Corinthian Funeral Home Records 1992-1999

A special thanks to Ricky Holland (Owner) & Joyce Rossi (Assistant) for allowing us to share this valuable information with our fellow researchers.

Corinthian Funeral Home Records
Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS
07-04-1992 thru 04-30-1999
Transcribed By: Helah Wilson & Janice Switcher



Anderson, Lavada Parson
b.02-01-1906-Alcorn Co., MS
d.01-18-1995-Alcorn Co., MS
Heart Failure
Spouse: Odell Anderson
Son: Frank Anderson
Father: Robert Luther Parson
Mother: Laura Jobe
Salem Christian Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 88

Arnold, Burton
b.11-24-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-13-1995-Alcorn Co., Ms
Respiratory Arrest
Never Married
Father: John B. Arnold
Mother: Minnie E. Smith
Brother: Charlie R. Arnold
Lone Oak Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 128

Austin, Judy Gail Holley
b.06-20-1951-Corinth, MS
d.08-31-1994-Corinth, MS
Breast Cancer
Spouse: Floyd Austin
Father: Kellis Holley
Mother: Maxine Garvin
Burial: Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
page 73

Austin, Ray J.
b.12-06-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-17-1997-McNairy Co., TN
Spouse: Ollie Gray
Father: Frank Austin
Mother: Ruby Smith
Shady Grove Cem. Burnsville, MS
Page 200

Ayers, Arthur
b.01-16-1919-Wayne Co., TN
d.11-02-1998-Alcorn Co., MS
Cardiac Arrest
Father: Charlie Ayers
Mother: Lizzie Heard
Daughter: Linda Woodruff
Army Veteran
Tech.5 04-04-1942/12-28-1945
Crossroads Cem.
Collinwood, Wayne Co., TN
Page 269

Ayers, James F."Jim"
b.12-17-1900-Booneville, Prentiss Co., MS
d.10-08-1996-Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse: Ruby Talley
Father: James Franklin Ayers
Mother: Sally A. Anderson
Daughter: Ethleen Bullard
Presbyterian Shiloh Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 172


Ballard, Bertha Lee Oliver
b.12-27-1952-Decatur Co., TN
d.10-23-1995-Jackson Madison Co., TN
TTP Blood Disease
Coronary Bypass Surgery
Spouse: James Stanley Ballard
Father: George Thomas Oliver
Mother: Velma Cummings
Old Union Church Cem. Adamsville, TN
Page 122

Barnes, Louise Reynolds
b.03-20-1898-Corinth, MS
d.07-12-1995-Corinth, MS
Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Malignant
Spouse: Frank Barnes 
Father: George Washington Reynolds
Mother: Cleopatra Chastain
Nephew: Ben Reynolds
City Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 112

Bass, Fred
b.08-17-1922-Tippah Co., MS
d.12-04-1998-Walnut, MS
Spouse: Fannie Ross
Father: William Rufus Bass
Mother: Verdie Mullins
US Army Veteran
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cem.  Walnut, MS
Page 274

Bearden, Betty Delois Willis
b.08-08-1944-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.04-14-1995-Tupelo, MS
Cardiac Arrest
Father: Clovis Willis
Mother: Wilma Long
Daughter: Darlene Ross
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 100

Bingham, Annie V.Burcham
b.08-01-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-17-1999-Corinth, MS
Recurrent Pneumonia/ Aspiration
Spouse: Hoyt Bingham
Father: Andrew Burcham
Mother: Callie Evetts
Daughter: Kathy Walker
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 300

Bingham, Max Nelson
b.12-29-1933-Alcorn CO., MS
d.04-16-1998-Corinth, MS
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Kathryn Weathers
Father: Leslie Bingham
Mother: Nora Smith
Dogwood Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 242

Bingham, Ruth Inez Fowler
b.01-20-1922-Alcorn Co.
d.01-27-1999-Corinth, MS
Resp.Failure/Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Clint Bingham
Daughter: Sunny Dooley
Father: Leane Fowler
Mother: Annie M. Marlar
Farley’s Chapel Church of Christ Corinth, MS
Page 286

Bowen, Edna Earl Stutts
b.12-27-1929-McNairy CO., TN
d.09-21-1998-Alcorn CO.MS
Renal Failure
Spouse: Joe Lee Bowen
Father: Hiram Stutts
Mother: Mabel Bryant
Daughter: Vickie Bowen
Carter Cem. Michie, TN
Page 257

Bowen, Joe Lee
b.10-01-1927-Alcorn CO., MS
d.02-12-1993-Alcorn CO., MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Edna E. Stutts
Father: William Fletcher Bowen
Mother: Ollie Mae Hyeman
Carter Cem.  Michie, TN
Page 20

Braddock, J.W.
b.02-03-1941-Alcorn CO., MS
d.02-10-1995-Tupelo, MS
Spouse: Martha Jackson
Father: J.C. Braddock
Mother: Edna Stacey
Liberty Hill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 92

Briggs, James H.
b.11-07-1927-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-06-1997-Alcorn Co., MS
Chest Trauma/Auto Accident
US Navy Veteran
09-19-1945  11-01-1948
Spouse: Virginia S. Shipman
Father: Jeff P. Briggs
Mother: Alice Dillingham
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 205

Briley, Ellen Rena
b.06-11-1964-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-29-1992-Atlanta, GA
Never Married
Father: William C. Briley
Mother: Christine Marlar Briley Alpizar
Farley’s Chapel Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 06

Brooks, Paul E.
b.07-14-1930-Corinth, MS
d.02-06-1995-Memphis, TN
US Navy Veteran
04-19-1951 - 05-10-1955
Son: Paul Brooks, Jr.
Father: Richard M. Brooks
Mother: Otha Gilton
Box Chapel Methodist Church Cem.
Kendrick & Box Chapel Rd. Corinth, MS
Page 89

Bryant, Freddie
b.02-02-1944-Memphis, TN
d.11-14-1992-Corinth, MS
Pulmonary Embolism/ Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Pat Williams
Father: Oliver F. Bryant
Mother: Marie Bowen
Yonah Memorial Gardens Demorest, GA
Page 07

Bryant, Lessie Irene
b.03-07-1917-Hardin Co., TN
d.10-29-1998-Corinth, MS
Father: William Bryant
Mother: Selina Cobb
Nephew: William Bryant
Hopewell Methodist Cem.
Corinth, MS County Road 200
Page 268

Bumgarner, Ruth Robinson
d.01-21-1997-Corinth, MS
Father: Will A. Robinson
Mother: Helen Luna Parker
Niece:  Rita Hogan
Flagler Memorial Park Cem. Miami, FL
Page 190 

Burcham, Esther Lee Mathis
b.03-31-1907-Alcorn CO., MS
d.09-02-1993-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Jim C. Burcham
Son: Billy Burcham
Father: Albert I. Mathis
Mother: Ethel Gurley
Holly Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 42

Burcham, Nora Lee Young
b.05-16-1908-Tippah Co., MS
d.07-04-1996-Corinth, MS
Father: James E. Young
Mother: Martha Westmoreland
Nephew: Joe Moss
Lebanon Church Cem.  Tippah County Line
Page 162

Burrell, Eddie Joe" Rudy"
b.05-26-1987 Corinth, MS
d.04-03-1994 Corinth, MS
House Fire/Smoke Inhalation
West Corinth School Student
Father: Eddie Joe Burrell SR
Mother: Patsy Felks
Grandmother: Betty Burrell
Wheeler Grove Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 61

Burrell, Edgar "Able"
b.02-01-1916-Holmes Co., MS
d.12-30-1994-Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse: Nellie Bobo
Son: Jimmy Burrell
Father: Edgar Burrell
Mother: Willie Able
Bethlehem Church Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 85

Burrell, Ronnie R.
b.09-30-1956-Alcorn CO., MS
d.03-15-1999-Corinth, MS
Father: Edgar Burrell
Mother: Nellie Bobo
Brother: Jimmy Burrell
Bethlehem Church Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 291

Burress, Eugenia Merryman
b.10-17-1920-Alcorn Co.
d.09-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Septic Shock /Aspiration Pneumonia
Father: Will Merryman
Mother: Myrtle Hardin
Daughter: Barbara Clausel
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 170

Burress, James "Elmer"
b.11-25-1907-Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-06-1993-Corinth, MS
Sepsis due to Strep Pneumonia
Renal Failure/ Dehydration
Spouse: Jewell Horn
Son: Bobby Burress
Father-Rube Burress
Mother: Ozella Tittle
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 47

Bushey, Mary WilliFord
b.05-03-1925-Cleveland, MS
d.01-14-1993-Tupelo, MS
Lung Carcinoma
Spouse: Theodore J. Bushey "Ted"
Father: Talmadge Young WilliFord
Mother: Nette Oliver
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 15

Bushey, Theodore J. "Ted"
b.07-04-1908-Wilder, Vermont
d.02-09-1995-Corinth, MS
US Army Vet.
Major: 10-24-1942/05-17-1946
Spouse: Mary WilliFord
Son: Gene Bushey
Father: Eugene Bushey
Mother: Rachel Lozier
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 91

Butler, Kenneth W.
b.11-06-1938-Chewalla, TN
d.03-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Aneurysm/Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Ann Lopez
Father: Bill W. Butler
Mother: Vassie Hurley
Indian Creek Cemetery  Chewalla, TN
Page 142

Butler, Pharoh
b.05-19-1937-Chewalla, TN
d.12-20-1997-Corinth, MS
Heart Attack/Pneumonia
Spouse: Annie Killingsworth
Father: Daniel Butler
Mother: Lou Etta Wilbanks
Valley of The Dogwood Cem.  Corinth, Ms
Page 233

Butler, Shirley M. Griffin
b.09-05-1933-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-26-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Marvin Butler
Father: Clarence Griffin
Mother: Fannie McCrary
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 60


Childers, Hazel Wood
b.09-24-1901-Hardin Co., TN
d.06-06-1995-McNairy Co., TN
Spouse: Jack Childers
Son: Billy Childers
Father: John V. Wood
Mother: Willie Anne Jones
Farley’s Chapel Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 103

