2008 Corinthian Funeral Home Records

Transcribed by: Janice Switcher and Helah Wilson

BLANTON, Charles J.
April 3, 1913—Alcorn Co., MS
April 30, 2008—Corinth, MS
Father—Frank Blanton
Mother—Vonecy Stevenson
Son—Charles M. Blanton
Center Hill
Counce, TN
Page 215

BOWDEN, Tony Wesley
December 14, 1980
April 11, 2008—Corinth, MS
Father—James Bowden
Mother—Mary Crum
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 212

BOX, Angel Grace
July 3, 2008—Corinth, MS
July 3, 2008—Corinth, MS
Father—Kevin Box
Mother—Crystal Crum Box
Mt. Pleasant Methodist
Walnut, MS
Page 223

October 22, 1937—Alcorn Co., MS
May 26, 2008—Corinth, MS
Member of National Guard
Spouse—Barbara Hastings Braudway
Father—Perry Braudway
Mother—Laura Smith Braudway
Union Baptist Cemetery
Kossuth, MS
Page 219

CHASE, Buford A,
November 11, 1933—Alcorn Co., MS
January 10, 2008—Corinth, MS
Father- Marcus M. Chase
Mother—May Byce Chase
Son—Michael Chase
Juliette Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 200

June 3, 1940—Rogersville, TN
February 24, 2008—Jackson, Madison County, TN
Spouse—Patsy Rickman Christian
Daughter—Lisa Knight
Father—David Christian
Mother—Pearl Mayo
Pisgah United Methodist Cemetery
Shiloh, TN
Page 206

COX, Gertha M.
May 23, 1924—Elk Valley, TN
November 13, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Stanford Cox
Father—Millard Stanfill
Mother—Sarah Martin
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 245

CRONEY, David D., Sr.
August 3, 1961 —Memphis, TN
September 24, 2008—Shelby Co., TN
Daughter—Mary K. Smith
Father—Emmitt Ray Croney
Mother—Mary W. Bowlin Croney
Page 239

June 14, 1997—Corinth, MS
October 18, 2008—Olive Branch, MS
Father—Thomas R. “Trae” Dilworth III
Mother—Aundrea R. Cromeans Dilworth
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 242

DOBBINS, Thomas Earl
October 25, 1929—Alcorn Co., MS
August 28, 2008—Bedford Care Center
Father—Earl Dobbins
Mother—Neva Moore
Cousin—Richard Dobbins
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 231

FIELDS, Sadie Waydene
May 5, 1935—McNairy Co., TN
August 20, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Julian Fields
Father—Perry Smith
Mother—Florence Baker
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 229

FREEMAN, Dorothy
September 21, 1928—Hardin Co., TN
August 3, 2008—Sanctuary Hospice
Son—Sammy Parker
Father—James Tucker
Mother—Ada Sanders
Center Hill Cemetery
Counce, TN
Page 227

GARRETT, Audrey M.
September 15, 1928—Alcorn Co., MS
January 28, 2008—Corinth, MS
Father—Joseph Prentiss Garrett
Daughter—Cathy Henry
Father—Lee Grammill
Mother—Myrtle James
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 203

GRAVES, John Wesley
May 21, 1955—Corinth, MS
October 3, 2008—Rienzi, MS
Spouse—Paula Sides Graves
Father—Harold DeWitt Graves
Mother—Dorothy Nash
Sardis Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 238

GRAVES, Martha Sides Powell
October 1, 1954—Jasper, AL
October 13, 2008—Rienzi, MS
U. S. Navy
Spouse—Michael Graves
Father—Walter Sides
Mother—Georgia Maroney Berry
Sardis Cemetery
Rienzi, MS
Page 240

GRAY, William Carroll
June 7, 1945—Michie, TN
December 31, 2007—Memphis, TN
Spouse—Maureen Gray Wardlow
Father—Rady Gray
Mother—Mary Ruth Wardlow Gray
Carter Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 198

GROSS, Stormy Teresa
March 1, 1963—Memphis, TN
September 7, 2008—Memphis, TN
Son—Seth Gibson
Father—James Condrey
Mother—Wanda Goggins
Goodrum Cemetery
Eudora, MS
Page 236

HAMMETT, Joseph H.
October 30, 1916—Tishomingo Co., MS
May 21, 2008—Verona, MS
Sergeant; U. S. Military
(Nov. 25, 1941 to October 13, 1945)
Place of Entry; Camp Shelby, MS
Son—William “Bill” Hammett
Father- Robert Lee Hammett
Mother—Teria Scott Hammett
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Page 218

