Community of Cuba

Community of Cuba
(Source: Alcorn County History, Volume I, written by Elba Nichols Coleman)

The Cuba post office was established February 19, 1891. The post office was located three or four hundred yards north of where the Tuscumbia Baptist Church stands now. The church was organized in 1856, and is located in Northwest Alcorn County near the Tennessee line. The Nichols family donated the land to build the church.

Abram Berry Nichols was one of the first postmasters, and he served several years. Due to ailing health, Abram Nichols had to quit. His only son, Mattie Bruce Nichols, became postmaster and worked until about 1926 or 1928.

The mail was transported by horse and buggy from Chewalla, Tennessee, the nearest depot, to Cuba.

The Nichols family owned a 640 acre farm and along with the post office, Bruce Nichols and wife, Myrtle Burns Nichols, owned and operated a grocery story in the same building.

The family had a grist mill for people to make meal from their corn. Most of the time they had a certain day to grind the meal; and people from all around would “go to mill“. A “toll” of corn paid for the grinding. These were the terms used then.

Another interesting thing was the sorghum mill. The mules were hooked to a pole that went around to squeeze the juice from the sorghum cane. The juice was then cooked off in a molasses pan until thickened. People would haul their can and have it made up, and they stored their molasses in wooden barrels. The molasses making was always fun for young folks because the mill was a gathering place. Every once in a while the molasses would go to sugar. People would take the head out of the barrel, scoop up the sugar crystals, add water and boil. By doing this they made fresh ‘lasses.

Also located on the Nichols farm was a cotton gin. It was in operation for many years. The young people were never allowed around it because an open well was used in operating the machinery.

Tuscumbia School was located on this farm. First through eighth grade were offered.

The school burnt about 1924. Because money was very scarce, the building was not replaced; and classes were held in the church building.

Students did not have transportation to school. They all walked.

The school continued to be held in the church until about 1939, when it consolidated with Gift.

This farm is still owned (in 1985 when this was written) by members of the Nichols family.

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