Chroman, Ronald
b.02-27-1943-Antioch, California
d.12-10-1996-Walnut, MS
Pentecostal Minister
US Army 06-1960/02-1961
Spouse: Janice Robertson
Father: Christopher Chroman
Mother: Rose Marie Abona
Community Pentecostal Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 184

Clarin, Duke Albert
b.11-24-1921-Gary, Indiana
d.04-23-1999-Jackson, TN
C.V.A. Sel Ais
US Army Veteran 03-06-1942/08-05-1942
Spouse: Janice Jerdon
Daughter: Cathy Hudson
Father: Albert Clarin
Mother: Estella Smith
Clear Creek Church of Christ Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 302

Coln, James Marlin
b.08-21-1932-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-15-1994-Glen, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
US Army Veteran 08-31-1949/03-16-1953
Spouse: Jamie Clark
Father: Lester Coln
Mother: Mary Knight
Pleasant Ridge Cem.  Glen, MS
Page 78

Coln, Jay Marlin
b.06-18-1965-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-15-1999-Glen, Ms
Father: James Marlin Coln
Mother: Jamie Clark
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery  Glen, MS
Page 292

Coln, Sidney Clyde
b.04-05-1910-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-02-1993-West Memphis, Arkansas
Acute Pancreatitis
US Army Veteran
Father: James M. Coln
Mother: Cynthia Utley
Nephew: Marlin Coln
Pleasant Ridge Cem.  Glen, MS
Page 23

Cook, Corita Annie Kendrick
b.01-17-1974 Chattanooga, TN
d.10-09-1998-Corinth, Ms
Cardio Respitory Arrest/
Pancreatic Carcinoma
Spouse: Grady Cook
Father: Alley Kendrick
Mother: Mildred Kendrick
Henry Cem.  Corinth, Ms
Page 261

Copeland, Judy Kirby
b.01-23-1947-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.07-05-1995-Tupelo, MS
Gallbladder Cancer
Spouse: Bill Copeland
Father: Willie Kirby
Mother: Carrie Dees
Providence Cem. Iuka, MS
Page 108

Cox, Velma Farris
b.07-29-1905-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-28-1994-Corinth, Ms
Cardio Respitory Arrest
Spouse: Clyde P. Cox Sr
Daughter: Norma Little
Father: Robert A. Farris
Mother: Nettie Lancaster
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 57

CranFord, Lee Manning
b.10-14-1912-Tippah Co.,MS
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of
Skin, Liver & Bones
Spouse: Frances Sanders
Father: Ben Franklin CranFord
Mother: Hattie Earl Hollis
City Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 01

Crooks, Jerry Wayne
b.07-26-1945-Winsboro, La
d.04-04-1993-Corinth, MS
Resp. Failure/ C.O.P.D.
Sister: Ann Smith
Father: Carl F. Coln
Mother: Mildred HalBrooks
Lorraine Cem. New Hope Rd. Guys, TN
Page 30

Crowe, James Kevin
b.09-17-1978-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-27-1998-Birmingham, Al
Lung Transplant
Father: Larry Crowe
Mother: Linda Grissom
Hinkle Baptist Church Cem.  Rienzi, MS
Page 243

Crum, Arlander
b.10-14-1908-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-27-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Mary Harris
Father: Van Crum
Mother: Marrie Coke
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 72

Crum, Billy J. "Case Man"
b.09-08-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-11-1995-Corinth, MS
Never Married
Cardic Arrest
Sister: Georgia Crum
Father: Frank Crum
Mother: Daisy Wilbanks
Mt. Pleasant Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 104

Crum, Effie C. Swindle
b.06-24-1914-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-10-1997-Alcorn Co., MS
Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease/
Diabetic/M.I. Renal Disease
Spouse: J.Elbert Crum
Nephew: James Swindle
Father: Arthur Swindle
Mother: Estella Prince
Overton Hill Church Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 191

Crum, Georgia P.
b.05-05-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-27-1997-West Memphis, Arkansas
Never Married
Brother: Billy J. Crum
Father: Frank Crum
Mother: Daisy Wilbanks
Nephew: Luther Simpson
Pleasant Hill Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 203

Crum, Modene M. Prince
b.04-25-1921- Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-23-1995- Corinth, MS
Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Spouse: Earlie B. Crum
Father: Joseph E. Prince
Mother: Delphie Burrow
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cem. 

Union Center, MS
Page 125

Crum, William Luther
b.12-19-1909-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-10-1996-Alcorn Co., MS
Heart Attack
School Teacher & Principal
Spouse: Esba Bobo
Father: Ish Crum
Mother: Martha Nabors
Bethlehem Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 156


Davis, William Hutton
b.01-12-1925-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.04-23-1995-Iuka, MS
Lung Cancer
Never Married
Brother: Junior Davis
Father: Charlie Davis
Mother: Lessie Robinson
New Salem Church Cem. Iuka, MS
Page 101

Derrick, Sam
b.07-04-1906-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-24-1998-Tippah Co., MS
Spouse: Velma James
Daughter: Ollie Tacker
Father: Jimmy Derrick
Mother: Ida Mae Heavener
Bethlehem Baptist Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 265

Dixon, Billy Ruth Davis
b.11-02-1930-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-09-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Q.T. Dixon
Father: James Davis
Mother: Harriett Box
Tuscumbia Baptist Church Cem. Theo, MS
Page 237

Dixon, James W.T "Hipp"
b.08-14-1910-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-20-1994-Iuka, MS
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Spouse: Callie Marie Mullins
Father: van Dixon
Mother: Ella Moss
Daughter: Diane Hunt
Tuscumbia Baptist Church Cem. Theo, MS
Page 69

Dixon, Ottis
b.01-08-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-14-1998-Corinth, MS
Respitory Arrest
US Army Veteran 01-04-1943
Spouse: Erma W. Wilbanks
Daughter: Shirley LaFever
Father: Van Dixon
Mother: Ella Moss
Oak Grove Cem. Pocahontas, TN
Page 277

Drewery, Shirley Eugene
b.05-25-1927-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-20-1993-Walnut, MS
Myocardial Infarction
Daughter: Pamela Drewery
Father: Luther Drewery
Mother: Learlie Parish
Ebenezer Church Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 33 


Elliott, Roy Hill
b.10-23-1912-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-09-1998-OxFord, MS
V.A. Hospital
Heart Disease
Nephew: Joe Miller
Father: Walter Elliott
Mother: Louise Crowe
Union Baptist Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 248

Essary, Irene Hancockr
b.08-01-1927-Alcorn Co., MS
d.09-22-1997-Corinth, MS
Intra-cerebral Bleeding/C.O.P.D &
Spouse: Honnell Essary
Daughter: Sue Reiner
Father: Larry Hancockr
Mother: Lessie Rogers
Lone Oak Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 221

Essary, Willie Norbin
b.09-11-1940-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-13-1996-Alcorn Co., MS
Auto Accident
Father: James "Cliff" Essary
Mother: Willie Alton McCalla
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 157

Eubanks, Jason
b.06-21-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-13-1999-Alcorn Co., MS
Resp. Failure/C.O.P.D.
Spouse: Margaret Kirby (Divorced)
Daughter: Fran Turner
Father: Houston Eubanks
Mother: Ollie Bobo
Tuscumbia Baptist Church Cem.
Theo/Alcorn Co., MS
Page 289


Featherstone, Ralph Lee
b.11-01-1933-Newbern, TN
d.09-18-1996-Tupelo, MS
Residence: Kossuth, MS
Spouse: Christine Price
Father: Fred Featherstone
Mother: Daphine Scott
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.Corinth, MS
Page 171

Felker, Herbert K., Jr.
b.01-06-1944-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-12-1996-Birmingham, Al
Residence: Kossuth, Ms
Spouse: Edith Wilbanks
Father: Herbert Ketchum "Dan" Felker, Sr.
Mother: Charlene Trantham
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 149

Feltman, Duggar Eugene
b.02-03-1943-Iuka, MS
d.03-29-1997- Corinth, MS
Glioblastoma Multiforme/diabetic
Millitis type II
Spouse: Rebecca Willis
Father: Duggar James Feltman
Mother: Nellie Kate Luttrell
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 204

Fiveash, Rufus James
b.08-03-1918-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-11-1995-Corinth, MS
Respitory Failure/Congestive Heart Failure
Acute Atreal Febylatiss
Spouse: Beatrice Wilbanks
Father: Charlie Fiveash
Mother: Annie Bragg
Bethlehem Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 95

Follin, Roy L.
b.10-07-1913-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-17-1993-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Cardio Respiratory Arrest
Spouse: Idella Miles
Daughter: Elaine Presley
Father: John Follin
Mother: Julie Smith
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 36

Ford, Willie Mae Huff
b.06-09-1899-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.05-08-1994-Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse: Paul Ford
Father: James Huff
Mother: Margaret Lewis
Niece: Elizabeth Jordan
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Corinth, MS
page 64

Frazier, Dennis Wayne
d.04-14-1993-Tupelo, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Wounded/Sepsis & Pneumonia
National Guard: 01-26-1990/01-25-1993
Spouse: Mary Voyles
Father: Ronnie Frazier
Mother: Darlene Baggett
Antioch #2 Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 31

Fullwood, Rhonda Malone
b.01-10-1954-Memphis, TN
d.06-19-1994-Corinth, MS
Residence: Michie, TN
C.A. Colon/ Cardiac Arrest
Spouse: Sammy Fullwood
Father: Wilson Malone
Mother: Martha Bolding
New Hope Methodist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 68


Galyean, Thomas M.
b.11-01-1902-Prentiss Co., MS
d.01-05-1996-Alcorn Co., Ms
Renal Failure & Prostate Cancer
Spouse: Mary Moore
Father: Tobe Galyean
Mother: Ester Davis
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.Corinth, Ms
Page 130

