Misc. marriages from newspapers of 1947

Extracted from the Daily Corinthian Newspaper.  This is an incomplete listing of 1947 marriages.
Milton Lewis Black, 21, Jackson, Tennessee and Nellie Carol Sumler, 18, Humboldt, Tennessee.

Walter Leroy Lytal, 21, and Mary Hazel Eaton, 18, Booneville, Mississippi.

Raymond A. Halford, 25, Rutherford, Tennessee and Rebecca Eddlemon, 21, Kenton, Tennessee.

Wesley Vernon Davis, 22, Martin, Tennessee and Lena Margaret Mills, 20, Hickman, Kentucky.

Bill Ray, age 39, Tuscola, Illinois, and Dorothy L. Rayburn, age 24, Villa Grove, Illinois.

David F. Kitchens, age 22 and Ramona Ray, age 17, Corinth, Mississippi.

Haskell A.J. Kee, age 23, Jackson, Tennessee, and Mary Isabel Spencer, age 18, Medina, Tennessee.

Kenneth E. McCasland, age 21, Olive Hill, Tennessee, and Dansey Faye Gibbs, age 18, Morris Chapel, Tennessee.

Charles J. Osborne, age 21, and Jeanine Call, age 18, Jackson, Tennessee.

Raymond L. Harper, age 23, and Katie J. Summers, age 18, Gleason, Tennessee.

Thelon Goodman, age 38, and Jessie B. Bain, age 26, Camden, Tennessee.

Herbert Mills, age 21, and Mareedea Cagle, age 18, Sugar Tree, Tennessee.

Howard Gallimore, age 22, Dresden, Tennessee, and Annie Ruth Kelly, age 19, Sharon, Tennessee.

Robert Farr, age 21, Cypress, Illinois, and Sue Clark, age 18, Karnak, Illinois.

Wallace Sudberry, age 21, Sharon, Tennessee, and Linnie Ruth Bell, age 18, Martin, Tennessee.

Walter Haskins, age 38, Steele, Missouri, and Ida M. Davis, age 39, Jackson, Tennessee.

Herman Joslin, age 38, and Daisy Hamm, age 31, Charlotte, Tennessee.

Ray Alexander Harwood, age 21, Charleston, Illinois, and Geneva Fay Odell, age 19, Oblong, Illinois.

George E. Ray, age 26, and Grapel Hopper, age 19, Humboldt, Tennessee.

J.D. Harville, age 21, Olive Hill, Tennessee, and Lillie Mae Umphrey, age 18, Savannah, Tennessee.

Floyd B. Wyrick, age 21, and Alma R. Gardner, age 20, Ridgley, Tennessee.

Treas Bales, age 34, Carbondale, Illinois, and Reba Jean Wiggins, age 23, Herron, Illinois.

Thomas Marion Riddle, age 38, Jackson, Tennessee, and Dorothy Louise Lyons, age 28, Huron, Tennessee.

Carlton Reeves, age 21, Hohenwald, Tennessee, and Willa Dean Belew, age 19, Etherldge, Tennessee.

Gus Merlin Wyatt, age 22, and Norma Jane Thompson, age 18, Hohenwald.

Arthur Lee Swafford, age 25, and Roxie Joy Applewhite, age 20, Jackson, Tennessee.

Hubert Daniel, age 23, Toone, Tennessee, and Bertha Mae Baker, age 18, Bolivar, Tennessee.

Parvin C. Tillman, age 21, and Lou Essie West, age 27, Bolivar, Tennessee.

Hammond Ary, age 22, Linden, Tennessee, and Iva Dean Sharp, age 19, Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Ray Ayers, age 24, and Thelma McKee, age 18, Newbern, Tennessee.

Archie C. Kirby, Jr., age 23, and Virginia Fowler, age 19, Wildersville, Tennessee.

Underwood Easley, age 26, Athens, Alabama and Hattie Willadean Brackin, age 21, Decatur, Alabama.

Leonard Lovett, age 34, Pinson, Tennessee, and Brooksie Rigsby, age 32, Jackson, Tennessee.

William Eugene Wright, age 22, Sharon, Tennessee, and Nell Tilley, age 19, Dresden, Tennessee.

Harold Edwards, age 23, and Nannie C. Gillis, age 30, Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Wylie Rowan Clatworthy, age 25, Memphis, Tennessee, and Bertie Ethelene Cunningham, age 24, Booneville, Mississippi.

Van Lyons, age 24, Murray, Kentucky, and Margaret Barnes, age 19, Fort Henry, Tennessee.

Charles Richerson, age 25, and Alma Freeland, age 23, Paris, Tennessee.

Johnnie Jones, age 40, and Eldora Utley, age 32, Jackson, Tennessee.

Johnnie Garner, age 21, Bethel Springs, Tennessee, and Mary Lou Baggett, age 18, McNairy County, Tennessee.

Elvis Underwood, age 38, and Geneva Dickerson, age 31, St. Louis, Missouri.

James E. Alley, age 24, Waynesboro, Tennessee, and Thelma Jean Martin, age 18, Collinwood, Tennessee.

Billy Brady Harper, age 22, and Edna Glynn Jones, age 19, Martin, Tennessee.

Charlie Robert Rogers, age 24, and Mary Wilson, age 17, Hickman, Kentucky.

Charles T. Wenk, age 48, Milan, Tennessee, and Katherine C. Kail, age 36, Alamo, Tennessee.

Linard Thomas Wray, 21, Dresden, Tennessee, and Virginia L. Wagster, 18, Martin, Tennessee.

Roy E. Waddy, 32, and Mrs. Reba Welch, 30, Savannah, Tennessee.