HENDRIX, Mauveline B.
September 1, 1918—Prentiss Co., MS
October 15, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—J. L. “Puter” Hendrix
Daughter—Peggy Burcham
Parents—not listed
Love Joy Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 246

JAMES, Virdie Mae
October 7, 1926—Alcorn Co., MS
August 20, 2008—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Doris Austin
Father—Floyd Hunt
Mother—Louise Dixon Driver
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 230

JOHNSON, William Lee
October 28, 1955—Memphis, TN
February 13, 2008—Rienzi, MS
Spouse—Tracy McEwen Johnson
Father—William Davis
Mother—Amy Rogers Davis
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 205

LABRIE, Joseph D.
February 11, 1970—West Brook, Main
September 7, 2008—Memphis, TN
Brother—Raymond Labrie
Father—Raymond Labrie, Sr.
Mother—Paulette Mailhott
Goodrum Memorial Cemetery
Eudora, MS
Page 235

LAMB, Catherine P.
March 6, 1942—Hardin Co., TN
May 28, 2008—Alliance Health Care
Daughter—Christie Price
Father—Homer Pennigton
Mother—Mary Vanderford
Oak Grove Hill Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 220

LAMBERT, Norma Jean
January 22, 1935—St. Charles, ARK
February 21, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—W. E. Lambert
Father—James Otis Smith
Mother—Mary M. Crawford
Pegues Cemetery
Saltillo, MS
Page 207

LEMLEY, Lanny Ray
February 20, 1964—Jasper, Al
August 23, 2008—Savannah, TN
Spouse—Catrina Vickers
Son—Brandon Lemley
Father—William Edward Lemley
Mother—Berthie Holbert
Cosby Lake Cemetery
Starke, Florida
Page 232

October 17, 1909—Alcorn Co., MS
April 28, 2008—Whitfield Nursing Home
Corinth, MS
Sister—Nell Medley
Father—John Smith
Mother—Effie Woodruff Smith
Henry Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 214

MATLOCK, Johnny Wayne
March 18, 1942—Alcorn Co., MS
August 29, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Shirley Butler Matlock
Father—John Matlock
Mother—Eva Loraine Nelms
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 233

MCCALL, Anita Ann
May 13, 1959
November 27, 2008—Humbolt General Hospital
Humbolt, TN
Father—Joe W. McCall
Mother—Barbara Hammond
Rose Hill Cemetery
Humbolt, TN
Page 250

February 4, 1925—McNairy Co., TN
March 6, 2008—Michie, TN
Spouse—Georgia Childers Morgan
Father—John Roland Morgan
Mother—Lula Knight Morgan
White House Cemetery
Michie, TN
Page 209

NEWCOMB, Virginia Jennie R.
October 5, 1934—McNairy Co., TN
November 4, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—Johnnie Frank Newcomb
Son—Danny Carter
Father—James Sales
Mother—Sally Jefferys
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 244

NEWMAN, Eli Olen
December 22, 1929—Alcorn Co., MS
April 19, 2008—Corinth, MS
Nephew—Michael Mercer
Brush Creek Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 213

PANNELL, Ollie Faye
March 20, 1939—Ripley, MS
August 31, 2008—North Mississippi Medical Center
Tupelo, MS
Spouse—James Pannell
Father—Willie Kennedy
Mother—Thelma Leona Gates
Cedar Mound Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 234

PATE, Betty Gwyn
February 14, 1946—Booneville, MS
July 27, 2008—Corinth, MS
Son—James Pate, Jr.
Father—Odis Walker
Mother—Ilene Oden Walker
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 225

PITTMAN, William E.
October 2, 1912—McNairy Co., TN
January 21, 2008—Corinth, MS
Daughter—Earnest Norris
Father—Thomas Pittman
Mother—Beulah Taylor
Box Chapel Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 202

PRICE, Emma Ophelia
September 16, 1927—Alcorn Co., MS
July 15, 2008—MS Care Center
Corinth, MS
Daughter—Linda Floyd
Father—John Hammock
Mother—May Emma Bingham
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 222

PRINCE, Della M.
May 1, 1931—Alcorn Co., MS
November 17, 2008—Corinth, MS
Spouse—R. J. Prince
Daughter—Ann Johnson
Father—Orby Weaver
Mother—Callie Smith Weaver
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 247

RAY, Derrick S.
November 3, 1994—Alcorn Co., MS
June 7, 2008—Tippah Co., Hospital
Father—Timothy Ray
Mother—Carla Chapin
Bethlehem Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 221