Gant, Gertrude Rickman
b.04-06-1913-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-09-1997-Coriinth, MS
Cardiac Arrest/Aortic Stenosis
Spouse: Charlie Jim Gant
Daughter: Glenda Peters
Father: William A. Rickman
Mother: Mattie Lindsey
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 210

Gant, Reginald Lee "Pete"
b.05-01-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-19-1998- Corinth, MS
Resp. Failure/ Severe End Stage C.O.P.D.
US Army veteran Tec.5 
Spouse: Letha Dunn
Father: Elby Gant
Mother: Artie Young
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 249

Garrett, Mae C. Mardis
b.04-09-1926-Florence, AL
d.11-15-1998-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: John G. Garrett
Father: Homer Mardis
Mother: Eline Haynes
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 271

Garrison, Ethel Starnes
b.06-01-1915-New Albany, MS
d.07-31-1997-Corinth, MS
Lipo scarcoma/CWF, Regs, Aerdospis
Spouse: Johnny W. Garrison
Father: Daly Starnes
Mother: Elizabeth Jones
Niece: Debbie Starnes
Holly Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 215

Geisler, Margaret Norman                  
b.01-17-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-18-1998-Corinth, MS
Coronary Artery Disease
Spouse: Arthur Geisler
Father: Roy Franklin Norman
Mother: Ethel Laird
Henry Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 263

Glidewell, Billie Hugh
b.08-19-1933-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-26-1996-Corinth, MS
Son: Billy W. Glidewell
Father: Daniel R. Glidewell
Mother: Lula M. Hayes
Sardis Cem. Rienzi, MS
Page 188

Glidewell, Oliver Riley
b.04-04-1907-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-01-1996-Corinth, MS
Acute Myocardial Infarction/
Coronary Artery Disease
Spouse: Effie Rogers
Father: William Glidewell
Mother: Queen Victoria Hodum
Lone Oak Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 134

Gray, Everett "Doodle'
b.03-24-1942-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.01-27-1998-Booneville, Ms
Residence: Corinth, Ms
Cancer/Brain & Liver& Respitory Failure
Never Married
Sister: Virgie Wren
Father: W.C. Gray
Mother: Lillie O. Bray
Shady Grove Cemetery Burnsville, MS
Page 236

Gray, Hubert O.
b.07-14-1923-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.03-04-1997-Glen, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Annie Wright
Father: Henry H. Gray
Mother: Nora

Oak Grove Cemetery, Iuka, MS
Page 198

Gray, Ida Myrtle Gray
b.01-01-1911-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.04-28-1994-Corinth, MS
CVA/Prostate Sepsis
Spouse: Candlar Gray
Father: Box Gray
Mother: Maude Marlar
Sister: Agnes Hardin
Jerusalem Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 63

Gray, Lillie Ophelia Beene
b.08-03-1919-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.06-22-1996-Glen, MS
Liver Cancer
Spouse: W.C. Gray
Father: Ben Beene
Mother: Cora Grissom
Shady Grove Cem. Burnsville, MS
Page 160

Gray, Margie "Sue" Skelton
b.08-07-1938-Alcorn Co., MS
d. 06-14-1996-Tishomingo Co.,MS
Drug Over Dose/ Major Mental Depression
for years
Son: Billy Gray
Father; Elmo Skelton
Mother: Bonnie Wigginton
Lee Memorial Crematory

Fairview Cemetery
Page 158

Greer, Jessica Hamm
b.01-04-1984-Corinth, MS
d.08-10-1997-Burnsville, MS
Drug Overdose/ Anti-Depressant Med.
Father: Donald Hamm
Mother: Mary Willis Hubbard
Burnsville Cem. Burnsville, MS
Page 217

Gray, Jennie Verdia Feazell
b.09-30-1922-Hardin Co., TN
d.04-12-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Roy Gray, Sr.
Daughter: Margie Evetts
Father: Zack Feazell
Mother: Jennie Woods
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 297

Griffin, Fannie A. McCrary
b.11-20-1911-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-31-1997-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Clarence Griffin
Daughter: Betty Forman
Father: Millard McCrary
Mother: Vennie Dixon
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 218

Grimes, Scottie L.
b.06-21-1942-Corinth, MS
d.03-29-1996-Corinth, MS
Cardeogenic Shock/ASCVD
Spouse: Jane Butler
Father: Leroy Grimes
Mother: Ella Marie Turner
Salem Cem. Corinth, MS
page 145

Guynes, Woodrow W.
d.10-20-1997-McNairy Co., TN
Residence: Walnut, MS
Logging Accident
Spouse: Linda Shouse
Father: Ishmael Guynes
Mother: Bessie Wilbanks
County Line Baptist Church Cem. Walnut, Ms
Page 224


Hamlin, Christopher Lee
b.02-28-1979-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-20-1998-Chalybeate, MS
Auto Accident
Father: Roy Hamlin
Mother: Barbara Mullins
Old Danville Cem. Biggersville, MS
Page 238

Hardin, Allen Dewight
b.11-09-1960-Baton Rouge, LA
d.05-24-1994-Glen, MS
Father: Norvell L. Hardin
Mother: Ivy Joyce Taylor
Jerusalem Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 66

Hardin, Billy "Kenneth"
b.02-27-1934-Alcorn Co. MS
d.02-03-1996-Hardin Co., TN
Residence-Adamsville, TN
Carcinoma Esophagus/Lung/Liver
Father: Colan Hardin
Mother: Cleo Strickland
Jerusalem Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 135

Hardin, German Lloyd
b.05-24-1904-McNairy Co., TN
d.11-30-1996-Corinth, MS
Heart Disease
Spouse: Edith Alma Brown
Father: Walter Hardin
Mother: Lilly Beshears
Nephew: Alton Brown
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 180

Hardin, Norvel L.
b.02-27-1929-McNairy Co., TN
d.08-14-1995-Glen, MS
Daughter: Patsy Bonds
Father-Colan Hardin
Mother: Cleo Strickland
Jerusalem Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 115

Harris, Molly Grace
b.04-30-1999-Tupelo, MS
d.04-30-1999-Tupelo, MS
Residence-Booneville, MS
Father: Jason Harris
Mother: Amy Clark
Martin Hill Cem. Booneville, MS
Page 304

Harvill, Beulah Mae Kilcrease
b.03-28-1903-Alcorn Co., MS
d.01-26-1993-Glen, MS
Carcinoma of Pancreas
Spouse: J.T. "Tommy" Harvill
Daughter: Joan Smith
Father: Mark Kilcrease
Mother: Sarah Newcomb
New Hope Cem.  Glen, MS
Page 17

Hatchel, Myrtle McGee
b.05-10-1915-Alamo, TN
d.09-02-1997-Corinth, MS
Renal Failure
Spouse: Lee Hatchel
Daughter: Alfern Hunt
Father: Thomas McGee
Mother: Elsie Goodman
Quincy Church Cem. Alamo, TN
Page 219

Head, Donald E.
b.08-15-1947-Ft.Payne, AL
d.05-14-1995-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Barbara Austin
Father: Herbie Head
Mother: Nellie Poe
Black Oak Cem.  Ft. Payne, AL
Page 102

Hardin, Edith Alma Brown
b.11-14-1906-Alcorn CO., MS
d.03-21-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: German Lloyd Hardin
Father: Jim Brown
Mother: Idella Willis
Brother: Alton Brown
Henry Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 293

Hendrix, Vandy Gerome
b.09-05-1911-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-15-1993-Burnsville, MS
Spouse: Junior LoFree Crowe
Father: Albert Hendrix
Mother: Addie Ruth Pyle
Jacinto Cem. Jacinto, Ms
Page 35

Henson, Troy Junior
b.09-08-1935-Tippah Co., MS
d.07-06-1995-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ilene Rogers
Father: Walter Henson
Mother: Bessie Mullins
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 109

Hicks, Dewey Darrell
b.06-20-1929-Henry CO., TN
Residence-Michie, TN
Companion-Ruth Ross
Father: Dewey Hicks
Mother: Eva Hicks
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 273

Hill, Thelma Christine
b.06-23-1938-Russellville, AL
d.11-10-1997-Corinth, MS        
Bronchiogenical Lung Cancer/With Metosbosis
Spouse-Wayne Hill
Father: A.L. "Dutch" Latham
Mother: Thelma Shields
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 228

Hills, James Earl
b.11-26-1947-Florence, AL
d.08-27-1993-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Jamie Young
Father: Willie "Bill" Hills
Mother: Ethel Hills
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 40

Hodum, Johnny Frank
b.07-11-1960-Orange Co., CA
d.02-25-1993-Michie, TN
Spouse: Teresa McClain
Father: Clinton Hodum "John"
Mother: Peggy Scruggs
Shiloh Cem. Tippah Co., MS

Hodum, Rosa Bernice Brown
b.07-04-1930-Alcorn Co.
Cancer/Cardio Resp. Arrest
Daughter: Martha Jo Carter
Father: Marshal Brown
Mother: Rosa Roy
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 34

Holland, Lila Faye Porterfield
b.04-02-1934-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-25-1998-Glen, MS
Colon Cancer
Spouse: Odell Holland
Father: Bilbo Porterfield
Mother: Zola Crum
Brush Creek Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 255

Holland, Millard Ellis
b.08-15-1929-Dumas, MS
d.12-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Sepsis/Unknown Organism
Spouse: Pearl Ballard
Father: Millard Holland
Mother: Audie Walker
Rock Hill Pentecostal Church Cem.

