Antioch Graveyard #1

Antioch Graveyard #1
Travel Directions: From Corinth take Highway 2, Kossuth West, exit left on CR 500. Exit right on CR 550. Between CR 558 and 559 on left in a curve in the road, in the woods. Cemetery is unkept.
The following were located in the cemetery survey done in 1995. See below for more surnames taken from other records.

DIXON, Rebecca 1837-1898

EATON, C.L. b. April 25, 1875, d. January 12, 1938

EVERETTE, infant, son of John and Jane Everette, May 10, 1971

GUEST, Queen V. b. February 24, 1886, d. January 1, 1970

JONES, Mary, daughter of James and Emma Jones b. July 26, 1893,
d. November 18, 1894

MORROW, Jane b. January 22, 1871, d. November 11, 1918

ROSS, Bettie E. (no dates)

ROSS, Cora A. b. March 9, 1914

ROSS, Ethel 1900-1940

ROSS, Jim 1887-1965

ROSS, Joseph M. b. January 26, 1912, d. August 27, 1979

ROSS, Lou b. January 4, 1849, d. January 8, 1923

THOMPSON, John F. 1854-1918

THOMPSON, Martha J. 1859-1913

These were listed in the first Alcorn County Cemetery book done
by J.L. Borroum.
We assume they had temporary funeral home markers that are
no longer legible.

DOWNS, Clyde Henry b. May 2, 1945 age 4 days

GIBSON, Amanda, daughter of R.H. and M.J. Gibson b. May 25, 1854,
d. July 29, 1854

GIBSON, Jacob, son of R.H. and M.J. Gibson b. October 13, 1845,
d. October 17, 1845

GIBSON, Margaret L., daughter of R.H. and M.J. Gibson b. May 22, 1851,
d. August 1, 1854

GLOVER, Nathan C. b. October 9, 1832, July 5, 1899

GLOVER, Nancy Henryetta, daughter of Nathan C. Glover, b. 1868

HUTCHESON, infant, daughter of Preston and Annie Hancock Hutcheson,
March 4, 1952

MCDONALD, Mrs. Ella Morrow d. November 14, 1951, age 49 years,
9months, 24 days.

MORROW, Franks d. February 20, 1948, age 75 years

MORROW, John Leonard d. October 10, 1950, age 44 years, 3 months, 20 days

PLAXICO, William Lee, son of J.T. and L.B. Plaxico b. December 17, 1902,
d. January 11, 1908

ROSS, Alice b. June 30, 1854, d. May 30, 1855

ROSS, Amanda B. b. April 18, 1858, d. September 1858

ROSS, D. d. November 1940

ROSS, John L. b. July 19, 1861, died September 1861

ROSS, Martha, wife of Arden Ross b. May 31, 1792, d. December 8, 1853

ROSS, Martha E. b. May 29, 1852, d. January 1894

RUSSELL, William Henry b. February 21, 1860, d. February 5, 1902


THOMPSON, John 1854-1918


MORROW, Pearl d. July 10, 1933 ca 18 years old
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