born 1897)-Orange Co., Fla.
09-17-1952-Tuscaloosa, Ala (V.A. Hospital)
WW II Veteran
Order by; Mr. Harris
Services at Grave Side
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 293

Watkins, Charlie Thomas
12-27-1886- Hamburg, Tenn
06-26-1952- St. Louis, Mo
Order by; Rudy Watkins
Services at-Perkins Chapel
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 275

Watkins, Pfc. Lyle E. Veteran
34 years of age; Corinth, Miss
05-07-1945-Cebu Island in Pacific
Killed in Action
Wife- Mrs. Jessie Clemmons Watkins-Corinth, Miss
(Married Dec.1940)
Parents- Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Watkins-St. Louis, Mo.
Brothers'-Fisher and Rudy Watkins-St. Louis, Mo.
James R. Watkins-Okolona, Miss
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 61

Watts, William G.
Age 48(Born 1901) Alcorn Co., Miss
01-22-1949-Chattanooga, Tenn
Order By-Turner Childs
City Cemetery
Page 136

Webb, J.D.
07-11-1922-Coritnh, Ms
10-06-1950-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Kathern
Father-J.C. Webb
Mother-Tiny King
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 171

Whitaker, Infant
09-06-1950-Corinth, Miss
Father-James Whitaker
Services at-Pisgah, Miss
Page 163

White, Pvt. William T. V
Entered in book; 03-20-1948
Age 23
Killed In Action-Germany
Service # 34636418
Father-J.T. White
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 42

Whitfield Dora Ella
04-7-1878-Tishomingo, Miss
70-23-1949-Burnsville, Miss
Order By-B.T. Whitfield
Father-Benjamin Holder
Holder Cemetery
Page 120

Wiggins William Veteran
Age 77 (Approx.1870)
Entry in Book-8-22-1947
Spanish American War Veteran
Died In-Tuscaloosa, Ala
National Cemetery
Page 13

Wilbanks, Ijana J.
Age 62 (1887) Tippah Co., Miss
07-29-1949-Ripley, Miss
Order By-W.M. Wilbanks
Father-Whitt Wilbanks
Union Cemetery
Page 123

Wilbanks, Richard Arthur
12-15-1887-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-10-1949-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Myrtle James (Married 1909 At Ripley, Miss)
Sons- J.C. And Gaston Wilbanks
Daughter’s- Mrs. Ed Rickman &
Mrs. Everette Cook-Corinth, Miss
Brothers; Elizah, Hillie
and Talmadge Wilbanks-Corinth, Miss
Sister- Mrs. Oscar Hodum
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 134

Wilbanks, Roy
06-12-1948-Tippah Co., Miss
08-04-1949-Corinth, Miss
Father-Joe D. Wilbanks
Mother-Alice Rogers
Holley Cemetery
Page 125

Wilbanks, Sherman H.
Born - 6-1-1893
Death Date-7-1-1950
Residence- Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Order by-Thurman and Leonard Wilbanks
Presbyterian Shiloh
Page 157

Wilbourn, Lundy Beauford (Pvt. )
Born - 10-25-1925-Detroit, Michigan
Death - 4-16-1948
WW II Veteran #941779
Killed In Action-Iwo Jima (Japan)
Father-John Harrison Wilbourn- Detroit, Michigan
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 41

Wilhite Danny Dean
06-27-1949-Corinth, Miss
03-23-1950-Corinth, Miss
Order by-C.L. Wilhite
Father-Bobby Wilhite
Mother-Hattie Elam
Lone Oak Cemetery

Willingham Barbara
Father-J.P. Willingham
Mother-Mary E. Jones
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 259

Willis Infant
08-25-1951-Corinth, Miss
Father-Lee Roy Willis
Mother-Edith Shultz
Salem Cemetery
Page 224

Wilson, Cynclair B., Jr
03-1927- Banner, Ms
11-23-1944- European Theatre
W.W. II Veteran
Wife-Inez H. Wilson-Water Valley, Miss
Father-Cynclair B. Wilson
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 25

Wilson, T/Sgt. Gerald L.
Entry in Book-05-27-1948
Killed In Action
Service #.34477095
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 46

Winters, Amy L.
04-13-1948-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Troy Winters
Father-Dr. L.S. Greene-Ala
Mother-Mary D. Whitehead-Ala
Cemetery not listed
Page 10

Woods, Connie Regina
12-10-1950-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-20-1952-Kossuth, Miss
Order By-Kim Roland
Father-Johnnie Woods
Mother-Lougenia Roland
Union Cemetery
Page 272

Wood, Russell Roscoe
10-09-1901-Hardin Co., Tenn
08-14-1952-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-W.G. Wood
Mother-Della Sibley
Henry Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 284

Wood, Sammie O’Neal
09-18-1950-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-24-1950-Alcorn Co., Miss
Father-Lonnie Ray Wood-Alcorn Co., Miss
Mother-Lola May Clark-Alcorn Co., Miss
Brother-Bobby Ray Wood-Alcorn Co., Miss
Grand Parents- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clark &
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wood
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 181

Wooten, Chris C.
Age 33 (1918)-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-04-1952-Memphis, Tenn (Kennedy Hosp.)
W.W. II Veteran
Burial - Tuscumbia Church Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Miss
Page 247

Wroten, Chester Lee
Age 45 (1906)
10-14-1951-Corinth, Miss
T. B.
Father-Fato Wroten
Mother-Ova Bobo
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 230


Yeager, Timothy Len
09-22-1950- Corinth, Miss
Lived 8 Hrs,
Father-Johnny Yeager
Mother-Opal Glisson
Pebble Hill Cemetery
Page 167
Alcorn County Home
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