Corinth, MS
Page 186

Holloway, Ruth C. Wetzel
b.04-19-1934-Tippah Co., MS
d.04-15-1998-Corinth, MS
C.O.P.D. /Resp. Failure
Daughter: Evon Holloway
Daughter: Brenda Holloway
Father: Stephen King Wetzel
Mother: Willard Hatcher
Caretaker: Raymond Kirby
Kemps Chapel Cem. Rienzi, MS
Page 241

HoltsFord, Wesley Dee
b.07-03-1977-Colbert Co., AL
d.04-02-1996-Corinth, MS
Father: Daniel HoltsFord
Mother: Barbara Hamm
Farmington Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 148

Honeycutt, Claria L. StanFord
b.05-08-1914-Colbert Co., AL
d.03-19-1995-Rienzi, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Pancreatic Cancer
Spouse: John Honeycutt
Daughters: Margaret Mitchel & Linda Kelly
Father: John Franklin StanFord
Mother: Mary Etta Berryman
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 97

Hoover, Mergie Hooper
b.07-14-1918-Hardin Co., TN
d.01-09-1993-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Kenneth Hoover
Daughter: Glenda Hoover
Father: Tran Hooper
Mother: Florence Smith
Farley’s Chapel Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 12

Hopkins, Jimmy Lynn Tennison
b.01-11-1947-Prentiss Co., MS
d.02-10-1993-Corinth, MS
Brain Cancer
Spouse: Lenard Hopkins
Father: Willard Carter
Mother: Frankie Tennison
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 19

Hopkins, Ruby May Lynch
b.10-02-1911-Alcorn Co., MS
d.01-30-1994-Corinth, MS
Bilateral Pneumonia
Spouse: Jessie Hopkins
Daughter: Lora Ann Huff
Father: Tanner Thomas Lynch
Mother: Annie Mae Laster
Box Chapel Methodist Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 54

Horner, J.E."Ed"
b.10-16-1909-McNairy Co., TN
d.05-02-1998-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Bertie Wilkins
Father: John Robert Horner
Mother: Mary Lindsey
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 245

Horton, Dorothy F. Asbill
b.11-25-1928-McNairy Co., TN
d.04-15-1999-Memphis, TN
Residence-Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Spouse: Willard Horton
Son: Hal Horton
Father: Tolbert Asbill
Mother: Rebecca Lambert
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 299

Hotz,Annie "Jean" Brumley
b.08-10-1922-Lee Co., MS
d.11-28-1995-Corinth, MS

Father: William A. Brumley
Mother: Myrtle Cunningham
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 126

Howard, Marvin Leon
b.01-30-1914-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.03-02-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Velma Cook
Father: Walter Burton

Mother: Lillie Mae Whitfield
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 239

Hudson, Albert Earl
b.09-13-1932-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-22-1998-Burnsville, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Probable Acute Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Helen Hamm
Father: Johnny Hudson
Mother: Stella Marlar
Brigman Hill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 266

Huff, Owen Ralph
b.08-26-1928-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-09-1996-Memphis, TN
T/Sgt. US Army & F2 Navy Veteran
07-06-1950/07-09-1953 &
Kidney Disease
Son: Oliver Huff
Father: Oliver Huff
Mother: Betty Webb
Shady Grove Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 167

Hunt, Mary Elvira Wilbanks
b.07-15-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-06-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Berry Hunt
Son: Tommy Hunt
Father: Pearl Thomas Wilbanks
Mother: Roxie Annie Lawrence
Bethlehem Baptist Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 270


Irwin, Crecia Raye Strickland
b.05-04-1904-Florence, AL
d.03-14-1996-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Cullen Irwin
Sister: Julia Reid
Father: Walter Hardy Strickland
Mother: Maude

Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 141


Jackson, Mary P. Pittman
b.12-17-1907-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-13-1995-Memphis, TN
Spouse-Hubert Jackson
Son-James Jackson
Father: Edgar Pittman
Mother: Mollie Smith
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 114

Jobe, Andrew Wilson
b.09-08-1916-Corinth, MS
d.10-24-1996-Kingsport, TN
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Anglyn Babb
Father: Clifford Jobe
Mother: Mae Bradley
Box Chapel Methodist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 177

Johnson, Johnny Frank
b.08-30-1954-Corinth, MS
d.10-12-1996-Memphis, TN
Residence-Corinth, MS
Father: Jim Mack Johnson
Mother: Edna Sanders Talley
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS   
Page 173

Johnson, Opal P. Parish
b.08-03-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
d.01-11-1993-Memphis, TN
Spouse-Grady Johnson
Daughter: Janice Manker/Jourdan
Father: Thomas Allen Parish
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Readon
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 13

Johnston, Edwin "T.J."
b.02-25-1926- Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-21-1996- Tupelo, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Spouse: Doris Swindle
Father: Sam D. Johnston
Mother: Winnie Taylor
Valley of the Dogwood Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 159

Jones, Channer Leroy
b.09-11-1925-Alcorn Co., MS
d.07-05-1998-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Lessie Wren
Son: J. R. Jones
Father: Henry Clay Jones
Mother: Lillie Mae Michaels
Holly Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 253

Jones, Mary Lou Wilson
b.11-17-1931-Wheeler, MS
d.04-01-1996-Zion, ILL
Alzheimer's disease
Spouse: Milton Jones
Son-Michael Jones
Father: Jack Wilson
Mother: Irene Browder
Prospect Cem. Wheeler, MS
Page 147

Jones, Mernie Peters Settlemires
b.01-10-1921-Tippah Co.
d.01-13-1999-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Troy Jones
Grand Daughter: Jennifer Allred
Father: J. T. Settlemires
Mother: Betty Rogers
Lone Oak Baptist Church Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 282

Jones, Paul L.
b.03-27-1935-Colbert Co., AL
d.04-04-1998-Corinth, MS
US Navy Veteran TET 3 {RM-2300}
Daughter: Marcia Guare
Father: Paul Jones
Mother: Lula Belle Gray
Page 240


Keeton, Cora D. Burcham
b.10-09-1921-Alcorn CO., MS
Residence-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Keeton
Father: Andrew Burcham
Mother: Callie Evetts
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 278

Keeton, James W.
b.08-02-1926-Alcorn CO., MS
d.02-01-1999-Tupelo, MS
Residence-Corinth, MS
Pneumonia/Lung Carcinoma
US Army Veteran Corporal
Spouse: Cora D. Burcham
Kay Wallace
Father: Oscar Keeton
Mother: Mildred Greenhaw
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 287

Kemp, Annie Bell Dobbins
b.07-26-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-11-1996-Decaturville, TN
Heart Disease
Spouse: Walter Ed Kemp
Father: Marcus Dobbins
Mother: Myrtle L.

Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 179

Kemp, Charlie O. Jr.
b.11-27-1910-Booneville, MS
d.03-23-1995-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Flossie Kemp
Son: Charlie Kemp
Father: Charlie O. Kemp Sr.
Mother: Annie Moore
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 99

Kennedy, Roy Lee
b.02-05-1921-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-01-1993-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran
Father: John Kennedy
Mother: Willie Wingo
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 29

King, Leroy
b.03-03-1932-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-23-1995-Ms State Hospital
Whitfield, MS
Lung Cancer
Father: Marshal King
Mother: Lillie Dearen
Brother: James King
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Glen, MS
Page 107

King, Lillie
b.03-01-1905-Kennon, TN
d.09-12-1995-Iuka, MS
Renal Failure
Spouse: Marshal King
Son: James King
Father: Ed Duren
Mother: Nora? Duren
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Glen, MS
Page 120

King, Loyce Wilbanks
b.05-26-1946-Alcorn Co., MS
d.07-15-1996-Ripley, MS
Residence-Walnut, MS
Cancer/Ovarian/Resp. Arrest/Pulmonary Edema
Sister: Zettie Cloyce Wilbanks Crum
Father: Herbert Davis
Mother: Donie Spencer
Hatchie Chapel Church Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 164

King, Mildred Jean Horner
b.09-10-1936-McNairy Co., TN
d.01-15-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse-Benny King
Daughter: Marcie Ford
Father: Grady

Mother: Almedia Smith            
New Hope Cem.  Michie, TN
Page 285

King, Sandra Kay Essary
b.12-07-1959-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-28-1995-Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse: David King
Father: Buddy Essary
Mother: Shirley Kitchens
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 123

Kinser, Emil Edward
b.11-12-1925-Logan, West Virginia
d.05-11-1996-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran Pvt.E1
Spouse: Harriet Robertson
Father: Herman Kinser
Mother: Tabitha Ellis
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 154

Kinser, Harriet Robertson
b.07-06-1935-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-09-1996-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Emil Edward Kinser
Daughter: Nancy Mize
Father: Joe E. Robertson
Mother: Lucille Blackshere
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 166

Kitchens, Hubert Randle
b.07-31-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
d.07-04-1998-Jumpertown, MS
Divorced/Kathleen Shelton Wilson Kitchens
Sons: Hubert Randle Kitchens Jr &
David Lee Kitchens
Daughter: Sheila Marie Daniels
Father: Lee Kitchens
Mother: Nora Essary
Lebanon Cem. Ripley, MS
Page 252

Kitchens, Lorene Wooley
b.03-05-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
d.07-01-1996-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Herbert Kitchens
Father: Leroy Wooley
Mother: Anne Wooley
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 161

Klinck, James W.
b.07-08-1948-Memphis, TN
d.10-14-1998-Corinth, MS
Lung & Pancreatic Cancer
Never Married
Half Brother: Daniel C. MOrris
Father: John Klinck
Mother: Vivian McAlpin
Oak Grove Cem. Pocahontas, TN
Page 262

Kuykendall, Frank
b.09-13-1923-McNairy Co., TN
d.03-18-1994-Selmer, TN
Residence-Ramer, TN
Never Married
Brother: J.L. Kuykendall
Father: Will Kuykendall
Mother: Myrtle Pruner
Mathis Cem. Pocahontas, TN
Page 58

Kuykendall, James Luther
b.04-30-1914-Pocahontas, TN
d.01-28-1996-Corinth, MS
Son: James E. Kuykendall
Father: Will Kuykendall
Mother: Mrytle Pruner
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 133


Lamb, Virgil Sanders
Age 95-Born in Alcorn Co., Ms
d.08-27-1996-Birmingham, AL
Never Married
Father: William John Lamb
Mother: Anna Sanders
Henry Cem.
Page 189