William M. Mahaffy, 21, Washington College, Tennessee and Geneva Poole, 24, Savannah, Tennessee.

Gilbert E. Smith, 25, Henderson, Tennessee, and Vena Mae Thomas, 23, Montezuma, Tennessee.

D.M. Clement, 22, and Ruby Schrivner, 18, Savannah, Tennessee.

John K. Conner, 21, Loudon, Tennessee and Sara Seay, 21, Mayfield, Kentucky.

Holly A. Moore, 25, and Nola Mae Peace, 19, Linden, Tennessee.

James E. Millner, 21, and Mary Bell Barker, 18, Corinth, Mississippi.

Wayne Henderson, 34, and Imogene Byars, 27, Hardin, Kentucky.

Robert L. Simpson, 26, and Mary Virginia Johns, 22, Medina, Tennessee.

William J. Cratty, 31, and Jessie Eugene Wills, 25, Dickson, Tennessee.

Billy Shelton, 21, Bogota, Tennessee, and Alice Williford, 18, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

James Bush, 23, Granville, Tennessee, and Kathleen Portemont, 23, Brazil, Indiana.

Royce E. Shelton, 21, and Wimmie Grace Berryhill, 19, Rienzi, Mississippi.

Riley R. Eason, 21, Lexington, Tennessee, and LaVern Thomas, 19, Atwood, Tennessee.

Gerald J. Hicks, 21, and Doris Birmingham, 18, Humboldt, Tennessee.

Willie B. Winsett, 22, Martin, Tennessee, and Lena Bodkins, 18, Gleason, Tennessee.

G.B. Paty, 54, and Vearnell Tomlin, 23, Cooter, Missouri.

Bray W. McClendon, 25 and Christine Scott, 21, Jackson, Tennessee.

George W. Greer, 31, and Opal D. Mitchell, 31, Bemis, Tennessee.

James Brewer, 49, and Katherine Wilson, 42, Mayfield, Kentucky.

Ruben Haynes, 26, and Norma Lomax, 21, Jackson Tennessee.

David L. Perry, 24, and Kathryn Davison, 20, Murray City, Tennessee.

Clifton Byars, 21, and Reatha Milam, 18, Paris, Tennessee.

Eldon Reed, 21, and Willene Bawcum, 18, Camden, Tennessee.

James Walker Rasbury, 21, and Monia Christine Peeler, 22, Hohenwald, Tennessee.

E.P. Tuten, age 25, and Lois Coates, age 22 from Parsons, Tennessee.

Dureward C. Wallace, age 23, and Sue Gipson, age 18 from Friendship, Tennessee.

Grady Franklin Laster, age 31, Mobile, Alabama and Mrs. Norene Laster, age 26, Chesterfield, Tennessee.

Marvin Welch, age 23, Indianapolis, Indiana and Blondel Haskins, age 24 from Bemis, Tennessee.

Russell McKnight, age 21, Humboldt, Tennessee, and Emma Mac Anthony, age 18, from Fruitland, Tennessee.

J.W. Marsh, age 21, Jackson, Tennessee, and Georgia Dell Burks, age 20, Pinson, Tennessee.

Robert P. Roberts, 25, and Betty Jane Vetete, 19, Lexington, Tennessee.

Russell B. Clements, 33, and Ann Stanley, 29, Jackson, Tennessee.

J.M. Flowers, 21, Chicago, Illinois, Joy Petty, 18, Trenton, Tennessee.

Gloyed Gean, 21 and Margaret Dailey, 18, Waterloo, Alabama.

Robert Owen Bevis, 17 and Loyce Hinton, 18 Lutts, Tennessee.

R.C. Scott, 24 Decaturville, Tennessee, and Raymelle Ivey, 19, Parsons, Tennessee.

Samuel G. Cubell, 35 and Essie Nina Brooks, 41, Jacksonville, Florida.

John S. Taylor, 22, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Mary Armstrong, 22, Lexington, Tennessee.

R.L. Hanna, 55, Booneville, Mississippi, and Mattie Pearl Calvery, 41, Corinth, Mississippi.

O.D. Suencer, 21, Chicago, Illinois, and Clara Bell Gibbons, 18, Alamo, Tennessee.

Joe Neal Seaton, 21, Henderson, Tennessee, and Melba Brittain, 18, Luray, Tennessee.

James R. Oakley, 21 and Helen Maxine Neisler, 18, Lexington, Tennessee.

Willo D. Rushing, 21, Trenton, Tennessee, and Carlton Ezell Gregson, 19, Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Charles E. Allen, 24, Dresden, Tennessee, and Vernael King, 18, Bemis, Tennessee.

Byford E. Williams, 22, and Louise Ghreewitt, 18, Benton, Illinois.

Wilbert N. Crowe, 21, and Cora Lee Luther, 18, Dickson, Tennessee.

Ernest H. Jones, 24, and Bethel Holder, 18, Ridgley, Tennessee.

William H. Stegall, 42, and Virginia L. McHaffey, 23, Jackson, Tennessee.

Arthur W. Downs, 22, and Tommie A. Wilbanks, 18, Muskegon Heights, Michigan.

Loyd Miller, 21, Maline, Illinois, and Lucille Willis, 19, Cairo, Illinois.

Lesse Bledsoe, 38, Stanton, Tennessee, and Dovie Foster, 26, Hornsby, Tennessee.

Thomas Collier, 22, Deep Water, New Jersey, and Jean Patrick 18, Guys, Tennessee.

James Isaac Boane, 21 and Tommie Alberta Burress, 18, Troy, Tennessee.

John R. Weatherford, 22, Big Sandy, Tennessee, and Vonel Rich, 19, Paris, Tennessee.

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