REYNOLDS, Doris Irene Jones
February 15, 1938—Alcorn Co., MS
December 31, 2007—Nashville, TN
Spouse—James Reynolds
Father—Dewey Crum
Mother—Velma Stewart Crum
Daughter—Lisa Humbers
Hatchel Chapel Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 197

September 11, 1924—Alcorn Co., MS
February 1, 2008—Golden Living Center
Spouse—W. C. “Buddy “Rogers”
Son—Kenny Rogers
Father—Arthur J. Pannell
Mother—Minerva Strickland
New Salem Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 204

SANDERS, James Charles
February 29, 1948—McNairy Co., TN
April 9, 2008—Jackson, Madison Co., Hospital
Son—Terry Sanders
Father—J. C. Sanders
Mother—Mattie McDaniel Sanders
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 211

SCOTT, Gladys Pauline
February 21, 1914—Tuscumbia, AL
February 27, 2008—Bedford Care Center
Residence—Hattiesburg, MS
Daughter—Barbara Michael
Father—W. B. Taylor
Mother—Matilda Mills
Henry Cemetery
Hattiesburg, MS
Page 208

SCOTT, Annie Bell
June 21, 1922—Alcorn Co., MS
November 20, 2008—Alcorn Co., MS
Spouse—David Lee Scott
Daughter—Sarah McLemore
Father—Oscar Derrick
Mother—Teraisha Mason
Shady Grove Methodist Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 249

June 30, 1925—Alcorn Co., MS
March 30, 2008—Walnut, MS
U. S. Army (08-08-1966—08-07-1969)
Rank F P5
Son—Ray Settlemires
Parents not listed
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
Walnut, MS
Page 210

SOUTH, Wallace
August 30, 1936—Prentiss Co., MS
May 7, 2008—Glen, MS
Spouse—Wilma F. Stockton South
Father—Estes South
Mother—Audie Eders
Corinth Church of God Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 216

STANBERRY, Glenda Ilene
January 9, 1948—Alcorn Co., MS
August 3, 2008—Rienzi, MS
Brother—Jerry Stanberry
Father—James Stanberry
Mother—Kathryn Reed
Hinkle Baptist Church Cemetery
Alcorn Co., MS
Page 226

STEWART, William R.
September 15, 1929—Clinton, KY
August 8, 2008—Corinth, MS
U.S. Army Pvt. 1 (1951-1953)
Spouse—Mildred Shipman Steward
Father- Arthur Stewart
Mother—Lilly Graves Stewart
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 228

March 19,—Alcorn Co., MS
Age 81
October 13, 2008—Corinth, MS
U. S. Army T-4 (1945-1946)
Camp Shelby & Ft. Bliss, TX
Spouse—Edith Browning Streetman
Father—Kenny Streetman
Mother—Hattie V. Short
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 241

September 8, 1953—Cleveland, Ohio
November 18, 2008—Baptist Memorial East Hospital
Residence—Michie, TN
Sister—Kathy Keller
Father—Tennie Allen Strickland
Mother—Katherine Roach
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 248

SYNDER, Chelsea Grace
February 18, 2008—Corinth, MS
November 3, 2008—Tupelo, MS
Residence—Corinth, MS
Father—Kenny Synder
Mother—Joyce Cook Synder
Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 243

May 28, 1911—Tishomingo County, MS
January 3, 2008—Corinth, MS
Granddaughter—Deborah Moore
Father—Joe Gray
Mother—Lillie Gray
Shady Grove Cemetery
Tishomingo Co., MS
Page 199

WEEKS, Mary Jo
November 27, 1930—Buchanan, MI
September 19, 2008—Unity Hospice
Nephew—Terry Weeks
Father—Fred Ham
Mother—Florence Votan
Corinth National Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 237

WILBANKS, William Joe
October 17, 1943—Alcorn Co., MS
July 20, 2008—Will Star Cobb Hospital
Daughter—Betty Jo Gray
Father—Joe Daniel Wilbanks
Mother—Alice Marie Rogers Wilbanks
Holly Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 224

WILKINS, James Eric
November 6, 1946
January 20, 2008—Corinth, MS
Son—Joshua Wilkins
Father—Norman Wilkins
Mother—Lillian Grissom
Corinth Church of God Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 201

WORSHAM, Charles M.
September 24, 1951—Alcorn Co., MS
May 10, 2008—Corinth, MS
Niece—Markettia Tharp
Father—Charles Norman Worsham
Mother—Vernie Strickland
Farmington Cemetery
Corinth, MS
Page 217

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