Lambert, Bessie Mae
b.12-18-1903-McNairy Co., TN 
d.06-24-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Archie Lee Lambert
Son: Ralph Lambert
Father: Daniel Green Lambert
Mother: Mattie Lee Gilton
Liberty Cem. Michie, TN
Page 250

Lamberth, Edwin Walker
b.12-03-1915-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-07-1995-Corinth, MS
Hyporlemic Shock/Renal Failure
Spouse: Bertha Austin
Son: Jerry Lamberth
Father: Clarence Lamberth
Mother: Grace Walker
Pleasant Hill Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 90

Lifsey, Dorothy Key
d.08-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Sub-Dural Hematoma
Informant: K. L. StanFord
Father: William Martin Key
Mother: Estelle Pearson
Shipped remains to:
Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home
Burial in: Jackson, TN
Page 168

Lifsey, John Alvin
No other Information
Page 121

Lytal, Billy Wayne
b.10-31-1947-Prentiss Co., MS
d. 07-13-1996-Iuka, MS
Brother: Bobby Lytal
Father: Aaron Hall Lytal
Mother: Irene Sadie Bridges
Christ Gospel Church Cem. Jacinto, MS
Page 163

Mallory, Emilee Himes
b.04-14-1920-Oil City, PA
d.06-08-1997-Corinth, MS
Alzheimer’s/Stroke/ Hypertension
Spouse: Clarence Mallory
Daughter: Pat Fratus
Father: W.O. Himes
Mother: Katherine Miller
Shipped To: Titusville, PA
Jamison Corner Cem.
Page 214

Martin, Robert C.
b.03-27-1923- Lee Co., MS
d.09-03-1995-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Mary Jewell Willis
Father: Ben Martin
Mother: Martha Johnson
Pleasant Hill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 118

Mask, Lola Mae
b.12-20-1907-Alcorn Co., MS
d. 12-09-1993-Corinth, MS
Never Married
Niece: Bland Niehardt
Father: M.D. Mask
Mother: Maude Hearn
Holly Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 51

Mask, Ruie L.
b.04-17-1914-Alcorn Co., MS
03-30-1996-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
Daughter: Bland Niehardt
Father: M.D. Mask
Mother: Maude Hearn
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 146

Massengille, Truman O.
b.06-14-1931-McNairy Co., TN
d.11-23-1997-Vanderbilt University Hosp.
Residence: Savannah, TN
Self Inflicted Gun Shot Wound
Spouse: Ruby McGee
Father: Clyde Massengille
Mother: Etheny Melton
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 230

Mathis, Gilbert M.
b.04-07-1919-Alcorn Co., Ms
d. 03-21-1997-Corinth, MS
US Navy Veteran
Spouse: Virginia Reed
Companion: Helen Mathis
Father: Charlie Mathis
Mother: Ruth Timmons
Tippah Shiloh Cem. Ripley, MS
Page 201

Mathis, Joseph P.
b.04-17-1954-Tiffin, Ohio
d.08-06-1995-Holly Springs, MS
Spouse: Patricia Gordon
Father: Joe Mathis
Mother: Sadie Coker
Crossroads Cem. Iuka, MS
Page 113

Mears, Alan H.                    
B.05-26-1935-NOrris City, IL
d.01-07-1995-Coarinth, MS
Cancer/ Small Cell Lung
Spouse: Sue Lynn Diebel
Father: Sylvester Mears
Mother: Irene Harlow
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 86

Merryman, Roy Lee
b.01-28-1923-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Lillie Mae Clark
Father: Will Merryman
Mother: Mythel Hardin
Acton Church of Christ Cem. Michie, TN
Page 137

Myers, Margaret Collins Ivie
b.03-22-1917-Union Co., MS           
d.07-08-1993-Booneville, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Spouse: Fred C. Myers
Son: Cary C. Myers
Father: C.V. Collins
Mother: Mythle Ivie
Hillcrest Cem. Holly Springs, MS
Page 39

Miles, J.T.
d.12-05-1994-Walnut, MS
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Helen Marie Crum
Father: Thomas Miles
Mother: Louise Wilbanks
Hatchie Chapel Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 83

Miller, Lottie Marie Elliott
b.12-23-1919-Alcorn Co., MS
d.01-12-1993-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Simon Dezil Miller
Son: Rickey L. Miller
Father: Whitfield Elliott
Mother: Johnnie Myrtle
Union Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 14

Miller, Robert E. VII
b.01-10-1939-Clarendoa, ARK
d.12-28-1998-Quartersite, Arizona
Heart Attack
US Army Veteran
Son: Robert E. Miller VIII
Father: Robert E. Miller VI
Mother: Andria Redding
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 280

Mills, John Rufus
b.02-28-1927-Alcorn Co., MS
d.1219-1997-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran
Pvt. 05-29-1945/12-18-1945
Spouse: Mary Jo Hardin
Father: John Russell Mills
Mother: Louisey Jane Settlemires
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 232

Mitchell, Etta M. Elam
b.08-30-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
d.02-28-1997-Alcorn Co., MS
Pancreas Cancer
Spouse: Ogle Mitchell
Father: Boy Elam
Mother: Betty Mills
Lone Oak Cem. Corinth, MS
page 197

Mitchell, James Lee
d.09-26-1993-Tupelo, MS
Residence; Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Bernice Stewart
Father: James Austin Mitchell
Mother: Cora Lee Easley
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
page 45

Montgomery, Opal Earlene Hampton
B. 10-12-1928??
D. 04-11-1997-Alcorn Co., MS
Hematoma /Accidental Fall
Daughter: Kathy Starnes
Father: William Cleo Hampton
Mother: Mary Effie Strickland
Shiloh Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 206

Moore, Felix
b.03-25-1913-Alcorn Co., MS
d.08-31-1996-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Lela Rider
Father: Charlie Moore
Mother: Erma Bennett
Union Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 169

Morgan, Ruby Lee Crum
b.11-16-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-05-1996-Corinth, MS
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Pneumonia
Spouse: S.A. "Argie" Morgan
Father: Calvin Crum
Mother: Elizabeth Phillips
Lone Oak Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 178

Morgan, Dwight Chester
b.09-26-1912-Hinsdale, IL
d.06-30-1993-Corinth, MS
US Marine Cpl. Veteran
Calmopalmoary Arrest/ Stroke
Spouse: Christine Coker
Father: Fred Morgan
Mother: Mary Reed
Page 38

Morgan, John Beecher
b.10-08-1923-Rienzi, MS
d.06-28-1998-Kossuth, MS
US Army Air Corps Veteran
Congestive Heart Failure/ Diabetic
Spouse: Willie Ruth Owen
Father: Tobe Morgan
Mother: Myrtle Michaels
Lebanon Cem. Tippah Co., MS
page 251

Morris, Quinnie E. Patterson
d.09-02-1995-Corinth, MS
Bone Cancer
Spouse: Eugene Franklin Morris
Daughter: Ada E. Essary
Father: John Patterson
Mother: Laura Atwell
Farmington Baptist Church Cem.
Page 117

Morris, Roy Clayton
b.08-23-1935-Iuka, MS
d.12-13-1992-Corinth, MS
E4 US Army Veteran
Spouse: Carolyn Tompkins
Father: James Andrew Morris
Mother: Mary Seaton
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 10

Moss, Howard Sharp
b.05-02-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-14-1997-Alcorn Co., Ms
Pulmonary Embolism
Never Married
Father: Leslie M. Moss
Mother: Mildred Sharp
Friend: Marvell Armstrong
Pleasant Hill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 207

Moss, Leona Jones
b.09-26-1926-Warren Co., TN
d.06-11-1994-Memphis, TN
Residence: Walnut, Ms
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Walter L. "Leck" Moss
Daughter: Shelia Weaver
Father: Willie F. Jones
Mother: Odie Lee Patton
Bethlehem Church Cem.
Page 67 


McBride, Clarisse Santano
b.09-21-1916-Miami, FL
d.01-14-1996-Corinth, MS
Coronary Heart Disease
Spouse: Widowed
Son: John Lee McBride
Father: Theodore Santano
Mother: Clara Braddock
Ironsberty Methodist Church Cem.
Tellico Plains, TN
Page 132


McCullar, William
d.06-22-1993-Corinth, MS
Friend: Bobby Treese
Memorial Funeral Home
Corinth, MS
Page 37

McEwen, Mahenri Brawner
b.12-11-1911 Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-13-1993 Corinth, MS
Spouse: Floyd L. McEwen
Daughter: Maynette Cregeen
Father: James F. Brawner
Mother: Minnie Jo Barker
Henry Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 48

McGee, Daphen
b. no date
No other Information
See Shackleford Funeral Home
Buried in TN
Page 16

McKeown, Andy "Elmer"
b.11-29-1907-Union Co., Ms
d.01-01-1996-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran
Respitory Failure
Never Married:
Nephew: Gene Graves
Father: James McKeown
Mother: Laura Young
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cem.
New Albany, MS
Page 129


Newborn, Charles Lamar
d.11-23-1992-Desota Co. Baptist Hospital
Masonic Rites
Sister: Judy Glenn
Father: Charlie Newborn
Mother: Velma Carpenter
Jacinto Cem. Rienzi, MS
Page 09

Norman, Telford B. "Ted" Jr
b.12-14-1937-Corinth, MS
d.11-19-1922-Corinth, MS
Never Married
Father: Telford B. Norman Sr.
Mother: Jean Powell
Henry Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 08

Null, Bobby
b.01-11-1945-Alcorn Co.
d.05-03-1996-Corinth, MS
Residence: Walnut, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Wife: Mary Hurley
Father: Albert Edward "Boots" Null
Mother: Velma Mathis
Bethlehem Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 151



O`Malley, Teresa Geram
b.03-09-1904-Hibbing, MN
d.04-29-1999-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Patrick O`Malley
Daughter: Kathleen Masters
Father: Joseph Geram
Mother: Theresa Mesjoates
Page 303

Odom, Alvie L.
b.01-27-1913-Lowndes Co.
d.06-16-1995-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ollie Faye LaKey
Father: John Odom
Mother: Mollie Mobley
Tuscumbia Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 106

Palmer, Carolyn Smith
b.04-18-1927-Jackson, MS
d.04-28-1996-Glen, MS
Spouse: Dr. William Palmer
Father: Harvey Smith
Mother: Irene Finches
7th Day Adventist Church Cem.

