Henry Cemetery - Tombstone Photographs

Abernathy, Frances Griffin

Abernathy, John Rammie, Jr.

Abernathy, John R., Sr.

Allen, Fannie Bell

Archer, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Archer

Archer, Millard Lee

Archer, Millard Powell

Autrey, Elizabeth Y.

Barnhill, Effie Small

Barnhill, Mary

Barnhill, R.P.

Barnhill, Dr. Robert Young

Barnhill, Thomas Leroy

Bell, Bertha Ann Westbrooks

Bell, Charles Walter

Bell, William W.

Blasingame, William Henry & Mary Tina Wade

Brown, Bruce A.

Brown, Frances Maedell Voyles

Brown, Millard V.

Burress, Bobby Neal

Burgess, C. Clayton

Burgess, Grace

Burgess, Laura Ann

Burgess, Katherine

Burgess, Thomas A.

Emmons, A. T.

Emmons, Francis Ellender

Emmons, Frances "Fannie" Ray

Emmons, Luvisa


Furtick, James E.

Furtick, Odessa Horn

Gatlin, Arlon L.

Gatlin, Barbara Rose Ann

Gatlin, Cleatus Howard & Cecile Sutton

Gatlin, Cleo C. Smith

Gatlin, Willie Inman

Griffin, Bertha Horn & Price Cleveland

Hamm, J. Thomas & Elizabeth G.

Horn, David A. "Buster" & Mattie Glen Voyles

Horn, David Burton & Laura Francis Emmons

Horn, Dolmer B.

Horn, Edith Sherard

Horn, Hoyt

Horn, Leslie T. & Minnie Ann Shelton

Horn, William Oscar

Hurley, Arvie Glen

Hurley, George Elmer

Hurley, Mary Josephine Surratt 

Hurley, Pearl Kendrick

Hurley, William Cleatus

Ijams, Clay

Ijams, Lucretia Catherine Hurley (wife of Benton C. Ijams)

Isom, Byrd B.

Leatherwood, Steve Randolph

McAmis, Franklin Thomas

McAmis, Grace Rogers

McAmis, James &  Laura P.

Moore, Pansye D. Gatlin

Paine, Mrs. Susan A.

Payne, Charles McDonald

Payne, Clarice M.

Payne, Willie Sue

Isom, Lillie Louvenia Paysinger

Paysinger, Burton W. & Josephine Hurley

Pegg, Rubye Hurley

Petters, Grace Mae Blasingame

Reitz, Auguste N.

Reitz, Eleanora Nehoul

Roach, Boyd & Velma Austin

Roach, Jess & Elvie J.

Roach, Isabelle Purvis

Roach, John Franklin

Roach, Tennie A. & Emma

Robertson, Armintha C. Dial

Robertson, Cletus J. & Lillie S.

Robinson, William H.

Ross, Vennie Horn Archer

Rubel Mausoleum

Rubel, Adolph
Nov. 13, 1892
Sept. 24, 1979

Rubel, Abraham (Abe)
Apr. 19, 1851
Nov. 23, 1931

Rubel, Jacob (Jake) H.
Aug. 15, 1881
Jan. 4, 1946

Rubel, Rachel Hirsch
Nov. 23, 1858
Mar. 28, 1931

Propp, Miriam Rubel
Can't make out birth date
died in 2003

Shults, James Harry

Shults, James Bert & Beulah Mae

Stewart, Donald H. & Lillie D. Wardlow

Surratt, Elmer K.

Surratt, Elmer & Mary Ella

Surratt, Lenard F.

Voyles, G.B.

Wilkinson, Alma H.

Wilkinson, Edith L.

Wilkinson, S. Hughes

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