Corinth, MS
Page 150

Palmer, Eric Brandon
b.03-12-1981-Tupelo, MS
d.05-24-1998-Memphis, TN
Residence: Glen, MS
Auto Accident
Father: Ricky Palmer
Mother: Theresa Calton Barnes
Rockhill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 247

Pardue, Lenora Jane
b.08-19-1933-Corinth, MS
d.03-25-1993-Memphis, TN
Residence-Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Never Married
Brother: Sam Pardue
Father: Roy Spurgeon Pardue
Mother: Beulah Elizabeth
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 28

Pardue, Roy Spurgeon
b.11-05-1913-Booneville, MS
d.03-25-1993-Memphis, TN
Residence-Corinth, MS
Auto Accident
Son: Sam Pardue
Spouse: Beulah Elizabeth White
Father: Roy Spurgeon Pardue Sr.
Mother: Minnie Lenora Barbar
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 27

Parker, Alton
b.11-29-1930-Alcorn Co. MS
d.12-01-1997-Corinth, MS
Carcinoma Metastasis Cancer
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Mattie Parker
Father: David Allen Parker
Mother: Aliene Ball
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cem.
Walnut, MS
Page 231

Parker, Gloria Miller
b.04-06-1939-Titusville, PA
d.10-10-1994-Corinth, MS
Residence-Iuka, MS
Cardiac Rupture
Spouse: James Parker
Father: Charles R. Miller
Mother: Lois Turner
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 77

Payne, Nell Dobbins
b.04-24-1906-Alcorn Co.
d.08-24-1995-Corinth, MS
Spouse: George D. Payne
Father: Charles Dobbins
Mother: Sherina Shaw
Henry Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 116

Payton, Hobert Frank
b.06-26-1914-Hardin Co. TN
d.05-05-1997-Carol Stream, ILL
Spouse: Hazel & Emmie Lee Payton
Father: Clem Payton
Mother: Sally Wardlow
Son: Eddie Payton
Pisgah Cem. Selmer, TN
Page 209

Pedersen, David George
b.11-10-1946-Janneer, NJ
d.01-15-1999-Corinth, MS
Metastic Cancer
US Marine Veteran
Daughter: Tracy Berryman
Father: George Pedersen
Mother: Aretta Tallman
Page 284

Peters, Nelda J. Spencer
b.02-04-1936-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.11-28-1998-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Leroy Peters
Father: James Thomas Spencer
Mother: Fannie Hayes
Brigman Hill Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 272

Phillips, Alice Faye Howie
b.07-30-1966-Corinth, MS
d.02-09-1994-Walnut, MS
Spouse: Terry Phillips
Father: Charles Howie
Mother: Jane Rhea
Holly Baptist Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 55

Phillips, Fannie
d.07-09-1995-Rienzi, MS
Father: Andrew Phillips
Mother: Ollie Hayes
Niece: Betty Michael
Wheeler Grove Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 110

Phillips, Ronald Bragg
b.10-29-1948-Alcorn Co. MS
d.09-01-1994-Shiloh, TN
Father: Alton Phillips
Mother: Edna Bragg
Wheeler Grove Cem. Corinth, MS

Page 74

Phillips, Verdie Stevens
b.05-21-1908-Alcorn CO.MS
d.10-16-1996-Alcorn CO.MS
Acute Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: John S. Phillips
Daughter: Louise Mills
Father: Monroe Stevens
Mother: Martha Jane Cook
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 174

Pittman, Carolyn Orr
b.12-10-1940-Alcorn Co.
d.11-21-1997-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ronnie Pittman
Father: C. E. Orr
Mother: Edith Dickey
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 229

Pittman, LaVesta Ferguson
b.01-22-1915-Ramer, TN
d.10-16-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Lester Pittman
Father: Joseph S. Ferguson
Mother: Florence Blasingame
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 79

Pittman, Ronnie L. Sr
d.04-15-1999-Benton Co.
Residence-Corinth, MS
Heart Attack
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Carolyn Orr
Son: Ronald L. Pittman Jr
Father: Lester Pittman
Mother: LaVesta Ferguson
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 298

Plaxico, Jewel Whitaker
b.02-21-1908-Tishomingo Co. Ms
d.10-20-1998-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Alpheus D. Harrison
Daughter: Lola Mae Whittemore
Father: William Wesley Whitaker
Mother: Minnie Voyles
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 264

Price, Susie Ann Bonds
b.10-15-1905-Tishomingo Co.
d.11-11-1995-Corinth, MS
Cerebral Vascular
Spouse: James Earlie Price
Daughter: Shirley Dees
Father: Sidney Earlie Bonds
Mother: Rhoda Osborn
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 124

Price, Verna Mae White
b.01-13-1916-Hardin Co. TN
d.05-31-1997-Savannah, TN
Lung, Kidney & Bone Cancer
Spouse: Dudie Price
Daughter: Mary P. Carter
Father: William White
Mother: Roxie Gene
Shiloh National Cem. National Park, TN
Page 213



Ragan, Nicholas Wayne
b.02-19-1997-Memphis, TN
d.02-19-1997-Memphis, TN
Residence-Walnut, MS
Hypolastic Lungs
Father: Mitchell Ragan
Mother: Sadonnah Hutchins
Carter Cem. Michie, TN
Page 194

Ray, Emma Jean Woods
b.02-28-1900-Red Bay, AL
d.12-26-1997-Corinth, MS
Resp. Arrest
Spouse: Arthur Ray
Father: William A. Woods
Mother: Lula F. Walker
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 234

Reese, Charlotte Miller
b.01-11-1945-McNairy Co. TN
d.11-04-1997-Bessemur, AL
Residence-Pleasant Grove, AL
Father: Richard Miller
Mother: Zena Gray
Sister: Thelma Carlisle
Liberty Church of Christ Cem. Michie, TN
Page 227

Reeves, Mildred Vanderford
b.03-29-1923-Alcorn Co.
d.12-04-1996-Courtland, AL
Chronic Renal Failure
Father: Albert Vanderford
Mother: Emma Maness
Daughter: Linda Norton
Juliette Cem. Rienzi, MS
Page 181

Rickman, A.W. “Jack"
b.09-24-1915-Alcorn CO.MS
d.05-05-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Evaline Howard
Father: William Albert Rickman
Mother: Mattie Bell Lindsey
Pleasant Hill Methodist Cem.  Corinth, MS
Page 246

Rickman, Leroy
b.03-31-1921-Alcorn Co.
Pulmonary Adema /Congestive Heart Failure
US Marine Veteran  Staff Sgt. III
Spouse: Ruby Phillips
Father: Will Rickman
Mother: Mattie Lindsey
Pleasant Hill Cem.  Kossuth, MS
Page 52

Rickman, Mary Lou Smith
b.03-08-1904-Alcorn Co.
d.02-12-1997-Corinth, MS
Breast Cancer/Senescence
Spouse: Frank Rickman
Father: Jack Smith
Mother: Ella Greer
Fraleys Chapel Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 192

Rickman, William Frank
b.02-19-1908-Alcorn CO. MS
d.07-10-1995-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Mary Lou Smith
Son: Nelson Rickman
Father: John Rickman
Mother: Hettie Switcher
Fraleys Chapel Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 111

Roach, Caleb Lee Jones
b.03-22-1993-Corinth, MS
d.03-23-1993-Tupelo, MS
Neonatal Sepsis Group 13 Strep
Father: Tracy

Mother: Stacey Ray
Wheeler Grove Baptist Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 26

Roach, Johnny E.
b.10-07-1948-Hughes Co. ARK
d.04-25-1997-Tupelo, MS
Residence-Corinth, MS
Never Married
Father: Walter Roach
Mother: Marie Harville Reiner
New Hope Church of Christ Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 208

Roberts, Dorothy Casteel
d.12-23-1998-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Frances Roberts
Daughter: Faith Chisler
Father: Willis Casteel
Mother: Bertha Detrick
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 279

Robinson, Vercie Hurley
b.10-11-1907-McNairy Co. TN
d.10-31-1997-Corinth, MS
Cardiac Arrhythmia
Spouse: Prentiss R. Smith
Daughter: Oudia Burress
Father: Archie R. Hurley
Mother: Georgia Eker
Indian Creek Cem. Chawalla, TN
Page 226

Rogers, Hazel Brooks
b.04-17-1919-Walnut, MS
d.01-14-1999-Tippah Co.
Residence: Walnut, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: James O. Rogers
Granddaughter: Sherry

Father: Fletch Brooks
Mother: Haskey Crum
County Line Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 283

Rolph, Paul R. Jr
b.06-16-1931-Aberdeen, Ohio
d.12-31-1998-Corinth, MS
Cancer/Metastic Lung CA
US Veteran
Spouse: Betty Lindemann
Father: Paul Russell Rolph, Sr
Mother: Sarah Brickley
Valley of the Dogwood Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 281

Ross, Mary Smith
b.03-19-1901-Laudon Co. VA
d.07-06-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Willie Austin Ross
Father: J. Walter Smith
Mother: Rachel Irish
Son: Wilbur Ross
Shady Grove Methodist Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 71

Rushing, Eldon D.
b.02-23-1919-McNairy Co. TN
d.05-08-1996-Corinth, MS
Residence: Michie, TN
Lung Cancer
Spouse: Tommie Edwards
Father: Sidney Lee Rushing
Mother: Josie Lambert
Liberty Cem.  Michie, TN
Page 153

Rushing, Lenora Marie
b.01-14-1995-Memphis, TN
d.01-14-1995-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Father: Willie Rushing
Mother: Regina Rogers
Grandmother: Susan Rushing
Rogers Chapel Cem. Ripley, MS
Page 87

Russell, Clifford C.
b.01-12-1918-Tippah Co., MS
d.02-27-1995-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Pancreas Cancer
US Air Force Veteran
Spouse: Gladys Hutchenson
Father: Arthur Russell
Mother: Mary Burns
Forrest Memorial Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 93

Russell, Icy O. Kirk
b.01-04-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
d.06-28-1994-Tupelo, MS
Heart Failure
Spouse: Freed Russell
Step-Daughter: Lucille Peters
Father: Tony Kirk
Mother: Lura Nelms
Farmington Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 70

Russell, James Bryan
b.07-03-1956-Corinth, MS
d.3-16-1996-Glen, MS
US Air Force Veteran
Father: James Leon Russell
Mother: Florence Burcham
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 144

Russell, Roy E.
b.08-06-1939-Tippah Co., Ms
d.02-29-1996-Corinth, MS
Resp. Arrest/Metastatic Malignant/
Melona to Brain
Spouse: Sharon Jones
Father: Loys Russell
Mother: Jewell Null
Hatchie Chapel Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 138


Sanders, Clara Mae Jobe
b.05-30-1909-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-17-1996-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure/Stroke
Spouse: Robert Lee Sanders
Daughter: Joan Sanders
Father: Joseph T. Jobe
Mother: Alma Huff
Henry Cem.
Page 143

Schumaier, Irwin Jacob
d.07-10-1992-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Resp. Failure/Sepsis
Spouse: Hallie Parker
Purchaser: Steve Schumaier
Henry Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 03

Scott, David Lee
Age 81
d.04-12-1994-Corinth, MS
Liver Cancer/Diabetic
Spouse: Annie Bell Derrick
Father: Robert L. Scott
Mother: Mary Jobe
Shady Grove Methodist Church Cem.
Page 62

Seago, Charlie
b.09-01-1909-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-25-1997-Corinth, MS
Broncogenic CA RUL
Colon CA/Seizure Disorder
Spouse: Elaine Counce
Father: Malachi Henderson Seago
Mother: Martha Ellen Smith
Brother: Chester Seago
Box Chapel Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 212

Seago, Elaine Counce
b.06-28-1917-Hardin Co., TN
d.05-13-1996-Corinth, Ms
Pulmonary Embolism
Spouse: Charlie Seago
Father: Layne Counce
Mother: Fronnie Payton
Box Chapel Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 155

Shadburn, Florence Strickland
b.05-16-1909-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.12-14-1996-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Edgar Shadburn
Son: Billy Shadburn
Father: Jim Strickland
Mother: Ella Stewart
Union Baptist Church Cem.  Kossuth, MS
Page 185

Shaw, Mary Willingham
b.07-26-1908-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-10-1994-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Howard Shaw
Daughter: Allene Duncan
Father: Robert W. Willingham
Mother: Laura Jones
County Line Baptist Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 65

Shelton, Edward Andrew
b.09-13-1921-West Point, MS
d.10-25-1994-Tupelo, Ms
Residence: Corinth, Ms
Abdominal Aneurysm
Spouse: Maxine Howard
Father: A.D. Shelton
Mother: Claude Cross
Dogwood Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 80

Shields, Mary Eloise Hodum
b.06-11-1936-Alcorn Co., MS
d.11-17-1994-Corinth, MS
Colon Cancer
Spouse: Jerry Shields
Father: Eddie Lee Hodum
Mother: Estelle Mullins
Pleasant Hill Methodist Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 81

Shipman, Mary Alla Mayhall
b.10-25-1915-Hardin Co., TN
d.02-10-1996-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Oscar Shipman
Daughter: Mildred Stewart
Father: William C. Mayhall
Mother: Cora Lee Byrd
White Sulphur Cem. Pickwick, TN
Page 136

Simmons, Edward D. "Ed"
b.03-29-1923-Buckhan, ARK
d.07-26-1996-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran Cpl.
Spouse: Mary Ellen Ross
Father: Walter Simmons
Mother: Florence Battles
Valley of the Dogwood Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 165

Simmons, Raymond Lee "Dock"
b.12-30-1924-Garvin, Oklahoma
d.03-04-1995-Corinth, MS
Melabotic Acisosis/Possible Sepsis
US Navy Veteran/Coxswain
Spouse: Clydene Wade
Father: Walter Simmons
Mother: Florence Battles
Valley of the Dogwood Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 94

Smith, Ella Irene Funchess
b.02-23-1897-Cowpa Co., MS
d.03-19-1994-Glen, MS
Spouse: Harvey McLauran Smith
Daughter: Carolyn Palmer
Father: James J. Funchess
Mother: Mary Ella Wade
7th.Day Adventist Church Cem. Glen, Ms
Page 59

Smith, Mina Hardwell
b.01-27-1908-Columbus, KY
d.01-21-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: William Henderson Smith
Son: Bill Smith
Father: Rufus Hardwell
Mother: Elizabeth Burton
Henry Cem.
Page 53

Stanberry, James Alvin
b.05-18-1922-Fayetville, Ark
d.10-07-1998-Corinth, MS
Cancer/Lung with Probable Metastases
Cachexia of Malignancy Comp-CHF
US Navy Veteran
Spouse: Kathryn Reed
Father: Joseph Stanberry
Mother: Isbell Barnett
Hinkle Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 260

Stevens, Jacob Scott
b.04-09-1999-Alcorn Co., MS
d.04-09-1999-Alcorn Co., MS
Father: James Stevens
Mother: Amanda Scott
Brigman Hill Baptist Church Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 296

Stevens, Marvin W.
b.10-20-1929-Corinth, MS
d.03-04-1996-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Evon Thrasher
Father: Malgie Stevens
Mother: Pearl McDonald
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 139

Stewart, Jake Daniel "J.D."
B.12-04-1907-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-18-1996-Corinth, MS
Cardiac Arrest/COPD
Spouse: Dortha Glin Brooks
Daughter: Alline Hopper
Father: Sam Stewart
Mother: Ellen Box
Sardis Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 187

Stewart, Jude Jr
b.06-17-1930-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-31-1992-Birmingham, Al
Residence: Rienzi, Ms
Myocardial Infarction
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Eunice Willis
Father: George Stewart
Mother: Modie Brooks
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 11

Stricklin, Katherine M. Roach
b.02-05-1931-Alcorn Co., MS
Age 64
d.06-11-1995-Corinth, MS
ASCUD/Diabetic Melatous
Spouse: Lennie Stricklin
Father: Jess Roach
Mother: Alvie Bivens
Holly Church Cem.
Page 105

Stutts, Danny Wayne
b.07-12-1950-Alcorn Co., MS
d.09-11-1997-Orlando, Fl
US Army Veteran Sp4
Spouse: Tammy Blakney
Father: Hershel T. Stutts
Mother: Lillie Mae Morgan
Brother: Jimmy Stutts
Coln Cem. Acton, TN
Page 220

Stutts, Lillie Mae Morgan
b.03-01-1918-McNairy Co., TN
d.12-11-1995-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Spouse: Hershel Thomas Stutts
Father: William Thomas Morgan
Mother: Lula Jane Petty
Coln Cem. Michie, TN
Page 127

Sweat, Mary Louise Godwin
b.09-30-1920-Rienzi, MS
d.08-30-1993-Memphis, TN
Residence: Bethel Springs, TN
Coronary Arrest
Spouse: John Sweat
Father: Joseph Godwin
Mother: Madge Ragin
Sister: Agnes Boullion
Hinkle Church Cem. Rienzi, Ms
Page 41

Switcher, Lettie V. James
b.11-11-1924-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-05-1997-Corinth, MS
Pulmonary Embolism
Spouse: Macon Switcher
Son: James Switcher
Father: Leland James
Mother: Bertha Elam
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
page 199

Tubbs, James Clifton
b.12-06-1929-Corinth, MS
d.07-07-1992-Corinth, MS
Asperation Pneumonia
Partial Paralysis of Muscles
of Deghitition
Never Married
Father: Lee Tubbs
Mother: Della Lindsey
Sister: Alice Vanderford
page 02

Talley, Jennifer Nicole
b.09-18-1994-Corinth, MS
d.09-18-1994-Corinth, MS
Father: Kenneth Talley
Mother: Tammy Basden
Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 75

Talley, Martha Hester Parish
b.04-23-1915-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.04-18-1993-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Richard Chester Talley
Father: Lafette Parish
Mother: Madgie Parish
Shiloh Presbyterian Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 32

Talley, Richard Chester
b.07-28-1910-Alcorn Co., MS
d.07-10-1998-Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure/Diabetic
Spouse: Martha Hester Parish
Father: J.T. Talley
Mother: Kizzie Cartwright
Son: Rickey Talley
Shiloh Presbyterian Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 254

Tatum, Velma Elam
b.12-23-1906-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-07-1996-Alcorn Co., MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Willie Tatum
Father: Boy Elam
Mother: Betty Mills
Sister: Etta Mitchell
Lone Oak Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 140

Taylor, Estelle Young
b.01-30-1904-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-20-1997-Corinth, MS
Vaginal Carcinoma
Spouse: Ernest Taylor
Daughter: Geneva Sprouse
Father: James Young
Mother: Louvenia Westmoreland
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Glen, Ms
Page 211

Taylor, Nellie V. Reynolds
b.06-02-1934-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.02-15-1993-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Bill M. Taylor, Sr.
Father: Leon V. Reynolds
Mother: Quilla Crum
Pleasant Ridge Cem. Glen, Ms
Page 21

Taylor, Otha Mae Wroten
b.11-08-1908-Rienzi, Ms
d.09-21-1992-Corinth, Ms
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Hayes Anderson Taylor
Son: Harold Taylor
Father: Joseph Wroten
Mother: Mattie Hearn
Farmington Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 05

Thompson, Timothy Robert
b.02-19-1963-Denver, CO
d.10-15-1997-Iuka, MS
Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Gladys Johnson
Father: Robert Thompson
Mother: Dirlene Baker
Grissom Chapel Cem. Burnsville, MS
Page 223 

Thrasher, James Edward
b.04-16-1946-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-25-1997-Corinth, MS
Son: Jimmy Thrasher
Father: James Thrasher
Mother: Jewell Jones
Mt. Pleasant Methodist Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 225

Tucker, Edward Leon
b.04-09-1917-Windfield, Al
d.10-10-1993-Memphis, TN
Coronary Disease/Acute Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: Dorothy Maurine Dubose
Son: Guy Tucker
Father: Sherard Tucker
Mother: Samantha Jane Tucker
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 46

Tucker, Jefferson B.
b.07-07-1915-McNairy Co., TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: Idotha Bingham
Father: Eli Tucker
Mother: Mary Petty
Brother: Fred Tucker
Farley's Chapel Cem.
Page 25

Tucker, John Fred
b.04-07-1914-McNairy Co., TN
d.12-09-1996-Memphis, TN
Residence: Michie, TN
Spouse: Helen Marthenia Triplette
Son: Robert Tucker
Father: Eli Tucker
Mother: Mary Petty
Liberty Church of Christ Cem. Michie, TN
Page 183



Vanderford, Herbert H.
b.01-09-1930-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.12-05-1998-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/
In-Stage Artery Disease
US Army S SGT.
Spouse: Ruth Strickland
Father: Oscar Vanderford
Mother: Bessie Grissom
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 275


Waldrep, Mark Anthony
b.10-14-1982-Corinth, MS
d.02-09-1994-Glen, MS
Accidental Gun Shot Wound
Father: Victor Waldrep
Mother: Audrey Johnson
Grandmother: Doris Waldrep
Glendale Baptist Church Cem. Corinth, MS

Page 56

Walker, Carl Richard
b.07-18-1954-Chicago, ILL
d.02-05-1993-Savannah, TN
Spouse: Kathy Bingham
Father: Tulon Holland
Mother: Dorothy Mills
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 18

Walker, Felix Lamar
b.05-17-1928-Tippah Co., MS
d.12-06-1996-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, Ms
Lung Disease/Prostate Cancer
US Navy Veteran
Spouse: Stormy Walker
Father: John Robert Walker
Mother: Katie Bell
Page 182

Wallis, Dan O.
b.04-15-1935-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-22-1999-Jackson, TN
Residence: Milan, TN
Never Married
Father: Milton Wallis
Mother: Rachel Farris
Brother: Stephen Wallis
Union Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 294

Wallis, Rachel V. Farris
b.08-05-1911-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.11-19-1993-Memphis, TN
Spouse: Milton E. Wallis
Son: Stephen Wallis
Father: Robert Farris
Mother: Nettie Lancaster
Union Baptist Church Cem. Kossuth, MS
page 49

Ward, Joseph Frank Jr
b.01-21-1938-Prentiss Co., MS
d.02-03-1999-Atlanta, GA
US Army Veteran
Sister: Ruth White
Father: Joseph Ward Sr
Mother: Beulah Barnett
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 288

Watson, Wilburn C.
b.08-31-1921-Tishomingo Co., MS
d.04-22-1999-Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer/ Metastic to Brain & Liver
Port Dramatic Stress Disorder
US Navy & Army Veteran
MSGT 09-03-1943/01-11-1946
& 08-16-1948/10-30-1953
Spouse: Mary Carter
Father: Wilburn C. Watson
Mother: Sammie Ella Stokes
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 301

Webb, Terry Gene
b.02-21-1944-Corinth, MS
d.02-13-1997-Memphis, TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Sepsis/Renal Failure
US Air Force Veteran
Spouse: Betty Green
Father: J.D. Webb
Mother: Grace Lassiter
Clear Creek Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 193

Weeks, Doss Haddock Jr
b.11-19-1920-Alcorn Co., MS
d.09-07-1993-Corinth, MS
US Army Veteran
SSGT 09-09-1942/11-20-1945
Spouse: Mary Jo Ham
Father: Doss Haddock Weeks Sr
Mother: Della Ann Garrett
Corinth National Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 43

Whittemore, Billy Wayne
d.11-20-1994-Corinth, MS
Liver Failure/Laewnec's Cirrhosis
Spouse: June Gillland
Father: Herman Whittemore
Mother: Ruby Duncan
Sardis Cem. Rienzi, Ms
Page 82

Whittington, Doris Wallis
b.03-13-1933-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-08-1998-Decota Co., TN
Residence: Memphis, TN
Spouse: Robert "Bob" Whittington
Father: Milton Ellis Wallis
Mother: Rachel Farris
Union Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 259

Wigginton, Travis Eugene
b.03-31-1921-Belmont, MS
d.09-05-1995-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Faye Byrd
Father: Dennis Franklin Wigginton
Mother: Elizabeth Sparks
Farmington Baptist Church Cem
Page 119

Wilbanks, Frances Mullins
b.08-03-1914-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-14-1998-Corinth, MS
Cardio Respitory Arrest/Pneumonia
Spouse: Mack Wilbanks
Daughter: Cathryn Richardson
Father: Hugh Mullins
Mother: Quilla Rich
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cem. Walnut, MS.
page 276

Wilbanks, Hattie J. Gay
d.10-18-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James Lonnie Wilbanks
Son: Clarence Wilbanks
Father: Luther Gay
Mother: Lou Ella Bobo
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cem. Walnut, MS
page 84

Wilbanks, Kyle C.
b.05-13-1912-Tippah Co., MS
d.03-03-1999-Corinth, MS
Ventricular Fibrillation
Spouse: Onie F. Wilbanks
Father: A.J. Wilbanks
Mother: Sarah Willington
Community Pentecostal Church Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 290

Wilbanks, Mack Everett
b.11-06-1908-Alcorn Co., MS
d.03-15-1995-Corinth, MS
Cardio Pulmonary Arrest/Resp. Arrest/
Spouse: Frances Mullins
Father: John C. Wilbanks
Mother: Lorenea Bobo
Bethlehem Cem. Walnut, MS
Page 96

Wilbanks, Odis
b.12-15-1917-Alcorn Co., MS
d.12-03-1993-Walnut, MS
Cerebral Vascular Accident
Spouse: Uadaen Prince
Father: Lonnie Wilbanks
Mother: Hattie Gay
Overton Hill Church Cem.
Page 50

Wilbanks, Raymond C.
b.08-25-1916-Alcorn Co., Ms
d.03-20-1995-Corinth, MS
Myocardial Infarction
Spouse: India Roten
Father: Hillie Wilbanks
Mother: Maggie Crum
Brush Creek Cem. Corinth, Ms
Page 98

Wilbanks, Walter V. "Jack"
b.11-04-1924-Alcorn Co., MS
d.09-28-1994-Corinth, MS
Spouse: Ruby Burrow
Daughter: Dimple Wilbanks
Father: Sherman Wilbanks
Mother: Canzadi Burrow
Hatchie Chapel Cem.  Walnut, MS
Page 76

Wilkins, Harvie
b.03-09-1903-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-03-1996-Corinth, MS
Coronary Heart Disease
Spouse: Lucille Wilkins
Son: Eugene Wilkins
Father: Oscar Wilkins
Mother: Myrtle English
Farmington Baptist Church Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 152

Willis, James Howard
b.10-20-1917-West Memphis, ARK
d.09-26-1993-Tupelo, Ms
Residence: Corinth, MS
Respitory Failure
Spouse: Mary Lauderdale
Daughter: Ann Burress
Father: Bill Willis
Mother: Ruth Cannon
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cem.
Kossuth, Ms
Page 44 

Woods, Andrew T.
b.04-03-1914-Hamburg, TN
d.03-31-1999-Corinth, MS
Carcinoma of Colon Metastases
Spouse: Maxine Robinson
Father: Wiley Woods
Mother: Sarah Davis
Holly Church Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 295

Wooley, James W. "Bilbo"
b.01-01-1927-Alcorn Co., MS
d.05-01-1998-McNairy Co., TN
Residence: Corinth, MS
Lung Cancer
US Army Veteran
Spouse: Mildred Morgan
Daughter: Marie Culver
Father: Lee Wooley
Mother: Annie Wooley
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 244

Wooley, Mildred Morgan
b.05-20-1929-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-25-1998-McNairy Co., TN
Spouse: James W. Wooley
Father: Toby Morgan
Mother: Myrtle Michaels
Daughter: Marie Culver
Henry Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 267

Wooley, Ruth Christine Morgan
b.03-22-1924-Rienzi, MS
d.03-23-1997-Hobbs, New Mexico
Systemic Lupus/Erythematesus
Scleredema/Renal Failure/Congestive Heart Failure
Spouse: William L. Wooley
Father: Tobe Morgan
Mother: Myrtle Michaels
Lebanon Baptist Cem. Kossuth, MS
Page 202 

Works, Arnie Ray
b.06-26-1923-Fulton, MS
d.02-27-1997-Corinth, MS
CVA/Massive Left Hemisphere
Spouse: Billie Northcutt
Father: Lee Works
Mother: Cora Wood
Forrest Memorial Park Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 196

Wright, Marie Calhoun
b.07-22-1909-Graham Co., N.C.
d.02-25-1997-Alcorn Co., MS
Cardiac Arrest
Spouse: John S. Wright
Informant: Ann White
Father: Hugh Calhoun
Mother: Louisa Sawyer
Woodlawn Memorial Park Cem. Sumner, TN
Page 195



Young, Beulah Violet Nauman
d.09-04-1992-Tupelo, MS
Residence: Corinth, MS
Pancreatic Cancer
Spouse: Lewis F. Young
Father: Frank Nauman
Mother: Annie Bizell
City Cem. Corinth, MS
Page 04

Young, Elva Marie Dobbins
b.07-23-1918-Alcorn Co., MS
d.10-20-1996-Corinth, MS
Spouse: James N. Young
Daughter: Jamie Hills
Father: Eldridge R. Dobbins
Mother: Laura L. Martindale
Forrest Memorial Park Cem.
Corinth, MS
Page 175


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